Knollspine Dragon


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor Rare

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Knollspine Dragon

Creature — Dragon


When Knollspine Dragon enters the battlefield, you may discard your hand and draw cards equal to the damage dealt to target opponent this turn.

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Knollspine Dragon Discussion

ay.lobo on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

1 day ago

Hey sabba5600. I've seen Mana Echoes a lot lately. It definitely could be fun, seeing as there's a lot of mana to be gain.

I don't run enough goblins for Skirk Prospector to work his magic with. Same with Moggcatcher, I ended up replacing him for Gamble.

Myr Battlesphere was a great card, but a fellow commenter got me to thinking to change him with Knollspine Dragon for more draw power. Since the deck already has about 25% cards making tokens, it wouldn't hurt to think about the problem which is draw power. It's still a great card, though.

Hmm, I'm not too interested in infinite combos in this deck, but I might have to put that in the "infinite combo section". Thanks for the ideas!

McDeity on Redheads have anger issues

1 week ago

Hoard-Smelter Dragon is just one of the better Commander dragons in general, and it looks like you are a hair light on artifact removal anyway. Hellkite Charger is a reasonable dragon, and though you can't use him the turn you drop him in off of a Kaalia, he'd replace Relentless Assault fairly well. Oros, the Avenger is a poor man's Balefire Dragon, but having access to a second sweep for decks going wide may help- I'd likely opt for Scourge of Kher Ridges though. Knollspine Dragon is still a good card, especially as you're running Wheel of Fortune anyhow. Like the previous posters stated, Angel of Finality is a beating against the right decks. You could also look to upgrade Grand Abolisher with Conqueror's Flail.

McKz on replacing a few cards

1 week ago

Hello everyone, im looking to replace three cards in my deck Redheads have anger issues. the cards im looking to replace are Yosei, the Morning Star, Kokusho, the Evening Star, Knollspine Dragon and Aggravated Assault. im looing for the creatures to be replaced by creatures kaalia can pull out, and dont suggest utvara hellkite(its bad). thank you for any card suggestions

ay.lobo on Mono Red Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker ETB's

1 week ago

Haha, I feel your pain about the red draw deck stuff. Anyways, cards I'd recommend straight from my deck: Sensei's Divining Top, Knollspine Dragon, and Faithless Looting.

Panas on Karrthus Dragons EDH

1 week ago

I understand why you wouldn't want to play Scourge of Valkas (it's still a high value card), but Dragon Tempest is HASTE + damage all in one piece. It enables all of your threats the moment they hit the table. It's a good inclusion against control, on an enchantment which is a bit more difficult to get rid of. So unless you are facing off against 3 dedicated control variants that focus on instant speed creature removal, I think tempest performs better than Crucible of Fire. On the same train of thought, why not run Flamekin Village instead of Shinka for more hasty beatings?

Concerning removal and tokens: Maelstrom Pulse is an all-star as is Sever the Bloodline

Lastly, Darigaaz, the Igniter is a very inefficient beater. Consider swapping him out for a Sylvan Library or Frontier Siege as both these cards can further your game plan.

Your mana base is also rather slow. I understand that this is a result of the heavy colour requirements on your cards, but you could make it at least a little bit faster by replacing vanilla taplands with filterlands (e.g. Graven Cairns).

Lastly, if you could find space for a sac outlet like Greater Good, Shivan Harvest or Perilous Forays, will dissuade control players from messing with your board as you can respond by gaining value/setting them further back.

Other cards you should consider depending on what you need include:

I like the deck idea overall, but i think it can be improved by a large margin :)

roedel50 on Free Fatties - Rakdos, Lord of Riots Commander

3 weeks ago

Hey Muglacious_NiceFaceToad!

Thanks for the tips, but I do have reasons for not running these cards. Some of your suggestions are just really good and I'm already running them, like Bloodgift Demon and Knollspine Dragon. But as for the other ones, I tried to keep the colored costs and noncreatures to a minimum. This deck is more on the explosive side, so I'm aiming for colorless creatures with a big and immediate impact on the board!

Erebos may be worth it, just one B and it's a creature

Thanks again!

Indexxical on Animar, Lover of Animals

1 month ago

Oh wow that's crazy, I might look into that in the future. I try to put in as many creatures as I can for this deck, but more mana is always great. I did add Purphoros, God of the Forge as well as Consecrated Sphinx in place of Knollspine Dragon.

Thanks for the suggestions Entrei!

sonnet666 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

"The deck felt extremely clunky when tested. I frequently had no significant plays before turn 3. Out of the five games goldfished, not a single one ended before turn 6"

Here's a picture of a winning boardstate i just got on my first try on turn 5:

enter image description here

You were probably playing it wrong.

Trust me, I'm very familiar with this deck. It tends to feel clunky because it's very commander centric, so the first few turns are always devoted to getting out an enabler and then Rakdos. (There's literally no other way to build the deck.)

Generally the trick to close out the game quickly is to always tutor up Knollspine Dragon as quick as possible.

If you like I can cut down on a few of the flashier spells for more interactive ones for the first few turns, but that is going to have to wait for another day since I've been up for 25 hours.

Also, since when is winning on turn 6 to slow for tier 3? It's supposed to be high tier casual. A deck that wins on turn 6 consistently sound fine for casual tables.

Any thoughts on the tier changes I suggested that you want to summarize?

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