Planeswalkers Perfected is a deck that has slowly evolved over the last seven years from a super casual cascade themed five color deck into one of the most powerful and fun to play superfriends decks ever seen. I've always wanted to write a description for this deck but haven't bothered putting the time into it until now:

  • Academy Rector - As I'm sure you've noticed there's a fairly large number of powerful or useful enchantments in this deck, and Academy rector being able to grab any one of them very quickly dissuades players from swinging at you or your walkers with anything without evasion. Also it dies to some of the board wipes we have in our deck, allowing us to pull even further ahead when playing them.

  • Captain Sisay - All planeswalkers were made legendary fairly recently and now this incredible captain can snag any of them, or any of the oaths, or even the two legendary sorceries that I run. She'll either draw out removal or give you an overwhelming advantage.

  • Evolution Sage - Landfall - Proliferate is loony toons good. It helps keep late game fetchlands feeling good, helping me race out ultimates to close out the game. Also being a 3/2 body is pretty helpful for keeping away early attackers. It's just a shame its not legendary so I can't grab it with Sisay.

  • Kethis, the Hidden Hand - Cost reduction is so clutch in this legendary themed deck, allowing everything, not just walker to come out faster. His body is nothing to scoff at for his price either, providing an early game blocker against some more aggressive strats. His second ability is icing on the cake; I built this deck with no hope of ever grabbing something back from the graveyard, but this boy does just that in an incredibly cheap and powerful way.

  • Kozilek, Butcher of Truth - Sometimes you cast this and its amazing, with a sweet draw trigger and and a nasty body, but that's not why this card is in here. To me, the most important part of this card is the last ability which shuffles everything back into you're deck. Admittedly, this deck does not have really any way to interact with the yard, so shuffling everything back into your library is pretty nice. Also you can't loose to mill. I used to also run Ulamog but had to cut him recently.

  • Pir, Imaginative Rascal - I saw this card revealed at the beginning of Battlebond preview season and creamed my jeans. Its insane! It makes my walkers come in with one extra counter, gives them an extra every time they use their plus ability, and doubles the counters from proliferating! To top it all off its legendary.

  • Reki, the History of Kamigawa - Theres so much strength in a legendary subtheme in EDH decks and I truly don't get why more folks don't tap into it. This card is incredible, basically drawing whenever i do anything.

  • Spark Double - Making a non-legendary copy of almost any walker in this deck will win you the game.

  • Astral Cornucopia - Atraxa breaks this one. Turn 3 cornucopia, turn 4 Atraxa has won me more games than anything else in this entire deck. People literally forget about it or give up on it after a while allowing it to accrue huge amounts of counters. Even in the late game the mana this can provide is substantial, taking into account things like Doubling Season or Pir or Mirari's Wake allowing it to enter with a lot of charge counters.

  • Chromatic Lantern - It's a four color deck so this is a no-brainer. It also has the upside of letting us tap fetch lands and Maze of Ith for mana, which is super helpful all the time.

  • Gilded Lotus - There's not much to say here either, it taps for three mana. There's a few planeswalkers that can untap this, allowing for more mana, but honestly its good enough as is.

  • Honor-Worn Shaku - This weird little uncommon from Kamigawa now lets you tap planeswalkers for mana! Planeswalkers are totally unaffected by tapping, as are the oaths, giving a whole bunch of mana whenever you need it. This card is incredibly good and not very well known, so im here to spread the word.

  • Rings of Brighthearth - Pay to copy a planeswalker ability is pretty nuts. Its also fun for copying Maze of Ith or Captn Sisay, but by far its best use it copying the ability on Transmogrfying wand to turn two other players commanders into Oxen for the eighth time this game.

  • Sol Ring - It's Commander, Sol Ring.

  • Thaumatic Compass   and Spires of Orazca - This deck runs a little light on the lands for how mana and color greedy it is, so being able to grab some basics to smooth out whatever issues you have is a godsend. Then, just as you start to not need it, it flips into Maze of Ith, helping protect your walkers. I can see this card seeming a little underwhelming for most people, but in a deck tuned this particular way, this is a powerful tool.

This deck only runs two instants because I'm too tired to play on everyone else's turns too.
  • Teferi's Protection - Try to name a better magic card, I'll wait. This is a get out of anything free button. You can even do something horrible and nasty on your turn and phase out so no one can deal with it till next turn cycle.

  • Bontu's Last Reckoning - Three mana board wipe in a deck with six creatures, three of which want to die. Staying tapped for a turn doesn't matter for you because you're walkers can still activate. its a fun cheap card folks don't tend to see coming.

  • Demonic Tutor - It's commander, Demonic Tutor.

  • Farseek - In a four color deck, especially where the colors are evenly balanced, fixing is incredibly important, and this allows you to grab any non-forest basic, or any shock, whichever you need at the time. It's like a Rampant Growth but better.

  • Merciless Eviction - This board wipe is one of the best ever printed, allowing you to hit whatever grants you the most advantage at the time, sending them all to exile, never to bother you again.

  • Primevals' Glorious Rebirth - This card is an absolute blast! Your opponents spend all game destroying all your nutso legendary planeswalkers, creatures, and enchantments only to play this and get it all back. Its online with any walker or Atraxa, is fetchable by Sisay, and basically wins the game on the spot if not countered.

  • Savor the Moment - With not untapping not being a downside, this is basically a three mana Time Walk. It gives me just a little extra reach with my walkers, letting me get one or two more activations out of them. This card is usually the one the comes right at the beginning of the exponential value train to victory.

  • Tempt with Discovery - At its worst its four mana for any land of your choice on the field untapped, at its best it gives you double your lands and lets you play your commander the same turn, and for some reason I can't get my playgroup to stop choosing to take lands.

  • The Elderspell - 2 mana for a targeted walker wipe is nice af but having the added benefit of pumping whichever walker gets me closes to victory is super sweet. I also can use it to turn my own spent or useless walkers into an ultimate.

  • Toxic Deluge - Atraxa has lifelink. You can make X whatever you want and eventually you'll recover. It also lets you put you're rectors in the yard without sacrificing Atraxa, maybe killing some bears in the process.

  • Urza's Ruinous Blast - This card leads to the most interesting boardstates. Almost all of your stuff is safe, while opponents are left with commanders and incedentally legendary stuff, easy enough to mop up with the right walkers.

  • I run the six non-red Shock Lands.

  • I run the six non-red Fetch Lands.

  • I run the three non-red Battlebond Lands printed and the other three Check Lands that will be replaced when more of that cycle are printed.

  • I also run 3 Forest , 3 Island , 3 Plains , and 3 Swamp for basics.

  • Command Tower - It's commander, Command Tower.

  • Karn's Bastion - Its a free Contagion Clasp so I don't have to waste a spot on that mediocre card. In the late game this ability can be absolutely overwhelming.

  • Exotic Orchard - A lot of people think this card is a risk, but i play four colors, its gonna tap for enough variety its worth it, and it comes in untapped, which is very nice.

  • Maze of Ith - Protecting your planeswalkers is incredibly important and this is one of the best cards to do that. Its a shame it doesn't tap for mana but it doesn't matter once you get down a Dueling Grounds or Sphere of Saftey to make it too difficult or costly to bother swinging.

  • Reflecting Pool - It's pretty much a second copy of Command Tower. A good target for your third or fourth land on a big Tempt.

  • Reliquary Tower - It's commander, Reliquary Tower.

  • Temple of the False God - It's commander, Temple.

This is where we start getting to the meat of the deck. These cards are all here to help us survive and beef up our walkers beyond control.
  • Bitterblossom - Makes a whole huge bunch of little flying blockers to help sheild my walkers from early damage. The high starting life total and Atraxa's lifelink really help negate the drawback of life loss.

  • Doubling Season - Honestly this card's a little too good and I often find myself not fetching for it when I could. I'll flip through the deck on a D Tutuor and see this card, think to myself "well i could win the game right now, or," and grab some other more interesting card. If this is out, most of your planeswalker with etb with ults online. You play any one and you will win eventually, you get three or more emblems and everyone at the table scoops.

  • Dueling Grounds - This is the ultimate planeswalker protection card. Your commander is a 4/4 flying deathtouch lifelink creature who does not tap when she swings. No one wants to go to one-on-one combat with that over some dumb planeswalkers, and even if they did, you have two copies of maze if ith.

  • Estrid's Invocation - This is literally Copy Enchantment but better. I took out Copy Enchantment for this. I can swap this to any of my incredible enchantments each turn or leave it on one like Privileged Position or Pendrell Mists and watch my opponents suffer.

  • Inexorable Tide - Proliferate is really good, made better by some of the other cards in this deck, and being able to do it every time you cast a spell can lead to some rather stormy turns. When you get this out it signals a change in your game to a more urgent style, expect your opponents to respond appropriately.

  • Mirari's Wake - Double mana real good. On top of that, the +1/+1 is actually relevant because a large number of the planeswalkers that make up this deck produce tokens to protect themselves.

  • Myth Unbound - I feel like I don't see this card in as many builds as I think I should, although no one else's commanders are killed half as frequently as Atraxa, one of the most powerful and dangerous value engines ever printed. This deck once ran Leovold, Emissary of Trest , and I think this pretty much does the same thing he did, plus makes Her cheaper. Also I really like the art and think its very representative of this deck.

  • Oath of Ajani - The Oaths. These are cards that have been made specifically for superfriends. I feel obligated to run them because of how good they make this one particular stratigy, but I've also tried to do more with them, like boosting the legendary theme as much as I did to make them really shine. This one grants proliferatable +1/+1 counters on all my creatures then makes walkers cheaper.

  • Oath of Gideon - This one gives a couple of early game blockers and then gives a loyalty boost to my walkers that stacks with pir and doubling season.

  • Oath of Nissa - This grants a little card selection, then lets me play almost as if i had a Chromatic Lanturn. This is probably the weakest of the oaths I let in here, but I need it because my walkers come with all sorts of color restrictions I'd love not to care about.

  • Oath of Teferi - This is by far the best Oath printed so far. It lets you flicker something, maybe untapping a land, retriggering an oath, or resetting a walker after ult. Then, once its on the feild, you can activate walkers twice a turn. With Pir on the field any walker ults in two turns garunteed. I had been having lackluster results with The Chain Veil in my deck, but this hasn't had a dull game yet.

  • Privileged Position - This grants hexproof to your stuff. Seems good.

  • Sphere of Safety - This Propaganda effect hides walkers behind its sheild and with the high number of enchantments this can get quite difficult to effectively swing through. Its gonna do a lot to help stop those pesky Yuriko or massive Animar decks.

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Ajani: I've always liked Ajani, especially starting during Alara block and getting a promo Ajani Vengeant as one of my first ever walkers. I used to run more Ajanis, but only One haa stood the test of time.

  • Ajani Steadfast - This is one of my all time favorite planeswalker cards. He doesn't outright win the game like some of the others, he just allows all of my other walkers an incredible amount of survivability, letting me relax and set up for some goofy or game winning play.

    +1: Makes one of you're tokens or dudes into a mini atraxa for a turn, this helps restore some of the life lost from you're fetches and shocks while leaving whatever you target up for defense on your opponents turns

    -2: Much better later on in the game, once you've got out a bunch of walkers and a couple of creatures to hit. This grants your walkers a little extra reach towards their impactful ults or -X's, which often can turn the tide of a game. This is impacted by Pir and Doubling Season (DS)

    -7: Can be activated immediately with DS and survive. This emblem is incredibly powerful. As soon as its out, folks stop even trying to kill your walkers and focus on whittling your life total down, however the lifelink on Atraxa and granted by other walkers makes that strategy very difficult. The pressure this takes off of your walkers allows you to safely prepare some win condition ults.

Ashiok: I've always wanted to run an Ashiok card ever since they were revealed during the Theros storyline, but sadly it wasn't until War of the Spark was a playable Ashiok card printed. Thank goodness that its not only playable but incredibly powerful.

  • Ashiok, Dream Render - I can see this seeing play all over EDH and even sideboards in other 60-card formats. Hybrid mana makes Ashiok very easy to cast and the now-increased amount of proliferate in the deck means that it's unlikely for them run out of loyalty.

    Passive Ability: This turns off fetches, tutors, and ramp. What more could you ever ask for?

    -1: What a silly question: Exiling your opponents graveyards. With these two massively powerful effects on a single card Ashiok can absorb huge amounts of pressure, helping make room for other things I should be doing. If instead, your opponents choose not to pressure Ashiok, they're playing handicapped by her abilities.

Elspeth: I love Elspeth more than any other walker and you can quote me on that. She was first introduced in my first set, Shard of Alara, and was the first planeswalker card i ever saw opened from a booster pack. It happened at a draft at an LGS that no longer exists and everyone was trying to figure out how they worked (Thank goodness for tooltip cards am I right)

  • Elspeth, Knight-Errant - The OG. She provides protection, a little offense, and an ult that leaves your opponents jumping through hoops to work around. There's never been a doubt in my mind about this inclusion.

    +1: Making a 1/1 seems pretty mediocre at first, but its at the heart of making superfriends work. The majority of threats a planeswalker faces are gonna be on the ground, esp given Atraxa's superiority in the air, so having a good number of tiny chump blockers is going to drastically increase the survivability of all of your planeswalkers, even those not cast yet.

    +1: Sometimes you just want to make Atraxa an 8/8 and steal some life. That's okay. You can also stack this with some other walker buffs and throw a seriously dangerous token at somebodies face forcing out blocks or taking out a chunk of life. I only wish, like some newer walkers, this ability lasted until your next turn.

    -8: Can be immediately activated with DS but she will die. Making your non-walker permanents indestructible is really, really strong. People only run so much exile in any given commander deck and eventually the number of untouchable threats is going to pile up and overwhelm your opponents. Honestly its usually worth popping this ult when it comes up, even if you lose Elspeth in the process.

  • Elspeth, Sun's Champion - Universally acknowledged as one of the best planeswlakers for commander ever printed, she is an automatic include for her raw power and versatility.

    +1: Three 1/1s every turn is incredible. The need for blockers in this deck is so dire, having something like this filling the board can easily win the game almost by itself.

    -3: Having the ability to wipe away all large creatures as soon as she enters the battlefield is incredibly attractive, especially for this deck and its critical lack of large-bodied threats.

    -7: Can be activated immediately with DS and survive. An okay emblem is just icing on an already delicous card. This is one of the very few emblems that won't win you the game in this deck.

Garruk: I love and have always loved Garruk. His entire arc is a beautiful tragedy ending in the birth of the most dangerous planeswalker hunter ever. When I first built the deck I ran three Garruks, however, as in the story, only the monster remains.

  • Garruk, Apex Predator - Everyone knows how powerful four ability walkers can be. The amount of variety that having that many abilities provides is truely something to be feared. Apex Predator also has the advantage of his high mana cost allowing all four of his abilities to be incredible.

    +1: As the planeswalker hunter, killing a walker and getting stronger as his first ability is both flavorful and valuable. Walkers can be tough to remove, especially if protected by creatures or countermagic, but Garruk just dodges all of that with targeted destroy.

    +1: Tokens are crucial. 3/3's with deathtouch are just dope. Nicely enough, they now also synergise well with Vraska, Swarm's Eminence .

    -3: This is very strong creature removal, which is clutch because this deck is a smidge removal light. Small bits of incidental lifegain like this helps keep the deck running smoothly.

    -8: Can be activated immediately with DS and survive. This is largely a pile on ultimate to help close out a game in the end stretch, but if you put it on someone early game, you almost garuntee their quick death.

Jace: Personally, I hate Jace. He was always my least favorite planeswalker, which was largely due to his douchy flavor texts around M10 and the Jace v Chandra duel decks, but also because he encapsulates blue mana very well, and its my least favorite color in Magic.

  • Jace, Unraveler of Secrets : As the only Jace in this deck I feel like I need to justify his presance over the highly overrated JtMS, but truthfully JtMS isn't that good in EDH. This guy actually does things i need while getting himself to a point where he wins me the game instead of instantly eating removal like MS would.

    +1: If this was his only ability I might still play him. Its such a small innocent ablity folks tend to ignore it, not killing him but keeping him from ulting, and that's so fine.

    -2: Bouncing something is sometimes good, but usually not. Its very helpful for removing Marit Lage, though, which my playgroup sees a lot of.

    -8: Can be activated immediately with DS and survive. This ability got Erayo, Soratami Ascendant banned, and for good reason. Trying to fight back against this is a painful struggle that leads to wasted resources and frustrated opponents.

Karn: Karn's a wonderful character, can't believe they had him consider getting the cylex to destroy New Phyrexia :(( The big Karn is not in this deck because once, a long long time ago, someone stole karn and restarted the game which lost me four emblems.

  • Karn, the Great Creator : This Karn's loony toons.

    Passive Ability: Turns off mana rocks for 4 mana. GG. Artifacts do so many things really well, but mana is what they do best, and this can stop them from doing it all.

    +1: In this deck, this ability does nothing but put a counter on Karn.

    -2: Fuck the rules committee, "A card you own from oustide the game" is exactly that. Its something from your commander box, or rare binder, or other decks, as long as you own it and its not in the game. Don't grab Mycosyth Lattice though, its not actually fun. Also in can pull back your Astral Cornucopia or Rings of Brighthearth when some a-hole exiles them.

Kiora: I love this fish lady a ton. I used to run Octopus-fight-time Kiora Until the War update brought me so many new goodies.

  • Kiora, the Crashing Wave : If this were printed today, there's no way it would start at 2 and ult at 5. But it is this way, allowing for some incredible proliferate shenanigans.

    +1: Turning off the most dangerous attacker each turn cycle is pretty sweet for early boardstate protection. In the late game, when the targets are things like blightsteel colossus or steel hellkite, it feel incredibly powerful.

    -1: Explore is okay but when you spend so much time so close to an army of krakens it feels like a waste of loyalty, esp bc you already need 4 mana to get her out in the first place.

    -5: Cannot be activated immediately with DS. It's pretty hard to go wrong with end step 9/9s. The low cost of this ultimate means its not uncommon to get it off twice before someone eventually finds a way to kill it.

Narset: Narset was a wonderful story character from a point in the games history where it was at a new high and I have more fond memories of that time then negative ones of being one shot by Narset, Enlightened Master combo edh and modern decks.

  • Narset, Parter of Veils : As far as uncommon walkers go, this is easily the second best one ever printed, behind Ashiok of course.

    Passive Ability: I used to run Leovold before he got banned 80% for this ability 20% for his draw when targeted trigger. I'm fine getting a walker with this oppressive passive stapled on, even if it doesnt do anything else.

    -2: This hits 55% of the deck, meaning that its incredibly likely to hit something, and after reading all this I'm sure you know you'll hit something good.


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