Dramatic Reversal


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Dramatic Reversal


Untap all nonland permanents you control.

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Dramatic Reversal Discussion

RivenVII on All Your Turns Are Belong To Me

2 days ago

Garta, I've really enjoyed your deck. This one is mine, for reference: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/narset-the-last-airmerican/

I have a few budget constraints, but not too many, so most cards are in play. I'm planning a couple changes in my own list based off of the success you have seemed to have with yours (prospective changes are in my comments section, if you care to give some feedback), but I had a few questions over some exclusions in your own and the reasons.

First, why do you run no land destruction? In the list that I've been running, the MLD is roughly equivalent to an extra turn spell in that if you flip one, you win the game. At the very least, I feel like it would be better than Stitch in Time, which I feel is really just a sub-optimal card since you're already taking a percentage chance to not hit with Narset, and then when you do hit, it still might miss. MLD would almost guarantee a win, especially with our mana rocks.

Second, you only include Generator Servant as your creature package. I understand that Narset doesn't hit them and that you can't tutor for them, but Weathered Wayfarer, Grand Abolisher, and Simian Spirit Guide feel like they are pretty crucial and it shouldn't matter if Narset hits them because they're part of making sure she sticks instead of being important to cast once she's on the field(Abolisher is good once she's out too, but if they had interaction, they probably would have used it to counter the Narset cast to begin with). I don't have a Lion's Eye Diamond, so in order to combo out with ETI, I need to use Spirit Guide + Rituals for a chain that grants me enough mana to basically hardcast Approach + Extra Turn or Omniscience since I have exactly 9 net mana from the rocks I have available. Do you find that the rocks + Dramatic Reversal are generally enough to do this without needing rituals if you were to take LED out of the list?

Lastly, how do you manage post-partials with a land count that is so low?

Thanks for the help.

sonnet666 on

2 days ago

So, wait... Do I have this right?

The only things in here that make infinite mana are Grim Monolith + Power Artifact and Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal. Then if you're using Grim Monolith + Power Artifact you use self sacrificing artifacts to make colored mana and cycle them infinitely with Elixir of Immortality and produce a high enough storm count to kill everyone with Aetherflux Reservoir.

How is Walking Ballista overkill then? It straight up kills everyone with infinite colorless. That's less steps.

If anything Elixir of Immortality and Aetherflux Reservoir look like overkill to me.

dlamars on [SPOILERS!] New Hour of Devastation ...

5 days ago

I think I would go with a healthy amount of artifact ramp and try to get him out turn 2 or 3. Dramatic Reversal on Isochron Scepter would be my preferred infinite combo I think. Basically loot your deck for a Mindmoil, Arjun, the Shifting Flame or maybe Laboratory Maniac?

abby315 on Thoughts on this Mono-U Budget ...

1 week ago

I know next to nothing about mono U in EDH, but there's really no reason not to run Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal infinite mana combo (with any mana rock). Especially when you already have Capsize and Blue Sun's Zenith to use with the inf. mana. And it's budget!

My first thoughts for cuts would be Future Sight unless it plays some role I'm not seeing and maybe Rewind as your worst permission, though you could perhaps cut a land since the higher land count is mostly to hedge against poor opening hands.

Also, not interested in running Mindslaver even though you have Treasure Mage and Academy Ruins?

EDIT: To answer your question, I think it looks fine. My suggestions reflect that mono- combo/control is more effective in EDH, to my knowledge, since is a fragile stand-alone control color.

If you want to make it more resilient in a multiplayer group, I'd add the above combos to quickly take care of threatening players. If you want to make it faster in 1v1, I'd streamline the deck to be a High Tide combo build, which you can also do on a budget like this.

Brassmoose on Tazri 5c Ally-Storm Combo [Competitive]

3 weeks ago

what do you think about adding Dramatic Reversal Isochron Scepter over the untapping enchantments line, i feel like they are weaker than scepter

greyninja on Hello Sweetie

3 weeks ago

If you're looking for untap shenanigans; Paradox Engine is your jam! It gets out of hand quickly when paired with mana rocks and cantrips

It combos with Isochron Scepter in the same fashion: any instant and enough mana rocks goes infinite. You can even Counterspell your own spell to get it going

There's also Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal which goes infinite with mana rocks

+1 from me! Looks fun! Feel free to swing by a few of my decks and tell me what you think! This one includes the combos mentioned above. Cheers!

Lilbrudder on Paradox Scepter Storm: cEDH Primer

3 weeks ago

fatdroid13: The card is suprisingly decent in this deck. We can often produce plenty of mana quickly so paying three for a rock that can tap for any color that can be used that turn cycle is usually worth it. I often play it for 0 early to Transmute Artifact it into something like Mana Crypt or as a way to activate Mox Opal turn 1. I don't usually care about the storm count as we almost always just go infinite. Where the card shines is that it serves as a free Dramatic Reversal after I play engine or as a massive color fixer for 6-9 mana after we have untapped a few times post engine and are drowning in spare colorless mana.

mmcgeach: Hey man good to hear from you! Your experience with Sylvan Library is pretty dead on with mine. I ultimately would rather just run something like lim duls vault that will easily win me the game the turn after I cast it than a draw engine that costs life I would rather spend on better cards.

I am a big fan of Waste Not, but it is too narrow for this particular list and feels bad if I dont have windfall or wheel of fortune handy. It does enable some really early victories, but not as consistently as other enablers available to us. With that being said I could see replacing a big money card like timetwister or inperial seal with waste not if budget is a barrier. It is incredible in my budget list that runs both whispering madness and jace's archivist, and in wheel heavy metas it becomes too good to pass up. Either way if you love it, by all means play it. It does offer some extremely fun and complex lines to victory.

Frank_Glascock: Not really. I know alot of people hate gemstome caverns, but I love its explosiveness. The only reason to go with more basics is nonbasic hate and that is a meta decision. I aim to make meta free decks, but if you feel the need for it, however, please dont hesitate to sub a swamp in as Gemstone Caverns is the right swap.

TheDevicer on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

3 weeks ago

Massive post concerning Grand Arbiter Augustin IV below. Tagging deadmanwaltzing and BigLupu as you guys are the only Arbiter players I'm both aware of and respect enough to listen. I'd love for this list to be longer. Feel free to add anyone knowledgeable to the discussion if you can.

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