Ghost Quarter


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Modern Event Deck Uncommon
Innistrad Uncommon
Dissension Uncommon

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Ghost Quarter


: Add to your mana pool.

, Sacrifice Ghost Quarter: Destroy target land. Its controller may search his or her library for a basic land card, put it into play, then shuffle his or her library.

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Ghost Quarter Discussion

Jhed1 on Modern Mono-Blue Merfolk Competitive

59 minutes ago

Hey man - Just a couple suggestions:

-1 Phantasmal Image & -1 Merrow Reejerey to add +2 Tidebinder Mage

The card gives you play against GBX decks, especially with deaths shadow agro exploding in popularity, being able to lock down an 8/9 Tarmogoyf can sometimes win you the game, and it gives you easy sideboard flexibility in certain decks. With the fatal push meta, it's hard to keep a Phantasmal Image on the board, and Reejerey is the weakest lord, especially since you're playing a 4 Master of Waves setup, your overall likelihood of stringing together a big Reejery hand-dump is smaller on average.

Sideboard - I'd recommend cutting that extra Ghost Quarter for a Pithing Needle - It gives you just as much game against any deck you'd bring in the GQ for, and gives you some better game against Ad Nauseuem and other degenerate combo decks / planeswalkers / Grim Lavamancer

Chasmolinker on Mono black devotion

7 hours ago

Thumb's up on the addition of Ghost Quarter. I just wrote myself a note this morning to add it to my own version of the deck. I've been run over by Raging Ravine and Celestial Colonnade a few times now.

LeaPlath on please help me with my jund deck

10 hours ago

But they take too long. And honestly, I'm not seeing much advantage to red in this build right now as you are running 6 come into play tapped lands and getting little advantage from them.

I really suggest just going BG. No red. In BG you gain access to more man lands without screwing up your mana base (Treetop Village), you can play stuff like Tectonic Edge and Ghost Quarter without doing your land base too much damage.

You have access to strong removal in the form of Fatal Push, Abrupt Decay, and you can probably sneak in something else to kill tasigur and fish such as Maelstrom Pulse.

For creatures you can run Scooze, Tasigur, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Grim etc. You could even run a bit of a wider net and toolbox effect using Mishra's Bauble and Traverse the Ulvenwald. Without the fetch/shock combo, Raging Ravine and access to the more powerful Jund cards I really just can't suggest red.

ManWearingHat on Bant Emeria/Titan Control

20 hours ago

Hmmm, looking at the deck a bit more I certainly agree with you on the Court Hussar vs. Courser of Kruphix choice. Given the presence and strength of Flickerwisp in the deck, is really requires a larger structural chance (and likely a change to some of the manabase numbers) to include Courser. But I will say that I've seen Rallier-Courser shells with stuff like Horizon Canopy and Ghost Quarter be extremely hard to grind against as a Grixis Delver player.

As for the sideboard, it's very tricky. I'm alsways a proponent of the Elephant method of sideboard construction (which in summary is basically determining a wide set of "best 60"s for every popular matchup, and then determining the common 60 between all of those and building the extra 15 from the leftovers, look it up if you have the time). Other than that, I'd turn to knowledge of what the worst post-board matchups are and starting there.

For an Emeria deck, my first thoughts are that fast disruption+clock decks are likely tough matchups, since a lot of early turns are spent "setting up shop". The Ghostly Prison seems really solid or this, but additionally I'd recommend Blessed Alliance for decks that go all-in on once creature like Death's Shadow and Infect decks. Wall of Omens and Lone Missionary contribute positively there though, so I feel like you might not need so many slots for those matchups.

I for sure agree that Dispel is unecessary. I really dislike running it in any deck that doesn't have Snapcaster Mage and that doesn't have a SUPER hard time against Burn (which you already have Wall of Omens and Lone Missionary for). Against discard, Leyline of Sanctity could be good but I'm unsure how powerful it is, since your Plan A from my understanding doesn't involve spells but rather hitting land drops and surviving. Against discard, if you can just scrape by to an active Emeria, I imagine you're good. So any deck with discard will only be threatening if it ALSO has a clock, meaning maybe Timely Reinforcements is good? I'm unsure how quickly you can assembly active Emeria, but I imagine it's decent given Sakura-Tribe Elder.

Just some thoughts to maybe guide your deckbuilding! At a glance it seems like you have the lategame locked up, with very powerful inevitability, so your worst matchups will be ones where the opponent can establish a strong clock backed up by disruption. I'd focus the sideboard on those, keeping in mind what the opponent's deck will look like post-board rather than game 1.

WhisperingBlade on Bant Emeria/Titan Control

20 hours ago

First off, I really agree with your analysis of Bant Emeria. I actually thought the manabase would be trash, but it turns out that it works much better than expected! I feel like the green is necessary to get to your late game faster and that blue is necessary for the upgrade in noncreature spells and sideboard countermagic. I'd like to try my hand at an Abzan version, but I feel at first glance that by taking the blue away, it changes what the deck wants to do too drastically without enough payoff, although I still want to explore the concept a bit more in depth.

I actually have an extra Crucible of Worlds lying around (what are the chances, right?), but I'm not certain that they are necessary. Tron seems like it could be a decent matchup provided you can get a Rallier or two to go to town with the Ghost Quarters, but the match should be much better games 2 and 3 with Surgical Extraction (thinking of going up to 3) and Aven Mindcensor taking out my opponent's capabilities to get mana quickly and Negate, Stony Silence, and Qasali Pridemage for the ability to interrupt things like the planeswalkers and artifacts that they'll want to be playing, although if you have any thoughts on this I'd love to hear them! So far in testing (I've only had the chance to play against Affinity, Cheerios, and Grixis Delver) I've been fairly happy to see Court Hussar. It really helps in control for card advantage, and helps you find your sideboard cards if you are given the time. I'm unsure how I like the "I sacrifice myself unless you pay white for me" effect because of Flickerwisp who wants to get value there, but I've been enjoying it with Sun Titan when I'm not super pressed for blockers. As for Courser of Kruphix, it is iffy whether I'd like to replace Court Hussar for them. I'm not a huge fan of the 1GG cost, but I like the card better against aggro with the body and lifegain, and I could see it being decent against control allowing me to remove lands off the top of my library so I can draw into gas, although this gives my opponent a good amount of information that should be taken into account during analysis of the card. With combo I feel that Court Hussar would do a better job because it would allow me to dig for disruption. Not sure what I'd like to do there, but I'll keep an open mind during further testing.

If you wouldn't mind, could I pick your brain a bit? I'm not content with the sideboard as is. I think I have a lot of the right reasons to run the cards in there, but I'm not entirely certain that they are the most efficient or slot in the best. I'm specifically not happy with Dispel, as they seem unnecessary for a deck that generates mana quickly and that overall Negate is a better card in this build. I'm also having trouble with discard and I think that combo could be really bad for me, so I'd love to switch them out with Leyline of Sanctitys, but what do you think?

Thanks for the feedback!

Yuri200X on Cheap deck (needs help)

20 hours ago

It's not complete garbage... You just need a bit of focus. If you want to Focus on Lifegain, you could adopt a Soul Sisters strategy... If you want to focus on tokens, you could build a MonoWhite tokens deck.

I'll speak on behalf of the token strategy since you seem to have a nice quantity of the cards.

If you wish to go on a Token strategy, you'll need to focus fully on tokens. Note that Tokens is usually built on a WB strategy and that using an ALL-IN WHITE build will result in a different gameplay.

First, a MonoWhite Tokens deck should focus on being aggro. The WB Tokens deck aims for a midrange presence, but with a Mono-White deck, you could gain access to an early game presence the other deck could not.

Card suggestions include: Leyline of the Meek and Honor of the Pure in order to grow your tokens. Hero of Bladehold to get kind of a finisher. Gather the Townsfolk, Raise the Alarm and Shrine of Loyal Legions to generate tokens. Path to Exile to kill opposing threats and Windbrisk Heights to get some free cards.

You could also run Ghost Quarter since it's a nice utility land VS Tron. Oblivion Ring, Pithing Needle, Disenchant to deal with troublesome cards.

good luck.

ManWearingHat on Bant Emeria/Titan Control

21 hours ago

I feel like with the printing of Renegade Rallier, the Bant version of this archetype is the most viable of the bunch! Access to blue seems to still be important because of Supreme Verdict and post-board countermagic. But given the deck's preference towards ramping and stalling, I agree that 3-4 Renegade Rallier is correct to play. I've seen more than 6 fetchlands and one or two Courser of Kruphix work very well in Rallier decks, so perhaps that's stronger than the Court Hussar slots? I'm unsure, but I think testing the Coursers and maybe a Crucible of Worlds in the sideboard to go along with the Ghost Quarters out of the board could be very strong! (At a glance, it looked like 3-color midrange/control and Tron decks might be a tad rough, so the Crucible might be good for those, given you can get your hands on one)

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