Ghost Quarter


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) Uncommon
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon
Commander 2014 (C14) Uncommon
Modern Event Deck (MD1) Uncommon
Innistrad (ISD) Uncommon
Dissension (DIS) Uncommon

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Ghost Quarter


: Add to your mana pool.

, Sacrifice Ghost Quarter: Destroy target land. Its controller may search his or her library for a basic land card, put it into play, then shuffle his or her library.

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Ghost Quarter Discussion

MrSilk on Lantern Control (U-Swing Variant)

9 hours ago


Lantern is what I like to call a meta deck.. In that it'll always be relevant unless the meta is inundated with artifact hate. My particular LGS is Boros Burn heavy and Eldrazi (all variants) heavy, but I know this deck can handle its own at almost every establishment.. You just have to be able to deal with the salt from other players.

My sideboard choices:

2x Ghirapur AEther Grid - This is a common component in classic Lantern decks as an alt wincon

1x Ghost Quarter - For decks that run tight amounts of lands or for decks that need lands as wincons like Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle decks.

1x Grafdigger's Cage - For decks that rely upon reanimation or playing cards out of their graveyards

2x Pithing Needle - This is a mainboard card in just about every other Lantern deck, it's very useful for shutting down trouble cards like planeswalkers

1x Pyrite Spellbomb - Another alt wincon in classic Lantern decks, bring it back to the field with Academy Ruins

2x Surgical Extraction - For trading in to kill off known combo decks

1x Thoughtseize - For trading in and out hand disruption cards

2x Welding Jar - For decks that have a lot of artifact hate

4x Whir of Invention - Trade this in to convert this deck to the Whir version of Lantern.. Trade out all of the extra blue cards in the mainboard for these four.

kamarupa on The Glorious Slim Line

9 hours ago

It just occurred to me that 1xGhost Quarter might be decent here. You could target your own land as means of triggering Hedron Crab or it is good against Tron lands.

PlaneswalkerCasper on Mono-White Soldiers

1 day ago

taiga277677, For control we got Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, and man-lands (also written in description about Cavern of Souls!). I don't have infect in my meta, so if you want to sideboard against it, try swapping either some Sundering Growths, Leyline of Sanctity or Rest in Peace(ses) for Solemnity. Plus w got Path to Exile to shoot an early attacker (at the end step of the turn they played the creature). For tron, I could see cutting a man-land or two and a Cavern of Souls for Ghost Quarter. I'd thought that tunning the list a bit for your meta is without question first thing you do after aquiring the necessery cards, but thats just my standpoint, feel free to disagree (note that it is impossible to make a universal list for every meta possible, so I post for roughly mine meta).And the main answer to your specific question: 2 Bant Eldrazi 1 Kiki Chor 1 Eldrazi and Taxes 1 Dredge 1 Ponza 1 U/W Control 1 Affinity 1 Proteian Hulk Combo 1 Abzan Devoted Vizier Combo 2 Jund Goodstuff 1 Abzan Midrange 1 U/R Gifts Storm 1 Free-Win Rakdos 1 Burn 1 Grixis Insect/Delver Tempo

Mandalorian on The Gitrog Monster

2 days ago

You have a TON of mana sources here. Fast artifact mana, ramp via spells, creatures, and enchantments, but what are we ramping into? You seem to only have 1 fatty in the deck and 1 Torment of Hailfire mana sink, so I don't understand what all the fast mana is for? I think you could trim a lot of it, especially the rituals, for some more win conditions and/or interaction.

Splendid Reclamation

Crucible of Worlds

Titania, Protector of Argoth

Verdant Catacombs

Petrified Field

Windswept Heath

Marsh Flats and other fetches in colors

Tireless Tracker

Courser of Kruphix

Ghost Quarter

Strip Mine

Lake of the Dead

Oracle of Mul Daya

Dust Bowl

Zendikar's Roil


Maelstrom Pulse

TheDuggernaught on Is this deck good And ...

3 days ago

I think it is a decent start. You have some elements of both death and taxes, and sun and moon. Death and taxes looks to tax effects like Leonin Arbiter, Aven Mindcensor, and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben in conjunction with Ghost Quarter and Path to Exile. These interactions can decimate your opponent's ability to play anything as you tax their lands, and then tax their ability to play instants and sorceries to deal with your tax effects. Sun and Moon operates along a similar line of thinking. It taxes your opponent's non basic lands with Blood Moon and stresses greedy mana bases. It then runs lots of board wipes and planeswalkers to grind out advantage, and Chalice of the Void to proactively counter any answers your opponents might have. Some lists might also elect to run Ghostly Prison.

PickleNutz on Wilson!!

4 days ago

I would change out the Evolving Wilds for the Field of Ruin that came out in Ixalan. You can destroy enemy flip lands or dual lands with it and still fetch a basic land. Its like a Ghost Quarter and Evolving Wilds together, except the land doesnt come in tapped.

darleen on Flying Nuns -- Soul Sisters

4 days ago

RustBeltGames, if you wanted to make this deck more budget minded, you could drop the Fetch Lands, the Gavony Townships and the Temple Gardens and just run all basics. Or use Ghost Quarter for deck thinning instead of the fetches. With respect to the creatures, I was running Ajani's Pridemate before Metallic Mimic. I added the Mimic for more Human/counters synergy, but the Pridemate was also great. That leaves Auriok Champion as the last expensive piece. I suppose you could leave out the Auriok Champions but that would cause less life gain over the course of a game. If you still wanted to splash green (using Temple Garden or some other G/W dual lands) you could replace Auriok with Essence Warden. Splashing green for mainboard creatures would also open up the sideboard to other various options.

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