Ghost Quarter


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Modern Event Deck Uncommon
Innistrad Uncommon
Dissension Uncommon

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Ghost Quarter


: Add to your mana pool.

, Sacrifice Ghost Quarter: Destroy target land. Its controller may search his or her library for a basic land card, put it into play, then shuffle his or her library.

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Ghost Quarter Discussion

Ballzanya on Tainted Remedy

5 hours ago

I actually play a version of this deck as a casual modern deck that I sometimes bring to FNM. Trust me, you want to play the four copies of Wall of Shards. The wall is a pure beast, and you can simply not pay the cumulative upkeep, or you can sac it to Devour Flesh to gain 8 life.

As far as the mana base goes, you don't actually need fetches or shocks, believe it or not. You do need at least 2 Shambling Vent, 2 Isolated Chapel, and 2 Concealed Courtyard, as well as 2-4 copies of Ghost Quarter. (Ghost quartering your own land to activate landfall with a remedy on board, to cast two Rest for the Weary to make your opponent lose 16 life is just priceless.

Another card you simply need a playset of in the mainboard is , Blessed Alliance. It's so good and you can make them sac an attacking creature and give yourself 4 life while you dont yet have a remedy on the field. Since I don't have the budget for the Idyllic Tutors, I run two copies of Dimir Machinations, since it lets you search for tainted remedy.

C.LewisMTG on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

7 hours ago

Oh absolutely. Making this list competitive is huge for me going into the future and as of this morning after reading your suggestions we have a private version of the deck in which we are testing 4 Ghost Quarter, 2 Gemstone Caverns, 2 Halimar Depths and a single Tolaria West, going a little lighter on basics to make room for it and to not hurt our Leyline of Sanctity sideboard plan. Will keep you posted on updates (: escesare

Xica on Liliana's Necrogen Caress ***Not!***

11 hours ago

Liliana Vess is simply very slow (you need some acceleration), and you can't get away with having only 22 lands.

Raven's Crime can replace Necrogen Mists and you should run 4 of ravens's crime, and 2 of necrogen mists. Howver it mandates going black/green, to have Life from the Loam, Sylvan Scrying to tutor for Ghost Quarter.

Liquimetal Coating gets ruined by the enormous amount of artifact removal played inmodern against affinity and the like.

or you could check out "waste not storm" deck, if you like that card, after all that archetype is built around it.

P.s.: you can build working dual colored mana bases on a budget, but you can't really get away with 3 colors. (and you can incrementally upgrade them over time)

Icbrgr on Liliana's Necrogen Caress ***Not!***

14 hours ago

Thanks a ton for your tips Xica! Very appreciated!

For the idea of behind this deck... Its a tall order i know... but im aiming to keep this deck under $100. It doesn't have to be SUPER COMPETITIVE but yeah i do want it to be able to pull off some wins yknow?

Yeah I definitely do want my opponent to discard and even though the price for Liliana of the Veil went down just one copy is like $20 more than the whole deck. I do have full playsets of Distress and Wrench Mind but im not exactly certain as to what slots I would replace with... like even if i invested in Thoughtseize and picked up Raven's Crime Im just not sure where I would put it/what i'd replace. Currently im thinking that the discard effects happen late game/via cleanup step for the opponent exceeding the maximum handsize and then Necrogen Mists for assistance. Currently as it stands your right i have no way to Blow up all the lands so perhaps i need to integrate more discard enablers.

As for Ensnaring Bridge. The idea seems good. its just too pricey for what im going for... 2 copies of it alone cost more that the entire deck by 20 bucks. Im HOPEING that I finally found a home for Waste Not and some vanilla 2/2 zombie tokens can help chump block with the aid of some spot removal. for a budget Damnation effect i do have a playset of Killing Wave and 2x Necroplasm but just not sure about them...

I love your explanation of Blood Moon... that seems like a very smart idea. But again just not budget friendly and im aiming for mono black... otherwise id try to exploit Liquimetal Coating and green Naturalize/Splinter effects... however; now that you point out the synergy between Ghost Quarter and Life from the Loam thats a lot more tempting now... curse this thin wallet of mine!

As far as scry/tutor is concerned... idk... i have 2x Liliana Vess she does both discard and tutor... any thoughts?

Xica on Liliana's Necrogen Caress ***Not!***

15 hours ago

If you want to stick to land destruction than i would advise using Blood Moon and going for , using swamps, and dual lands that produce either red o black mana.
Without blood moon you really need to blow up all the lands, with blood moon you only need to remove basic, to restrict the opponent to red mana (you will still auto lose to burn).

P.s.: Ghost Quarter for land destruction if only a good tool if you can replay it multiple times either via Crucible of Worlds or Life from the Loam

C.LewisMTG on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

16 hours ago

Hey thanks for going so in depth about the list (: The choice to not play utility lands in this version of the list in particular, is because of curve and nothing else. The deck to consistently get our pieces basically has to cast a Cantrip on turn one, would love to cast a Hunt turn two, have our assault turn 3 and the swans on four. Where as I believe I could get away with some number of them for an advantage in better matches and to be better prepared for the long haul of modern (so past turn 5 lol) I fear that many utility lands may hurt the chances of getting my strict curve, even if it only does cause me to mulligan 1 out of every 10 times, I value having a keep-able hand with such a linear game-plan. Now I'm not eliminating it as a possibility, as I very much enjoy the idea of getting to play a number of Ghost Quarter, Gemstone Caverns was a huge consideration in the beginning choice of making this Jeskai, and Halimar Depths and I've even considered Tolaria West to search out Cavern of Souls for counter heavy match-ups, which could also find some more utility lands. The utility lands are something that moving forward that I will be messing around with, and testing out in the upcoming week

As far as Mystic Speculation my thought process is I either want a combo piece, more lands, or ways to find a combo piece, and I feel Mystic Speculation sets up Treasure Hunt a tad better than Serum Visions can, as I see Serum Visions as getting 1 random card and fixing 2, rather than getting to just fix the top 3. I could absolutely be wrong, but this has just been my thought process about it, as with 41 lands being in the deck there are more odds for Serum Visions to draw me a land rather than something proactive in a time of need. Faithless Looting wouldn't be bad at all, and I love it's recursion factor, I'm actually very interested in trying it. Probably wont play Sindbad, and I'm not a personal fan of Day's Undoing because I don't like the idea of giving my control opponents a new 7.

And ahhh Blood Moon. I actually want Blood Moon in the 75 somewhere, but at the moment, there's just a natural concession to being partially budget.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'm going to make some private side lists to test some of the given suggestions. I'll definitely keep you updated! escesare

Osbert on Ok, in response I'm going to cast...

21 hours ago

I know it costs a whopping 7 mana, but have you tried Mind's Dilation? It seems like it could accomplish some interesting things. Beast Within seems pretty good in here as well as Mystical Tutor. I don't know if it's necessary in your meta, but you might want to add non-basic land hate in the form of Strip Mine and Ghost Quarter to stop things like Cradle and Coffers. Abundance could help smooth out draws and nullifies deck strategies like Nekusar and mill.

escesare on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

1 day ago

Thanks for commenting on my Swan Lands deck! I found your white splash very clever. Leyline of Sanctity is the best silver bullet against Burn and Thoughtseizes, our toughest matchups. Plus white can also be used to cast Swans. +1 from me!

Mystic Speculation is a very interesting choice. Not sure if it's worked out for you in playtests, but it doesn't seem to check out mathematically. On average, it would take 3.4 turns of activating Mystic Speculation to find a combo piece you didn't have. Assuming you start using it turn 3 (since otherwise it's just a worse Serum Visions), that means you get the combo on turn 7.4 average. There are probably much better uses of that time and mana (though maybe there isn't). What about Faithless Looting, Sindbad, or Day's Undoing?

It doesn't seem like you modified the land base much from the original Swan Hunt list. You might have noticed my list has about 20 utility lands. From playtesting, I can tell you it hardly even impacts mana accessibility. Since you have 41 lands, even if you hypothetically cut 20 lands entirely, you'd still have a 21 land deck (and we know those can handle 3 colors). Your list is all-in combo, so you probably can only squeeze in 15 utility lands. That still means you could squeeze in (in order of priority) 4 Ghost Quarter/Tectonic Edges, 1 Dakmor Salvage (further increases your probability of reaching 10 lands), Gemstone Caverns (they're like Simian Spirit Guides that don't reduce your land count), Halimar Depths, 1 Lumbering Falls (to guarantee finishing off your opponent), Bojuka Bogs, 1 Treetop Village, possible Amonkhet bicycle lands, followed by more copies of the above if there's room.

Alternatively maybe you could go Blood Moon! I would definitely play Blood Moon in my list, if I didn't need 3x red, 2x blue, and 1x green, whereas you only need 3x red, 1x blue, and 1x white (and only in sideboard).

And sorry about the above comment (I accidentally hit post), could you please delete it?

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