Hydra Broodmaster


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Hydra Broodmaster

Creature — Hydra

: Monstrosity X.(If this creature isn't monstrous, put X +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.)

When Hydra Broodmaster becomes monstrous, put X X/X green Hydra creature tokens onto the battlefield.

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Hydra Broodmaster Discussion

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on The Hated Tokens of Ulasht

6 days ago

Now this is a cool list! Exactly my cup of tea; unique underplayed commander, +1/+1 counter shenanigans and tokens for days!

Oran-Rief, the Vastwood is a great utility land that strengthens each of your tokens; very relevant if Ulasht is about to die and you just need to pump out a bunch of Saprolings.

Hooded Hydra is great because you can play it face down early on and play mind games with your opponent, then later flip it to generate a bunch of Snake tokens. Excellent card to stack counters on.

Since your commander cares so much about having a bunch of creatures on the board, Xenagos, the Reveler seems like the perfect planeswalker that'll ramp you out for a bunch, and generate multicolored tokens that'll count double for Ulasht.

Other strong considerations would be Second Harvest, Hydra Broodmaster, Ashnod's Altar, and Llanowar Elves.

bob_jones07 on Mono Green Stompy

1 week ago

some suggestions i have would either be Sylvan Primordial or Hydra Broodmaster. those both seem like they would be really good in this.

dreamistt on EDH - Nature is a Powerful Force

1 week ago

I'd remove

Get Selvala online as soon as possible (T2):

Flavor win

Untapping Selvala/Combo

Card Advantage


Big Guns



Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Rashmi & Kruphix Simic Swap

2 weeks ago

Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix to flood extra mana into your mana pool for your commander to store, Blue Sun's Zenith and Stroke of Genius as outlets for all that extra mana you've been harboring, Doubling Cube for creating absolutely absurd amounts of floating mana, and Hydra Broodmaster as the biggest of wincons utilizing insane amounts of mana.

Brendanzeros on First Mono Green Ramp

2 weeks ago

Wow, finally something I can actually help with! :P
First off, I strongly recommend Karametra's Acolyte. It costs 4, but it can give you ridiculous amounts of mana very early on.
Genesis Wave is a nice finisher, basically allowing you to play your deck. To do this, you could use some Omnath, Locus of Manas and some Doubling Cubes. This allows you have have exponentially increasing mana, and then genesis wave your deck early game.
For big creatures, Hydra Broodmaster is another good mana sink, and can give you very strong tokens (and a lot of them). Pelakka Wurm is nice too, with the 7 life gain to help you stay alive.

Lands: You don't need that Fertile Thicket. A ramp deck has no place for a tapped land. However, you would benefit hugely from two or three copies of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. It can give you huge mana profit.For buff spells, Overwhelming Stampede is much better than overrun, and pairs extremely well with Aspect of Hydra, a great buff spell for 1.

Now, cards you should take out:All your land searching cards are less than optimal. There are some good ones, but it's better to just play more mana dorks. However, you are using a lot of bad mana dorks that you should take out (like Leaf Gilder). Ulvenwald Hydra isn't good for you because a lot of your mana will be from dorks instead of lands. I'm not sure why you have a Watcher in the Web, but I think that Fog would actually be better. Most of your medium creatures don't need to be there, and take out Groundskeeper. Nobody destroys lands.

Hope I helped! I'm willing to answer questions if you reply.

LithiumHD on sELFish Nissa

2 weeks ago

replacing your Forests with better forests will ultimately make your deck 10034% better on average and guarantees that you'll never get Swamped.

Also, forget about adding in black cards, or white cards. Who needs Rest in Peace or Dismember when you can splash for blue, which opens up the combo of Island + Storm Crow. How could you possibly pass up such a great win-con?

Also also, elves and you're not running Hydra Broodmaster or any of the other hydras? WHO ARE YOU?

vibrabones on Budget Mono Green Aggro

3 weeks ago

Hydra Broodmaster is always funny at the end of the game when you have a bunch of mana, and Managorger Hydra is a major annoyance in casual games because he punishes your opponent for doing anything. I also agree with the point about mana ramp: Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystic, and Rampant Growth are all super cheap cards that can help you get out your big creatures faster. (Speaking of big creatures, Terra Stomper is a very solid big green monster :D)

Pieguy396 on Pumpin' Jack Attack!

3 weeks ago

Hey, there! To add more consistency to your deck, I'd recommend running fewer 1- and 2-ofs, and more 3- and 4-ofs. Stronger mana fixing is also recommended. I'd make the following changes:

Hope I helped! There are also more ramp options beside Explore, such as Rampant Growth and Elvish Mystic, if you're looking for that.

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