Crucible of Fire


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Rare
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Magic 2015 (M15) Rare
Shards of Alara (ALA) Rare

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Crucible of Fire


Dragon creatures you control get +3/+3.

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Crucible of Fire Discussion

KingRamz on Queen Marchesa Tokens

1 week ago

I feel like this deck is not focused enough on the theme of "make tons of tokens." You have a lot of cards that make tokens, but many of them don't really do it efficiently. Some examples:

Awaken the Sky Tyrant - makes only one token, and only if an opponent lets you make it.

Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts - makes tokens only if your opponents let you

Skyline Despot - makes one token per turn if your opponents let you (or if you leave back plenty of defense)

Ghirapur Gearcrafter - makes one token

Descent of the Dragons - this is secretly a one-shot anthem that doesn't let you attack the turn you cast it

Dragonmaster Outcast - makes one token per turn on turn 6+ if your opponents can't kill a 1/1

Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs - makes tokens if your opponents let you

Custodi Soulbinders - makes tokens for 3 mana each if there are a decent number of creatures out when you cast it

You get the idea.

Personally I'd try to run five or six anthem effects and hit the token makers really hard. I counted thirteen anthem effects in this version of the deck. Also, one anthem effect comes to mind that you aren't running - Jazal Goldmane. That card should play better than either Mikaeus or Ravos (both of which I'd cut).

Efficient token makers you could run: White Sun's Zenith, Bitterblossom (harder to kill than Outcast), Secure the Wastes, Goblin Trenches, Storm Herd, Sacred Mesa, Requiem Angel, Elenda, the Dusk Rose, Thopter Assembly (if you don't run other Thopter makers), Hanweir Garrison, Rise of the Hobgoblins, Twilight Drover. I think Legion's Landing could potentially work in here too - it's inefficient from a mana perspective but it's a one-drop that shouldn't be too hard to flip and at that point it taps for mana. Which brings me to

Lands: There's quite a few lands that I think could play well here. Kjeldoran Outpost, Kher Keep, Vault of the Archangel, Hanweir Battlements (if you run the Garrison), or Windbrisk Heights. Creature lands are also secretly good here because they benefit from your anthems and let you mount an offense even when untapping on an empty board after a sweeper. Ghitu Encampment, Needle Spires, Lavaclaw Reaches, Shambling Vent, Mishra's Factory and so on.

Haste: If you're going to make a ton of tokens, you really want to bash with them right away, before your opponents can sweep your board. I like Hammer of Purphoros here because it makes tokens and Ogre Battledriver because it doubles as a pseudo-Anthem, but there's also Fervor, Anger, Akroma's Memorial and probably other cards I haven't thought of.

I definitely think there's potential for this deck concept. Just remember that Dragon tokens and anthems don't go in the same deck (except Crucible of Fire). Good luck!

allanrichardo on Ur dragon upgrades & discussion

1 week ago

You need to upgrade a lot :)

Dragon deck is a slow deck.

You need to handle early game threat. Add more removal/mass removal. Preferably permanent removal than specific type removal. You are in 5 color deck, have all access the best permanent removal such as Anguished Unmaking Utter End Vindicate Song of the Dryads Merciless Eviction they are pretty cheap in price. Rather than inserting Swords to Plowshares

Ramp mana fast and efficiently, you're in 5 color deck. Add more creature that boost your mana and can help you survive early game by chump block with it. Add more mana rocks that can fix colors.

Take out all dragon that don't have immediate effect. Dragonlord are good but not all worth it. Dragonlord Silumgar n Dragonlord Dromoka is the best. Take out Crucible of Fire. Really? your creature is huge and flying, better give the slot to another card.

Cheat some dragon out, not to manually cast it. Quicksilver Amulet Dragon Arch Pattern of Rebirth etc

Add more drawer for card advantage.

Add some combo to stealing game :)

Here's my dragon deck if you interested to check this out :)Sneaky-Roarrry Things

PB80 on Ur Not Gonna Like This Beat Down

2 weeks ago

Hi, I am playing a 5C Scion deck and if you want to play 5C. Land and mana base if everything. But when you focus on 3 and splash 2 it helps a lot. Some lands that can be very useful.

Crosis's Catacombs

Darigaaz's Caldera

Dromar's Cavern

Rith's Grove

Treva's Ruins

Cheap to buy, do not come into play tapped and you can tap a land before returning it to your hand. Also, yes pain lands are a good cheap option too.

As for changes to other cards I advice replacing Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius by Balefire Dragon

replace Ojutai, Soul of Winter by Hellkite Tyrant

replace Prismatic Geoscope by Jeweled Amulet

And I might consider replacing either Asceticism or Crucible of Fire by Lurking Predators or Hunting Grounds

Also if you are interested my deck is called who says 5 is too much? seems a little slow but it has proven very consistent in multiplayers and team events. At our communities and among my friends this is my deck they fear most.

hope it helps

chadsansing on Claw of Carnage

3 weeks ago

Great commander - Temur is a lot of fun to play.

Genesis Wave might be worth testing here. Other cards that come to mind include Shamanic Revelation, Rite of Replication, either Xenagos, and Garruk, Caller of Beasts. Wild Pair and Tooth and Nail might be cool. Overrun, Overwhelming Stampede, and Triumph of the Hordes (or a Pathbreaker Ibex) might help close games, as well.

I run a similar list over at Surrak & Sarkhan, Best Friends. It's more of a dragon tribal deck. The advantage of going tribal with Surrak is that you get to use additional support cards like Steely Resolve, Kindred Summons, Kindred Discovery, Door of Destinies, and Vanquisher's Banner. You also get tribe-specific support cards like Crucible of Fire and Dragon Tempest.

You might discover a favorite tribe to play within your Surrak shell.

Happy brewing!

multimedia on Super Budget Dragon EDH Red/Black

1 month ago

Hey, very well built budget Dragon deck.

I have a few budget suggestions:

Exhume could replace Crucible of Fire. +3/+3 pump for Dragons is overkill. Turn one Faithless discard Utvara Hellkite turn two Exhume Hellkite. Reforge could replace Fearsome Awakening it's the worst of the high casting cost reanimation spells here. Having a wheel effect is good with the reanimation strategy.

Rakdos dual lands that ETB untapped. Cairns was just reprinted in Iconic Masters it's price is low. It's seems very good here with many double black and double red casting costs. 10x Swamps, Marsh and Slough is a fine number for Tainted Peak and it can still be tapped for colorless if no Swamp. Shadowblood is a Signet like land which is good.

Bog is an excellent black utility land, exiling an opponent's graveyard with a land is very helpful.

canderson107 on Beware The Ur-Dragon!

2 months ago

If you have Crucible of Fire out with the Ur Dragon and you drop Atarka, World Render then you have 26 commander damage. If Sarkhan the Mad makes it in then the extra +3 on each dragon is good too.

The_Spector_1 on Beware The Ur-Dragon!

2 months ago

Thank you, canderson107 for the Selvala and Wild Pair suggestions! Also, thanks again, Randomsome1, for suggesting that I cut out Crucible of Fire! It gave me other ideas as to what else I should/could cut out of the deck to make it more "competitive." I made the edits to it not too long ago, so you can come check them out now!

Randomsome1 on Beware The Ur-Dragon!

2 months ago

The_Spector_1 If you are having trouble taking something out for one of the suggestions: Crucible of Fire is nice, but most dragons are huge already so I feel like +3/+3 isn't necessary. Unless, you have some really big bodied threats in your meta, or plan to win with commander damage instead. I took it out of my deck for more mass protection and don't miss it at all.

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