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Cheapo Cube (No Rares - to add use those in descr)

By averyoftheelves

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Optional "rares" Ankh of Mishra Bonehoard Erratic Portal Fleetwheel Cruiser Grafted Wargear Gilded Lotus Cultivator's Caravan Lightning Greaves Obelisk of Alara Emissary's Ploy Lightning Angel Prophetic Bolt Jarad's Orders Bloodbraid Elf Stormbind Fire Covenant Torrent of Souls Dauntless Escort Gavony Township Silumgar's Command Consuming Aberration Adarkar Wastes Drogskol Reaver Vault of the Archangel Mystic Snake Kiora, the Crashing Wave Firemane Avenger Slayer's Stronghold Grave Pact Extractor Demon Sever the Bloodline Curse of Shallow Graves Mirri the Cursed Graveborn Muse Hymn to Tourach Oversold Cemetery Butcher of Malakir Animate Dead Bloodsoaked Champion Dismember Krenko, Mob Boss Kari Zev's Expertise Hellrider Siege-Gang Commander Goblin Bombardment Firewing Phoenix Lighting Bolt Zealous Conscripts Invasion Plans Zo-Zu the Punisher Outpost Siege Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Spellshock Archon of Justice Story Circle Citadel Siege Decree of Justice Squadron Hawk Captain of the Watch Selfless Squire Blind Obedience Dictate of Heliod Enduring Renewal Planar Outburst Blade Splicer Cloudgoat Ranger Evacuation Aethertide Whale Callous Oppressor Capsize Stormtide Leviathan Talrand, Sky Summoner Leyline of Anticipation Dungeon Geists Flood Thopter Spy Network Harbinger of the Tides Sphinx of Uthuum Fact or Fiction Cryptolith Rite Dense Foliage Birds of Paradise Caller of the Untamed Rancor Bristling Hydra Fauna Shaman Tireless Tracker Plated Slagwurm Elvish Archdruid Mitotic Slime Pelakka Wurm Eternal Witness

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Pack size 15
Cards 360
Date added 8 months
Last updated 8 months