Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Common

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As an additional cost to cast Deprive, return a land you control to its owner's hand.

Counter target spell.

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Deprive Discussion

ArchFline on Drake Control

1 week ago

You also have 2 Deprive in the deck which must be an error given the Singleton format.

SeekerofSecrets on Counterspell deck help

3 weeks ago

The most popular counter spells in modern are:

Cryptic Command

Mana Leak

Logic Knot



Spell Snare

Spell Pierce

Stubborn Denial

And some of my personal favorites are (these are not as competitive]:

Rune Snag and Deprive

What you run in what combinations really depend on the shell and mana base your running, if you decide to play like a delver/tempo deck i can help you out some.

Saljen on Mono Blue Mill & Control (Pauper)

1 month ago

Mill is tough in any format, but in a format as fast as Pauper, it's going to be really tough unless you can combo out some really big mill or have some way to survive for a long time. This deck does neither at the moment.

Your land-destruction sub-theme isn't doing a lot for you. It's high CMC and not very effective as your opponent can just tap different lands to avoid the tax.

Counterspell is better than Psychic Strike. The 1 CMC less is 10x more useful than the 2x mill. Grip of Amnesia might be okay in the sideboard against graveyard specific decks, but it does absolutely nothing to any deck that doesn't rely on the graveyard. They will just exile the graveyard they don't use every single time. Pauper has lots of good counter spells. Daze, Counterspell, Deprive, etc. Arcane Denial has a lot of synergy with this deck too, it may be worth running 4x of alongside 4x Counterspell for your control suite.

To fix some of the decks shortcomings, while keeping the premise of U/B Mill Control, I'd start by adding 4x Jace's Erasure. This card passively mills, mills more when you use draw spells (netting you double advantage) and stacks to become very difficult to deal with. You'll want to run 3-4x Muddle the Mixture to search out Jace's Erasure to ensure it's always on the field. It's also a solid counterspell as well, so it fits your control narrative.

Then you want to add some cantrips to help you filter through your deck and mill your opponent at the same time. I'd start with 4x Thought Scour, 4x Brainstorm, 4x Ponder. Brainstorm has the benefit of drawing 3, forcing 3 triggers on Jace's Erasure, even though you ultimately only draw 1. Ponder works with Brainstorm to let you shuffle away cards that you don't need right now. Thought Scour draws and forces them to mill at least 3 if Erasure is in play. 3-4x Mulldrifter gives you an option for a blocker or attacker while also drawing you cards. 1-3x Whirlpool Rider is also a solid card, as it can let you draw multiple cards triggering Jace each time.

As for removal, you'll want to run a few different cards. Diabolic Edict and Geth's Verdict are both solid, though I'd lean toward Edict due to the easier casting cost. Another option is Ghastly Demise, but I wouldn't run more than 1-2 of these. It lets you chose the target for removal and gets better as you fill up your graveyard with cantrips.

As for lands, I'd recommend just running 4x Evolving Wilds, 4x Terramorphic Expanse and the rest just basic Islands and Swamps. The two fetch land will help fill your graveyard for Diabolic Edict and also provides 8 shuffles to use with Brainstorm to allow you to really control what cards are on top of your library.

If we were to take all of this and put it into a deck, it might look something like this:

Control: 4x Counterspell, 3x Arcane Denial, 3x Muddle the Mixture (Also fetch's Jace's Erasure), 2x Crypt Incursion

Removal: 4x Diabolic Edict, 2x Grisly Spectacle (provides mill and target removal)

Draw: 4x Brainstorm, 4x Thought Scour, 3x Ponder, 3x Mulldrifter, 2x Whirlpool Rider

Mill: 4x Jace's Erasure

Lands: 4x Evolving Wild, 4x Terramorphic Expanse, 10x Island, 2x Swamp, 2x Bojuka Bog

Now you've got a deck that controls the board state through great counterspells and removal, while constantly taking double advantage of drawing with Jace's Erasure. All you have to do is counter, destroy, draw, win.

Darth_Savage on Blue White Control "Budget Modern"

1 month ago

Hi poreillypsa

Counterspell sadly isn't modern legal so you will need to change it out, Remand or Deprive are other options or go a little mad with Mana Tithe or Dawn Charm. Alternatively just up the count of your other counters...

You might want to consider Thing in the Ice  Flip as an alternative finisher, since it is cheap to play and takes advantage of you casting spells anyway. Or you could try Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip (basically a level up creature) which would take a bit more work, but means you don't need to over commit your mana.

Madhava on UB Goodstuff

1 month ago

I think the mainboard is pretty solid. Ghast + Kalitas is great synergy. I also really dig Lili Last Hope in here, instead of Lili of the Veil. LotV + counterspells just feels like playing against yourself.

I'd maybe try to fit in another fetchland or two. Anything that finds swamps. Ghast will thank you for it. Cutting down to either 3 Shores or 3 Watery Graves (or both) is fine.

Ghast also loves some Deprive (only a 1 or 2-of).

Adding 2 to 4 Snapcasters would probably really make it shine.

Or, if you wanted to add more delve fatties like Angler + Tasigur, then Thought Scour helps them a lot.

Spell Snare might be a tad narrow to run as a 2-of. And I'd prefer Murderous Cut over Slaughter Pact, although both have their advantages.

SeekerofSecrets on Valued Momentum

1 month ago


Field of Ruin is extremely solid, it makes tron bearable but it's also surprisingly helped me allot with mana fixing, and with UU and RR costs I can use all the help I can get

Deprive isn't amazimg but i feel like it's our best option for a hard counter and it actually feels amazing to counter removal and then replay the land.

Disciple_of_Doran on

1 month ago

I second the addition of Deprive if you are trying to make the deck less expensive, probably replacing Spell Snare

If you want to make the deck better, I'd also suggest finding a way to put in more card draw, maybe something like Opt or Think Twice. This will help you keep your hand full of whichever spell type you're short on at the moment, while increasing instants and sorceries for your numerous creatures that care about them.

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