Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon
Commander 2014 (C14) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters (DDL) Uncommon
2011 Core Set (M11) Uncommon
Tenth Edition (10E) Uncommon
Dissension (DIS) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Put target attacking creature on the bottom of its owner's library. Its controller gains life equal to its toughness.

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Condemn Discussion

ArchonBlue on Abusive Azor Law

6 days ago

Wall of Denial should be Wall of Omens, Negate is usually a one of with another in the sideboard because there isn't always a target for the second one. Mana Leak as a 4 of is excessive, it's only helpful early to mid game. Blustersquall should be replaced with hard removal like Path to Exile or Condemn for budget purposes. I'd replace the two Leaks with two Spell Snare and the three Negate with one Logic Knot and then either two Cryptic Command or two Render Silent depending on your budget. Evolving Wilds is terrible, replace with either Flooded Strand or Adarkar Wastes for budget. Consider Hallowed Fountain too, they're only like 6 bucks. Also as a budget wincon I've really enjoyed AEtherling, he dodges pretty much anything, pumps himself up, and is unblockable.

hardhitta71194 on Four Points

1 week ago

Cool deck! You may want a few copies of Path to Exile for early interaction. If you are on a budget there is Condemn or Declaration in Stone.

JoeBob21 on Tribal Cats

1 week ago

I just got the C17 commander decklist and here are a couple cards you might want to think about.

Equipment: Sword of the Animist is a pretty good ramp, Sword of Vengeance is just sick.

Card Removal: Condemn is a good white card removal.

Equipment Stuff: Sunspear Shikari is a better Leonin Den-Guard Taj-Nar Swordsmith is a pretty good Equipment search. I love the deck, +1!

saturn999 on Budget Esper Control

2 weeks ago

i would put at least 2 Disfigure in the mainboard. it's cheap and will hit most creatures and will trigger morbid on Tragic Slip. i'd do a 1 or 2 at most of Esper Charm in the side maybe. Condemn is cool but maybe you could add Marrow Shards? i don't think that card is too pricey... add 1 more Detention Sphere and maybe another sweeper or wrath? also, the creatures you have are ok but what about creatures that can do a little more either for you or to your opponent? you need to find ways to get your opponent's life total down while maintaining yours and either swing in for lethal or cause some kind of life loss with cards you play. this deck can be brutal with some fine tuning. good luck and have fun brewing!

Pieguy396 on Splicer/Golem Army

2 weeks ago

I'd try and streamline your deck - cut down on your worse cards, and max out on your best ones. Awakened Amalgam, Golden Guardian  Flip, Nature's Spiral, Reviving Melody, Wake the Reflections, Wildest Dreams, Intangible Virtue, New Horizons, Weirding Wood, Xenograft, and Ghirapur Orrery in particular don't seem that strong. Instead, I'd add some Birds of Paradise and/or Noble Hierarchs, and go all-in on your splicers. Max out on Blade Splicer, Master Splicer, Wing Splicer, and maybe even add Precursor Golem and Distortion Strike as another user suggested. Removal is also always nice; and I'd add 4 copies of Path to Exile or Condemn, depending on your budget.

Hybrow on Thundercats Ho! - Arahbo EDH

2 weeks ago

Hi JAPuckett85 . Thanks for your suggestions.

As far as mana goes, yahh I actually have 3 Savannahs, got them in a purchase of someones old cards. They were the only duals he had, which was funny, cause up until now I didnt really play . And they are very rough shape, the images are half rubbed off. He played without sleeves and was a smoker, so all his cards are a little yellowed on the edges as well. But they do the trick.

With Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds my thought was to change the mana mix in my deck slightly, as I have found I dont need a bunch of mana. The reason I didnt and any of the first bunch of lands you suggested is because they enter tapped. I hate that, most of the entered tapped I have in here are conditional, and usually dont end up entering tapped. That being said though, I do like Scattered Groves for the cycling ability later game, so will probably throw one in.

As for the mana artifacts, I havent found I needed a ton of mana with this deck, and wanted to try Paradise Plume because of the secondary life gain, but its really not working out for me, and will probably switch it out for the either Selesnya Signet or Thran Dynamo.

And yes, Strip Mine should be in every deck, or at very least Tectonic Edge or Ghost Quarter because I dont think I have any extra Mines currently.

My original thought with keeping Condemn was that I could bury my own attacking creature for life if there were shenanigans from the other player, but has really not played out, so going t switch it out for Path to Exile. You are right, Crushing Vines is garbage, same with Relic Crush going to switch out those for better options, Sundering Growth is so much better. But Wing Shards has worked out in the past, wiped out 3-4 attacking creatures with the storm.

With Hunter's Prowess, its the trample that is more important to me, I figured I would replace it with Press the Advantage, its cheaper and hits 2 of my creatures. I also like the ability to play it in multiplayer when 1 of my opponents attacks another one.

Yahh, as far as equipment goes, this deck is definitely a work in progress. I thought that with Grappling Hook I could force blocks with that key creature, but has been terrible. And I just happened to own a Sword of War and Peace so tossed it in, dont think I have seen it in play yet, but yes, the pro-white would be a problem. Unfortunately, I cannot justify the $50 price tag on a Sword of Fire and Ice. Also dont own a Umezawa's Jitte but might be worth a purchase, cause it is pretty good in this deck. I will put Steelshaper's Gift into my deck, but dont think I want to add any non-cat creatures, trying to keep this super theme-y.

Creatures: Yahh, Arctic Nishoba is TERRIBLE, I am sure I removed it from my actual deck last time I played, just cant remember what I put in its place. Alms Collector has under-preformed for sure, Brimaz, King of Oreskos is on my list for adds, just dont have one currently. After looking, Leonin Abunas and Prowling Serpopard may have to make it in as well.

Thanks again for the comment, I have a lot of takeaways from this.

Disciple_of_Doran on Orzhov Aristocrats

2 weeks ago

I've actually been working on an Orzhov Aristocrat deck of my own for a while now (which you can find here. With the work I've done, I would suggest some of the following:

Replace Bloodsoaked Champion with Reassembling Skeleton: In the original Aristocrats, Champion being a human would have been useful because humans mattered, and even without his lower casting cost and higher power are nice. However, the primary use for this card is a creature you can keep recurring, and Skeleton just does this better because it doesn't require you to attack first, meaning you can do it even if you have no other creatures for some reason or during your opponent's turn, leaving your mana open for your instants if needed instead. On top of that, Champion is rarely useful as an attacker after the early game, but it can't block either. Skeletons at least has the option of using as a blocker to gum up the board instead of chumping with your flying tokens.

Replace Condemn and Doom Blade with Tragic Slip: Both of your spot removal spells suffer from the same issue of simply not being able to hit certain targets (creatures that don't attack and black creatures respectively). By contrast, slip hits everything with 13 toughness or less (including indestructables and regenerators), as long as a creature has died this turn already, which should be happening anyways with an aristocrats deck. In particular I would definitely get rid of Condemn, since it doesn't target utility creatures that don't attack, it gives your opponent life which makes it harder for you to drain them out, and it doesn't even kill the creature, robbing you of Blood Artist triggers.

Look into cards that fill multiple rolls in your engine: At the end of the day, you want 3 types of permanents in play to make this deck work - Stuff that can die, stuff that kills your other stuff, and stuff that does things when your stuff dies. Because you need all three of these things to be working together for the deck to be running at its smoothest, it's good to toss in some cards that fill multiple roles (even if they don't fill them as well) to be versatile pieces that shore up any category you haven't drawn yet. I settled on Hidden Stockpile myself, as it can do any of those things, but there are other options out there as well.

I hope these tips help! We could get into more nitty-gritty details, like particular card counts or making a sideboard, but these were the biggest fixes I could see for this deck.

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