Vines of Vastwood


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Zendikar Common

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Vines of Vastwood


Kicker G (You may pay an additional G as you cast this spell.)

Target creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control this turn. If Vines of Vastwood was kicked, that creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn.

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Vines of Vastwood Discussion

Firebones675 on Bloodrush, for a quick win

3 days ago

I'd replace the guild gates with Copperline Gorge.

I'd also take a look at modern infect decks. They run into the same problem as you do: If you try to bloodrush/pump, they can respond with a removal spell like Path to Exile removing your elf AND having you waste your pump spell.

To get around this they run some cards like Blossoming Defense, Vines of Vastwood or Apostle's Blessing (paying 2 life to save a creature and waste their removal is still good). This way if they attempt to kill your elf with a pump spell on the stack, you protect it (which makes your elf hit harder), still have the original pump spell on the stack, and have their removal fizzle.

BlackjackHD on Combat Tricks

5 days ago

This is a really neat idea and I love the innovation of using Bioshift as a game closer. However, in this environment, there are too many things working against your strategy for which you have not prepared.

Blossoming Defense is an absolute must-include, or else someone can respond to Bioshift with Fatal Push, Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, Lightning Helix, Dismember, Vapor Snag, Kolaghan's Command... there's too much creature removal in the format to go unmitigated, and you can't just wait for your opponent to tap out every time. Other possibilities include Vines of Vastwood, Apostle's Blessing and Heroic Intervention. The latter is very nice against Wrath of God and similar effects since you need a bunch of creatures for this to work.

I think the hydras are a bit too big, slow, and awkward for this strategy. For more effective card draw, consider Dark Confidant. I think Simic Initiate is better than Scrounging Bandar. Either one also positions your deck to fairly effectively use Become Immense. Lastly, having another, possibly faster kill shot seems prudent. In your colors are the very effective Tainted Strike and Triumph of the Hordes. Either one should win on resolution, used properly.

Even if all you do is make a sideboard out of these suggestions I think you'll be better for it. Give them a try. This is a really cool idea and I'd like to see it work.

WillySmasher on Letting Your Opponent Win For You (you still win)

6 days ago

i haven't played modern in a good while but depending on your meta Dismember and Spellskite are both good sideboard cards I used to run. Spellskite always slowed down infect at just 2 life per Vines of Vastwood.

GreenLover21 on Managorger Control

1 week ago

m0x, Blossoming Defense and Vines of Vastwood are great suggestions! Will include.

I originally started with a four of Managorger Hydra, but felt i was getting clogged at times with it. I tried to diversify them so that Perplex would be another managorger late game, but you may have a point. After playing some more i might take you up on that and move it to four again.

As for Quirion Dryad, it looks good. Resolving it a turn earlier than Managorger Hydra sounds good, but i'm nervous about cutting the counter/removal package. Hitting it with Artful Dodge still results in a nice wincon though so i'll give it some thought.

Thanks for the suggestions

m0x on Managorger Control

1 week ago

This deck looks like it would appreciate Blossoming Defense and maybe even Vines of Vastwood.

You could also bump up the number of Managorger Hydra to 4 as it is your premier card and possible include Quirion Dryad as extra copies.

Panzerforge on Canopy cover question

1 week ago

There are times this can useful, but Vines of Vastwood is a better option for that. Nothing like playing against Infect and dropping Vines (unkicked) on their attacking creature that they're pumping.

Junknot on Shoestring Budget U/G Delver

1 week ago

Yeah, I finally got paid(was more than I was expecting)! So I have a set of Thing in the Ice  Flip, Mutagenic Growth, and Vines of Vastwood on the way. I also grabbed a set of Yavimaya Coasts as well. Mandrills and the other stuff have yet to show up, so I figure I'll wait on everything to arrive to update the deck. I'm pretty pumped about this though, can't wait to assemble everything when it gets here.

joshua611 on Modern Mardu

1 week ago

Interesting choice for a deck... In my humblest opinion, I would swap the two Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet for two Liliana of the Veil and here is why:

*You have removal, but nothing for boggles. Yes, you have beefy creatures, but they won't outrace a 6/6 boggle suited up with Unflinching Courage+Ethereal Armor+Keen Sense. So if you play boggles, you auto scoop.

*With Bob and souls, your discards are essentially free, while your opponents have to pay for lili's +1. Lili's +1 pairs well with Thoughtseize when you run up against a solid combo deck like Saheeli Rai or kiki-chord and the like. Not to mention Baral Storm....

*Kalitas' abilities are solid, we know that. But I feel like by the time they are relevant in modern, you are likely already dead. Think infect... your opponent doesn't kill you with the 1st creature he puts down (Glistener Elf). Nooooooooo! He kills you with the Inkmoth Nexus he hung onto using until turn 3 sitting on either Apostle's Blessing or Vines of Vastwood kicker... By then, a Kalitas in hand is essentially a dead card. But lili is steady forcing him to discard his pumps and good cards in hand when she drops, or she's forcing him to sac the creature he just put rancor on... TEMPO TEMPO TEMPO!!!

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