Burning-Tree Emissary


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Burning-Tree Emissary

Creature — Human Shaman

When Burning-Tree Emissary enters the battlefield, add RG to your mana pool.

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Burning-Tree Emissary Discussion

pretzschy on Naya Aggro (PLEASE HELP)

2 days ago

So, There are 2 builds to what you are trying to do, Big Zoo and Reckless Zoo. Big Zoo is kind of the grindy, bigger creature build that uses Knight of the Reliquary and Tarmogoyf. Reckless Zoo (the build I play) uses cards like Reckless Bushwhacker and Burning-Tree Emissary. Most, if not all builds use 4 of Atarka's Command and 4 of Lightning Bolt. Also the most common creatures include Experiment One and Kird Ape along side Wild Nacatl.

However, there is also Naya Burn which is more focused on slinging burn spells at the opponent. This is where you'll find Eidolon of the Great Revel and Monastery Swiftspear alongside spells like Lava Spike and Rift Bolt.

Just keep these things in mind when building and tinkering. Just try and focus and you'll do fine.

Legendxp on Human Experiment

1 week ago

I recommend:

-2 Pillar of the Paruns

+2 Reflecting Pool

-4 Soldier of the Pantheon

+4 Manamorphose (Works well with Burning-Tree Emissary and replaces itself)

Also Coordinated Barrage might help.

Wonky.wombat. on Naya Aggro (PLEASE HELP)

2 weeks ago

I think that you should maybe replace Ajani with Arlinn Kord  Flip, as a sweet card for more Grindy match-ups so that you have a late-game, instead of just losing steam and losing because your opponent stabilized. Also, Burning-Tree Emissary coupled with Reckless Bushwhacker can lead to very a explosive turn two or three. Atarka's Command is also an insane card, bolting your opponent and pumping your team for just two mana!

Also Sarkhan_the_Broken I'm not sure if you mean Monastery Swiftspear or Monastery Mentor, however, I don't think that there are enough non-creature spells to make either worth it over Kird Ape.

Also +1, I personally love naya, it is a really cool color combo.

Venomous08 on Bushwhacker Zoo

2 weeks ago

emer257 It takes a very specific draw to get a T2 kill

T1: Land

T2: Fetchland, 6 Burning-Tree Emissary and/or Hidden Herbalists, Reckless Bushwhacker, swing for 6x3+2=20 damage


T1: Land, any 1-drop (Narnam Renegade needs to have revolt)

T2: Fetchland, 5 Burning-Tree Emissary and/or Hidden Herbalists, Reckless Bushwhacker, swing for 6x3+2=20 damage

If the opponent ever Fetches and shocks himself T1 without affecting the board or your hand (for example a T1 Serum Visions), you require 1 less copy of Burning-Tree Emissary or Hidden Herbalists.

Venomous08 on Turbo Vine

3 weeks ago

I saw the original list on MTG Salvation and liked the concept, though currently the execution is less than ideal. I agree that Myr Superion is lacking, especially since we only have 8 creatures that allow us to cast it, when we would much rather prefer a Reckless Bushwhacker. I personally prefer going up to 4 Hooting Mandrills to more consistently have the option on T3 to cast the mandrills into a surge bushwhacker. The biggest problem I see with the list are Commune with the Gods and Gather the Pack. The cards abilities are great for the deck, but at CMC 2 they are actually too slow and have to compete with Burning-Tree Emissary and Hidden Herbalists at that spot. The ideal play for this deck is T1 mill a Vengevine, T2 Burning-Tree Emissary into Reckless Bushwhacker, swing for 10. If you have to spend your second turn also milling yourself, you will not be fast enough. In terms of "Resiliancy" as it was described on MTG Salvation, this deck is also sub-par. You might have the notion that you can return Vengevine every turn, but the rest of the deck has such a low CMC that you will likely be out of cards by Turn 4-5. At that point Hooting Mandrills is your best card, since it only gets hit by Path to Exile, while Myr Superion and Vengevine also get hit by Fatal Push and Lightning Bolt Respectively. As it stands, this deck might win some games, but I would never expect it to perform in a tournament setting. It needs at least one other CMC 1 spell that lets it selectively put vengevines in the graveyard and might need a better replacement for Myr Superion that can be cast off of regular mana. I do have some suggestions, but I'm not confident that they are strong enough for this deck: 1) Add blue, run Thought Scour over Commune with the Gods. 2) Play Tarmogoyf or Greenwheel Liberator instead of Myr Superion. 3) Run Seal of Fire over Lightning Bolt. Yes, it deals less damage, but its an advantageous T1 Play, would add another card type for Tarmogoyf (If you played Thought Scour), or could let you trigger revolt more easily for Hidden Herbalists and potentially Greenwheel Liberator.

ChandrasFollower on Bushwhacker Zoo

3 weeks ago

Burning-Tree Emissary and Hidden Herbalists works pretty good with Talara's Battalion maybe you can use that?

Hatchman on Reckless Zoo

3 weeks ago

The Narnam Renegade feels good because of his DT, this allows him to make some DMG with a Goyf on the table. The Hidden Herbalists as 4 of feel for me atm as to much because of his Revolt and his he offers, you must have a 3 land to cast the Reckless Bushwhacker or you need a Burning-Tree Emissary, at the end of the chain. I think 8 Fetches can be to few sometimes, but overall my impression is atm that they both upgrade the consistency of the Deck, but i have to play more games too with this new setup.

kingcowofcows on Bushwhacker Zoo with Aether Revolt

3 weeks ago

Hello everyone!

I am looking for thoughts from other zoo players on the potential upgrades for the deck from Aether Revolt, Narnam Renegade as a Kird Ape with deathtouch, Hidden Herbalists as Burning-Tree Emissary 5-8, and maybe even Greenwheel Liberator.

Narnam Renegade seems to be the most likely addition, and this deck has already made top 16 of an SCG Classic: New Zoo.

Playing 8 Burning-Tree Emissarys is also appealing, so here is a rough draft of a more all-in version based around the power of that it and Hidden Herbalists: Hidden Zoo.

It is also possible that none of these additions are worthy. This is my current list that I have played and tuned over many months: Naya Zoo.

I am seeking anyone's opinions on which version of zoo is most likely to be the best moving forward.

Thanks for your help!

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