Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Uncommon
Exodus (EXO) Uncommon

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Whenever a player plays a spell, Spellshock deals 2 damage to that player.

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Spellshock Discussion

kamelyan on Burn

2 weeks ago

Manabarbs, Spellshock, and Harsh Mentor are mono-red cards that I used in my group-hate deck:

Abattoir Revisited

Commander / EDH kamelyan


Agriyon on Kaervek - Slowly Whittling Away

2 weeks ago

Nice deck list. I've been looking at making a Kaervek punish deck since I've turned my old Rakdos suicide deck into a tribal demon deck. Some of my favorite cards form that deck were Manabarbs, Citadel of Pain, Havoc Festival, Sulfuric Vortex, Spellshock, Planar Chaos, Storm Cauldron, Zo-Zu the Punisher, Ankh of Mishra, Angel's Trumpet, Mass Hysteria, Grand Melee, Avatar of Slaughter, Avarice Amulet, Spiteful Visions, Seizan, Perverter of Truth, Temple Bell, Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, Geier Reach Sanitarium. I love Toxic Deluge in my suicide deck as a board wipe. If you're looking for more pay life to kill creatures there's also Phyrexian Purge, Fire Covenant, Slaughter, Hellfire, and Ashes to Ashes as well as Repay in Kind which helps brings opponent down to your level after hurting yourself. Possibility Storm could be a nice inclusion as well if it works the way I think it does with Kaervek. Opponent casts a spell and both Kaervek and Possibility Storm trigger, the spell gets exiled and if your opponent plays the other card with Possibility Storm then Kaervek will trigger again.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

4 months ago

Thanks for the upvote and the suggestions. I have played all of those cards in this deck.

Orzhov Advokist can be cool, but it always felt like things got out of control. People would build a crazy board state over time, but each player for whatever reason seemed to be reminded that I was there each turn, and they always seemed to go though a decision analysis each turn trying to decide if it was time to kill me with those creatures that I was helping them to build up or not. It is ok, but actually presenting opponents with the choice to attack me seemed to make them want to attack me. Ask, "Is it time yet?" enough, and you will be surprised how soon that comes. It didn't work like I wanted.

Spellshock and Kambal, Consul of Allocation suffer from the same problem as each other, one that I am hoping to overcome with Twilight Prophet. They are slow annoyances that don't just win the game that turn, or even in a few turns. I believe that the optimal offense happens in a turn or at most two. Spreading your offense over multiple turns builds animus that threatens to keep you from winning. This is also why I have not run Blind Obedience for some time. That is a great card, but can build that slow animus that kills your innocence, and can make you a target, but never really seems to win the game by itself. Twilight Prophet has a similar problem, but it draws cards, and this combos well with a pillow fort lockout at the end of the game. Hide behind a wall, dig for a wincon, keep a Solitary Confinement alive, and ping them down as you wait. The addition of card draw makes all the difference.

Arvorus on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

4 months ago

What do you think of Orzhov Advokist? It promotes a bigger board state, protects you, and turns into a threat of its own (though it can stop before it paints a target on your back). It also telegraphs opponents who plan to attack you, giving you ample time to retaliate.

Also, what about Kambal, Consul of Allocation? He's similar to Spellshock but is much less painful on your end.

By the way, this deck is awesome. +1

SPITZtheGOD on Return of Manaburn

8 months ago

I use a deck similar to this and its absolutely brutal. People will take damage every time they exist. They will hate you for it, so multiplayer tends to put a massive planet sized target on youManabarbsPersonal SanctuaryEnlightened Tutor just to be safe

Sphere of LawSulfuric Vortex

Boros Reckoner just to keep you in a life leadDeflecting Palm

SpellshockAnkh of MishraPyrostatic Pillar

ShinakoX2 on Licia, Eredar Lord of the Mardu Legion

9 months ago

I'm debating on building a similar deck, but including symmetrical punisher effects like Manabarbs, Spellshock, Zo-Zu the Punisher, and Ankh of Mishra. But I think they may draw more hate than we can handle.

fabiomarley on Mogis Festival

9 months ago

Ziembski thank for your suggestions. I like Marchesa's Decree i can replace Hissing Miasma with this but only one of those cards type ("being attacked life lose") is enough because they are important only vs aggro decks, but they are not vs control decks with only 15 creatures or vs voltron decks. Gonti's Machinations, Palace Siege and Subversion are very powerful cards but i play cards with "players can't gain life" so, for a card that could only lose life points (if i have Sulfuric Vortex in the battlefield for ex.) is not a good choice. I think that cards like Spellshock and Underworld Dreams are better vs decks that play many spell and that draws a lot of cards ( my meta have less aggro than control decks :) ). However which changes would you suggest?

AlmightyTentacle on Fire From Olympus: Purphoros EDH

9 months ago

Hi, multimedia

Thx for comments, suggestion and upvote!

Primer - the idea of creating a more detailed description of the interactions and gameplay - Primer, has long been wandering in my head. Since English is not my native language it will require me a lot of free time which I do not have at that moment. Work and family on the first place, MTG and other my hobby on second. But someday in the not too distant future, I will find time to create it.


Thx again for all your suggestions!

  • Strip Mine & Wasteland - I dont quite sure that deck need more land hate cards and coloress non basic lands in it, I was happy enough with Shivan Harvest.

  • Ankh of Mishra - was in deck on early stages but was cut. Zo-Zu the Punisher much better imho. 1st - devotion. 2nd - he is goblin. 3rd - being a creature is not a minus it is a plus, even with all burn board wipes.

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