Cast Out


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Cast Out



When Cast Out enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls until Cast Out leaves the battlefield.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card)

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Cast Out Discussion

Flooremoji on Monowhite Angel - (Maybe Add Green)

4 days ago

Probably tke out Defy Death and STW for Path to Exile , Glory-Bound is not great, I would cut it and add Thalia, Guardian of Thraben . Take out Fountain of Renewal , add Noble Hierarch . If thats a little on the WOWTHATSEXPENSIVE side, use Avacyn's Pilgrim . Seal Away is also probably worse then Path to Exile . ( Oust and Condemn are good replacements.) Aven Mindcensor could be a nice replacement for Cast Out , but not necesary.

Bigrage on ☀ Tuvasa Enchantress | Sun's Glory

2 weeks ago


thank you for the kind words and advice! I did consider the aura enchantments at first too, but decided to go a more pillowforty route. As for the suggestions of upgrades:

  1. I agree that Grasp of Fate is better then Oblivion Ring here! sadly the deck is already getting quite expensive, and i like to keep it just a tiny less expensive right now (I already have O-ring in my collection). Ill keep the card in mind though!

  2. I really like Privileged Position myself, over Enchanted Evening even. (also, Evening is pretty expensive, see 1.)

  3. This is definitely better, added!

  4. Stony Silence seems really good on second glance. I will add it (cutting Plea for Guidance instead of Aura of Silence), but might cut it if it starts too much hate in my playgroup

  5. This deck is already pretty big on tax. I think I want to avoid this card in order to keep the deck just slightly lower in powerlevel for my playgroup

  6. Same reasoning as Stony Silence, i'll follow your advice on cutting Cast Out for Rest in Peace, but cut it if it makes for too much hate

Thank you again for the nice suggestions!

Hexaflexagon on Angels of Paradise

1 month ago

Nice list. Are you switching the sideboard up? I have a suggestion for the manabase that get influenced by the sideboard. Anwyay, I'd take out 1 Serra Avenger and put in another Lyra, as she is going to be killed as soon as she gets on the battlefield. I'd also replace the Oblivion Rings with either Cast Out or Ixalan's Binding. OR, if you kinda want to have a little legendary theme like you do now, you could add in Time of Need for O-Ring. Just my thoughts on the new list.

Best of luck


OberstHati on No Mercy

1 month ago

Cast Out is not legal anymore, replace with Ixalan's Binding, same forPull from Tomorrow and Never / Return Chemister's Insight for pull, Vraska's Contempt for never,... and of course there should be 4 Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, if your budget allows it.

eliakimras on Estrid, the Masked

1 month ago

Solemnity is a really strong card that shutdowns Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, Vorel of the Hull Clade, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed-Triskelion/Walking Ballista combo, Marchesa, the Black Rose reanimator and general infect decks. Since you're not running any of these strategies, swap in Solemnity. It comboes with Phyrexian Unlife (you can't die since you can't have poison counters), Lost Auramancers (that can be immediately killed with High Market to bring Decree of Silence so no one but you can play Magic), Glen Elendra Archmage (counter every single noncreature spell your opponents cast, since she can't have -1/-1 counters), Dark Depths (the land enters without counters, then immediately turns into Marit Lage - but she can still be easily Swords to Plowshares'd), Glacial Chasm (if it can't get counters, you can keep it forever to never be attacked), Mystic Remora (free draws for the rest of the game) and Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle (it enters as a creature). It also comboes with Elephant Grass (more pillowfort), Force Bubble, Delaying Shield and Kitchen Finks, but they're not that good on their own. However, you need to protect your combo pieces: Solemnity+Decree of Silence win combo cost a whopping 11 mana, and can be disrupted easily. So you need protection of targeted removal. Privileged Position, Sterling Grove and Greater Auramancy can do the trick, and the Grove doubles as a tutor. // Enchanted Evening comboes with Aura Thief+High Market, Cleansing Meditation, Calming Verse, Opalescence+Mirari's Wake (all opponents' lands will be 0/0s and will be put into the graveyard while yours will be 1/1s) and Serra's Sanctum. // Omniscience + an Enchantress + Approach of the Second Sun is a free win if uncountered. // If I can suggest some improvements on your manabase: Exotic Orchard, Rogue's Passage, Prairie Stream and Yavimaya Coast are cheap replacements for Thornwood Falls, Woodland Stream and 2 Islands. Weirding Wood is better than Gift of Paradise, because it can draw you a card via Clue. Card advantage is crucial in EDH, and you should run at least 6 sources of realiable draw. That's why I recommend you to run Mesa Enchantress, Verduran Enchantress, Kruphix's Insight, Mystic Remora, Rhystic Study, Sylvan Library (comboes with Abundance), Argothian Enchantress. // Eladamri's Call tutors your creatures. Ground Seal and Rest in Peace shutdown graveyard stategies. Open the Vaults is a really good budget replacement of Replenish and plays around Ground Seal (better replace Hanna, Ship's Navigator - she's too slow). Courser of Kruphix, Land Tax, Mirari's Wake, Burgeoning and Exploration are great ramp Leyline of Anticipation allows you to play on your opponents' turn. Copy Enchantment gives more utility. Search for Azcanta  Flip fills the graveyard for Open the Vaults and easily flips into a good utility land. Seal of Primordium, Seal of Cleansing, Banishing Light, Stasis Snare, Cast Out, Prison Term, Act of Authority, Detention Sphere, Imprisoned in the Moon, Song of the Dryads, Grasp of Fate and Aura Shards take care of troublesome permanents. Energy Flux, Aura of Silence and Stony Silence deals with artifact decks. Austere Command, Wrath of God, Supreme Verdict and Cyclonic Rift are great boardwipes. Teferi's Protection is the best protection spell ever released. Karmic Justice and Martyr's Bond tell people to don't mess with you. Collective Restraint is another Propaganda effect (comboes with Prismatic Omen).

DragonMaster224 on Naya Dinosours

1 month ago

I would definitely take Cast Out. I'm sorry but not a big fan of exiling a creature for four mana, there is definitely better cards to put in like some more mana ramp cards to get your big win con dinosaurs out such as Kinjalli's Caller or Otepec Huntmaster :)

RG7620 on Best Boros Mentor Aggro

1 month ago

If this was meant to be Standard legal I'd replace Cast Out with something like Seal Away, Luminous Bonds, etc., but other than that it's a nice deck!

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