Filigree Familiar


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Filigree Familiar

Artifact Creature — Fox

When Filigree Familiar enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.

When Filigree Familiar dies, draw a card.

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Filigree Familiar Discussion

Wendigo4481 on Marionette's Mastery

3 days ago

I'd recommend swapping out either the Herald of Anguish or the Filigree Familiar for a Metallic Mimic and calling servo for that animation module synergy. As for your flyer problem I'd drop the Herald of Anguish for Aetherborn Marauder for vacuuming up your +1 counters for a flying wrecking ball with lifelink,

Snacrifice on Varolz, the Cash-Strapped(<15$)

3 days ago

Pretty much. I opted to focus on useful, low-mana creature drops that had effects like Fleshbag Marauder and Filigree Familiar. This way it's easy to farm them into Varolz counters that can go and beat face. Things like Undertaker or Malevolent Awakening let you swap cards and creatures for ones you'd rather have to play again, and Ravaging Riftwurm's downside isn't a downside when you can slap its power on to varolz for GG1.

WarrKing on Sultai Combo Deck, looking for ...

4 days ago

UpperDeckerTaco Would Elder Deep-Fiend or other emerge creatures work for me though? Other than Filigree Familiar, all of my artifact creatures are servo tokens, so I wouldn't be getting much of a discount on the emerge creatures? I was under the impression they were over costed for what they do, because it was assumed you would emerge them to make them considerably cheaper... Maybe I am missing something?

Obial on Mission Improvise

6 days ago

I found you!

Try the following:

Drop 2x Islands, a mountain, and a swamp for a total of just 20 land. If you find that you get mana-starved in play-testing, I would also consider 4x Evolving Wilds instead of basic land which would allow you to search and pull for the color of land you need.

Drop either 2x Ornithopter's or the Bone Saw's. Pull the Gifted Aetherborn's since they don't really fit the theme of the deck. I would also consider coming down to only 2x of Tezzeret's Touch. Put the Scrap Trawler's in your sideboard instead of your mainboard. I would either run the full set of Freejam Regent and drop your demon, or go half and half with 2x of him and 2x of the Herald of Anguish. That would bring your card count down to 62, which is a little bit more manageable.

With this setup, I see Reverse Engineer as the only real problem with this deck since it requires 2x blue mana. Freejam and Herald also require 2x of their color, but they're late-game players which you're trying to make sure you get out as closer's for you game. Reverse Engineer is kind of a "back up" card if your hand-size gets low and does better in the sideboard since you can get a feel for your opponents deck and pull it in if they're also playing a longer game. I would put in Metallic Rebuke instead since it's a very fast and sneaky card with it's improvise function and is much better early in the game; you slow your opponent down by countering his spells while you prep for your own bigger creatures.

I would consider adding Pia Nalaar since she also adds a thopter artifact creature and is an Artificer which would give you three creatures to use Inventor's Goggles on. I'm a big fan of Filigree Familiar and if you're thinking of adding it, I would pull the Ornithopter's altogether in favor of that more productive creature.

See my own improvise deck for other ideas Tezzeret likes to touch things. +1 for finally getting on this site and publishing your first deck :)

gamaca on Pentacolor Pan-Copycat

1 week ago

Saw your deck on fb and have a few questions, but first love this idea! So why the Filigree Familiar and not Cloudblazer ? Is seams strong as you draw with the enter ability and would help Woodland Wanderer out by adding another color. Also why not Oath of Nissa over Traverse the Ulvenwald as you can blink it later?

Hobbez9186 on All Hail the Zulaport!

1 week ago

I see what you did here. I like it. The only thing I think is not quite proportioned right is Yahenni's Expertise. I don't think you need 4 of them. I have a deck that also runs Cutthroat, though not quite as centrally themed, that runs 2 Expertise and mostly uses it in exactly two positions. The first being a turn 4 sweeper to reset the board, the second being a Cutthroat finisher. If I can get even two Cutthroats down along with several other creatures like tokens you can sweep the game all at once. It only takes 2 Cutthroats and 8 creatures of 3 toughness or less to deal 20 damage to all opponents. I don't see you being able to get those kind of numbers here, especially since you'll be sacrificing things every turn for drawing cards or killing creatures. I'd try cutting down to 2 and then adding in an extra Swamp and Mountain. I always want a deck to work with 20 land, but even with all that draw I think having 22 would be better in the long run.

I love Bone Splinters and Altar's Reap. Totally underutilized. They are even better when you steal a creature and sacrifice that one to those. I had a deck that rotated out that absolutely focused on stuff like that. An interesting card that I used within this similar shell was Skin Invasion  Flip. The 3/4 critter makes for a nice little attacker or blocker, and forcing something to attack that doesn't want to can be fun if you aren't ready to just steal and kill it. Of course with mine I was built around both death triggers and ETB effects because of Impact Tremors. You may have enough colorless things to run Flayer Drone for it's ETB trigger. The Hidden Stockpile makes tokens every turn that will trigger damage, the Carrier Thrall turns into colorless tokens that would trigger damage, the Filigree Familiar and Smothering Abomination are already colorless. I could see that being a worthy addition. It doesn't suck that it's got 3 power and First Strike. If you are content with keeping 20 land and open to dropping Yahenni's Expertise to 2 then a pair of Drones would probably be a worthy source of extra damage.

Just some ideas to play with. Fun cards to use before they get rotated out :)

DHWorlds on Superion Heart

1 week ago

Hey! Thanks for the Feedback! Since you do want the Midrange/Aggro path, i would suggest taking a few Muddle the Mixtures out, it's not bad in any way, i just feel that it is very Slow for your ''Resolving big creatures on the board'' strat.

cards to consider

Chief Engineer- Helps casting Superion a bit more reliably than Sculptor.

Master of Etherium- Easily casted with Heartless Summoning or Grand Architect helps the Whole Board.

Lodestone Golem/Solemn Simulacrum/Filigree Familiar:great game stallers. Can give you advantage and/or Lock the opponent. Lodestone + Metamorph is Brutal in certain games.

The Tutor Mages:

Trinket Mage: Fenomenal toolbox card, could tutor some nice 1-of artifacts Brittle Effigy, Nihil Spellbomb or Aether Spellbomb,Engineered Explosives.

Treasure Mage: Tutors Wurmcoil Engine, Mindslaver, Sundering Titan

Trophy Mage: Vedalken Shackles, Ensnaring Bridge

drewskie90 on Dimir (First Homebrew)

1 week ago

Legendary_Crush Also would it be a good combo to have Tezzeret's Touch with Filigree Familiar then sack for Elder Deep-Fiend? Then I would get my Filigree Familiar back to replay next turn. Or would the loss of having an enchantment going to graveyard be more of a loss since I do not have much graveyard manipulation.

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