Filigree Familiar


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Filigree Familiar

Artifact Creature — Fox

When Filigree Familiar enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.

When Filigree Familiar dies, draw a card.

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Filigree Familiar Discussion

Jwillette72 on Eggs... IN STANDARD!!!

1 day ago

I would have taken out Defiant Salvager just because it is the most expensive card and relies on artifact creatures of which you have only 4. So chances are you're not going to get the +1/+1 as often as you'd like.

Also Filigree Familiar is a nice card that works similar to Metalspinner's Puzzleknot, but instead of paying a total of and drawing 2 cards and losing 2 life, you're paying and drawing 1 card and gaining 2 life.

Gonti's Aether Heart would also be a neat card to play with all of your artifacts in your deck. Gaining two energy per artifact and then gaining an extra turn by paying 8.

Decoction Module would also be good if you added Gonti's Aether Heart as another source of energy.

LittleBlueHero on BR Revolt Control *HELP*

1 day ago

Thanks again for the help Venomous08.

Looking at the deck and playtesting a little I decided to run Weaponcraft Enthusiast over Zev's Experience. This meant I was going to have a few more artifact floating around and rather than dole out big bucks for heart of kiran I took it out in favor of a single Pia Nalaar (now that she would have more targets) and a full 4 Shock.

I agree grasp is the better choice but at the moment I don't have any so I will leave them in the maybe board for now. But ideally 4 grasp and 4 shock would be interchangeable as needed out of the sideboard.

Still didn't add the Zulaport Cutthroat primarily because he does so little on his own. He doesn't have an ETB effect and doesn't aid the overall goal of the deck. Granted he helps you benefit from the strategy but I don't know that a 1 or 2 point life swing before I sac him or need him to block would be worth it.

More testing is needed and if I find myself losing close games then he will be my first correction. I would probably run him over Filigree Familiar or a combination of the familiar and enthusiast.

Was happy I pulled yahenni as my pre release foil and traded for a kari Zev Foil too!

neses on Jund Midrange Aether Revolt

4 days ago

After some playtests, it seems like Treasure Keeper really doesn't shine in the way that Filigree Familiar does. you get to play Distended Mindbender a full turn earlier, and the slight lifegain is plenty to stifle early aggresion.

In the end, I just prefer having a three drop to a four drop in that slot.

Also swapping the Shocks for Fatal Push, just an all around better card and I'm not particularly worried about not being able to send burn to the face.

Added an additional land, cant remember what I cut... sorry.

Burila24 on Mono U aetherstorm

4 days ago

maybe Filigree Familiar could help providing some draws and health? also Era of Innovation could provide with some extra draws easily

PeeBee on Mono Blue Eldrazi

4 days ago

Thanks for the comment Nicklyl, I used to use Kozilek's Channeler myself in this deck however I felt the deck died to easily against aggro decks and needed to add in smaller creatures which is why there is a playset of Filigree Familiar now as it gains life, and draws a card usually, but also helps you tap down an aggro deck by emerging it for elder deep fiend turn 4. Also the ramp of Kozilek's Channeler is too heavily based on him staying alive on the table, whereas Filigree Familiar and Matter Reshaper are just blocking fodder, but still help against aggro and allow the ramp on death.

Venomous08 on BR Revolt Control *HELP*

1 week ago

LittleBlueHero Retrospectively looking at the deck I'm unsure about which enablers to include. Despite the legend rule I would actually go up to 4 Yahenni for sure, since he is your best wincondition as an "indestructible" creature that grows as you use all your removal. You only have 8 revolt cards in the deck, so 7 enablers would be consistent enough without getting too redundant. Hence Pia Nalaar might not be necessary after all. I do agree that Heart of Kiran and Kari Zev's Expertise would be the first cards to cut from the deck. I would advise going down 2 Shock to make room for 2 Grasp of Darkness since its the premium removal spell in your color. You can include Weaponcraft Enthusiast interchangably with Filigree Familiar at your own discretion. However I would absolutely reccommend running 3-4 Zulaport Cutthroat to get full use out of all the sacrifices. At that point I would say that you have a competitive deck at a very reasonable price :)

Venomous08 on BR Revolt Control *HELP*

1 week ago

Yahenni's Expertise seems a little odd in this deck. Its not aggressive enough for your deck and it kills every creature you run, INCLUDING Yahenni, Undying Partisan even with an indestructible trigger. Additionally, I would consider adding a fourth of either Yahenni, Undying Partisan or Kari Zev, Skyship Raider since 6 revolt enablers seems a little unreliable. Weaponcraft Enthusiast is another great card to run since it gives you 3 bodies that can be sacrificed to Yahenni, and more consistent than Captain's Claws. Lastly, I would reccommend reducing the number of Filigree Familiar and going up to 4 Vengeful Rebel.

oMass_Assassin on White Black Aetherborn counters

1 week ago

Smuggler's Copter and Emrakul are banned, just so everyone here knows =P Also, Reflector Mage.

This might be useless without better advice, but both artifacts you're playing would never be sacrificed to Syndicate Trafficker and Animation Module would hardly get turned on. I was going to say Murder might not be good, but there may be an uptick in other vehicles, but I'm not sure. I'd use that or Ruinous Path, but not both in main deck.

I think the deck is going to try to play B/W in it's best iteration, but mono-B will be almost as strong. I believe it will play more artifacts though and use a combo with Yahenni, Undying Partisan and then on turn 4 sacrificing a creature to Yahenni and playing Yahenni's Expertise+Weaponcraft Enthusiast, Filigree Familiar, or a kill spell if needed. Servo's to sac to Yahenni and Trafficker seem great, but might need an implement or the black puzzleknot. Anyway, if you keep this build close to this form, I'd be wary of playing 3 Trafficker without more targets and the animation modules. Good luck though! Just the initial thoughts of someone who doesn't play enough to talk on the subject lol.

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