Carrion Feeder


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Common
Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition Common
Scourge Common

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Carrion Feeder

Creature — Zombie

Carrion Feeder can't block.

Sacrifice a creature: Put a +1/+1 counter on Carrion Feeder.

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Carrion Feeder Discussion

eeriekiller on Karador Ghost Chieftain

6 days ago

Fellow karador player here, and I have a couple of suggestions for you. I don't know your budget so I'm just going to chuck things at you and see what sticks.

First off, if you're wanting this to be a true combo deck, then I'd suggest a couple cuts. Craterhoof is a great card, buy combo decks don't really need beatsticks. Hatebears like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Grand Abolisher. Also, tutoring for pieces is super valuable early game. Cards like Natural Order, Vampiric Tutor, Eladamri's Call, Diabolic Intent, and Altar of Bone are good tutors for this deck.

Mana dorks are also something to consider. I like them better than mana rocks because you can recur them pretty easily with karador and they're great fodder for Natural Order.

Now that Protean Hulk is unbanned, I suggest replacing boonweaver with it. It only needs to die once to grab karmic guide and a sac outlet like viscera seer or Carrion Feeder.

Also check out this hulk line. Hulk into Body Snatcher, viscera seer, and Sylvan Safekeeper -> hulk into Saffi Eriksdotter, Blood Artist, and any other two mana costs you have. Sac saffi, targeting body snatcher, sac snatcher, repeat. A thing to note about this is that body snatcher's ability is an ETB, not a replacement effect, so you can sacrifice it without discaring anything. The effect is still there, but your opponents will be dead to blood artist before they ever resolve. Also, you can protect your combo with your Sylvan Safekeeper right off the bat, which is a huge bonus. If you have a sac outlet on the board already, grab Grand Abolisher instead.

Check out my version of this deck for any other ideas. Have fun!

eeriekiller on Karador, the Resilient Reanimator [1.3]

6 days ago

It looks like you're trying for the "karador beats" theme. This is a super fun way to play and I have a couple of suggestions.

First off, the beaters. Blightsteel Colossus has done serious work for me. If you can shoot him out with an early Pattern of Rebirth, then he gets pretty difficult to work around. I chose him over the eldrazi titans because he doesn't shuffle the graveyard away when he dies. Other good beefies are Ashen Rider, Angel of Despair, and Iona, Shield of Emeria. I'll also heavily back the elesh norn suggestion. it completely shuts animar down and is a great way to get your little dudes back into the fight.

Speaking of little dudes, I have some dorks to suggest. Mana dorks are pretty important in a deck like this, where so many cards cost so much. I choose creatures over rocks because they are easy to bring back. look at Arbor Elf Avacyn's Pilgrim Birds of Paradise Elvish Mystic Fyndhorn Elves Llanowar Elves Weathered Wayfarer. Also, with craterhoof as a threat, people will never stare down a board of mana dorks the same way again.

Living Death synergizes fantastically with Carrion Feeder or Viscera Seer. sac everything on your board for free, drop Living Death, and shoot your opponent's important stuff with your creature removal from your GY.

Things I would take out:Avenger of zendikar and creekwood leige are just too slow and don't really fit the theme. You could argue that you could pod into craterhoof with avenger or that he's a good reanimator target, but I really don't think he fits well in the deck.

Rise of the dark realms is cool, but I don't think that mana cost is worth it for you.

Another thing I've noticed is that your deck is pretty stuffed with high mana cost cards. This is to be expected in a recursion deck, but you need to be careful with what small amount of ramp you have. The deck's theme is a bit frayed but with a little bit of tuning, it looks like it could be super intimidating in your meta.

I hope what I have here helps you out. Check out my deck here and see what you think. It's a more combo-y stax version of karador, but maybe you could check out a couple of my ideas.

GoodLuckGuy on Hub request: Aristocrats

6 days ago

For the uninitiated, Aristocrats are creatures with Altar-style abilities (activated abilities that require you sacrifice a creature and often nothing else).

Named for Vampire Aristocrat and the later, and far more popular, Falkenrath Aristocrat; most creatures with "Aristocrat" in their name have this kind of ability. Other notable aristocrats are Nantuko Husk, Carrion Feeder, and Viscera Seer.

Aristocrat sacrifice creatures as their primary source of value. This most often comes in the form of pushing through lethal damage, although aristocrat lists in EDH can do all sorts of things by sacrificing creatures. There are plenty of Aristocrat lists on this site, and I feel they aren't being properly represented.

Flyboarg on Blood Autist

1 week ago

Carrion Feeder is also suggested for this deck

rwking082 on Gonti, Lord of Luxury(More like Thieves)

1 week ago

First, you need two to three more lands. Your mana curve is high, and 34 will simply not do.

Second, reduce your mana curve a little bit. You cannot play much until turn 4 or 5, and a lot of your graveyard recursion cards need several creatures in your graveyard to be useful.

Third, you need a few sack outlets for Gonti. I can see that you're trying to kill Gonti and fling him back into the field. To do that, you need to reliably kill him. I'd recommend Bone Splinters, Carrion Feeder, and Ashnod's Altar as ways to reliably kill Gonti.

Fourth, your graveyard recursion needs more meat. You won't be getting fun creatures into your graveyard without some serious discard. Consider Collective Brutality as an example of discard effects that can fuel your reanimation.

Sheoldred, Whispering One is also great for recursion. Get her and you can whip out Gonti each turn passively. I'd also recommend Rise of the Dark Realms.

Lastly, this deck does well with ramp (gotta play those high-CMC cards!). Nirkana Revenant, Liliana of the Dark Realms, and (dare I say?) Dark Ritual all make sure you come sprinting out of the gate. Say what you will about Dark Ritual, but I've never regretted drawing it. It makes for a turn-two Gonti, or allows you to play your opponent's exiled cards while still playing your own cards.

For some sack outlets and graveyard recursion, check out Kresh Eats Creatures. It's Jund, but there's some good black cards in there for you.

bushido_man96 on Gisa and Geralf

2 weeks ago

Yep, that combo is in there, too, I just didn't get it listed above. Same with Nantuko Husk. Carrion Feeder is nice because the counters stay, so could have longer life, where Nantuko Husk is more of a "win this turn" effect. I should consider adding in Rogue's Passage, just in case someone has a blocker out.

I'll add those combos to my description above.

DarkJunderMaster on Gisa and Geralf

2 weeks ago

Why not use Carrion Feeder + Gravecrawler + Rooftop Storm For am infinite big creature? With this the counters stay on Carrion Feeder. Add in a Altar of Dementia and you have yourself an infinite mill combo.

Schar17 on

2 weeks ago

No olhei o preo, mas:

Wrangle custa 2 de mana e 4 de ataque muito!

Bone Splinters e/ou Carrion Feeder podem reduzir o custo de mana (por menos que eu goste do Carrion Feeder nesse deck)

Fallen Angel pode ser uma opo pro final do jogo.

Indulgent Aristocrat pode ser uma opo boa se manter a maior parte do deck de vampiro. Com isso pode juntar Child of Night ou Ruthless Cullblade por exemplo, que tem baixo custo e o nico problema a vida baixa, o que se resolve por voc roubar e sacrificar os defensores do oponente. Outra coisa que achei nesse sentido que t um pouco redundante ter 16 opes diferentes pra sacrificar as criaturas, sendo que na prtica se sacrificar pra uma as outras continuam na mesma.

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