Breath of Darigaaz


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology 2018 (CM2) Uncommon
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon
MTG: Commander (CMD) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons (DDG) Uncommon
Archenemy (ARC) Uncommon
Invasion (INV) Uncommon

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Breath of Darigaaz


Kicker (You may pay an additional as you cast this spell.)

Breath of Darigaaz deals 1 damage to each creature without flying and each player. If this spell was kicked, it deals 4 damage to each creature without flying and each player instead.

Breath of Darigaaz Discussion

Suns_Champion on Super Smash Boros | Firesong & Sunspeaker EDH

8 months ago

Mindus_Dew I haven't been able to play EDH all semester so nothing definitive, but I've swapped out Marble Diamond, Fire Diamond, Mizzix's Mastery, and Breath of Darigaaz for Deafening Clarion, Boros Locket, Dawn of Hope, and Risk Factor. Hoping to improve draw and cut under-preforming/situational cards.

DespairFaction awesome! Was it an exact copy of this list or some changes? If so, what changes?

You will see in the changes mentioned above 3 new ways to potentially draw cards. So I have been working on that.

Pyramid doesn't do enough. Tutor too expensive(I've basically stopped buying singles), inferno too high CMC. Maybe Treasure map though.

Thanks for the comments, please continue the discussion!

greyninja on The Infamy of Green Fire

8 months ago

+1 from me! I love Gruul decks lol

What do you think about Wolfbriar Elemental and Breath of Darigaaz?

Have fun!

Suns_Champion on Super Smash Boros | Firesong & Sunspeaker EDH

9 months ago

Rabid_Wombat good question! Let the discussion begin!

I've seen them but haven't spent the time to evaluate all of them.

I like Boros Locket as a replacement for one of the diamonds maybe.

Integrity / Intervention gets the same Lightning Helix deal at a worse cost, and has some added flexibility of being a pump spell. My problem is my Sunforger package is already to full and I don't see any obvious replacements.

Chance for Glory is straight awesome but not for this deck. I can see it becoming a wincon in another Sunforger themed deck.

Deafening Clarion is great... if only it was an instant! Might still make the cut. Maybe over Breath of Darigaaz!

I wish Justice Strike did the damage not the creature :(

Risk Factor will certainly fight for a spot! I've said if Browbeat was an instant I'd have it in here, and well, here it is.

Maybe Crush Contraband over Wear & Tear? What do y'all think?

My initial thoughts. I'll have to see how pre-release goes if I want to get any of them. Anyone else who has any thoughts feel free to jump in!

Shimtalia on Kickin' it Old School

1 year ago

Yeah, So...In the last 24 hours, I did a bunch of work on this deck, proxied a bunch of it up, took it for a spin in front of a goldfish bowl, and I discovered I needed to make some changes.

For one, I had too many kicker spells. They are easily the weakest part of the deck, vital and important that they may be. Two, I needed some card draw. Three, well, just some other thoughts that came to me while I was working...


Blood Clock - Breath of Darigaaz - Chandra's Ignition - Decimate - Keen Sense - Loxodon Warhammer - Momentous Fall - Opal Palace - Rishkar's Expertise - Sunbird's Invocation - Vigor(I want to try this, though it is the only expensive card I don't already own for the deck, it's worth more than the rest of what I don't have combined...)


Blessings of Nature(too many +1/+1 too fast makes too much of a target) - Cloudstone Curio - Gnarlid Pack - Grafted Exoskeleton(yes, it's a massive kill enabler, but also a massive kill me sign) - Grunn, the Lonely King - Horned Kavu - Increasing Savagery(see Blessings) - Skitter of Lizards - Thicket Elemental - Mountain - Forest

rockolos22 on dragons

1 year ago

Crater's Claws instead of Red Sun's ZenithEarthquake is still good in this deck in addition to Subterranean Tremors . Maybe both?Flame Slash is cheap one-mana creature kill.Magmatic Insight Card draw?Breath of Darigaaz Burns the field, leaves your creatures and deals damage to opponent.Wheel of Fortune A beast of a card-draw spell, used when your hand is empty.The Flame of KeldDangerous Wager Card draw.Browbeat would actually work well here.Skullscorch something violent to do on turn 2.Pyroclasm Amazing, procs your dragon egg.Mizzium Mortars Yup, more burn.

PookandPie on How can I bring Superfriends ...

1 year ago

If you're only keeping the best of your X burn and dropping the rest, then here's some ideas:

Fiery Confluence- it's reasonable enough without FaS, but with them, you can choose the deal 2 damage to each opponent mode three times. 6 damage to each opponent for only 2RR, and you gain 18, which isn't awful (well, it's more damage than Comet Storm did in my explanation at 9 mana lol, but Comet Storm is better at taking out specific creatures I suppose).

Depending on what your opponents play, Deflecting Palm may be worth a look. If they win by attacking with creatures or by using AEtherflux Reservoir (I saw a Grixis Storm deck lose to a Naya pile because the Naya pile had Deflecting Palm when Storm paid 150 to kill everyone. It was really amusing to see, though that doesn't mean the card is good). If everyone wins via alternate win methods like Laboratory Maniac and the like, then you may not want to use Palm.

Lightning Helix is better than what I mentioned above, by the way. It deals 9 damage and gains 6 life. You gain life from both lifelink and from the spell gaining you 3 life, so you'll get two FaS triggers. I wasn't thinking too hard about it when I spelled it out earlier.

Breath of Darigaaz might be worthwhile. 3R to deal 4 damage to each player/creature without flying seems reasonable.

Chaos Warp is reasonable removal for your colors. Sometimes your opponents might win big off of it, but if you're playing against decks low on creatures, then odds are they will hit a fair number of instants/sorceries and you'll have tucked an annoying card with no repercussion. I think you used to run it but now it's gone for one reason or another lol.

With the sheer number of instants/sorceries you run, it may be worthwhile to try out Mizzix's Mastery. Not so great with the X spells, but it'd let you re-cast removal, burn, etc., from the graveyard.

Suns_Champion on Regarding Firesong and Sunspeaker...

1 year ago

Thanks Spirit_Logan :)

BMHKain I want to say up front that I do not play cEDH, so some of my thoughts may be irrelevant or wrong.

I honestly doubt Fire & Sun can make it in cEDH. They're a great general, perhaps the best Boros has ever had, but Boros still doesn't have the draw and ramp power needed to consistently win turns 3, 4, and 5.

They also cost 6 to cast, which is a huge middle finger from wizards to Boros EDH players. Whatever. /end rant. Take opinions with grain of salt.

1) Okay, though Galvanoth can only hit 1/3 of the deck so you might want Sensei's Divining Top.

2) maybe, or maybe not. Kinda depends on what you like. Mark of Asylum and Repercussion are really good though.

3) You seem to have the best ones already... X spells. Some cheaper ones like Breath of Darigaaz, Fiery Confluence, and Flamebreak might help.

4) Probably not. You waste the creature-centric abilities and it's too slow of cEDh if I'm not mistaken.

5) Dawn Charm, Swords to Plowshares, Return to Dust, Samite Ministration, Tithe and Radiate could all be considered.

6) Stoneforge Mystic, Weathered Wayfarer, Generator Servant, Steelshaper's Gift, Reforge the Soul, Arcane Lighthouse, Scavenger Grounds, Inventors' Fair, and Blasphemous Act should be considered.

7) with the curve at 2.55...33 maybe? Not sure, as a normal EDH player I don't go below 36 usually.

Not sure about the staple list... can you explain that further?

Again, not a competitive player by any means. Can't wait to see more brews for this awesome new commander!

here's mine if you haven't checked it out yet: Super Smash Boros | Firesong & Sunspeaker EDH

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Breath of Darigaaz occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%