River Boa

River Boa

Creature — Snake


: Regenerate River Boa.

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River Boa Discussion

kingofcramers on Aggro Bouncehouse

1 week ago

Nice deck! I love horned kavu.

I really wouldn't play Scryb Sprites though. I'd play some other good beater from stompy (River Boa, Nest Invader or Young Wolf for the bounce synergy, even Vault Skirge as just a strict upgrade (it's nasty with reckless charge and rancor). Other than that, love the deck

5finga on G/R Ponza

2 years ago

River Boa

SerraMeya on

2 years ago

Balduvian Bears is legal in Paper Pauper. I played several Event in my local area and paper pauper stands for its own these days.

to be pauper legal every card in your deck must have been printed as a common in any Edition (e.g. River Boa is pauper legal cause it was common in Mirage Block, nowadays its printed as uncommon). there is no relation to mtgo anymore...

Raging_Squiggle on Ezuri: The Small are the Mighty

4 years ago

Plaxcaster Frogling gives you some good evasion for the creatures you want to continue making bigger with Ezuri's ability.

Canopy Crawler can be really good for blockers or if you have a creature with trample.

I'd almost suggest dropping a land or two for these. 39 count is above average. If not, then River Boa seems underwhelming. Regeneration is nice an all, but Islandwalk is a hit or miss and if it's a miss, then that creature is only in here to trigger Ezuri's ability once.

codpieceofjustice on THE ZOO IS ON FIRE!!

4 years ago

I love the average CMC. I pretty much suck at MTG but it seems Experiment One's evolve mechanic won't kick in too often with this deck - I could be wrong though. If you want a cheap defender which will stick around maybe just go for the humble Mire Boa or River Boa... maybe. Deadly Recluse isn't too bad and I happen to like Hornet Nest a lot.

Xykame on Tired of These Mother-F* Snakes

4 years ago

You already have some of them in the maybeboard, but I would say to for sure put in Door of Destinies, Overrun and Asceticism for say Snake Basket or River Boa. Other good cards to put in would be Eternal Witness and Deadeye Navigator. For the one-trip card draw spells like Preordain I wouldn't put as many in since there are enough tutors and raw card draw in your creatures.

Wirox on Welcome to the Jungle - Harambe Edition

4 years ago

ozzyfish19, against MBC you probably need +2 Young Wolf and +2 Lightning Axe. Since most builds do not run Liliana's Specter, Mogg Fanatic and Flame Jab are rather useless. So -1 Flame Jab, -2 Mogg Fanatic and maybe -1 River Boa (islandwalk does nothing, and regenerate is not that good because of various -/- and sacrifice effects MBC has).

Memphismaymagic5 on

4 years ago

I would drop River Boa for a couple of Leatherback Baloth

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