Merciless Javelineer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Merciless Javelineer

Creature — Minotaur Warrior

, Discard a card: Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature. That creature can't block this turn.

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Merciless Javelineer Discussion

Khansolo on Mardu Burning Swarm

1 week ago

@mack10k yeah I thought long and hard about Tormenting Voice it works wonders with temper and allows me to refuel my hand. I am going to definitely have to try different configurations of burn/draw to get it just right for sure.

@matchgrizzle I hadn't considered Merciless Javelineer and now that I'm looking at it more it could very well provide some stability between explosive turns for sure.

matchgrizzle on Mardu Burning Swarm

1 week ago

Stun Sniper would work if you don't care about the set. Oh, and Merciless Javelineer works well too, especially if you have Fiery Temper to discard to it.

Gnoll on Minotaur Madness R/B (Standard)

1 week ago

Thank you for the suggestions! Faith of the Devoted would be an amazing card for this deck, just gotta figure out what to remove to make room for it. I have two Ahn-Crop Crasher on my maybe board (which I will add) but I don't know how needed they will be with the Merciless Javelineer tap ability (once again, I am new to standard). Avacyn's Judgment would be interesting, but should I be concerned that my most common ways to discard require me to spend two mana, thus lessening the effect? Overall, great suggestions to help me!

Bano42 on Amonkhet Minotaurs

3 weeks ago


I understand now why not the Merciless Javelineer. I ended up taking him out of my deck as well, I thought his ability read differently than it really does.

I really really want to love Throne of the God-Pharaoh! I bought a play-set the moment I saw it. Having not play-tested it myself, I feel like it might play a bit slow, but I do see the value in it, especially with exerted Minotaurs. I just thought I would recommend Key to the City as well because I feel like it works well conceptually with this deck: it offers a discard opportunity, it allows a free attacker in (an easy way to get Neheb in), and it offers you another draw late-game if you got stuck with a Land and need to try again.

Thanks again, and great deck!

Bano42 on Merciless Javelineer's Ability

3 weeks ago

Merciless Javelineer and Key to the City:

Are you able to activate these abilities without any cards in your hand?

Bano42 on Amonkhet Minotaurs

3 weeks ago

I love this deck, I upvoted. I found this while I was building my own Tribal Minotaurs. I have a couple questions though:

  1. Why didn't you include Merciless Javelineer?

  2. Have you considered using Key to the City instead of Throne of the God-Pharaoh? It gives you another simple discard method, and it gives you another way to easily attack in for simple damage, including Neheb, the Worthy.

Thanks in advance for taking time to answer!

Bano42 on Mad-Cow Rampage (Tribal Minotaur)

3 weeks ago


Thank you as well for the upvote and suggestions!

So one of the reasons to run the Throne of the God-Pharaoh is bc it is an artifact and synergizes very well with Unlicensed Disintegration to burn people down quicker. And drawing more than one is okay bc there are actually three cards with discard abilities: Neheb, the Worthy, Merciless Javelineer, and Bloodrage Brawler. With all these discard effects, it's okay running multiple copies of legendaries in my opinion.

That being said though, I really love the suggestion of Key to the City and will most likely replace that for Throne of the God-Pharaoh. Thanks!

I haven't bought Fatal Push yet just bc last time I looked, it was still about $5 card. This deck is currently dirt cheap which I really enjoy hah.

Bano42 on Mad-Cow Rampage (Tribal Minotaur)

3 weeks ago


Thanks for the upvote and the suggestions! I really like your suggestions for both Fiery Temper and Alms of the Vein. If I played that way, I would be a little more inclined to add the fourth Merciless Javelineer and run Pitiless Vizier like you mentioned as well.

I actually really like having four copies of Neheb, the Worthy though. Because of all these discard abilities, sometimes good cards like Neheb are forced into the graveyard. In those scenarios, it's nice to know you have more than just one other copy, you know? I was thinking about trying 3 copies to see how it feels, I'll let you know if I do try that.

I'll make some changes when I get off work and hopefully you can let me know what you think!

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