Decimator Beetle


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Decimator Beetle

Creature — Insect

When Decimator Beetle enters the battlefield, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature you control.

Whenever Decimator Beetle attacks, remove a -1/-1 counter from target creature you control and put a -1/-1 counter on up to one target creature defending player controls.

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Decimator Beetle Discussion

Somnscipio on Play with -1/-1 counters + cycling combos

4 days ago

Thank you for your comment.

On 3rd turn I prefer putting a creature like Baleful Ammit and start getting snakes with Hapatra. Nest of Scarabs makes everything too slow and I prefer putting a creature instead. Nest of Scarabs is good, but this is my opinion about playing it.

Decimator Beetle's aim is to make my creatures with -1/-1 stronger and do combo with Hapatra. Replacing it can be a solid decision.As u can read in description, Archfiend of Ifnir and the cycling strategy could be replaced in future.I'll study what u said.

I disagree about the mana curve. In casual games this decks works fine.

Thank you again for ur comment.

Zondarian on Play with -1/-1 counters + cycling combos

5 days ago

You say your mana curve is really good but you have literally no moves to make on turn one with this deck. That puts you straight away in most games at either a board or strategy disadvantage with everyone one turn on from yourself. The only thing you can really do is cycle one of your Dissenter's Deliverance away, assuming it is in the deck rather than the sideboard.

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Nest of Scarabs in a -1/-1 deck are cards you should be running x4 copies of.

I know you say Decimator Beetle is a must have, but 5 mana for a 4/5 creature that situationally could weaken an opponent by -1/-1 a turn? There are just better choices at that slot. Probably the answer is running 3/4 Archfiend of Ifnir and increasing the support for that card, 4x Key to the City being the most obvious.

JV38 on Bugs and Sneks

5 days ago

Decimator Beetle? He works well, especially if you throw in Grim Strider

Somnscipio on Play with -1/-1 counters + cycling combos

5 days ago

Hi bustinedup! Thanks for ur comment.

I enjoy playing this deck with my friends. I like managing -1/-1 counters among my creatures and my opponent's ones.

This mana-curve is really good. The mix beetween creatures/other spells is nice. Look at the land mana graph too :)

Decimator Beetle and Channeler Initiate are a must-have.

As u can see, I put 4x Wander in Death and 2x Hapatra's Mark, in order to prevent from loosing important creatures on the battlefield.

Defiant Greatmaw is not really important and can replaced with 2 other Baleful Ammit and keep this mana-curve.

I haven't played Key to the City a lot. It can be replaced with 2x another Archfiend of Ifnir or other cards.

I am looking for a Liliana, Death Wielder, in order to maximize the strategy behind the deck, and Tree of Perdition. I will try them and update the deck.

Other comments are welcome :)

cyclinggamer on Snakes, scarabs, and -1 counters

1 week ago

bellz76, I like those ideas, as Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Decimator Beetle both need to attack to place -1/-1 counters, the Beetle's faster, but still falls to massive creatures, first strikers, and death touchers.

Archfiend I think would be sb to replace Liliana's Influence, specifically for those players hand hating me, because I have no discard or cycling otherwise in this deck. But now I see why you suggested those two together, as the key requires a discard to function. That bears testing. Thank you.

Maybe put in a couple Key to the Citys, a couple Archfiend of Ifnirs and take out 1 x Tree of Perditions and the 3 x Crocodile of the Crossings?

MrBoombastic on Abzan Counters (Amonkhet Block Constructed)

1 week ago

Nest of Scarabs is the main reason for playing this deck in my opinion. It's just too good to not include. The creatures by themselves are fairly easily outclassed, unless you get some payoff from your -1/-1 counters. Vizier of Remedies makes sure that more or less none of your creatures trigger Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, which seems counterproductive. I'd add the Cartouche of Ambition over Cartouche of Strength simply because of the synergy. Removing all white cards would make room for both Cartouches, maybe even a Trial of Strength or two. Since you're playing block constructed (wish my LGS tried that) the Decimator Beetle looks really good to top off your curve. Exemplar of Strength could be good too.

Seifer267 on Snakes n' Scarabs Mark II

2 weeks ago

Blisterpod seems very promising! I will give that a whirl, for sure.

I did have 4 Exemplar of Strength for a good while, but quite often I wished it was a Channeler Initiate. I was always dropping 2 mana for a 1/1 that could be a 2/2 when it attacked. It comes and goes in the deck almost after every tourney.

I will attempt a few games with Defiant Greatmaw as well.

Decimator Beetle has always steered me wrong, however. So expensive even if I only have a 1 or two of, I get hosed.Thanks again!

NinjaMonkeey on Snakes n' Scarabs Mark II

2 weeks ago

Ive tried this deck before and had success using Blisterpod as a creature to throw your negative counters on and keep your later creatures bigger. I find the Festering Mummy too weak so I would cut all 4 and have all 4 Exemplar of Strength. Crocodile of the Crossing is also too clunky for 4 mana and an be replaced with Defiant Greatmaw or Decimator Beetle for more late game if needed.

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