Boros Guildgate


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Common
Commander 2013 Common
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters Common
Dragon's Maze Common
Gatecrash Common

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Boros Guildgate

Land — Gate

Boros Guildgate enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Boros Guildgate Discussion

Simon_Williamson on

3 weeks ago

Peace of Mind seems like a worse Words of Worship, Wolfkin Bond is easy to splash but if you can manage double green by adding more dual lands, Raised by Wolves is a little bit better.

Your whole deck has no... synergy, but for example your creatures are highly aggressive, but you also have counterspells. You have landfall creatures but no leaks searchers. I'm going to strongly suggest you make a deck, the majority of this is Naya token/landfall aggro.

I'm going to suggest a heavy dose of bounce lands, 1 of, maybe 2 of each Boros Garrison, Selesnya Sanctuary, Gruul Turf. Courser of Kruphix is a wonderful card, it kills in casual. A good way to get the mana you need AND to hit landfall is Gatecreeper Vine with Selesnya Guildgate, Gruul Guildgate, and Boros Guildgate, gives a nice blocker too. A great finisher is Avenger of Zendikar or if you prefer a smaller creature Rampaging Baloths. Sporemound, Dictate of Heliod, Hellrider, and Archetype of Courage are also amazing in these decks. Assemble the Legion and/or Brimaz, King of Oreskos is ridiculous for tokens. Also Raise the Alarm is similar to Dragon Fodder but at instant speed.

Hope this helped!

Spirits on angels and giants

1 month ago

I would +Sun Titan -Serra Angel

To utilize Sun Titan I would +Gift of Immortality -Isochron Scepter

To utilize Sun Titan I would +Oblivion Ring -Lightning Bolt

For Haste/Hexproof +Swiftfoot Boots -Urza's Incubator

For faster Mana +Battlefield Forge -Boros Guildgate

To tutor AND equip Haunted Cloak, Whispersilk Cloak, Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots +Stonehewer Giant -Subjugator Angel (Loxodon Warhammer)

For 8/8 trample +Borderland Behemoth -Breath of Darigaaz

For untapped mana +Clifftop Retreat -Stone Quarry

Without the Isochron Scepter, Hostility doesn't trigger properly, and he's not a giant, but still 6/6 haste for CMC 6 isn't terrible. Not sure what I would want, maybe Blasphemous Act, Hmm nope +Loxodon Warhammer -Hostility

I would +Return to Dust -Mountain because I like more control

+Steelshaper's Gift -Earthquake

+Blasphemous Act -Disaster Radius

If you have a bunch of cash I could put in:

Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Sacred Foundry

Gisela, the Broken Blade

Optimator on Burn Baby Burn

1 month ago

I'm at work so if it seems a post here is half-baked it's because my boss walked in and I didn't want to lose what I've written.

First off: one of the most expensive, subtle, and borderline-mandatory things to upgrade any deck is the mana base/lands. Getting reliable mana fixing on a budget is nearly impossible. It sucks, I know, but at least it's an obvious path to cut then upgrade. With a tri-color deck it's even harder, but that's the price for a more versatile deck.

Here's a primer I folder'd: Pauper Mana Fixing

Also, see Multicolored Land Archive and Land Cycle Archive.

I would say the Mirage fetches are a good choice (Flood Plain I guess is the only one that fits Jeskai). Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds are mandatory. They get a lot of hate, and tap-lands clearly are inferior and will slow you down, but the vivid series (Vivid Crag, Vivid Creek, and Vivid Grove) are good on a budget. Mystic Monastery is already on your list--good. Transguild Promenade and Rupture Spire work well for your needs, I believe.

Replacing the dual lands with cheaper tap-dual-lands will save you a pretty penny:

Stone Quarry, Meandering River, Highland Lake, Swiftwater Cliffs, Tranquil Cove, Wind-Scarred Crag, Boros Garrison, Izzet Boilerworks, Azorius Chancery, Azorius Guildgate, Boros Guildgate, Izzet Guildgate, Boreal Shelf should do you well. Slow mana-base, I know, but without breaking the bank there's not much else to do to fix your mana. Some of the better fetches and dual-lands are only $2 so note those for your future upgrades.

Mana rocks are a good way to fix mana too. The Signets are much better than the Clue Stones or Relics. Darksteel Ingot and Jeskai Banner are good choices and are budget too. Perhaps a Palladium Myr, Alloy Myr, Burnished Hart, Manalith, Fellwar Stone, Wayfarer's Bauble, Expedition Map, and Prismatic Lens?

Considering Storm is a goal here, perhaps a slow mana base isn't the end of the world since you won't be able to Storm until later in the game anyway. I don't know though; I have no experience with Storm and little with sorcery/instant-heavy decks--one of the reasons I want to make my Mizzix deck! Slow mana is still considered quite devastating though.

GenericNPC on Opinions on a Mardu artifact ...

2 months ago

My idea for Zurgo was always to build a hard control/stax style deck around him, get him equipped with Assault Suit and force my opponents to beat each other to death with him. Worldslayer was also pretty much made for Zurgo, but it's a bit of a dirty card since you win immediately if Zurgo connects while equipped with it. However, if you want just an endgame win-con, that's it.

You should definitely be leaning heavier on Red mana sources with your current list. I would go so far as to say replace any 2-color lands that don't produce Red with ones that do. The Ravnica bounce lands are nice to have around Boros Garrison Rakdos Carnarium. Shadow of Innistrad has a functional reprint of Boros Guildgate in the form of Stone Quarry. I'd likely also replace Darksteel Citadel, because I don't see that it has any other function in your deck than being a land. It helps Hellkite Tyrant and Darksteel Juggernaut a little, and that's it.

I would also keep an eye on the Battle Lands (from Battle for Zendikar) and Shadow Lands (Shadows Over Innistrad) because they'll likely be nice budget lands for commander once they rotate out of Standard, and they're already relatively cheap for dual-lands that can come into play untapped.

I'm always a fan of card draw. Faithless Looting is great and cheap. Black has plenty of decent card draw as well.

I don't know if you got Daretti from the pre-con or purchased him separately, but if you have the pre-con Goblin Welder and Feldon of the Third Path are both amazing in artifact decks.

Those are just my knee-jerk suggestions after a quick look at the list. But like the other commenter stated, knowing what kind of budget we're working with, and exactly what kind of deck you're looking to build (voltron, aggro, control, etc) will help people provide better feedback.

libraryjoy on Legion of Aurelia

4 months ago

I'll admit I'm not a fan of Transguild Promenade. You might try adding Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion. You'll also probably want a little more mana-fixing, so for cheap options, add Wind-Scarred Crag, Terramorphic Expanse, or even Boros Guildgate and its ilk. For a little pricier options, try Temple of Triumph, Clifftop Retreat or Rugged Prairie. Windbrisk Heights and Spinerock Knoll have some interesting utility with this deck.

TheHelvault on The Queens general

4 months ago

You could replace Wind-Scarred Crag with Karakas. It's just a Plains that can Unsummon legendary creatures, which can be useful if say an opponent tries to kill Kaalia of the Vast.

Nomad Outpost could be City of Brass

Orzhov Guildgate could be Gemstone Mine

Boros Guildgate could be Unknown Shores or Shimmering Grotto

CrimsonSaint on Helm's Deep

4 months ago

I've updated again to what's currently in the deck, after getting a few more of the suggested cards. Since Glimpse the Sun God is out, I probably won't try to get Sunblast Angel, at least for now, but it's good to know that's an option. I've had chance to test this version, and it works pretty well, with fairly solid coverage in the side board. Still need Clifftop Retreat instead of Boros Guildgate. Arid Mesa might be nice too.

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