Boros Guildgate

Boros Guildgate

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Land — Gate

Boros Guildgate enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Boros Guildgate Discussion

sircalist on R/W Token face punch

5 days ago

What about Lightning Bolt instead of Shock and Lightning Strike?

Hordeling Outburst or Dragon Fodder in place of Goblin Rally?

Wind-Scarred Crag instead of Boros Guildgate?Skullcrack, Lightning Helix or Boros Charm instead of Searing Spear?

This changes should make your deck faster.

Lightehammer on Jeskai Tempest

1 week ago

I agree that your manabase is pretty lacking. There are so many things just missing, but luckily you have quite a bit of fluff that can quickly leave. Not trying to sound offensive at all, just my edits here:

Land:- Azorius Chancery- Azorius Guildgate- Boros Garrison- Boros Guildgate- Evolving Wilds- Izzet Boilerworks- Izzet Guildgate- Tranquil Cove- Swiftwater Cliffs- Wind-Scarred Crag+ Celestial Colonnade+ Scalding Tarn+ Arid Mesa+ Flooded Strand+ Hallowed Fountain+ Steam Vents+ Sacred Foundry+ Mystic Gate+ Free land. This could be a variety of things, from a Cathedral of War or a Rogue's Passage if you wish to be attacking more with solo creatures, a Mutavault or a Faerie Conclave for another manland, or you could even cut it and throw in another card slot elsewhere.

*If the cost of the fetches/shocks is a deterrent for you - despite the fact that they are just better - I would suggest Temple of Epiphany, Temple of Enlightenment, and Temple of Triumph.

Value creatures:+ Young Pyromancer+ Guttersnipe+ Snapcaster Mage+ Archaeomancer (over Warden of the Eye) just because of the smoother mana. Even though it is seemingly not an issue, it is statistically better for mana consistency purposes. + Grim Lavamancer

Walkers: I honestly love Narset Transcendent in a control build like this one. The filtering is meh, but the rebound on value spells is just gorgeous. Also, if you pop her emblem out in a commander game, you're going to do some serious damage. While Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker may be fun to durdle with, I would even consider Dack Fayden over him just because he isn't all that... fantastic. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is even better in here I think. The versatility you mentioned you are after with the variety and depth of win-conditions is aided by our fair lady as she can run away with a game.

Spells:Seeing Brainstorm, Ponder and a few of the other primo blue control rounders like Preordain, Serum Visions (especially with the sexy new FNM promo coming out for it) missing is a bit worrying, honestly. I think a misconception in deck building is, "I need a lot of different, good cards that all can win me the game." The better way to approach the subject is, "I need to have a thorough density of cards that can win me the game, with reliable ways to find/dig for them quickly." That isn't just my theory either, that's taken out of Pat Chapin's Next Level Magic/Deckbuilding.

If you toss in Isochron Scepter, you can definitely take advantage of those digging spells. I would also throw in Lightning Bolt unless you seriously play in a meta where nobody plays creatures because creatures are good. I agree with CastleSiege about Sensei's Divining Top and Jace, the Mind Sculptor for rounding those out. Also, Dig Through Time is just gorgeous.

If you found my comments helpful and not too salty - truly not intended to come off as such - I can go deeper into the enchantments and such as well. Overall, it looks fun :)

hackerheck on If Goblins had a SISTER

1 week ago

I'd replace Dragon Fodder with Mogg War Marshal.

I don't think there's enough goblins to make Krenko, Mob Boss worth it. I'd replace him with removal. Lightning Helix, Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, stuff like that.

I think that Cathars' Crusade is a bit high for your curve. By the time it's doing stuff for you, the game should be done. So you don't want something that's going to slowly build up from there. I'd replace it with more burn.

Finally, Boros Guildgate needs to be just about any other dual land. Preferably Sacred Foundry if you can swing it.

This is a sweet deck. on Stop Hitting Yourself

1 week ago

Also, I know this is budget but are you seriously using Boros Guildgate?

zen_fishy on 2015-04-10 update of Thousand Armed ...

1 month ago

Suggested Swaps:

Boros Reckoner -> Luminarch Ascension

Reckoner feels weak in this list unless you strictly play 1v1 (in which case, ignore this suggestion since Luminarch is only good in multiplayer). Luminarch turns on after 1 round around the board in a standard 4-player free for all, and then here comes the angel hurt.

Moonhold -> Silence/Aurelia's Fury

Moonhold lets you screw a guy out of his land drop it's true, but Silence will give you an entire turn without people interrupting your million-and-one combat phases. Aurelia's Fury (which I know you have in your sideboard) does much the same, only it also clears the way of blockers.

Firemane Avenger -> Thundermaw Hellkite

Firemane Avenger feels fairly underwhelming in most scenarios. Thundermaw on the other hand clears the skies so Aurelia can bring the hurt. Plus, since Thundermaw has haste himself, he can join the fun.

Boros Guildgate -> Wind-Scarred Crag

Same price and Wind is strictly better.

MonarchMarch on Marath

1 month ago

When I put all these cards into TCGPlayer, I got a little bit more than a buck over $40, so these should be right within your budget. I assumed a more tokens-focused strategy; let's do lands first:

Boros Guildgate -> Clifftop Retreat,

Evolving Wilds -> Transguild Promenade,

Selesnya Guildgate -> Sunpetal Grove,

Gruul Guildgate -> Rootbound Crag,

Tranquil Thicket -> Gavony Township.

You may want to think about adding a couple more basics, too. Now, let's add some infinite combo pieces; the combo is Marath + +1/+1 counters increasing + mana source. First are the counters increasing things:

Krosan Warchief -> Ivy Lane Denizen,

Curse of Chaos -> Cathars' Crusade.

Now, the mana sources for the combo:

Mystic Barrier -> Mana Echoes,

Where Ancients Tread -> Ashnod's Altar.

Also, Mayael the Anima -> Sterling Grove, to help get/protect those combo pieces we've just added. And now for general improvements:

Ravenous Baloth -> Gyre Sage,

From the Ashes -> Parallel Lives,

Crater Hellion -> Aura Shards,

Rakeclaw Gargantuan -> Bow of Nylea (when Marath has deathtouch, damage dealt by him via removing counters also has deathtouch!),

Drumhunter -> Skullclamp,

Witch Hunt -> Kodama's Reach,

Grazing Gladehart -> Squirrel Nest,

Spellbreaker Behemoth -> Sacred Mesa,

Baloth Woodcrasher -> Rootborn Defenses.

Hope that gets you off to a good start! Feel free to ask about any of my choices; in general, I got rid of the beast/power >= 5 sub-theme to focus on tokens more.

wolfging on Suspend

3 months ago

Clifftop Retreat > Boros Guildgate and not terribly expensive.

Color(s) Red White
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 7.09
Avg. cube pick 13.25


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Common
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters Common
Dragon's Maze Common
Gatecrash Common

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