Bloodlust Inciter


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Bloodlust Inciter

Creature — Human Warrior

Tap: Target creature gains haste until end of turn.

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Bloodlust Inciter Discussion

Garder06 on Boros Exert

1 day ago

I like that idea, and I did play test with Bloodlust Inciter, but it was rare that I got him out turn one, and once mid game hit, he always underperformed, and I ended up using him with Battlefield Scavenger's ability. But thanks for the comment!

spaghettikal on Boros Exert

2 days ago

i would suggest finding somewhere to include Bloodlust Inciter , it's a very strong card on turn 1 to help you start beating face on turn two and beyond.

mack10k on WR Humans

3 days ago

I think the Needle Spires are worth it. But Aether Hub is a good option for those times you just need a mana to explode. I run all of them. I would actually drop the Hazoret the Fervent for 2 more Metallic Mimic. I think to beat zombies you are just going to have to go faster than them. Which if you are playing mono black is pretty hard. I run a fun version of this, and it sneaks games to people who doubt the power of a Hanweir Garrison + Bloodlust Inciter.

nvmorale on Tempo BOROS

6 days ago

For using the plan consistenly, you not only need blink sources, i think that you need haste sources, maybe full playset of Bloodlust Inciter, and/or some Reckless Bushwhacker and Hanweir Battlements, also you can get more value of the bushwhacker returning it to your hand

Wyrmweird on Victorious Crop-Captain

6 days ago

Heya, nice to see a deck that isn't copy//pasted, but there's some non-synergy that cards that you can swap.

Soul-Scar Mage can be replaced by Thraben Inspector or Town Gossipmonger  Flip. There aren't enough spells to make prowess worth it, and there isn't enough non-combat damage for the ability to have much impact. If you keep it in, add more spells that do damage; Magma Spray and other red spells.

The Human synergy can't be over looked and should probably be exploited by playing cards like Metallic Mimic and Thalia's Lieutenant. If you run 31 creatures they should interact with each other by being tribal. Falkenrath Gorger is the only Vampire. Probably cut it. Bloodlust Inciter is super cheap and a decent 1 drop. It's human. It gives haste. It's a budget add that has to be considered.

Another notable budget human is Lone Rider  Flip. It plays well with Blessed Alliance and Authority of the Consuls.

And the most obvious add for exert and white is Always Watching .

Because you have Hazoret you're looking to empty your hand so Needle Spires is a good land to run. It's a land. It's a double strike creature when you need one. Also, Hanweir Battlements is totally worth it for the haste ability. If you stick in the battlement, stick in the Hanweir Garrison. It adds tokens when it attacks and flips late game to finish with style.

Hopefully these ideas help. There should be enough variety to suit your play style and you won't have to copy//paste your FNM deck. GL-HF

puetypoo on Exerted Champions

1 week ago

given the current meta, I would say Manglehorn would be a good sideboard addition just to put a pause on Aetherworks Marvel. Also maybe Fling and Kari Zev's Expertise is just a fun combo. Also maybe consider Bloodlust Inciter to get that Champion of Rhonas an instant exert activation. I'm not really sure what to offer to help against aggro, you may just have to hope you can beat face before aggro gets going or maybe some removal like Insult to go along with Fling.

ROUROU on Amonkhet Minotaurs

1 week ago

prophet666 You have to be relentless and win as soon as possible, because of the control decks. The haste given by the Bloodlust Inciter is very good in a general way, buuuuuuut the cutthroat, takes advantage of a board wipe. this alone, means that even though we might not have an answer to a wipe, like other colours do ( Eerie Interlude , Cancel etc ) , we can be happy to see our creatures destroyed and our opponents lose chunks of life. Zulaport, is one of the irreplacable cards in this deck xD

godzilla080 on Thalia's and friends (Naya Edition)

1 week ago

I was REALLY excited to test this deck! It's my colors and it's my style. In testing it I feel like there are a few holes. It doesn't have a nice curve to start with. You go from essentially 2 drops to 5 or 7 drops really (as far as the draws went for the 10 games I tested with). It feels like Naya Bears but very little synergy. I was excited for Khenra Charioteer but in testing I found myself not wanting to cast it most of the time due to wanting to get human synergies with all of my bears or to get Rhonas the Indomitable down. Turns 3-5 when I could cast it I would want to vomit all of my humans instead. I'd look into Bloodlust Inciter if your going to have red. It can get bigger with Thalia's Lieutenant and can give you a huge boost turn 3 or 4 which feels like where this deck wants to be. It also has a fun synergy with Honored Crop-Captain as she can come down and pump your team on the same turn. I absolutely LOVE Sigarda, Heron's Grace and would put 3 of her in as a top end. That just hoses your opponents if they've been waiting to use removal instead is favor of developing their board state for defense. She also dodges 2 of the most commonly used removal in the format Fatal Push and Grasp of Darkness. This deck REALLY feels like it wants a 1 drop on turn 1 and to see an Always Watching so i'd increase both of those numbers to 4 and 8 with the Blootlust Inciters. Sorry for the Novel but I REALLY like this deck and feel it could be GREAT with a few tweaks! Good Luck and let me know how you do at game day!

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