Force Spike


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Common
Masters Edition III Common
Seventh Edition Common
Fifth Edition Common
Legends Common
Promo Set Rare

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Force Spike


Counter target spell unless its controller pays .

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Force Spike Discussion

the.beanpole on Bird Fish Delver

1 week ago

Sygg, River Cutthroat seems a little "cute" here. Only Copter and Delver turn it on. I'd cut it for something that provides more consistent advantage like Snapcaster Mage if that fits in your budget. There are also just other creatures that would seem to fit the theme better: Martyr of Frost, Mausoleum Wanderer (even just as a Force Spike that crews Smuggler's Copter), Augur of Bolas, Fathom Seer, Grimoire Thief, Stratus Dancer, or Wharf Infiltrator.

You could also just run Deprive. It's almost Counterspell (which is always good in mono-blue) and picking up an extra land that you can loot away with Baral on an otherwise empty hand if you need to can likely be useful.

Yuri200X on Modern Blue White Tempo

1 month ago

dude, there are 3 ilegal cards: Daze, Force Spike and Swords to Plowshares... they are valid in legacy, not modern.

But you can replace them... unfortunately Daze doesn't have an equivalent in modern. But the other 2 have:

Also you could enhance your mana base with Wanderwine Hub and a couple Hallowed Fountains.

And I think Phantasmal Image would be a nice addition.

What do you think of Aether Vial, it's quite common in Merfolk decks as well as Cavern of Souls.

There's also Cosi's Trickster that becomes very good in a meta full of fetchlands and tutors.

Ryknow on Putting the "No" in "Mono-blue"

1 month ago


Sol Ring is sadly banned in Duel (and Leviathan) Commander;

I do know and like Knowledge Pool, in fact I plan to add it to the deck when I'll buy one;

Opt is actually a good cantrip, but I guess i could just replace it with something like Preordain, Serum Visions or Gitaxian Probe (Peek?);

Cancel is there just as another counterspell as I have nothing better in my collection (I know Dissipate and Dissolve exist);

Force Spike as been really good against fast decks or just when my opponent tap out to cast a spell, I assure you! I could replace it with Daze, but I don't own one;

I don't like Niblis of Frost here and I'm not even sure there's something I could remove to make some space for it;

I really like Isochron Scepter and it has been put on my acquire list!

Thanks for commenting!

Daedalus19876 on Putting the "No" in "Mono-blue"

1 month ago

So, a few suggestions:

  • Needs a Sol Ring. I'd put it in over a land.

  • You might like Knowledge Pool; it's a complete lock with Teferi on the field (because they simply cannot play spells).

  • I'd almost never play Opt, Cancel, or Force Spike. There are simply better counterspells.

  • Niblis of Frost seems good with this many instants and sorceries.

  • Isochron Scepter is a must with that many two-mana instants.

Happy deckbuilding! :)

UpsetYoMama on Multiplayer EDH as the Mono ...

1 month ago

Bluffing is huge. Free counterspells like Force of Will, Pact of Negation, and Daze all factor into the political game. Once they know you have them, people are more likely to tread carefully.

Form alliances. Guarantee a player that you won't counter spells that don't win them the game on the spot. Don't counter small things that don't matter. It's tempting to counter someone's Sol Ring with a t1 Force Spike or Stifle a fetch, but don't.

Also, try to play some creative blue cards as well, that players either haven't seen before, help everyone, or create interesting interactions in the game. Things like Dream Halls or Dictate of Kruphix.

I usually don't play mono-blue, but I have some EDH decks with a lot of counterspells in them, so that's my advice.

ArmyJM07 on UR prowess sideboard counterspell

2 months ago

Yes, Stubborn Denial is only going to work for you provided you can consistently increase the power of your creatures to 4 or greater otherwise stubborn denial is just a worse Force Spike. Negate is a fail safe, Spell Pierce would be great if you can consistently kill them by turn 6ish. There is no catch all unless you run hard counters, Remand might be something to consider as it replaces itself Izzet Charm is versatile, Spell Snare is very conditional, as well as several others.

Bovine073 on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 months ago

Ohthenoises, Force Spike is one mana? Am I missing something?

MindAblaze on Witty Retort

2 months ago

Even with a tax of it's a Spell Pierce that replaces itself. Too strong. A more limited Force Spike that cantrips might be a more reasonable power level.

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