Force Spike


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Common
Masters Edition III Common
Seventh Edition Common
Fifth Edition Common
Legends Common
Promo Set Rare

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Force Spike


Counter target spell unless its controller pays .

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Force Spike Discussion

enpc on "Does it res-" "COUNTERSPELL!"

3 days ago

Cards like Force Spike are typically not that good in commander. Especially with your commander, you may ad well run Miscalculation which will do more work.

You need more ramp. Like, early game ramp. Sol Ring is a must, but Fellwar Stone, Thought Vessel etc. are all good. You want to get a bit of ramp advantage in the first turn or two and then for turn 3 onwards you want to start countering stuff.

As for the number of counterspells, this is somewhat inversely proportional to how fast you can deploy you win condition. Also remember, you don't need to counter every spell. Target prioritisation is super important when it comes to playing control decks. Sometimes you're better off letting the big stompy thing resolve because you know it won't be pointed at you for a few turns. So to answer your question about how many conterspells, it varies. But I've found that with decent card advantage, ~13 works well (the full removal suite is somewhere around the 20 card mark).

Lame_Duck on Censor good enough for Grixis ...

1 week ago

It's worth a test but I doubt it. Being able to cycle away a dead conditional counter in the late game is good but the Force Spike effect is not just slightly worse than Mana Leak, it's way worse. Censor becomes dead as a counterspell so quickly, it's infinitely easier for the opponent to play around - particularly in Modern where a lot of powerful cards are very cheap to cast (Death's Shadow, Tarmogoyf, Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile etc.) - and in a deck like Delver where you're trying to pressure them enough that they don't have time to play around your conditional spells Leak plays into that strategy much better than Censor. Basically, they're as good as each other in the early game when the opponent is curving out and Censor is much better in the late game when both players have lots of extra mana to play with but Mana Leak is significantly better in the mid game when your opponent has a little bit of extra mana to use, you actively need to be disrupting what they're doing and when cycling a card for is actually kind of inefficient thing for the Delver deck to be doing with its mana.

TrueTribal on Baral - You Will Comply

1 week ago

Just saying, the link in your description doesn't work. I'm not sure if you want more counterspells, but here are a few that I like: Force Spike, Mana Leak and Spell Pierce. Cryptic Command is also a very powerful model spell, if you have it.

n0bunga on Breya: The Last Metalbender

2 weeks ago

Nicely done with the trades! But yeah man, delay is great. At it's best you've "suspended" a hard counter that was trying to respond to something of yours. So once that final time counter removes on their upkeep, it's forced to cast and fizzle.

At its "worst" you've timewalked their general, or menacing creature for a few turns. The downside here is they gain haste.

Other than that, Countersquall isn't necessarily budget, but it's fairly effective in storm decks. The added life drain is cute. Dromar's Charm is VERY resource restrictive. But they're all within the colours of Breya. Force Spike is White Mana Tithe. Absorb is another hard counter that is very resource dependent - less than Dromar, and there's the cute life gain that's usually inconsequential. Memory Lapse is another timewalk that stalls your opponent. And if you're okay with 4 mana counters, Rewind is technically free.

EDHTest on Saint Traft's Vengeance -- Duel Commander

2 weeks ago

One of the strongest aspect of playing GoST in duel commander are the artifacts that can allow you to cast him on turn 2. Ramps after that are not that important.

Consider things like:1. Jeweled Amulet almost 0 reasons not having it. Allows T2 traft is a huge threat clock before most counterspells are ready.2. Mox Diamond3. Chrome Mox

On the latest update, duel commander starts at 20 life and very likely, you'll encounter more burn decks (Zurgo, Vial/X) which has crazy low curve. Stock up on your low cmc counterspells such as below (no 1-3 almost nearly mandatory)1. Mana Tithe2. Force Spike3. Spell Snare4. Spell Pierce5. Blue Elemental Blast or Hydroblast if Zurgo is plaguing your meta

Lastly, I think your land count is very low. In DC, tempo decks generally do not want to miss land drop + threat in the first 4 turns, which means they usually play 39-40 lands and no ramp before 0 mana.

Remember, turn 2 dropping signet means 1 turn skipped of not dropping threat and not keeping your counterspell mana open.

infinitelennies on Hope I'm Not BUGGING you

3 weeks ago

Thanks for commenting so many times and creating the illusion that people are actually talking about this deck lol.

My reasoning for playing Stubborn Denial is this: Force Spikeing things people play turn 1-2 is still usually going to counter them. Plus a good 70% of the time I'm needing the card as a "Counter your removal spell targeting Tasigur" or something like that. If anything, I want to add in more creatures to trigger Ferocious. And I've seen RUG lists playing Denial with only eight creatures that trigger ferocious.

I understand that Ceremonious Rejection costs one mana, and I understand how big a deal that is. But like I said, it doesn't counter the shenanigans of TitanShift, plus you need to realize Disdainful Stroke helps shore up the fact that I usually can't do anything about big permanents. "Spells that cost more than four" represents a lot more things that will kill me than "Spells that are colorless". That's how I look at it.Without Disdainful Stroke I'll lose to a fringe jank not-viable-in-Modern Dragon tribal deck I get matched up with for game one, or something like that. I'd honestly rather lose to Affinity than lose to Dragon Tribal.

I'm starting to warm up to the idea of putting Snapcaster Mage back in. I am 100% sure this deck needs more creatures. I'm not playing more than two though.

GabeCubed on delver in the sky (casual & budget mtg deck)

3 weeks ago

I am a huge UR lover. Here's my two cents:

Spell Snare, Spell Pierce, Disrupting Shoal (aka Poor man's Force of Will), Counterspell, Mana Leak, and Remand are all decent counters you should consider. (Force Spike is there if you want to be funny).

You are gonna need some fetches and Steam Vents (I get these are more expensive, but a lot of those are necessary to help. Brainstorm is probably the best card out there, and you need some fetches).

I'd also up the amount of Thought Scour you have. It's better than Preordain in a T-Cruise list.

Price of Progress and Gush are awesome cards, if you can fit them it.

Honestly, many of the things that would help your deck more are going to cost money, which is unfortunate (I like to go budget too).

Hope that helps, at least a little bit.

Boza on Replacing Reef Shaman for a ...

1 month ago

Really? In Legacy even? Where non-creature spells are much more prevalent and having a Force Spike on a stick is incredibly powerful?

There is no better option at that spot than Cursecatcher - it is the second most potent creature in the deck (after Silvergill Adept) and gives you the all important "awesome thing to do with your Aether Vial on 1 counter"

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