Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 Uncommon
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Uncommon
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Magic 2014
Seventh Edition Uncommon
Battle Royale Box Set Uncommon
Urza's Legacy Uncommon

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Target player draws four cards.

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Opportunity Discussion

DarkLaw on Commander 2017 - Spoilers

5 days ago

Decklists are up. I don't think that any deck is stellar, but they're all great- nothing more, nothing less. There are some really odd choices (Apprentice Wizard? Opportunity?), though these are more than compensated for by some really good reprints (Utvara Hellkite, Decree of Pain, Mirari's Wake, etc.).

I'm probably just picking up dragons and wizards, as well as perhaps a Mirari's Wake by itself.

By the way, looking at the manabase foe dragons made me chuckle. Aside from the obvious (Command Tower, Path of Ancestry), it's really simple. One of each tri, one of each vivid, 3 of each basic, except mountains of which there are twice as much.

Hyperalgialysis on Tokemon *Budget* Temmet EDH

1 week ago

Your maybe board looks like one awesome deck. Your main would greatly benefit from including bits of it. Regardless, if you want to keep it under $50 I will try and offer some budget options you may not have considered. Quicksilver Gargantuan is a great Clone and pairs really well with Stolen Identity. Identity Thief is awesome with etb effects. I also like Sram's Expertise, Servo Exhibition and Raise the Alarm all solid token makers. If you start seeing some value in adding more instant and sorcery spells, Talrand, The Sky Summoner and Talrand's Invocation are both solid in that type of strategy. I did see the incovation in the maybe board but if talrand makes it in the invoaction is good too. Elspeth, Knight-Errant starts to get out of price range but is so good I had to mention her. A few good board wipes are Descend upon the Sinful Planar Outburst and Planar Cleansing. The cleansing makes your opponents so sad cause it hits mana rocks too. Judge's Familiar Spiketail Hatchling Spiketail Drakeling and Spiketail Drake are all good targets for copy effects and give that extra value since they are counterspells on a stick, and they fly! One last good thing to cover would be draw. Since you are lacking a little, Jace's Ingenuity and Opportunity are both great at instant speed and really net a lot of cards for the investment. Mind Spring is really good since it can dig so deep late game. Think Twice Catalog Artificer's Epiphany Tragic Lesson all instant speed and most do not require a discard.

shadow63 on Blue/Black Budget Affinity

2 months ago

I'd use Opportunity over thought cast. It's more mana but you get more cards

AllhydeNoJekyll on Melek the Weird

3 months ago

Hey there! I think there are some ramp cards you should consider that are below the one-dollar mark. Try replacing Pilgrim's Eye and Traveler's Amulet with cards like Commander's Sphere, Darksteel Ingot, etc. This and cared draw are most essential, which blue has a bounty of the latter like Treasure Cruise, Opportunity, and Foresee. Also, there are some cards that are not quite doing enough for what you want in an EDH deck. Consider cutting cards like Magma Jet, Hungry Flames, Izzet Chronarch, Anarchist, etc. and replacing them with other cards that you would want to double with all your copiers such as one great example you have in there, Fireball. For example, Comet Storm would be awesome with this deck style. For removal, consider cards like Reality Shift, Rapid Hybridization, Curse of the Swine, or even Red Sun's Zenith. For retrieval, instead of Feldon's Cane or Elixir of Immortality, consider maybe Spelltwine, Call to Mind, and Pull from the Deep. Rise from the Tides seems like an auto-include as well. Hope this improves your consistency! :)

Zaueski on Grixis Cycling

3 months ago

Mana has been great, I just started playtesting so I've only got about 10 games or so but I have yet to get color screwed Cragon18. As for New Perspectives... I'm still iffy on it. It's really good when I can play it safely but I rarely find myself needing it or wishing I had it. The deck functions really well without it so currently it feels like a strictly worse Opportunity... I think I'm going to cut it for another couple counterspells honestly but I'm still seeing if its worth it. I definitely think it fits way better in a deck like Shadow Perspective Combo (Competitive) than in mine.

The deck has been super fun and it does fairly well against aggro decks so far.

TrueTribal on "That one guy who actually plays blue."

4 months ago

It seems to me like some card draw would be good here. Jace's Ingenuity is 3 cards at instant speed, or Opportunity if you want to commit to six mana.

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