Skyknight Legionnaire

Skyknight Legionnaire

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Creature — Human Knight

Flying, haste

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Skyknight Legionnaire Discussion

Yoshi400x7 on Boros.

1 week ago

Well, first off you need to get rid of Serra Angel, Skyknight Legionnaire, and Wojek Halberdiers and replace them with small creatures like Legion Loyalist, Rakdos Cackler, Spark Trooper, Angel of Jubilation, Archwing Dragon, Hellrider, Lightning Mauler, Silverblade Paladin, Vexing Devil. Just to name a few that you should consider putting into your deck. Also you should put in Aurelia, the Warleader for the extra damage.

ibstudent2200 on 2015-06-18 update of MeAndEr Me

3 weeks ago

shinobigarth, your list is not a good one to test against, because it attacks from an angle that's hard to deal with (aka, direct damage). If we were talking about a control or midrange deck, then playtesting would be informative. However, MeAndEr Me is a pure aggro deck, so it becomes a question of which deck is faster (and on this website, I can only think of about 5 decks that can compete with Howl of the Goblin Horde for speed).

I do think shinobigath's point about lands is correct, though. I would not recommend playing less than 20 lands if you want to consistently play 3-drops on turn 3, and would default to playing 22-23 lands. Playing Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse would let you thin your deck of lands, and Boros Guildgate and Wind-Scarred Crag help with color-fixing. You could also consider shifting the deck to favor one color more heavily (especially with 1-drops), which would let you shift your mana base to make your early drops easier to cast.

If you want to implement the changes I suggested earlier, Bomber Corps is a fairly obvious cut. We're in an era where 3/2's that cost 2 mana (like Gore-House Chainwalker) can be printed at common, so a 1/2 is awful in comparison. Even if you can ping a single creature every turn, that's still not very impressive. Most creatures have more than 1 toughness, so clearing out blockers with Bomber Corps just isn't going to happen. You could also cut Skyknight Legionnaire. It costs the same as your Noble, and after you play your Noble, you'll want to spend your mana casting spells that trigger Heroic rather than playing more creatures. Blades of Velis Vel can just replace Rouse the Mob, since you're never going to target more than 2 creatures with Rouse the Mob. As for the other suggestions, test to see what cards are underperforming or are hard to cast. I'm suspicious that your creatures might be too clunky to be effective, but I haven't tested enough to be certain.

The_Dragonmaster on Boros Army

4 weeks ago

switch the format to modern. Okay, I would remove 2 Wojek Halberdiers and put tajic and aurelia up to 3x. Fortress Cyclops doesn't have too much of a place in here so remove him to cap Boros Elite and Boros Reckoner at 4. Skyknight Legionnaire can be replaced by Goblin Rabblemaster, and I think that's it. +1!

Dennis14 on Win Hard: Or Die Trying (Akroan Style)

1 month ago

Also what about Boros Reckoner or Skyknight Legionnaire or Mirran Crusader for this deck ? (Possibbly instead of a copy of Boros Swiftblade and a copy of Anax and Cymede )

And maybe Lightning Helix instead of Lightning Bolt ?

Can Legion's Initiative work in this deck ?

Ghul on Ten Dollar Boros (comments greatly appreciated)

2 months ago

I would drop 2x Foundry Champion, the 3x Sunhome Guildmage, one Firemane Avenger and one Anax and Cymede.
Instead try 3x Skyknight Legionnaire, 2x Viashino Firstblade and 2x Tajic, Blade of the Legion.

That would push the power level big times, while still remaining budget and in line with the boros theme. If Tajic is too expensive for you, maybe consider 2x Boros Charm instead.

tallsparrow on Boros Pests

2 months ago

Hmmm...Boros flying creatures with R/W in the mana cost are going to be rare (you pretty much have all of them already).

Also looks like you have a lot of cards in your deck (66, with 60 being the best optimal target for consistency). There are a lot of fun options with flyers in mono-R or mono-W, would you want to explore those? If not, I would cut a lot of your big creatures to just 1x, go to 4x Skyknight Legionnaire and drop -2 Moonhold. Boros is going to be all about punch-punch-punch as much, as hard, and as quickly as possible.

kameenook on Pink Deck Wins

3 months ago

A couple of things, first off, why did you not want to run Chandra's Phoenix? It seems all upside over Skyknight Legionnaire.

@CocoCrispy1337: The Flagstones don't quite work like that, while you will be able to fetch a Sacred Foundry, if you shock yourself, it won't do any good, it will just prevent the Sacred Foundry from entering tapped by its own ability, the Flagstones will still make it enter tapped.

auzzie2009 on Burny Boros Dudes that love to draw cards!

3 months ago

I would drop the Doomed Traveler, but creaturewise maybe Legion Loyalist or Skyknight Legionnaire. Spells maybe Hammerhand, Lightning Helix,Boros Charm

Power / Toughness 2/2
Color(s) Red White
Cost 1WR
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 1.32
Avg. cube pick 6.51


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common
Ravnica: City of Guilds Common

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