Sunhome Guildmage


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Sunhome Guildmage

Creature — Human Wizard

1RW: Creatures you control get +1/+0 until end of turn.2RW: Put a 1/1 red and white Soldier creature token with haste onto the battlefield.

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Sunhome Guildmage Discussion

Gidgetimer on Infinite combat phases

3 months ago

So I realized halfway through this that the tokens would have to connect but decided to finish because I was already committed to it. Most of those also assume an evasive creature to copy in order to work. I have gone back through and bolded the ones I think could actually work. Mana from creatures could be Bear Umbra, Savage Ventmaw, or mana dorks.

Novesone on Dark Justice

7 months ago

Nice, deck, though dont you think there are only 4 copies of your main wincon of your deck and mostly whole deck is based about it. I would add Rain of Gore. It has the same effect as Tainted Remedy does and it doesnt affect you much. Also i would get rid of Burst Lightning for another Lightning Bolt. Selesnya Charm isn't that bad, perhaps you would better use some Boros Charms instead. Sunhome Guildmage does no real effectivity in this deck, and i would get some bigger beatstick like Loxodon Smiter, Boros Reckoner. I think Mizzium Mortars belong to sideboard and some black spotted removal would do better.

Clawed6 on Outer Reel

8 months ago

I see in your maybe list are 4 Lightning Bolt and 4 Path to Exile. A RW deck has to have a really good reason not to run those 8. The bolts can supplement your damage if need be and you need someway to deal with flyers and large creatures as tokens won't do it. And gives you a turn 1 play (Bolt - of course want to avoid using Path) which your deck is lacking.

I would remove Hellion Eruption and Aurelia, the Warleader which are too costly at 6. Drop 2 Nobilis of War as again costly and doesn't help on defence. Drop 3 Sunhome Guildmage - you are overloaded at CMC=2 spells (you have 17) and the other spells are stronger with your token gameplan - alternative is drop 1 Sunhome Guildmage and 2 Legion's Initiative (move those to sideboard for Control). Drop 1 Ogre Battledriver to reduce the level of concentration at CMC 4. That then gives you the 8 spots for the new spells to add in, and drops the average CMC from the current high level of 3.33.

nanotime on Double Strike Aggro Deck (Sub 15$)

10 months ago

I like the idea here, a heroic deck isn't bad, but i think that this Deck is silly unbalanced.

First of all you don't have the correct amount of some spells:

  1. Weapon Surge & Dynacharge are a nice bet if you overload them and have more than one heroic creature in your battlefield. You need x3 of both.

  2. Righteousness, Defiant Strike and Test of Faith are (in my opinion) useless here, i would put x3 Boros Charm.

  3. I think that you need at least x3 Lightning Strike and remove one Titan's Strength.

That was only in the instant part, but in the creatures you have a little disorder too xD (as always, this is just my opinion).

  1. Anax and Cymede x4 is a waste, you are limited to a 1 in the battlefield because is Legendary. I think that x2 are more accurate.

  2. The Boros Guildmage is a nice card, but you only need x3.

  3. For me Sunhome Guildmage and Labyrinth Champion are completly useless here. Labyrinth Champion is too heavy and cant be returned by Tethmos High Priest and Sunhome Guildmage is overshadowed by Boros Guildmage.

The Satyr Hoplite perfectly fit in this deck, and I would also put Monastery Swiftspear here, both on x3 sets.

Anyway, this is just my vision of this deck, in any case, nice job ;)

KotetsuRedwood on Minesweeper Champions

11 months ago

I'd personally cut the two vivid lands for 2 basics - maybe cut some of the other ability lands as well. Looming Spires, Teetering Peaks and Sandstone Bridge might serve you better as basics that come in untapped. However, maybe playing Retreat to Emeria and/or Retreat to Valakut would possibly be an idea?

2 life isn't a whole lot on Kabira Crossroads, either - It's just a 20th of your starting life total. Other sources of life gain might be better - especially, say, a Loxodon Warhammer. Giving Tajic trample and lifelink as well as a bit of extra power can't be denied.

Another good thing to slap onto Tajic (or anything, to be fair!) is a Chariot of Victory. Those keywords are so good. Avarice Amulet might be worth considering, because, hey, Tajic's never gonna die, gives him vigilance to allow him to block with his indestructibility, some power, and even some card draw on top of that, something that R/W tends to struggle with in commander.

Another card to help with card draw would probably be Mentor of the Meek. You're going to be playing so many little creatures, so why not add 1 mana to draw a card? Works even nicer with token producers, too.

Some other cards worth considering are Mobilization to get a steady flow of soldiers from spare mana, Sunhome Guildmage does the same and allows you to get more power when swinging with a lot of creatures.

I've never been too good with cutting down cards, but I'd probably cut Goblin Piledriver since you don't really have enough goblins to make it worth playing, Konda, Lord of Eiganjo because as neat as he seems, he's just a 3/3 for 7 most of the time, and I've never really personally liked Preeminent Captain, even in a soldier tribal deck. Seems good on paper, but in my experience with playing it, it's just underwhelming.