Blossoming Defense


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Blossoming Defense


Target creature you control gets +2/+2 and gains hexproof until end of turn.

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Blossoming Defense Discussion

SharpInclude on It's Not Thragtusk, It's Mean and It's Green!

11 hours ago


So, if your LGS has a lot of aggro players, you should add Kitchen Finks. If you want to keep the deck budget, maybe Life Goes On.

Anyways, Ranger's Guile should be replaced by Blossoming Defense, which is just a better card.

Since you are running a sub theme of plus one plus one counters, Experiment One is good, and Avatar of the Resolute also works well. Dismember is awesome for removal. Hardened Scales would help boost the plus one plus on scheme if you choose to go into it.

You are also running some pretty big cards, and I think that Utopia Sprawl would really fit the deck well. It combos amazingly well with Arbor Elf.

Increasing Savagery is pretty spicy, but since you are running mono green, I think you should throw in Aspect of Hydra. It's really cheap (mana and money) and is increasingly useful late game. You could also take out 4 forests for 4 Hashep Oasis, which can pump your creatures if you run out of action in your hand.

Anyways, cool deck and good luck


23 hours ago

Why Abundant Growth and Unbridled Growth, you don't need to fix your mana as you're mono green.Maybe Gladecover Scout would be a good addition to this deck. Also Blossoming Defense is just a strictly better than Ranger's Guile

BeaudaciousGiebs on Monumental Merfolk

1 day ago

@walnutsmb Honestly a pretty good idea, don't know why I hadn't put it in already. I guess I made this before realizing the awesome power of Blossoming Defense and haven't tampered since. Will make adjustments now!

walnutsmb on Monumental Merfolk

1 day ago

Hey, really like the deck. Looks like it could go underneath opponents. Have you considered Blossoming Defense.

Salmonman1064 on Budget Dinos (~$15)

1 day ago

Lands and sideboard aren't included in my 8 dollar claim, obviously the 2 Rootbound Crag alone account for another 8 dollars and the 4 Blossoming Defense in the side are about a buck each right now. I personally own all 6 of those cards so I put them in the list for my own reference, however the deck functions perfectly fine as an 8 dollar deck with only basics and no sideboard.

kikkervisje on ixalan merfolk

3 days ago

UPDATE!i got the cards last week, gonna try with and without River Sneak. put them in de side deck for now if sneakyness is required. still trying to decide between Blossoming Defense and Dive Down. River Heralds' Boon is a stay but for beefy decks extra combat tricks are welcome. dive down's main adavantage is it only costs one blue sharing with Opt and Spell Pierce so you only need to keep open one blue instead of one blue and one green for blossoming defense. blossoming defense however has 2+/+2 instead of +0/+3 making it more aggresive and able to take out bigger creatures. still a little uncertain about Deeproot Waters. also, do i need flying defense? do Shaper Apprentice and One With the Wind deserve side deck spots? Shapers of Nature seem nice, but i'm hoping to win before late game arrives so i think it will slow the deck down too much. but i could try and see if it works :). got 2 Spell Pierce and 2 Opt maindecked now but doubting which one is better, need 4 of each in side deck anyways for spell heavy deck protection or extra searchpower but which one deserves the main deck spot O: ?also adjusted lands to match new mana base (almost exactly 50/50 now xD)

also, thanks for the advice

deepon on Go Big Green

5 days ago

I have a few suggestions for this deck.

Sticking with mono-green, Dungrove Elder and Primeval Titan synergize immensely. You can play Dungrove as early as turn 2 with 2 Forests and a mana dork and it just gets stronger and stronger as you play. Find a way to get Prime Time out quick, going over that in a bit, and you instantly power up Dungrove with 2 forests hitting the field when Prime Time is played.

Sticking with Prime Time, his ability also works with Nykthos since it the ability states that any land card can be searched for and placed on the battlefield tapped. Mana ramping lets you get the Prime Time out faster i.e. Search for Tomorrow, Explosive Vegetation, Skyshroud Claim and Nature's Lore if you are sticking with Casual format.

I love Mwonvuli Beast Tracker for the card search ability. I stick stick with 4 of those and 1 or 2 of the bombs that you want to draw out like Rhonas or Gearhulk. In fact, make sure the only creatures you run have the searchable abilities like hexproof, reach, deathtouch and trample sans multiple Beast Trackers and mana dorks.

I like some of the creatures you have listed like the Hornet Queen because you utilize the tokens it makes AND the 3 devotion you get towards using Nykthos. A REALLY good devotion card like Khalni Hydra is a good game ender because unless it gets removed, you can literally summon anything in your deck at that point plus with running mono-green creatures, its super easy to summon with just your forests.

The only instants you should keep at this point are Giant Growth if you really want to make stuff bigger but I think a better sweeper would be Nylea, God of the Hunt. You could run 2-3 of these because it you can use it as a enchantment to give everything on your side of the field trample plus if you have the devotion (and it counts itself too) you have low costing 6/6 Indestructible which can only be removed with exile.

The true instants that every green deck will need is Beast Within for literally the best green spot removal in the game or to troll your opponent, Snakeform. Other instants are to protect your your field and your face. Heroic Intervention, Blossoming Defense, Ranger's Guile all protect your creatures from either a boardwipe or targeting with exile spells. Tower Defense is for protecting YOU from taking damage from flyers because that is one of the biggest weaknesses of mono-green. Clip Wings is good to take out big bad flyers like dragons and angels.

Rancor is ok if you aren't going to run other trample creatures or Nylea but unless its 4 of, I think its not all that great tbh.

Not sure if you want Planeswalkers but if you do, Garruk Wildspeaker is great for ramping and Garruk, Primal Hunter is good for getting card draw/creatures played and both have a win-con with their ulti. Similar win-cons are Overwhelming Stampede or Overrun.

Hopes this helps! +1

danielmaher420 on Cat zombies?

5 days ago

Hey! Looks good as a strating point! Solemnity is a little slow to be a real answer to the energy decks in the format and I'd almost recommend trying to just stay more aggressive than they are! Hashep Oasis is defiently still very powerful in combination with Adorned Pouncer and I would defiently suggest keeping some! Gideon, Martial Paragon is okay but honestly, I'd say you're better off with more creatures, Resilient Khenra is very strong and would recommend up-in the amount you have of him. Lastly Heroic Intervention whilst powerful vs cards like Fumigate + Sweltering Suns is a little worse in the main board in most situations vs Blossoming Defense (which allows you to be more aggressive aswell) Id recommend trying to move the interventions to the side and fitting Defenses in instead.All in all its a fun/good list that won't embarrass you at all! Very powerful cards in here that'll win you a lot of games!

If you're looking for other standard decks to try I have a few up that are p fun and powerful (I at least hope so haha)

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