Pacification Array


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Pacification Array


, : Tap target artifact or creature.

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Pacification Array Discussion

lagotripha on My First Mono Green Standard

3 days ago

I wouldn't bother. I'm not super familiar with standard, but in more casual formats card variety and a good curve makes for a more fun game rather than bothering with deck thinning and large card multiples. Just make sure you have spells you can cast and want to cast each turn, and in such an aggressive, low cmc deck consider more stuff like Implement of Ferocity over stuff like Pacification Array- you're trying to beat down your foe, so Hidden Herbalists and similar cards that let you get your hand to the field asap, and things to protect them like Blossoming Defense will be your best bet.

Bano42 on Izzet Improvise

1 week ago

Nice deck!

Do you feel that the 3 copies of Tezzeret's Touch makes the deck feel clunky to you? I feel like this is a card that I would never want to play bc I would want my mana for a Rebuke or Reverse Engineer or even the Pacification Array.

shagg on G/U/R Pummeler

1 week ago

I'm on the fence over whether of not the red splash is worth it. Built to Smash is nice and all, and I guess between Aether Hub and all the dual lands, you won't get screwed .... usually. Personally, while trample is nice, I would rather use something to prevent blocking rather than trying to get Trample on Electrostatic Pummeler. Key to the City is perfect for this, and it's reusable so you can abort and save your instant speed buffs and energy if your opponent does something unexpected.

I also feel Empyreal Voyager won't be producing much energy for you, and you're mostly creatures already. I'd consider switching them out for some Glimmer of Genius, instant speed card draw and energy has a lot of good uses in this kind of deck. Also, a couple Inventors' Fair are great for tutoring for Electrostatic Pummeler, whether you haven't drawn one yet or just need the energy. Also consider the fact that you're going to be storing up energy and most likely using 6+ energy at a time. In my opinion, this makes Greenbelt Rampager fairly ineffective as it's really only good for that first energy counter. And if all goes well, you shouldn't go back down to 0 energy without killing your opponent.

Basically, I feel these decks are better off committing to 1 speed and running with it, either sorcery speed w/ trample, or instant speed and Key to the City or Slip Through Space or even Pacification Array. You also need some protection from removal and counterspells. Blossoming Defense works great against removal, but I'd mainboard Negate too so you have a chance against counterspells.

NicholsGT on Izzet Improvise

1 week ago

I could see the Pacification Array maybe but the Stitcher's Graft performs exceptionally well especially with Cathar's Shield(the vigilance really put Stitcher's over the top) I was thinking of removing the 3 Battle at the Bridge for Tezzeret's Touch and really just slam out the aggro. But thanks for the upvote and feedback its greatly appreciated!!

RumAndCoke on Izzet Improvise

1 week ago

I'd recommend dropping both of the Stitcher's Graft and one Pacification Array to include Tezzeret's Touch.

Tez's Touch would be bonkers with your current build. Turning a Servo Schematic into a 5/5 creature is awesome.

Also, have you had any difficulties with only running 17 land? I run 20 land in my aggro build and still sometimes get flooded out

NicholsGT on Izzet Improvise

1 week ago

Updated the deck!

Last FNM (2-10-2017) I went 3-1-1 which isn't bad and landed me in 4th! But after that night I learned a few things.

--I don't need 4 copies of Battle at the Bridge. I found that I don't need to see it that often and one now and then is more than enough, but it is very good against aggro as most life gain and spot removal is. I found that my creatures very quickly out classed their creatures very often and I usually have a Pacification Array or two at the ready for anything that got bigger than my creatures. So I took Battle at the Bridge from 4 copies down to 3.

--Herald of Anguish was painfully disappointing :(. The creature is good no question but very often I just used this guy to fish out counters which is useful for ensuring I resolved a Bastion Inventor (which was the true all star see next point) but sometimes that didn't work just because I took so much resources to cast I couldn't cast anything else typically on the same turn. So I removed Herald of Anguish and replaced him with a 3 of Gearseeker Serpent to help my chances of casting this and/or a Bastion Inventor.

--Bastion Inventor... to be blunt this guy was a straight up ass kicker especially with hexproof, Cathar's Shield and Stitcher's Graft. If got this guy with the named equipment on him it was generally GG and dropping this guy on turn 3 meant game over for control decks. So if your going to do improvise I strongly recommend this creature

--18 land funny enough is too much lol, so I went down to 17 to open up a spot in deck for more threats.

--Lastly I found in many games that I would be just waiting for a real game ender so I decided with the open spot from land reduction and the reduction of Battle at the Bridge I added 3 Barricade Breaker to the list to try and put more threats in the deck.

So there are some highlights of what I have learned and look forward to getting more games in to see how the changes work out. And as always feedback is more than welcome!

EsperHanuman on UR Colossus [Aether Revolt splash]

1 week ago

Standard Game Day 02.111st game 1-2 loss vs Aetherworks Marvel (Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger+Kozilek, the Great Distortion)

2nd game 0-2 loss vs Mardu Vehicles

3rd game 2-0 win vs Mardu Vehicles

4th game 1-2 loss vs UR Counter Burn (Torrential Gearhulk)

5th game 0-2 loss vs Mardu Vehicles (Unlicensed Disintegration)

Conclusion: Need Elder Deep-Fiend, remove most of the red splash replace with counters and Pacification Array rocks!! :)

jimmynitos on Depala, de pilot of de dwarves

1 week ago

Cogwork Assembler ability is useless, due to how fast the games are in Tiny Leaders. I would cut Foundry Inspector for some better creature as well.

In red you could use Vandalblast to deal with artifacts, but if you're fine with Destructive Tampering, that's ok. Consulate Dreadnought crew cost is too high and Pacification Array don't worth a slot, imho. Put some removal or burn spells in there. Same with Welding Sparks, a Lightning Bolt or a Lightning Strike are better 'cause they can reach your opponent life. Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light and Journey to Nowhere are better removals that the ones you are using, but a Path to Exile and a Swords to Plowshares are best options.

From your maybeboard, Sin Prodder is an excellent card, but you should consider Mentor of the Meek. The manabase can be improved and I would put one more land in there, the average CMC is too high, but it's optional.

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