Pacification Array


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Pacification Array


, : Tap target artifact or creature.

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Pacification Array Discussion

DanaBarrosReincarnate on Bad Touch! Or is it?

9 hours ago

why not run a more consistent # of the cards that synergize the most efficiently with Tezzeret's Touch/Mechanized Production?

i'd add: 2x Ornithopter, 2x Contraband Kingpin, 3x Foundry Inspector, 4x Scrapheap Scrounger, 1x Herald of Anguish, 1x Inspiring Statuary, 1x Reverse Engineer, 1x Pacification Array, 4x Fatal Push, 2x Battle at the Bridge, 2x Metalspinner's Puzzleknot, 2x Yahenni's Expertise, 1x Scrap Trawler

& take out: 4x Dhund Operative, 1x Pendulum of Patterns, 1x Walking Ballista, 2x Treasure Keeper, 4x Tezzeret's Simulacrum, 1x Essence Extraction & cut the land down to 22 or 23. the curve might not be perfect, but it's a start at least lol

Atony1400 on Budget STANDARD STORM

12 hours ago

Pacification Array and Treasure Keeper? One gives you a cascade trigger, the other helps with cat combo, and they both help you improvise.

kts777 on Whir of Skysovereign

4 days ago

I saw the decklist this week. I really like it.nice deck. I just played 2 leagues with the deck and the record is 7-3.not bad.I almost persuaded a friend of mine who like Pacification Array used the deck in gp this week.he used 4c finallyAnother friend of mine used the deckthe same 60 main decklistin a pptq and lost out to a jeskai copy cat semifinal yesterday. it's really powerful and unexpected. many people don't have or just don't know the the correct sideboard to beat the deck.

I think maybe more counter spell such as Negate,Warping Wail,Invasive Surgery,Ceremonious Rejectionin the sideboard?(no Dispel) just because the hate like Release the Gremlins,Fumigateor the ramp deck such as marvel deck we don't want to meet. I like the aggro-control version.

And there are too many mardu ballista and 4c and less b/g. so maybe Battle at the Bridgeis not good now?how about change the color grixis to jeskai[thraben Inspector]is more powerful than Elvish Mystic and maybe we also can use the Servo Exhibition

English is not my local language, I hope u can understand...

FitofRage on Tez touch improv anguish

6 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I'm definitely going to make some substitutions here.... Note that I am working with a limited selection at the moment.


I think I am going to add a couple Weaponcraft Enthusiast, and remove two Pacification Array. I also like to tez touch servo schematic, so when it dies, I get a servo, and can drop it again for yet another servo. So, I might not add any new sac outlets just yet. Good advice, tho. I can't afford Heart of Kiran right now, thanks to the copter ban.

I really like Harsh Scrutiny, but when would you sideboard in that card instead of removal cards?

I don't have any more Tez's, except for a Tezzeret, Master of Metal. I am thinking of taking one Herald of Anguish out and replacing it with this version of Tez. The artifact nuke could definitely give a much needed alternative win condition.


I am worried about the CMC of the Implement of Examination. I might add one, and take out one Metallic Rebuke.


I think I will keep a couple Negate in the sideboard, and will look to see if I have a Lost Legacy. I haven't had any trouble with Reverse Engineer yet, but the scry of Glimmer of Genius is potentially very helpful. Glimmer seems like it's worth a shot.

LithiumHD on Tez touch improv anguish

6 days ago

deck right now looks pretty solid, well done. personally i'd replace one or two of the Pacification Array because having a lot out at one time uses up too much mana having to pay each time you need to just tap a creature. i think Implement of Examination could be a nice replacement. it will add even more card draw to your deck so that you can find your heralds just that much faster. plus if you have a herald out, the implement is a good target to sac anyway.

UnleashedHavok on The Queen and Her Fort!

1 week ago

Pacification Array is pretty solid with Marchesa, as is No Mercy. I don't see Selfless Squire in here and I think that's a must have for Marchesa. I am a fan of deathtouch creatures with her as well, two of my favorites are Gifted Aetherborn and Vampire Nighthawk. Let's see..... Dread is another fantastic card in this type of deck. I'm also planning to use Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief in my deck. Drana is great because she will dual purpose as a fairly strong flyer with the added threat of removing almost anything your opponent(s) try to throw at you.

iglesia777 on UB Artifact Combo (DUELS)

1 week ago

Like the theme. Think you might want closer to 23-24 land. Sunken Hollow would be the best addition. I even like it more than choked estuary as it'll come into play untapped more often.

I like the padeem, might add another. Don't think chief of the foundry is great for you. I'd rather have a Foundry Inspector or two. Would probably drop the Baral as you only have 3 spells in the whole deck that he benefits. Not a huge fan of Servo Schematic or Universal Solvent. I know they're cheap artifacts for improvise. What about Augmenting Automaton, Key to the City Explosive Apparatus Pacification Array Prophetic Prism or maybe even equipment like Captain's Claws. Remember, equipment doesn't tap even when it's creature is attaching.

Good luck!

JerichoDarkstar on Standard League Tezzeret

2 weeks ago

Yeah, sorry about that. I was looking at Murder and not Murder. And I didn't even realize you were over 60.

So, maybe try this.

Take out the 4 Prophetic Prisms because you really don't need the mana fixing. And, you can't tap it to Improvise and get mana of any color.

Take out the 2 Renegade Map because they won't be helping you Improvise at all coming in tap, and they kill themselves to get a land. Once again, you don't need a lot of mana fixing

Take out the 1 Terrarion basically for the same reasons as the other two.

Take out 1 Baral's Expertise. It's not as useful as you would like it to be.

Take out 1 Collective Brutality because I think you can get a better Rare for this slot.

Take out 1 Yahenni's Expertise because unfortunately, this card is probably going to hurt you more than help. All those 1/1 Servo Tokens you make will just straight up die to this.

There's a few other nip and tucks on a few cards that might slow you down. So, I think we could do something like this.

LANDS -- 22

11x Swamp

11x Island


4x Bastion Inventor

3x Cogworker's Puzzleknot

3x Metallic Rebuke

2x Cathar's Shield


2x Ornithopter

2x Contraband Kingpin

2x Tezzeret's Touch

2x Servo Schematic

2x Glimmer of Genius

2x Pacification Array

2x Murder

2x Reverse Engineer

RARE -- 8

1x Battle at the Bridge

1x Confirm Suspicions

1x Padeem, Consul of Innovation

1x Ruinous Path

1x To the Slaughter

1x Syndicate Trafficker --> Great for pumping when you're done Improvising. Also has great synergy with the next card

1x Animation Module --> It pumps out Servos for Improvising and has great synergy with itself and Trafficker from above

1x Inspiring Statuary --> Lets everything take advantage of your Improvising abilities


1x Herald of Anguish

1x Tezzeret the Schemer

That would just be my take on it. I know there's a lot of ways to take this deck, and I think you choose a really good theme for the restrictions.

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