Pacification Array


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Pacification Array


, : Tap target artifact or creature.

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Pacification Array Discussion

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 week ago

Fun game today vs. Omnath, Locus of Mana and Karlov of the Ghost Council. Omnath, Locus of Mana built her board with Snow-Covered Forests and Extraplanar Lens ramp into multiple big stompy creatures, while Karlov of the Ghost Council built his board with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers ramp into Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts and Karlov of the Ghost Council. I played an Acidic Soil to keep everyone wary of counterattack and waiting to see who gets an advantage first. I then ramped with multiple rocks, gained card advantage with Queen Marchesa and Delaying Shield, and eventually played Burning Wish to Insurrection to take out Omnath, Locus of Mana and deal 6 commander damage to Karlov of the Ghost Council with Karlov of the Ghost Council. Karlov of the Ghost Council controlled the board by exiling all the creatures I brought in until I was finally able to play an Act of Aggression on Karlov of the Ghost Council, equipped Sunforger, tapped Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts with Pacification Array, and then Boros Charm'd Karlov of the Ghost Council for 20 more commander damage, winning the game. Crazy game! Both opponents were killed with their own creatures, Karlov of the Ghost Council with commander damage! The addition of Threaten effects has been a good change.

MoGoose831 on Construct Shenanigans - ULTRA BUDGET!!!

3 weeks ago

thanks for the input Wyrmweird

I was looking at both Fiery Temper and Glint-Nest Crane just the other day. Ill have to get them and try them out.

I do like Pacification Array and Edifice of Authority as they would help defend against aggro which is the decks main weakness.

As far as the land recommended I purposefully left them out. This is my Ultra Budget version of the deck both Spirebluff Canal and Wandering Fumarole are definitely in my other version, Construct Shenanigans. Still cheap! but not this cheap

Wyrmweird on Construct Shenanigans - ULTRA BUDGET!!!

3 weeks ago

You can take out Coralhelm Guide and replace it with a Pacification Array or Edifice of Authority. They will help you cast your Colossus earlier and cheaper. As it stands the only help you have to cast colossus is Key and Cloak. Shaving off 2-5 mana leaves you with a 6 cost colossus in a format with Atherwork/Ulamog as early as turn 4. If you run Key to the City, you can also add Fiery Temper so you have a chance at a cheap madness spell. Also look at Glint-Nest Crane to tutor up your win con.

If you consider playing in the format, getting playsets of the dual lands will help too. Spirebluff Canal will double the cost of the deck, but will definitely be useful for many other decks.

iglasty on budget dimir control

3 weeks ago

Talent of the Telepath isn't legal in this format, but otherwise this is a pretty good deck construction. I'd recommend adding a few 1 drop spells like Fatal Push, Dead Weight, or Pacification Array to speed the deck up a little.

Shwang on Mono White Win Control

1 month ago

I'm not sure on Seer's Lantern or Hedron Archive. They're both just meh for card draw. I also wouldn't bother with Pacification Array because it slows down your deck too much. You already have Immolating Glare to slow them down.

If you're looking to mainboard some arti/enchant removal, I would add Forsake the Worldly... otherwise Fragmentize can be a wasted card against the wrong deck.

I would consider removing Fumigate, as that destroys all the servos that help you win the game quickly. Maybe replacing it with Make a Stand, which actually protects them from cards like Fumigate and can be a win-con. Good luck!

michaelehrlich on Mono White Win Control

1 month ago

Thx for the ideas, you definitely touched on some of the concerns I have. This deck is theory, debut at the Salinas, Calif. "GP" Sunday if I can make it

Card Draw is lacking and yes Providence is first on the chopping block.

Encircling Fissure is a one-sided fog with awaken 2 I like, and I was considering trying Seer's Lantern or Hedron Archive as sort of draw.

Oracle's Vault is also a weird consideration that could ramp with Inspiring Statuary and then cast free stuff and spin through the deck quicker.

But, maybe Pacification Array is good to go for more early game stall?

Thanks for the thoughts, the cycling disenchant would be ideal sideboard material as I havent begun to build one yet.

entheogeneral on making a Group-Slug Chaos deck

2 months ago

Smokestack. It's a classic and works amazingly. Also, stuff like Static Orb or Winter Orb combined with Pacification Array or Clock of Omens. Give it a shot, artifact-centric Stax decks are super fun to play, bu not against.

wyatt0781 on

2 months ago

Definitely take out Failed Inspection Traumatic Visions Marang River Prowler Aether Meltdown Rod of Ruin Millstone Slayer's Cleaver Soul Separator Lens of Clarity Pacification Array Tome Scour Winged Sliver Windrider Patrol Sliver Construct Skyline Predator Shifting Sliver Hinterland Drake Monastery Flock Kheru Spellsnatcher Deep-Sea Terror Diffusion Sliver Mystical Teachings

I know thats a lot but most of those cards are just straight bad for commander, and the slivers only benefit each other and theres just not enough of them, replace those and I have a few more suggestions

Serum Visions Cephalid Constable Chasm Skulker (def get Skulker) Deadeye Navigator Delver of Secrets  Flip Disciple of the Ring Djinn of Wishes Contingency Plan and Niblis of Frost are just a few more that are pretty good

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