Mana Leak


Counter target spell unless its controller pays .

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Mana Leak Discussion

SavageGaul on Unthinkable Mill

23 hours ago

Cool deck.

In my opinion, Jace's Erasure doesn't do enough. One card milled per draw is a little underwhelming, and for two mana you'll generally want to slam a Glimpse or leave them open for a Mana Leak (which is a cool idea to run as a 4-of).

That said, if you want to run Erasure you should build around it a bit more. Fortunately, there are already two draw spells that are excellent in Mill decks even without the Erasure synergy: Visions of Beyond and Thought Scour.

My own Mill brew (Esper Mill) splashes white and is a little more control-oriented, but it's still worth checking out for more ideas. Good luck!

Piebye726 on Creatures? Never heard of them

1 day ago

You're running control right? Let's buckle in the things that we need to nail down.


Since you're running control, I think that you should run more counterspells like Spell Snare or Mana Leak. (don't use Cancel. Cancel is bad) The best counterspells that you could put in this deck though is Cryptic Command, Force of Will, Remand, Mana Leak, and Spell Snare.

Supporting Cards

Because of the fact that you have no creatures, you have to keep in mind that you will lose to aggro decks, no matter how bad they are with this setup. To counter this, I would recommend using bounce cards in order to delay your opponent for the late game power spike. I think that Void Snare is a good one drop to buy you some team for a cheap price. Cards like Drag Under are great for the card draw, however, the cmc is not laughable at all. I think that the best way to remedy this is to use void snare, and another bounce called Unsummon. Keep in mind though that void snare is a sorcery, so you can't rely on it to counter a turn one Goblin Guide. I see that you also have removal, but I strongly encourage you to replace Last Breath with Path to Exile beacuse of the one mana removal. Path pushes control to a whole new level because of the tempo you usually gain from playing this card.


I see that your wincons are planeswalkers, which is great, but not preferred imo. I think that a good wincon would be Luminarch Ascension because oh my god this card is great.(if you can pull it off) Another great wincon happens to be a land: Celestial Colonnade. It's great. Believe me. Also on a side note: put elspeth out of your sb and put her on your main board.


Your mana costs aren't really that demanding with the exception of Supreme Verdict, but other than that, to be on the safe side, I would put in a few shock, pain, and fetchlands to ease the burden of mana.

Thats really it. Good deck! +1

P.S. warden of the first tree is a creature. get it right kiddo

GS10 on Enigma drake U/R ~35$ (Need help)

1 day ago

I've been playing Enigma Drake in Magic Duels with a splash of Green for cards like Grapple with the Past and Fog. Modern seems a bit ambitious for this kind of deck, but for a fun budget list to shake things up seems pretty cool.

I'd take out Steam Augury and either one Mana Leak or the Rift Bolt to get in some copies of Cathartic Reunion. Amazing card advantage, most times better than Izzet Charm in its looting mode, but dead if you are hellbent, so not a full playset.

I think you'd make the deck a bit more reliable if you added in a playset of Delver of Secrets  Flip. Stormchaser Mage and Monastery Swiftspear would be awesome as well, but then the deck would shift away from that spellslinger type of deck, making the Drake and the Chimera weaker.

colton815 on Modernized U/W Spirits

2 days ago

Drogskol Captain should be mainboard in place of avacyn. i'd also highly recommend taking out the Planar Outburst. you don't want to use board wipes when your win condition is creatures. if you want to use counter spells, Remand and Mana Leak are your best options. check out my own u/w spirit control deck.

TitanWalls on Welcome Back

2 days ago

I think Familiar's Ruse might fit well thematically in place of Mana Leak, regarding your oracle and mystic snake. Some board wipe material might be nice in here, too. I would test including Cyclonic Rift, it's extremely flexible and with green mana ramp it's pretty accessible to overload it. Looks like a pretty solid deck, though!

chris91w on U/B Dimir Control lockdown

3 days ago

That's a very valid point, Sych0_Squid. I find that the early control that Mana leak gives is very advantageous because I don't have too much early control already. If you get to the later game I would prefer to imprint a kill spell or Dimir Charm and lock them out that way to gain your card advantage. If you wanted, you could replace one or more Mana Leak with Remand or Countersquall.

wbrannan98 on Izzet Aggro/Control

4 days ago

Mana Leak tends to curve out at around turn 5 or 6 and becomes useless so I would reccomend Logic Knot as well so you have late game counter using delve its the same mana cost.

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