Mana Leak


Counter target spell unless its controller pays .

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Mana Leak Discussion

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on BUGging out in Modern

8 hours ago

I would run your suite of removal/discard/counterspells something like this:

Abrupt Decay x3

Maelstrom Pulse x2 OR Mainboard x1 Sideboard x1

Fatal Push x3

Murderous Cut x1 Sideboard x2

Damnation x1

Mana Leak x3

Spell Snare x2 Sideboard x1

Countersquall x2

Cryptic Command x2

Inquisition of Kozilek x3

Ancestral Vision x3

I would not run Serum Visions and Thought Scour alongside one another as playsets; at most 3-to-3, but I say cut Visions and keep the playset of Scour.

GlistenerAgent on Help me build this deck!

12 hours ago

If you are going to play Delvers in your deck, be an actual Delver deck and play the cards that go well with it. More Mana Leaks, focus on cheap threats and interaction. Lower the curve a lot and play four Fatal Pushes.

knudthedude on Delving My Way To Victory (Help Wanted)

1 day ago

Hi Eiyros,

I am struggeling with the new and old Lili. Furthermore are there a lot of people in my meta which play Nahiri, the Harbinger which are the reasons for my Dreadbore. I would cut the Cut for the Fatal Push.

I slept over the Rune Snag and maybe it is not that great as I first thought. The reason is that especially in the beginning will you completly empty your yard for a delve threat leaving you back with nothing that makes your snag more difficult to cope with. If you snap it back it becomes again exiled.

My vote would be two copies of Mana Leak and two Spell Snare and the Fatal Push now. But I hope you play the Rune Snag and let me know how it works. At some friends house we have six copies as well so I might try it out myself. Somehow I have the feeling that too often the graveyard snag is needed for delving.

These have been my five cent for today.

Cheers Knud

Firebones675 on Beat & Control

1 day ago

Looks pretty good!

Jace's Phantasm and Talent of the Telepath seem a bit out of place compared to the rest of the deck and i'd consider running Electrolyze instead.

Also until the late game, Mana Leak often just straight up counters spells since they can't pay.

bmw91 on From Jace With Love

1 day ago

You have me intrigued with Mesmeric Orb. I'll definitely consider that. Mana Leak is a no brainer. Didn't realize that card existed.
With Mesmeric Orb, what would you recommend taking out?

catrule3564 on From Jace With Love

1 day ago

Mesmeric Orb is a great source of constant milling. It also helps you turn on delirium for your Manic Scribes.

Another goodway to mill your opponent is with Hedron Crab, but it is only really great if you play fetchlands like Flooded Strand and Polluted Delta.

You could also replace Revolutionary Rebuff with the strictly better Mana Leak.

Reynan on The Wits Remain

1 day ago

Show das bolas. Vou tirar essas a e meter umas anulaes mais nexo. Vai carta cara... eu tenho muitas delas, mas ainda estou peneirando. Vou meter Mana Leak - porque eu tenho - e tambm Cancel, afinal vou precisar negar e evacuar tudo at o jogo pegar. Sempre que lembrar de alguma boa sugesto, por favor, mande. Vou meter os terrenos mais pra frente.

Tlipoch on How About A Magic Trick?

2 days ago

I'm a mill user too ;)

if you want to see my Esper Mill for some ideas...

so,In a mill deck is recommended to put Surgical Extraction in the main deck: so you can remove potentially annoying cards (or nonbasic lands, if you want to power up Mind Funeral), and watch the opponent's hand.

for better sinergy i will substitute Mana Leak with Deprive.

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