Triumph of Ferocity


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Uncommon

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Triumph of Ferocity


At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card if you control the creature with the greatest power or tied for the greatest power.

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Triumph of Ferocity Discussion

LittleBlueHero on Sticky for M19?

3 weeks ago

Respledent angel is standard playable I think. And if there is a little more support lifegain could be a viable strategy against red decks since we also have Ajani's Pridemate back.

I am beyond excited that we are getting a new cycle of elder dragons. Bolas is interesting to me since its in colors that normally like to control the board but is more of an aggressive threat. I really want to build a brawl deck with him but I have a feeling I will be hated out just for using it.

Vaevictus Asmadi is also a fun commander/brawl candidate in a group slug style deck. however a 6/6 flier for 6 in three colors that does nothing when it hits the board doesn't seem fast enough in standard where we have red aggro decks running rampant.

Palladia Mors is a rather interesting design space. While her ability ensures that she will deal combat damage to either a player of creature once before potentially being targeted you could argue you are still paying 6 mana for 6 damage. Where I am curious is if there are enough effects in the game to maybe build a commander deck where all I need is to get her in play then benefit from effects like Triumph of Ferocity. Or perhaps using Sandskin or Ghostly Possession somehow? I don't know... I feel like there might be something there is I can find a payoff.

Can't wait to see the rest.

leesteak on Jurassic Park EDH

4 weeks ago

This deck seems to be in danger of running out of gas, I would suggesting adding some card draw. Adding cards like Triumph of Ferocity, Zendikar Resurgent, or even Soul of the Harvest will make boardwipes less devastating, and also allow you to keep putting the pressure on, instead dumping your hand and relying on gishath.

spooniermist on I get a kick out of you

2 months ago

A few suggestions:

Zendikar Resurgent is great, but I'm not sure it works with what you're trying to do here.

Triumph of Ferocity seems situational, you're probably better off having something like Harmonize

Shape of the Wiitigo is quite expensive for what it does

Primeval Bounty expensive card for what it does

Primal Vigorchances of you casting this, then passing and letting your opponents use it first are high, imo.

Death's Presence you don't have that many creature to benefit from this.

Ashling the Pilgrim seems like a weak board wipe. Might be okay, though, but expensive.

Jugan, the Rising Star is just kinda bad, and you can do better for 6 aman

Rage Forger1 damage across 2-3 creatures won't make a big difference, even if it's across a few turns.

Soul's Might I don't think this is good.

Boundless Realms you need cheaper mana sources. You should add Rampant Growth and other cheap ramp. And Kodama's Reach

Zhur-Taa Druid Rampant Growth Kodama's Reach 2 Forest 2 Mountain would be my suggestions for a bit more ramp to give you the nudge in mana to cast the kickers.

Verduran Emissary Scrounging Bandar Keldon Overseer Fungal Behemoth Citanul Woodreaders Burst Lightning seem okay, but work nicely with what you're trying to do. Maximising on kicker is the way to go, imo.

Rishkar's Expertise goes in almost every green deck. It's crazy good, especially with a giant commander.

lilgiantrobot on And Lo, the Wyrm Cometh

4 months ago

Wurms are the best! I run a Saskia Wurms list. To maximize your wurms though, you need to majorly increase your ramp. Start with the usual suspects of Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Rampant Growth, Nature's Lore, Skyshroud Claim, Explosive Vegetation, and Ranger's Path. You're cmc is over 5 right now, so you want as much mana as possible!

I'd also add some more draw. Elemental Bond & Triumph of Ferocity should both draw you plenty of cards. Kavu Lair is another choice, and since it helps other people the table may be more likely to let it stick around. Its not my first choice, but Overwhelming Instinct is so wurm-flavor heavy that it should be considered for that art alone.

From your maybe like Lurking Predators is great, and Zendikar Resurgent will help a lot with mana and draw. I also like Evolutionary Leap for when board-wipes hit. But definitely start with more ramp!!

Sendaran on Locus of Rage, I like board wipes

5 months ago

You have a fun looking package here with a pretty solid game plan.

I have a few tweaking suggestions you could try:
- Search for Tomorrow instead of Harrow, you have very few 1 drops, so the suspend gives your ramping another starting option for turn 1.
- Some sac-for-card draw engine instead of Goblin Bombardment. There are a few options with different mana usage schemes, e.g. Phyrexian Vault, Culling Dais or Carnage Altar
- Tireless Tracker is just one of the best creatures available for landfall based decks, even green decks in general.
- Elvish Piper or Fauna Shaman for getting your best stuff on the field on time.
- Continuous card draw over some of the one shot spells. You have multiple extra land play cards, so you should try to hit those as often as possible. Abzan Beastmaster, Triumph of Ferocity, Elemental Bond and Lifecrafter's Bestiary are usually safe options, Horn of Greed and Fecundity have higher risks involved, but favor your game plan.
- Possible cuts to consider: Soulblast only hits one target for the cost of your whole board, which limits its usability. Angrath's Marauders is likely the most mana inefficient option available for doubling damage. Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer is just big and often doing something more active is preferable.

You probably don't want or need all of that stuff, but you could try some of it and see what works best in your meta.

MagmaArmor0 on The Subtlety of a Brick Through a Window

5 months ago

So, a couple of things right off the bat. I LOVE that you're playing Brawn. Everyone seems to play Anger and forget about Brawn, so I'm really glad to see him in your deck. Secondly, this deck isn't currently commander legal. If your playgroup allows it, that's fine, but Primeval Titan is banned in commander, and the two Bringer of the X Dawns have in their text, which means that their color identity is 5-color, so they can't be in this deck. If your group is okay with that, (and some groups are), then that's fine, just acknowledge it in the deck description so we know that you know. If those cards come out, then that will help your mana curve a bit too, as they cost a lot of mana to play. Losing Primeval Titan isn't fun, but hey, that's why he got banned in the first place ;) Living Wish isn't technically banned, but the EDH rules say that you can only find things from outside the game if your group is okay with it ahead of time, so you should ask them just to be sure.

I don't know what your budget for improving this deck is like, so I'll recommend cards at a couple different price points here.

I would probably cut 2 lands and replace them with ramp spells like Cultivate or Kodama's Reach to accelerate your mana a little more. Your big creatures are nice, but they don't mean much if you have to wait forever for them to come out.Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx would be a really flavorful inclusion--and a powerful one, given how many of your creatures have large numbers of colored mana symbols on them. Karametra's Acolyte can also produce large amounts of green mana for playing your bigger creatures.

Your deck is a little short in terms of draw power--maybe include Triumph of Ferocity, The Immortal Sun, and Harmonize to give you some card draw.

A few cards that can make your creatures even bigger would be cards like Beastmaster Ascension, or Overwhelming Stampede

Welcome back from your hiatus! Glad to have you back in the Magic community!

Faded on RG wolves 2.0

6 months ago

Nice deck, I am also partial to werewolf's. Couple of suggestions:

wolfs: Pyreheart Wolf, Wolfir Silverheart, Young Wolf

ramp: Druids' Repository

draw: Triumph of Ferocity

Not sure you need 42 lands when you your highest CMC is 6, you could easily scale back by 3-5. Elvish Piper and Quicksilver Amulet feel clunky for the same reason, unless you are using them to pop out creatures on your opponents turn.

Lame_Duck on G/R Werewolf Aggro

6 months ago

Aether Vial is a great card for Werewolves, if you can afford it, as it allows you to put creatures into play without preventing things from flipping. Yeva, Nature's Herald would let you do something similar, although at 4 mana, it's a lot clunkier and worse than the Vial.

At 5 mana and Legendary, 4 copies of Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  Flip is too many; I wouldn't run more than 2. I'm also not a fan of things like Triumph of Ferocity and Warriors' Lesson for card draw as they're likely to only work when you're already winning on the board and they'll do nothing when you're behind and need the help the most. I'd go for something like Harmonize or Lead the Stampede instead.

If you're looking for more help, you could try posting your deck in the Advertise Your Tribal Deck thread.

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