War-Name Aspirant


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Uncommon

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War-Name Aspirant

Creature — Human Warrior

Raid War-Name Aspirant enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it if you attacked with a creature this turn.

War-Name Aspirant can't be blocked by creatures with power 1 or less.

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War-Name Aspirant Discussion

AmbientCrepes on 1v1 Zurgo Bellstriker

1 week ago

I play Zurgo a lot in 20 life, and I know that the format is very different, but in general we want to be doing the same things. In 20 life you can very reliably go for a heavy burn plan and have it work out well. This strategy is in my opinion very sub-optimal at 30 life. I think you basically want to be as heavy on the beatdown plan as possible. 30-life zurgo was basically a meta-gaming deck, if you see a lot of control decks, this is were you want to be, Green meta-game = not so much. From what I understand of the format for 1v1 commander online, it is heavily slanted to control(vial smasher etc), and somewhat combo (baral). This means that Zurgo is in a good spot, however if the Nissa/Azusa decks get very popular, or more hate bear style decks come up Zurgo will get much worse.

Here are my suggestions for your deck, cut the following:

  • Bomat Courier
  • Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh
  • Countryside Crusher
  • Grenzo Havoc Raiser
  • Hazorent the Fervent
  • Jaya Ballard Task Mage
  • Legion Loyalist
  • Sin Proder
  • Thermo-Alchemist
  • Dangerous Wager
  • Skullclamp
  • Faithless Looting
  • Kari-Zev's Expertise
  • Lava Spike
  • Molten Rain
  • Wheel of Fortune

Some of these are too slow(Wheel of Fortune, Skullclamp), some of there just aren't efficient enough for 30 life(Lava Spike), and some are just outright bad (Bomat Courier, Sin Proder etc.).

What you want to look for in your cards is the following; repeatable sources damage (mostly in the form of creatures though artifacts and enchantments are great sources as well) or the ability for your instants/sorceruies to kill creatures as well as deal damage to players.

Here is what I would add to the deck:

The deck's best hands are turn one zurgo, turn two 2-cmc creature (preferable hasty) so I've tried to maximize the number of 2-cmc creature to ensure this happens as often as possible. If you end up wanting more 2-cmc creatures I suggest looking towards Ember Hauler or Goblin Bushwhacker

Next lets add a little beef to your threats:

Hero is essentially, Hellrider # 2 so it is great. Heelcutter is great at allowing you to spend you mana every turn, and also Superb against single blockers. Koth is just an outstanding card that allows you to diversify your threats in the face of wraths and can win games single handedly.

Instants and sorceries you should add:

These are efficent and you are already playing effective copies of 3 of the cards. If you find yourself running into more blockers, or the meta game is more green, I would look to the following cards: Flametongue Kavu, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Flame Slash, Mizzium Mortars, Roast. These are great at clearing paths for your creatures to get through uncontested.

Personally I am not a fan of either Chandra, Pyromaster or Outpost Siege as they feel tough to maneuver around counterspells and are very slow against combo. As a result I would cut them and play Flame Slash and Forked Bolt (which feels great against many of the x/1 of the format).

In terms of your mana base, if you are playing grim Lavamancer, you should be to play all the red fetches. Encroaching wastes should be wasteland (I'm sure budget is a big concern here but even still I would just cut it), Rishadan Port is another great land you aren't playing. Mutavault is excellent to help with flooding. Hellion Cruicible seems a little underwhelming, and honestly most of the creatures in the deck have hast so Hanweir Battlements seems like a pipe dream to try to meld, however I think it is mostly a free roll if you are dead set on playing it. Barbarian ring is another card you could be playing, and so is teetering peaks. I also tend to play 37 lands as it is roughly equivalent to 22 lands in 60 card decks, and you are trying to cast 4 drops in this deck but 36 should theoretically work.

Best of luck!

SecondRate on White Red Aggro

2 months ago
-War-Name Aspirant can be played turn two right after you attack, which makes her a nice 3/2 for only two mana, and* she can't be blocked by most defenders or flimsy tokens.

-Devoted Retainer is a smooth turn 1 drop with that sweet bushido mechanic.

-Boros Recruit is great because he can be cast with either of your mana colors, and has first strike, which can come in handy if he gets blocked right off the bat.

-Legion Loyalist sneaks in 1 damage with haste before your opponent even gets a chance to block, and later on in the game he can give several other of your creatures both first strike and trample.

JDHammer on Inquisition Rising

10 months ago

War-Name Aspirant is better than the Ronin, but he's only really good when you have plenty of 1 drops to be able to attack on turn two and then play the aspirant. Another Champion of the Parish and some Thraben Inspectors, Doomed Travelers, or Dragon Hunter would make the aspirant better in this deck

ducttapedeckbox on jpooda

1 year ago

Ok, in addition, valuing at $0.20 a pop, I have:

Lightning Strike, Farseek, Burst Lightning, Elite Vanguard, Steppe Lynx, Vampire Lacerator, Hedron Archive, Reclamation Sage, Scythe Leopard, Dragon Hunter, War-Name Aspirant, Despise, Magma Jet.

This adds another $2.60 to out trade, so we're still about two dollars short. What would you like to fill that gap with?

PTsmitty on jpooda

1 year ago

Well, I have these is matches so far from your binder that I would be willing to trade:
Timely Reinforcements
Glacial Fortress
Blade Splicer
Dig Through Time
Diregraf Ghoul
Dryad Militant
Imposing Sovereign
Painful Truths
Scythe Leopard
Vampire Nighthawk
Vinelasher Kudzu
War-Name Aspirant
Wolfbitten Captive  Flip
Woodland Wanderer

I searched through your binder for possible trade targets, and I would be interested in Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, Managorger Hydra, and Avaricious Dragon.

I was wondering if those cards were still available? I also noticed that I have a few of your random wants that are not listed in my binder. For instance: Lightning Strike, Arc Trail, Elite Vanguard, etc. Would you still be interested in those cards because I could work organizing a complete list if so. Are you interested in foils for any of the cards? I have a foil Diregraf Ghoul, Blade Splicer, and gift box promo of Scythe Leopard. I think I may have a few other foils as well. Lastly, are you just looking for the quantity you specify in your binder, or would you take more of some cards if possible? Again, I have multiples of the random cards like Lightning Strike, Arc Trail, Elite Vanguard, etc. I think this is my last question....are you looking for certain set versions of cards as well. Sorry for all the questions, but I feel like we could make something work. Just let me know. Thanks

Andurin on Naya Company

1 year ago

razelfark Thanks for the comment! Some of these things are looking very nice.

Sadly Veteran Warleader and Kolaghan Forerunners look like great idea's, but their effect works in all zones (http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?&multiverseid=394609), so I would only be able to bring them back when I have a single creature on the battlefield (Wich works great with Alesha, but something is going wrong if I have only 1 creature on the battlefield ;) ).

From the other suggestions: I have indeed seen Daghatar the Adamant, and it looks very promising. But since it is a 4 mana creature, I still find Surrak, the Hunt Caller and Pia and Kiran Nalaar the better options. Prehaps i'll give it a few tries when playing against my wife. Same with War-Name Aspirant and Citadel Castellan. Somehow I missed those when constructing the deck. Our card pool only has 1 Scab-Clan Berserker so I can't reliably play that one sadly :(

Thanks again for the nice suggestions and sorry for the slow response :D Internet can be a hard thing to come by it seems... Also updating to my latest version of the deck now :)

FatherLiir on Rakdos Returns again

1 year ago

I would get rid of the Forerunner of Slaughter The only viable target for him is himself so he's either a 3/2 with Haste for 3 or just a 3/2 who doesn't do anything when he comes down. I'd consider replacing him with Gurmag Swiftwing or War-Name Aspirant.

razelfark on Naya Company

1 year ago

Interesting deck idea you have there. Sine you said you welcome comments, here are a couple ideas to suggest for the deck. Not all the ideas are likely to go with the vision of the deck you had, but were options I see your deck could go.

If you want to go wide with the deck by playing more creatures like Pia and Kiran Nalaar that generate tokens you might want to consider playing Kolaghan Forerunners or Veteran Warleader to give large creatures that can be both brought back by Alesha or even hit by CoCo. To go with that theme you can even add the creatures: Thopter Engineer, Ghirapur Gearcrafter, Mardu Hordechief.

Other creature ideas that you can use that if they get to hit your opponent make things more difficult for them would be Citadel Castellan and Scab-Clan Berserker. The first option is nice because it goes up to being 4/5 creature if it manages to get through and will have vigilance to give you both offence and deffence (she will still be tapped the turn she attacks if brought out by Alesha's effect though). The second is nice because if it manages to get through it will punish your opponent for using any spell that is not a creature.

If your looking for something that is instantly gratifying with Alesha's effect then you can use War-Name Aspirant. Aspirant will give you another fast drop to rush them and even keeps your opponent from using some creatures from chump blocking it. It is also nice because it comes out stronger through Alesha's effect guaranteed.

Also I would consider Daghatar the Adamant for the side deck at the least. He is a strong thing to bring back from the grave with Alesha, but also strong because of how he is worded. Reason I say for the side deck is because if vs a counter deck (a popular deck type), he allows you to steal your opponents counters and place them on your own creatures.

Well these are some card options and they are all on the cheap for consideration. Hope your deck does well whichever way you take it.

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