Prophetic Prism


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common
Gatecrash Common
MTG: Commander Common
Rise of the Eldrazi Common

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Prophetic Prism


When Prophetic Prism enters the battlefield, draw a card.

, : Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Prophetic Prism Discussion

Obial on Tezzeret likes to touch things

2 days ago

Thanks for the comment divad4686. I honestly haven't had a problem with only running 20 land. I would say it would go even better if you ran a full set of Spire of Industry instead of just two, and likely a little better if you ran 60 cards instead of 62, but like I said: very rarely do I get mana-starved. The thing is, this deck can play an entire game on just four mana ... and if you exclude the planeswalkers, you really only need three mana total. If my starting hand has at least two land and one of my draw artifacts, I'll play it. I think the real key to any potential mana problem here is actually Prophetic Prism since it allows me to change the land on my board to any color of mana I would happen to need.

Good luck with your build as well! I use to run 4x of the Touch as well, but it felt like it was always in the way if I got it too early in the game: it seems to do better later in the game.

Boza on Atog Burgers

3 days ago

OK, lets start from the beginning - an atog focused deck feat Disciple of the Vault (pretty cool name for a metal band actually).

4 Atog and 4 Disciple of the Vault and 4 Galvanic Blast are the main deal. 48 cards left.

2 Fling are go for that route, since 4 Thoughtcast, 2 Perilous Research and 4 Prophetic Prism and 4 Chromatic Star and 2 Terrarion will be all-stars of drawing into them. 30 cards left.

17 lands should be plenty - all non-white artifact lands (16) + 1 Darksteel Citadel should set us up nicely. 13 cards left.

Affinity all-stars are next - 4 Frogmite for a free artifact, 4 Myr Enforcer for big free artifacts and 4 Carapace Forger for even more 4/4s for cheap. For the final slot, I have enjoyed running 1 Gearseeker Serpent.

PhyrexianScience on Blue/Green Tron

3 days ago

Crop Rotation and Realm Seekers are unfortunately not legal for Modern.

The thing with Tron is that you generally want to be casting big threats without relying too heavily on coloured mana lands. Splitting resources into getting both lands that produce coloured mana and a lot of colourless mana is never optimal. You're gonna have time casting your big guys like Prime Speaker Zegana and Overbeing of Myth if your lands tap for colourless.

So, the most optimal way for a Tron deck to get coloured mana is through artifacts. These are spells to cast with your Urza lands early in the game to get a foothold while devoting all your land searching to the colourless Tron lands. Spells like Chromatic Sphere, and possibly Chromatic Star should you be willing to shell out $20 for the set allow for quick, cheap fixing and what's better is that they replace themselves in your hand. As for more permanent fixing, Prophetic Prism is a great card to have, as it replaces itself and one more mana allows it to stick around. Mana Cylix, Prismatic Lens, and Simic Signet are other good fixing options.

Another benefit to having mostly artifacts in Green Tron is that you can run Ancient Stirrings, but at $5 a pop (another $20 for the set) it's far from budget. Sylvan Scrying is a really good fixing option in the realm of Sorceries, as you can grab any land you want.

Now you need some threats. Birthing Hulk is a great regenerating threat that gives you blockers to defend yourself while he gets in. Deepfathom Skulker can be a great way to grab some more cards and make your other threats sure to get in some damage. Steel Hellkite can really be devastating to our opponent, especially if they play aggro and fail to stabilize in time.

X spells, like Condescend, Repeal and Spell Burst are good. Rite of Replication has the possibility of closing out games, but watch out for Maelstrom Pulse.

MidnightTrain on Fury of the Angels

4 days ago

Prophetic Prism seems unnecessary when you're only running two colors and no artifact synergy. Just get yourself some Aether Hubs and Inspiring Vantages. If you want to be aggressive and play around with energy (For Harnessed Lightning), maybe add some Aethergeode Miners.

iglesia777 on B/G aggro

4 days ago

Sounds fun. I get that ornithopter is in there for tez touch, but without that it's pretty unplayable. What about Implement of Ferocity which you can cycle for a card and get back. Or Prophetic Prism which fixes your mana and draws it's card on entering the battlefield.

What would you name with the mimic, construct? How about replace with Pilgrim's Eye which can help fix/ramp your mana, and is a flying target for teztouch. Or Servant of the Conduit to ramp and fix mana. Could also use a couple Attune with Aether, otherwise your aether hubs run dry real quick.

Definitely move those Fatal Push to the main. They're just great.

Good luck!

The7thBobba on Grixis Improvise Control

6 days ago

Oh boy... when I said I'd be happy to take a look, I wasn't prepared for this. Standard and control, are two of the things I have the least experience with xp but none the less, I shall endeavour to offer up my 2 cents :)

Improvise enablers:Consulate Dreadnought: cheap artifact for early enabling. Can become a huge threat later on.

Hope of Giraphur: intense value packed into a 1-drop.

Merchant's Dockhand: cheap, can block, and offers a cool card-filtering alternative to improvise.

Augmenting Automaton: cheap critter and enabler, and a pump-able threat.

Prophetic Prism: cheap, can manafix, and nets you a card.

I'll get back to you on other elements like instants and the like ;) stay frosty

Jabber2014wocky on How to get banned from FNM

1 week ago

Thank you shagg! I hadn't thought about either of those two. I'll probably swap out Hedron archive for some of the magnifying glass's when the battle for zendikar/ootg rotate out of standard. Corrupted Grafstone is a great addition, one mana cheaper, although I kind of have to wait till I get into the draw/cast turn so that I have some blue cards in my graveyard. Also, I like to have more of an option in case I need to cast Fall of the Titans. Granted, that won't be until a lot later in the game so I will probably have drawn Prophetic Prism to convert it into red mana. Thanks though!

Boza on Draw Go Rebels

1 week ago

The problem I find with the rebels list is it is takes too long to win. There is no single win condition card and nearly no removal. To avoid that, I would include 4 Zealot il-Vec (in place of squadron hawk) - you can fetch it and control the game very easily with it, killing off all creatures the opponent controls.

I am not sure about the Blue in the deck - getting UU for counterspell is VERY HARD in this deck on turn 2-3. Having 5-6 counters in the deck, but slowing it down so much is not worth it.

I would actually play it mono white and cut all blue. Brainstorm is nice and all, but not really worth it. Cutting all but white allows you to add the Tron lands - playing the most amount of Rebels per turn - this is where this deck shines.

Removing blue would change the deck significantly, but allows you to include some cool techs. 13 cards to change.

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