Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (DDP) Uncommon
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Uncommon

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Put target creature into its owner's library second from the top. Its controller gains 3 life.

Oust Discussion

lagotripha on Abzan Life Gain

1 week ago

This list is pretty close to the traditional 'little kid green/white' lists from a long while back, but it will need some tinkering and a clearer gameplan.

There are a bunch of options; Bant Sureblade , Dromoka's Command , Dryad Militant , Emmara, Soul of the Accord , Gaddock Teeg , Huatli's Raptor , Naya Hushblade , Oath of Ajani , Qasali Pridemage , Gnarlwood Dryad , etc.

In particular though, Pelt Collector is another four experiment one, which lets you drop your curve lower to the floor and run Dryad Militant . Qasali Pridemage is an answer to bridge, which is practically mandatory in this meta. Gnarlwood's deathtouch helps answer the wealth of 'huge creature turn two' decks out there.

If you aren't running removal, this means you are always racing your opponent, so you should look at your clocks and try to win as fast as possible- modern is full of both combo and aggro decks structured like this. Traditionally naya for Wild Nacatl Loam Lion and Kird Ape is the thing, but going to three colours on a budget manabase is tricky- especially if you want to go fast.

More midrange strategies with budget mana tends to be more relaiable- Keep your turn 1-2-3 plays in one colour and accelerate into a duel colour 5 drop. Great 5 drops like Thragtusk are cheap. 'Get bigger' creatures like Warden of the First Tree and Hexdrinker are readily available, and cards like Oust or Oblivion Ring fix a lot of problems. Birds of Paradise has gotten expensive over the years- for pristine playsets. Check the damaged lists out there- there are a lot of cheap copies in circulation.

Icbrgr on MDN knight tribal

1 week ago

I always really liked white weenie/knight tribal... i think History of Benalia might be a little slow and maybe Light from Within / Honor of the Pure might be a better way to go... Condemn is probably a better alternative to Oust but Path to Exile is probably the best choice for spot removal... Some other really good knights to consider are Fiendslayer Paladin , Hero of Bladehold , Knight of the White Orchid , Leonin Skyhunter and Mirran Crusader .

BodhiQL on Frankenstein's Monster- Modern Infect (Primer)

1 month ago

I like the sound of Oust a lot, it would be better than Path to Exile in Infect if only it was an instant. But in a Scale Up world I don't like Teferi in the main anymore. Too slow in my opinion. Real good in the side for Control matchups though. He won't be banned, definitely not in Modern. He's good but there are more oppressive cards. But Bant is for sure the way to go. Turn 1 Giver Turn 2 Agent is suuuuuuper good. I did two modern side events at MagicFest Dallas (I'm still here right now) and went undefeated both. I don't like any Canopy lands, I would rather keep the mana open to protect my creatures. And Noxious is just unnecessary, protecting the creature is better in my opinion.

BlakeKat on B/W Gideon, Brisela

2 months ago

hungry000 Thank you so much for your help. I will look into cutting some cards to get me down to 60 but after a couple of play tests today at 66 I actually did pretty well. I will still end up switching out my 2x Condemn & 2x Oust for 4x Path to Exile . Appreciate everything!

BlakeKat on B/W Gideon, Brisela

2 months ago

hungry000 I have updated my deck once again with Condemn and Oust . I am noticing I am currently at 66 cards. Should I run with 66 or should I cut 6 cards?

Also for my Main Playset I was still debating if I should order Thraben Inspector , Ranger of Eos ,and a couple Proclamation of Rebirth . If I did order these what cards would need to be cut given I still go with a 60 card deck? Are these cards even necessary given my deck as it stands right now.


hungry000 on B/W Gideon, Brisela

2 months ago

Sure. I'd use all of the cards you ordered besides Thalia's Lieutenant , which isn't great here since there aren't enough Humans in your deck to make good use of it and it's more suited for an aggro plan. You should have a playset of Inquisition, Lingering Souls , Martyr of Sands , Squadron Hawk , and 2 Day of Judgment in the main, with the other 2 Days of Judgment in the sideboard (assuming you got a playset of it). Cut 1  Dusk / Dawn , 2  Fumigate , 1  Ironwright's Cleansing , 3  Never / Return , 1  Decommission , 2  Gideon's Reproach , 1 Approach of the Second Sun , 1 Renewed Faith , 1 Restoration Gearsmith , 1 Aerial Responder , 2 Grasp of Darkness , 1 Authority of the Consuls , and 1 Murder to make room.

There are functional replacements for Path that you can use: Condemn and Oust . I'd replace the Fatal Push, Murder, and 2 Grasps of Darkness with a 2/2 split of those until you get Paths since you want as many white cards as possible for Martyr. You might also want to consider getting Thraben Inspector for some card draw, Ranger of Eos to get more Martyrs, and a couple Proclamation of Rebirth .

heckproof on NOT A BREW

3 months ago

That’s a fair point. The two spells serve very different purposes, but mainly they just act as copies 5-6 of Path to Exile . I play Oust because its fail case is far better than Condemn ’s, in that hitting your own creature with it can be cornercase beneficial.

In truth, it wouldn’t hurt to play both. I just really like having the fourth Cryptic Command at my disposal.

heckproof on NOT A BREW

3 months ago

Daveslab2022 Great question! I currently am testing with Condemn (I have the promo version in my maybeboard atm), but I think I like Oust more for two main reasons:

  • First off, Oust is really nice in the Burn matchup because you can loop it with Snapcaster Mage . Oust on Snappy into drawing Snappy and flashing back Oust is big game, and can even win you the game. Six life is two burn spells.

  • Second, Condemn 's requirement for the creature to be attacking does nothing against creature-based combo. While admittedly it is a game-ender against Death's Shadow , it feels super bad to hold up Condemn when there's a Devoted Druid sitting across the table.

TL; DR Condemn is great against Grixis Death's Shadow but I'm currently preferring Oust 's utility.

Appreciate the comment!

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