Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (DDP) Uncommon
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Uncommon

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Put target creature into its owner's library second from the top. Its controller gains 3 life.

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Oust Discussion

Nert23 on Black White control

16 hours ago

I might suggest Ixalan's Binding over Oblivion Ring. (Costs Aside...)

Maybe Dawn Charm, Valorous Stance, Rush of Vitality, Sheltering Light, w/ Phyrexian Obliterator.

Defensive enchantments - Brave the Sands or Always Watching .

Card draw-ish things - Necropotence w/ Eternal Thirst, Mark of the Vampire.

Removal possibilities - Swords to Plowshares, Dismember, or Oust.

All in all, W/B Control is very powerful, have you played against Ryan's Spirits Deck?

Looks like a fun Idea to build tho.. :D

SynergyBuild on Orzhov White Black Extort

1 week ago

Look, drop black, it isn't worth it. You don't need black for anything, Path to Exile is about all you need (Condemn/Sunlance/Oust on a budget) for removal. Soul's Attendant is a second Soul Warden, with a may trigger instead of a forced one, so slightly better.

Rwhr2d2 on Disappear Here

3 weeks ago

Wall of Omens instead of Angelic Wall?
Beyond that, Cheap removal seems good to stop Goyfs and such. Path to Exile, Condemn, Oust, Declaration in Stone are all good. Path being the best option, but Delclaraton in Stone is good against metas with lots of tokens.

Rwhr2d2 on RW Mana Control Burn

3 weeks ago

Seal Away Condemn Oust instead of Crib swap? Getting to 7 mana in modern is also pretty difficult, at least outside Tron.
While more expensive, Lightning Bolt is much, much better than Lightning Strike. Instead of Comet Storm Pyroclasm or Anger of the Gods is a better way to sweep away creatures without being as mana intensive. Ghostly Prison is also typically better than Windborn Muse, as most decks aiming to kill with creatures have removal, with the bonus of it coming down several turns earlier. 4 Baird, Steward of Argive is likely too many since you will wind up with copies stuck in hand.
Maindeck Curse of Exhaustion and Damping Sphere are strange. If you want a budget taxing option, Lodestone Golem is decent. Vryn Wingmare also can tax combo based decks such as Storm, as well as many decks playing few creatures.

I don't know how much this would win at a modern FNM but it seems somewhat similar to which is a fun deck, if you enjoy Blood Moon.

Rwhr2d2 on Get a life ($30)

3 weeks ago

Add removal! Path to Exile/Condemn/Oust/Journey to Nowhere
Gift & Haven are very slow, Survival Cache gives card draw, Blade Splicer is two Soul Warden triggers and a decent threat.
Sram's Expertise is another good token producer. Going down some of the slower cards in the deck (Well & Angelic Accord) would allow for more explosive turns.

SynergyBuild on Budget UW Control

4 weeks ago

No Oust? I'd use as much 1 mana removal as I could without flooding the deck in uw control. On another note AEtherling feels slow, mind dropping them to up the Wall of Omens count to 4.

As incremental value is good for control Take Inventory seems good enough to warrant some testing. Not an instant, but still not bad at all.

TlDecker1988 on $100 Budget for Improvements

1 month ago

Sorry, even though I just completed the tutorial and I'm used to Sally. If someone could post here the different commands that'd be awesome.

Running the following in Modern. Next month I'll have ~$120 for Improvements to my Modern deck.

I currently run:Deck4x Nimbus Maze4x Port Town2x Glacial Fortress4x Faerie Conclave5x Plains5x Island

4x Wall of Omens3x Vendilion Clique4x Restoration Angel

4x Path to Exile2x Detention Sphere

4x Serum Visions4x Spreading Seas1x Sphinx's Revelation

4x Condescend2x Negate1x Logic Knot

3x Supreme Verdict

I only run 24 land because I have the full compliment of 4 Wall of Omens, 4 Serum Visions and 4 Spreading Seas.

It does pretty good. The last local Modern tournament I played I went 3-1, with my loss being to 8-Rack.

It's favorable against a good lot of aggro and combo. I haven't tested against a lot of mid-range.

I currently have in my extra card pool:

2x Dread Statuary4x Rune Snag2x Pull from Tomorrow3x Logic Knot4x Blade Splicer2x White Sun's Zenith2x [Momentary Blink]]1x Oust1x Whispers of the Muse1x Think Twice

lagotripha on "Oh Baby a Triple" Counter Rites

1 month ago

You get to teir two in budget by picking one thing and spending half the cards in your deck on it, rather than a more spread out strategy. Raw 'goodstuff' gets expensive fast.

Its good that you're looking at top teir cards like courser and ooze, but you really need to think about and refine your strategy with a more focussed approach rather than just jamming them in there. I'd consider dropping black and white down to just splashes, or investing heavily in your manabase to pick up Oust/Condemn/Anguished Unmaking and friends.

I'll get back in a bit with a quick and dirty editto try and get this feeling right without breaking the bank. Servant of the Conduit and Longtusk Cub are sub- par compared to other mana options and counter options. Until energy has a big payoff card, its not gonna change.

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