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Creature — Human Wizard

When Omenspeaker enters the battlefield, scry 2. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Omenspeaker Discussion

Powerhouse64 on Error 418: Am now a teapot.

1 day ago

More scrying and controlling the topdeck would be helpful in your deck. Some suggestions would be Omenspeaker, Sage of Epityr and Sage Owl.

Once you've got a big card on the top of your library, you can also benefit a lot from a Mindshrieker. If your opponent is expecting a big creature on top of your library, they won't block it, so that's 2 pretty easy damage. If you do chose to pump him up, there's a bunch of extra damage you can crank out at instant speed, but you do lose a big creature for it.

Also, a Spellskite is pretty much an auto-include in any blue deck. It lets you protect your commander or big beaters

hellnoire on Azami, Lady of Combo & Control

2 days ago

@nayrash5: Teferi, Temporal Archmage is OP as shit, for his plus and minus 1s, and is why he costs 4. However, his ult does absolutely nothing to help our game plan. Jace, the Living Guildpact's +1 isn't amazing but it is deck thinning to help us search for combos or control aspects, his -3 prevents stupid swinging bullshit from killing us, and -8 is another Time Spiral effect to rebuild from hate, something mono Blue misses out a lot on. On top of that, he can come down 2 turns earlier, and enforces the hate for your opponents, (bounce your Arcane Laboratory) play a few spells, then replay Arcane Lab is one such use)

Sea Gate Oracle isn't normally a bad choice either - however, I would rather Omenspeaker for the effect of Sea Gate since it comes down a turn earlier (and later on, leave more mana for counters/other plays). I found with Sea Gate, I was either getting both things as good (and being forced to chose one, which isn't worth it when your general reads 'draw cards equal to Wizards on field') both things as bad (in which case, both would be best at the bottom), or one good, one bad (in which case, you profit... though at that point, I could use Jace, again, or bottom it with Omenspeaker).

Venser, Shaper Savant was in the deck previously, and while definitely an all star, I decided to go a bit more of a lockout route - forcing people to one spell a turn, non-basics not untapping, etc, there was no point in Venser. Only thing I feel willing to cut for Venser, would be Commandeer which has been very lackluster so far, so that might be an option. It does 'counter' Supreme Verdict, so it does have it's place...

jawz on Izzet agro? Cause Screw the Norm

1 week ago

Explosive deck. Tried it out on a number of (casual) decks and it was stomping anything without lots of removal.

I felt like Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest is a sideboard card. It's good and the double striking ability is useful, but it tends to pull all your mana into it when you have other spells more central to your plan A that you want to cast too. Maybe something that helps the quality of your early draws like an Omenspeaker is better for your goal.

I also felt like you're running too many Islands. Drawing three Islands pretty much means you lose and it happened to me about a quarter of the time which is too much. I'd suggest R/U pain lands or Mana Confluence should come in for some number of Islands.

Also, I feel like the deck is starving for some sort of protection effect. Gods Willing is perfect for the UW Heroic decks in that role. I took a look at some lists and there isn't much in blue. Dance of the Skywise might have some offensive synergy and can protect against some things like Lightning Strike and Bile Blight aimed at your creatures (and amusingly can sidestep an opponent's Crux of Fate) but it's kinda trashy at first glance. Silumgar Sorcerer can be either someone to carry your enchantments or a protection spell for another carry. And then there's Hour of Need which isn't protective, but more like gives you a consolation prize but also can be versatile in other ways.

thecakeisalie42 on One if by Goblin, Four if by Dragon

1 week ago

I saw this deck with a Omenspeaker that works very well as a chump blocker and the scry lets you get you combo faster. Also, 4 Dragon Tempest is essential, as having one and a Dragon Tempest is almost a surefire win.

airnspc on !!!Elemental Flood Warning!!!

2 weeks ago

In playtesting a few times id find more creatures for the 2-drop slot. Only having 4 creatures and 3 spells that turn means you dont have good odds of doing a whole lot. Id say Omenspeaker -> Anticipate and Stratus Dancer -> Dissolve. But at the end of the day Chris its your deck lol

MrDilliams on A-Sultai Formation (Opinions Needed)

2 weeks ago

If you are going to try and do this I would suggest Silumgar, the Drifting Death and Wall of Frost and only run two Omenspeaker and two Dragon's Eye Savants. Omenspeaker is nice for the scry effect but with only 3 toughness late game she will be lost, and both Wall of Frost and Silumgar, the Drifting Death have 7 toughness and Silumgar has flying and hexproof.

Burttiful on Esper Dragons Control

3 weeks ago

04/29/2015 Sideboard change: 3 Jorubai Murk Lurker for 3 Omenspeaker , I like this better for the matchup against red. It gives me a 1/3 body as well as a nice scry 2. Since the game against Red is more draw-dependent than normal, I feel like this fits a nice slot here.

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