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Creature — Human Wizard

When Omenspeaker enters the battlefield, scry 2. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Omenspeaker Discussion

DaftVader on Baby Beach

13 hours ago

How do the Omenspeaker's perform? They seem ok but not the best choice for monoblue to me at first look.

Lame_Duck on Tramampoline! Trambopoline!

1 day ago

Thanks for the comment, Aethos, I'm glad you like the deck.

Yeah, Stormbreath Dragon would be a problem for the deck. My only chance would be either to Familiar's Ruse it or bring in Sunblast Angel and try to get it with her ability. That being said, I don't think I've ever faced one, so I'm not too worried about it at the moment. Maybe once it rotates out of standard it'll drop in price enough that I'll start seeing it and I'll have to figure out a better solution. Similarly, I don't find myself playing against planeswalkers very often, but Oblivion Ring would be a pretty decent solution for them.

Lyev Skyknight is good, but I think it's better suited to a more aggressive deck that can make use of the 3/1 flying body a little more. I would put it into a deck that uses to ETB triggers to disrupt the opponent just long enough to kill them, rather than trying to control everything like I'm doing. See also Flickerwisp.

Cloudshift + Mulldrifter is a very powerful interaction. I did have Mulldrifter in the deck previously; I removed it in attempt to lower the mana curve and fit in all the other cards I wanted. It's a little clunky if you don't have the flicker for it, so maybe a deck with more lower cost flicker cards like Momentary Blink over Ghostly Flicker or whatever would be a better home for it.

I do not have any experience with Kitchen Finks but I don't seen any reason why it wouldn't be good. It probably depends how aggressive your meta is as to whether it's necessary and it's also better against burn heavy decks where the opponent won't be triggering Soul's Attendant and the big butt on Wall of Omens is less likely to be relevant.

As for Omenspeaker vs Augury Owl, it'll again depend a lot on how aggressive the decks you face are. I do find the ability to block the opponent's early creatures very useful a lot of the time, so in general I would probably go with the 'Speaker, but if you're facing a bunch of deck that don't play creatures in the early turns or mostly play stuff with 3 or more power the extra scry will get you to the answers you need quicker.

Yeah, I also looked at Ghostway and then quickly looked away once I saw the price. It's something of a shame, but figuring out how to make the best deck out of what you have available is part of the fun of budget deck building. One thing to remember if you get Wrathed and have a Fiend Hunter on the field is that you can flicker it in response and then exile one of your own creatures when the Hunter comes back into play, which'll save that creature from the Wrath.

The thing is, Lavinia of the Tenth basically is the deck's Wrath-effect against aggro decks. You could use something like Evacuation to reset them, but there is a risk that, if their creatures are all a lot cheaper than yours, they might be able to rebuild much more quickly and still overrun you. Thus far I haven't found the aggro matchup to be especially problematic, it's the control decks that are the real pain; my deck applies so little pressure and a lot of the cards are really terrible against decks that don't run many creatures.

Hopefully all that helped you and I've not just been pointing out the blindingly obvious.

Aethos on Tramampoline! Trambopoline!

1 day ago

I have 2 Brago, King Eternal and a Venser, the Sojourner lounging around and I wanna try to build a deck with them. On my quest I stumbled over your deck and I love it!

I think Lavinia of the Tenth is a pretty good card in here and complements the Fiend Hunter pretty nice, which can take care of anything Lavinia cannot. But, I think (unless I overlooked something) your deck is pretty week against Stormbreath Dragon, which is fairly common in modern, and your options against planeswalkers are limited (really slow/unreliable Mangara of Corondor and Familiar's Ruse). I think some sideboard options would be necessary.

I would love to pick your brain about some card choices, what do you think about:
Lyev Skyknight: I liked him alot in standard. Do you see him work in a blink deck?
Mulldrifter: I don't have Wall of Omens, so I will try Omenspeaker. To get some card draw Cloudshift + Mulldrifter seems pretty crazy, 4 cards for 4 mana + a 2/2 flyer.
Kitchen Finks: Do you have any experience with it? Seems like a robust lifegain creature, it can block without the need to immediately blink it.
Omenspeaker vs Augury Owl: Which one do you think works better, a stronger blocker or better filtering?

A card I would love to have is Ghostaway, can give you insane value and is able to save creatures from wraths. Why does it have to be so expensive? ;_; Since we are on the topic of wraths, don't you feel any need for some form of swipe against aggressive decks?

Again love the deck! +1

Swiish93 on Devotion To Bleu

3 days ago

I've been trying to tinker with mono-blue in standard for the past couple of months, the thassa, shorecrasher, and master synergy is too good. but there are some things in this deck that just don't make any sense.

The first I see is Haven of the Spirit Dragon. you only have one dragon in your deck, so dedicating a land that would otherwise create colorless mana to one creature isn't a good idea, especially with devotion. switch it for Mana Confluence.

Military Intelligence is like a worse version of Bident of Thassa, make the replacement if you can.

i like AEtherspouts and Into the Void, but you don't need both of them. if i were you i'd take one of them out for Dig Through Time. that card is arguably the best card for blue in standard, so you need it in here.

Stormtide Leviathan isn't a good card other than devotion contribution. you can easily replace it with something that is infinitely better value-wise and costs half the mana, with Living Lore. you play it, exile your Dig Through Time, and it has the same P/T as stormtide with the ability to sac it at any point to replay dig for free. stormtide is great situational if they have no answers, but who are we kidding, we both know they'll have an answer.

Mindreaver doesn't make any sense. you don't have any spells that target him, unless you want to return him to your hand, well then that defeats the purpose of his abilities. replace him for a valuable low drop, such as Omenspeaker or Stratus Dancer, depending on your play style.

you get +1 from me because, well, blue devotion for the win. but this deck could be so much better with some tinkering.

ThatJunkMage on Budget UB Control

3 days ago

If you're having issues in the early turns, try some Refuge lands (Jwar Isle Refuge, Dismal Backwater), or maybe Omenspeaker. I recommend the refuges anyway because dual lands are always better.

You also need better win conditions. Nephalia Drownyard and AEtherling are definitely the best budget options. If you go with the drownyards, definitely go with Psychic Strike and Pilfered Plans instead of Cancel and Divination.

Lastly, you should check out my budget UB control build for some inspiration.

Much Budget: Such Troll Playtest

Modern ThatJunkMage


EssTea on Deep Blue 2

3 days ago

You're welcome! It synergizes well with your Omenspeaker too!

umbron on Deep Blue 2

4 days ago

Hmmm, well Jace, the Living Guildpact is pretty awful, so I'll pass on him.

Profaner of the Dead is intriguing, especially if I swap out Omenspeaker for some Dragon's Eye Savants. The problem is there will be plenty of games where I'm facing an aggressive deck and need to drop Profaner of the Dead, but have no creature on the board. In that case, Whelming Wave is better since it's unconditional. I think if I had to choose, I would rely on Whelming Wave since it's a little more consistent, but I will try out both.

Gideon17 on 2015-04-19 update of Mana and ...

4 days ago


I really don't know, maybe more Elvish Mystic or Omenspeaker/Sage Owl/Augury Owl?

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