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Creature — Human Wizard

When Omenspeaker enters the battlefield, scry 2. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Omenspeaker Discussion

Malachorn on Blue Devotion

4 days ago

I've totally looked at Sidisi's Faithful and I like the card quite a bit as an Unsummon... but the devotion cards like Thassa, God of the Sea and Master of Waves actually likes things on the table, and Silumgar Sorcerer is actually a legitimate creature and Palace Familiar happens to be something kinda ideal to sacrifice... not to mention Bident of Thassa not minding the 2-costed flier even if Palace Familiar isn't doing tons of damage... it's not sexy, but I think it may be either that card or craptastic Omenspeaker.

Totally considered Sidisi's Faithful over the Hypnotic Sirens though... and even think they might be right. Not really sure, to be honest. But definitely MAY be better than the Sirens and I think they're most certainly a good suggestion (I mean, actually just playing it as an 0/4 and not even exploiting isn't terrible at all in a lot of matchups). Thanks.

robrone9 on Quest for the Turn 4 Leviathans

1 week ago

I have been messing around with Mystic Snake and Coiling Oracle in another deck idea and stumbled upon the Nulltread Gargantuan as a way to bounce them around and get value... started reading old threads mentioning Nulltread Gargantuan and realized people were trying him in a deck based on the Quest for Ula's Temple! A 5/6 for three seems like a great plan B for us, if our quest is destroyed we still have a way to drop a creature for only 3cmc. Best part is, we don't sacrifice creature count, or land count. I don't know the right number or even if it will help at all, but I added 3 of them and removed 2x Grozoth and 1x Omenspeaker to make room as these are the least impactfull cards imo.

Jaya_student on elemental tribal standard with ensoul artifact

1 week ago

Oh also if you want to focus on the Elemental side of the deck Vaporkin might be better than Omenspeaker main deck.

ANEURYSM on Sea Monsters

2 weeks ago

The deck doesn't compete that well against the bigger staple decks in Modern but it dominates kitchen table magic lol It is extremely fun. In my experience with playing this in Modern, I have found that Omenspeaker and Kraken Hatchling help a lot with staying in the early game because the higher toughness. The best I have done is going turn 1 Quest for Ula's Temple, Turn 2 give Quest a counter then play 2 Clockspinning to give the quest the other 2 counters. Then I throw Grozoth or Inkwell Leviathan out there on turn 2. It's pretty hard to lose when you get it that easy lol It is very fun to play. It has beaten some staple decks like Weenies, Pod (before Birthing Pod was banned) and Merfolk. I normally do pretty well against control as well. It's kinda all or nothing lol. Thanks for your interest in this deck.


2 weeks ago

you realize Magma Jet has the same effect as Omenspeaker but it acctualy is useful otherwise.

Jaya_student on Blue Elemental Devotion (Dragons)

2 weeks ago

Stratus Dancer, Vaporkin or Omenspeaker are better than Mindreaver, sure less devotion but at least they have relevant abilities.

thatwendell on mono blue devotion for dragons

2 weeks ago

I think you would be better served by a more aggressive build. A curve of an aggressive one drop like Triton Shorestalker or the new Gudul Lurker into Frost Walker puts a lot of pressure on the board early, and actually turns on your Stubborn Denial. Currently all you have that turns on Stubborn Denial is an active Thassa, Shorecrasher with his +1/-1, and maaaybe Chasm Skulker.

I feel like you're missing out not having Cloudform in the deck. With early deck manipulation like Omenspeaker and Anticipate, you could potentially manifest a flying hexproof Thassa, Shorecrasher, or Master of Waves.

Torrent Elemental would be a sick finisher and curve topper, and even benefits from Master of Waves being an elemental himself! Silumgar Sorcerer could be really good, flashing it in to enable Thassa in addition to his other abilities.

Other cards to consider -

Singing Bell Strike

Riptide Chimera

Crystalline Nautilus

vincent_098 on Thassa & The Dude

3 weeks ago

I'm considering switching Omenspeakers for Armory of Iroas...

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