Creature — Human Wizard

When Omenspeaker enters the battlefield, scry 2. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Omenspeaker Discussion

MsSysbit on Azami, lady of scrolls

6 days ago

To add a card to your deck: go to "edit" then search or quick add. I recommend the latter in your case, type in the name and the rest will fill itself out. As for your deck itself: you might like Omenspeaker and Sage of Epityr. Just some low drops to organize your deck while ya await Azami. Lastly a few bombs like Stormtide Leviathan and Inkwell Leviathan can go a long way towards winning games. Best of luck with the scroll scouring and if ya need anything else feel free to reply and ask!

MsSysbit on Jeleva - She'll break your heart and your face

3 weeks ago

Your CMC is way too high. 21 cards at 6+ mana, 31 at 5+! That's 1/5 and just shy of 1/3 your total deck respectively. I know you can play many for free but hear me out: you are going to draw a ton of these and they will be dead weight. So what to do? First work on your creature base! Thing in the Ice  Flip(if you can afford it!), Laboratory Maniac, Disciple of the Ring, Voidmage Prodigy, Stonybrook Banneret, Arcanis the Omnipotent, Augury Owl, Omenspeaker, Talrand, Sky Summoner, Shadowmage Infiltrator, Sidisi's Faithful, etc. That gives ya a much more stable creature base! Now to drop some of your well bad big drops. They might feel epic but they kinda suck sadly. You want plenty to use but many of your big, bad drops are kinda underwhelming, no? I could go on but think that's enough for one comment. If ya want more help then feel free to reply! Best of luck!

RyProv on Release the Fatties!!!!! (Help)

1 month ago

Personally, I am not a fan of Shivan Sand-Mage or Timebender. They are one time unless you are recurring them back to your hand somehow. I much rather have more fatties coming in than one fatty come in to be killed off.

Same goes for Omenspeaker, Mercurial Chemister, Augur of Bolas, and Archivist. There are better options, especially ones to suspend like Arcanis the Omnipotent, Mindwrack Liege or any of your massive creatures. The way I think of it, 2 mana for a chump? or 2 mana for a fatty? I think you have enough spells to slow their game you don't need your chumps. But, I also have a fairly budget meta, I don't know your opponents.

Ideally my game goes as:T2-3 Jhoira with protection. T4, pass turn. Before your turn, suspend Obliterate and something fierce. T5, play all your defenses to hold until obliterate happens and/or suspend more fatties. The key is survival. At this point suddenly everyone wants you dead.

Yes, the Timebender and Shivan Sand-Mage would be useful here to pop Obliterate out now, but you have other ways. Usually though, you need to protect your warp ins with your counters or just slowing them down. Frozen AEther, Winter Orb, etc the usual dick moves. Your walls are nice, but they may need to be cut, again just for their single usage.

Caickako59 on Do you even Scry?

1 month ago

Thanks for the feedback Killkow, but I can't use most of the cards you suggested, because it's for a format created here where I live (Brazil) that only allow decks that cost U$10 or under. By the way, these are realy good suggestions, but only one Keranos, God of Storms or two Thassa, God of the Sea already exceeds the budget, so they are a no go. I think the only suggestion I can follow is sideboard some Scouring Sands, as there are some goblin and elves deck where I play and that can deal with them. Oh, and the Mizzium Skins are already on the sideboard ;). I also think the Sigiled Skinks are terrible, maybe I will swap them for some Omenspeakers or Augury Owls (at least the owls can fly :P). I realy wish a could follow all of your suggestions, thanks again anyway.

Xanthas on

1 month ago

Brandon, i have added you! :)

Guys,I have found some cards which might be useful. I do play some games against my friends, and i found Scry very helpful to control my deck.

Shall i replace: Omenspeaker for Augury Owl Cause for the flying & 3 scry?

acht_deck_manager on Flicker Makes Them Scoop

2 months ago

Test Played some more tonight with many (but not all) of the swaps in place. So far, here's what I have (won't quite match the board since my deck is still in limbo while I think on this and get the cards) :

Augury Owl for Acidic Slime - need to get Augury Owl, have Omenspeaker as the next best thing

Trygon Predator for Diluvian Primordial for sure - I saw my first Torpor Orb and had this + Thassa to be able to take a swing at it

Loaming Shaman for Woodfall Primus - recycling my graveyard in to library was super helpful on the high end

Adding back in Brutalizer Exarch - he's the cheapest control I can fetch with Fierce Empath which I can use to tuck a difficult to deal with permanent. Also 2 separate choices on ETB isn't bad either

Not sure where / how to find room for something like Cloud of Faeries and Sphinx's Revelation. Being able to get some lands back on the combo end (since I usually run things as soon as I land Omniscience) would really allow me to exploit things like Deadeye Navigator and other activated abilities to maximize some effects.

IzzetGod on Remember when no one played ...

2 months ago

He ran ok for me as just after he was printed, I was still playing good ol' Master of Waves. I threw 2 copies of him into the deck and the +1 was really good for me. Mainly because what the deck mostly did was Scry all the time using Thassa, God of the Sea, Omenspeaker and Sigiled Starfish and draw cards using Bident of Thassa and creatures like Vaporkin and Triton Shorestalker. So in that deck, he wasn't too bad; but I can easily say he's probably one of, if not the worst Jace we've ever seen (Jace Beleren I don't like much either, but in EDH he sees a lot of play).

JWiley129 on Improving on Vanilla

2 months ago

JohnnyBaggins - The Scry N could be worked on some, I remember I thought of the scale for Omenspeaker but I forgot my original templating. But yes, the other creatures/abilities you mention are very tricky to evaluate using the MVT. Hence the subjectivity of the Ability Modifier.

Now I wouldn't include a card like Glint Hawk Idol or any non-creature card that can turn into a creature. That is because they can't, and shouldn't, be evaluated in the same manner. The Gods would work under the MVT, but they do have a larger drawback of the Devotion requirement to get them active.

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Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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