Creature — Human Wizard

When Omenspeaker enters the battlefield, scry 2. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Omenspeaker Discussion

SaberTech on Newbie Needs Help

7 hours ago

The way the deck is now, your main win condition is to overwhelm the opponent with flying creatures in the mid to late game. With what you have available, I would probably go: -1 Forest, -2 Griptide and -1 Pin to the Earth, then +1 Thornwood Falls, +1 Temur Sabertooth, +1 Whisk Away and +1 Sage-Eye Avengers.

Temur Sabertooth helps to stall the opponent on the ground as a resilient blocker. It also allows you to get repeat uses out of the effects of Frost Lynx and Omenspeaker by returning them to your hand. The best use would be to bounce an Omenspeaker after you have declared it as a blocker against one of your opponent's attackers. The attacking creature will still count as having been blocked and won't deal any damage to you unless it has the Trample ability. You can also use the Sabertooth's ability to return creatures with Bestow to your hand so that you can enchant another creature with them later.

Whisk Away is a little more limited than Griptide in when you can use it effectively, but it is cheaper to cast. It won't be as good for clearing away an opponent's creature before you attack though, so if you find that against your friends you are better off getting their blockers out of the way than trying to defend yourself you could switch back to using Griptide.

Sage-Eye Avengers gives your deck another straight-up beatstick to help end the game with. It can clear away blockers for you and it's ability gets better if you enchant it with a bestow creature or two. You can also use it to return your own creatures to your hand if you want, for all the same reasons that you would bounce them with the Sabertooth.

I hope this helps and that I've explained my choices reasonably well. Welcome to the game and I hope you and your friends enjoy playing it! There is a lot to learn in regards to deck building and play theory so get your friend to explain things to you as best they can and search for tutorial articles online that explain the theories. Articles on "deck building", "mana curves", and "tempo" would probably be a good place to start in regards to your deck so you'll have a better idea of how you will want to change it as you get more cards. Have fun!

shepherdofire on Miller's Defence

22 hours ago

Maybe more scry can help. Omenspeaker.

bobiscool145 on Heroic Daxos

2 weeks ago

try adding something like Omenspeaker or some card draw for some early game advantage

muppetpastor on 2015-02-22 update of Why are ...

2 weeks ago

I run a similar deck Master of Waves, Mill Twenty and I think you'll really like Omenspeaker in the mainboard. Scry 2 is amazingly helpful and 3 toughness contributes well to your millshot. More importantly, it actually has 1 power so it can take out 2/1 creatures or tokens.

If you don't run Jorubai Murk Lurker in the sideboard you should consider Radiant Fountain

You're also probably going to want more than 22 land, which should include some Polluted Delta

Also I agree you should replace Despise with Thoughtseize.

Zacoly on 2015-02-22 update of Why are ...

3 weeks ago

Silumgar, the Drifting Death is worth it in this deck - I use one in my similar deck.

I use Omenspeaker because she has enough attack to stop Rabble master from building a token army turn after turn, AND she scrys like a champ giving me valuable information and stability.

  • Side board ideas

Work on completing your sideboard with:

2x Monastery Siege

3x Nighthowler

2x Tormod's Crypt

and maybe 2x Clever Impersonator just for fun ;)


3 weeks ago

Oops, my Living End + Phage the Untouchable combo doesn't work because Endless Whispers is a delayed effect.

Also, Golgari Thug seems like it needs some more dredge synergy to be effective. Specifically:-He's the only way to fill your graveyard from zones other than the stack (i.e. casting spells) or the battlefield (destroying permanents/killing creatures). And he only does this once he's in your graveyard.-His ability isn't optional. He must put something back on top of your library, possibly himself.

So, he's never going to help you get Phage or Leveler on top of your library unless he dies, puts another creature on top of the library, dredges himself back to your hand (milling Phage or Leveler), gets cast again, then dies, putting back Phage or Leveler. That's incredibly unlikely, especially when you consider that the other creature could only get there by dying in the first place, and it couldn't have been another Golgari Thug because he would have returned himself--so basically, unless you have a Qarsi High Priest die, Golgari Thug is useless.

Omenspeaker or Sultai Emissary might be better in this slot--Omenspeaker sets up scry while Sultai Emissary gets value off of Qarsi High Priest.

thewyzman on Simic Evolve

1 month ago

I think you'd actually be even better off with all 4x Omenspeakers than having those two Paragons, for the scry and to help trigger the evolves while also giving you a blocker to help you curve into your higher drops. Most recently, as you probably know, Crowned Ceratok was used for global trample like Sapphire Drake (too inefficient for modern) and flying. Now in standard we have Tuskguard Captain (who makes his own counters) and Longshot Squad for trample and reach.

If it's synergy you're looking for here, Kiora's Follower lets you untap lands, Vorel, even the Bow!

UnderworldFiend on Mill trial

1 month ago

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind is good, but only against a monsters deck. He is seriously a 2 of with maybe a sideboard. Not to mention the legendary part. Plus, to really abuse Phenax, God of Deception you need walls. It's really good with Consuming Aberration, but I think he needs to be made around. I suggest cut him for some Traumatize or if you really like him, try adding things like Wall of Frost and Omenspeaker. The speaker really helps early game with a butt of 3 and the scry 2. Again with phenax, you could add Triton Tactics for that extra boost to win the game. It triggers Consuming Aberration plus it adds 6 to the mill. Without Phenax, God of Deception, I would recommend making it more control-ish. Getting rid of threats with Unsummon or Disperse and adding counter spells so your things will stay safe. I've made mill decks since I started MTG and I've found that if you control what they play and mill the rest of what's good, they lose everytime.Sorry for the paragraph, but it seemed like you needed lots of ideas.

Power / Toughness 1/3
Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 5.4
Avg. cube pick 3.05


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Common

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