Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Uncommon
Commander 2014 (C14) Common
Modern Masters (MMA) Uncommon
MTG: Commander (CMD) Common
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra (DD2) Common
Lorwyn (LRW) Common
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Creature — Elemental


When Mulldrifter enters the battlefield, draw two cards.

Evoke (You may play this spell for its evoke cost. If you do, it's sacrificed when it enters the battlefield.)

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Mulldrifter Discussion

Durkle on G/W Sliver Pauper

1 day ago

Well let me be the first to say: Welcome to the wide world of pauper! Very fun format, it's basically exclusively what I play online these days. Never played GW slivers myself, but I've played against it more than my fair share of times. I definitely have a few ideas on how you could improve this list.

First and foremost, you'll want 3-4 copies of Journey to Nowhere in the main. Pauper is actually one of, if not the most, interactive format. There are still a few uninteractive decks floating around, but most of them have been banned out over the years, starting with Temporal Fissure, Cloudpost, Cloud of Faeries, Peregrine Drake, et cetera. Point is, if you run into a Gurmag Angler or a Myr Enforcer (which are both very common), you'll want a quick and easy way to get rid of it.

Another easy thing to change is replacing Commune with the Gods with Lead the Stampede. You're using commune only to find creatures, which... at that point, you may as well be playing Commune with Nature for one less mana. But no, Lead the Stampede is incredible. It will almost always net you at least 2 creatures, but best-case-scenario draws you 5 creatures for 3 mana.

Should probably play some dual lands for consistency. Shaving 2 of each basic and adding 4 Blossoming Sands should do the trick in and of itself.

Gemhide Sliver is a card that you honestly don't really need. One cool thing about sliver decks is that they're highly customizable, so if you want to play it, then by all means. Tapping your creatures to add mana just isn't something your deck is interested in doing, in general. You want to be attacking with your dudes every turn you can, so at that point I think the Gemhide is better suited as anything else. For example, I think Spinneret Sliver is a good one to consider for the main. Probably not as a 4-of, but flying creatures are very abundant. Specifically, Mulldrifter and Kor Skyfisher are everywhere, plus the occasional Glint Hawk or Vault Skirge. Plus, being a natural 2/2 for 2 mana is nice, as opposed to being a 1/1.

Beyond that stuff though, not sure what else I can offer. I don't know enough about playing the deck to talk about shaving some of the numbers. I will say though, MTGGoldfish is the best pauper decklist resource. Not a big fan of their content honestly, but it's a great site to see decklists. GW Slivers is an archetype you can find in the pauper metagame section, where you can find a bunch of different takes on the list, complete with sideboards.

But yeah. I hope any of that is useful, and good luck with the deck!

HobbyGamer007 on Casual Muldrotha, the Gravetide

5 days ago

Well if that's the case I can recommend a fun build recently featured on MTGGoldfish. It's Muldrotha permanent only, that only runs Primal Surge and can find it with Rune-Scarred Demon and Razaketh, the Foulblooded. It's a pretty grindy build, but once you find the primal surge and cast it, you win via Laboratory Maniac and a draw trigger off of Mulldrifter or Prime Speaker Zegana :)

This is a fun, fair and grindy alternative, that might be ok with your table. At least I am gonna create a version of that for mine.

Oloro_Magic on Is it worth running blue ...

1 week ago

Reflector Mage by itself is worth it in my opinion, Coiling Oracle also definitely can create a ton of value, though I think you also underestimate what else bant can provide, namely Spell Queller and Meddling Mage in the main, as well as possibly Mulldrifter and other things of the like.

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha EDH

1 week ago

Creatures: Merciless Executioner, Mulldrifter, Sidisi, Undead Vizier, Stinkweed Imp, Golgari Grave-Troll, Glen Elendra Archmage, Siren Stormtamer, and Fierce Empath

Anyways, feel free to check out my list for ideas. Feedback, upvotes, and ideas on any of my decks is appreciated. Muldrotha's Madhouse - No Infinite

Regoober on Choo Choo, it's the train to Value Town! EDH

2 weeks ago

Just a point of sale on Mulldrifter: You can Evoke it and then, when the ETB sac trigger is on the stack, you can flicker it with your commander. Since when it comes back it wasn't cast (it "forgot"/fizzled the Evoke trigger), it sticks to the board! This'll net you 4 cards for the price that you'd pay for Muldrifter on its own. Works with Reveillark, too, but duh: That's MORE expensive. Nevermaker can be mean in this format, too.

Have you considered Intruder Alarm? It backfires some days, but it's a cool card for cool kids!

Happy Value-ing!

Last_Laugh on muldrotha recursion

2 weeks ago

Animate Dead, Dance of the Dead, and Necromancy deserve spots.

Fleshbag Marauder and Merciless Executioner are both great here due to pseudo self sac. If something sacrifices itself here like Spore Frog or Caustic Caterpillar that's a good thing

Dredge is a great way to fill your grave, consider Stinkweed Imp and Golgari Grave-Troll. Evoke is also a nice mechanic here, look into Mulldrifter, Shriekmaw, and possibly Nevermaker.

The seals, like Seal of Doom, Seal of Removal, Seal of Primordium, and Pernicious Deed are all good options too. Cumulative Upkeep cards like Mystic Remora and Elephant Grass are solid here also.

Cephalid Coliseum and Crystal Vein are a pair of good land options also.

Feel free to check out my list for ideas. Feedback, ideas, and upvotes are appreciated. Muldrotha's Madhouse - No Infinite

Lotuslaz1 on Derevi *still figuring this out*

2 weeks ago

Far too little creatures. Your general ramps you so you dont need too many ineffective ramp spells. Go gor a creature toolbox style deck. Wood Elves, Acidic Slime, Mystic Snake, Mulldrifter are all good cheap inexpensive creatures that have immedeate value. And prolonged value with your general out. For creature tokens the splicers are not good. You should try for creatures that tap to put out a token or actual creature like Elvish Piper or Kazandu Tuskcaller

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