Glint-Nest Crane


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Glint-Nest Crane

Creature — Bird


When Glint-Nest Crane enters the battlefield, look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal an artifact card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

Glint-Nest Crane Discussion

wonderboyrox on You just got Noped!

8 months ago

Darth_Savage First of all, thanks for such an in-depth reply. I can really appreciate feedback that involved more than 5 seconds of thought. Let me try to address some of the feedback you gave me, and give you some insight into some of my choices. Let me preface this by saying that I haven't really done much with this deck in at least a year. As the sideboard meta in modern shifted more heavily towards artifact hate (due to Tron, KCI, Lantern, and others), any/all variations of lantern control went right down the toilet. So with that said, I became okay with the fact that this deck was going to be more of a casual fnm homebrew than a competitive netdeck variant.

1.) " Ghostly Prison or Norn's Annex aren't Ensnaring Bridge, but they would offer some protection." -True. However, simply put.. they are just less effective Ensnaring Bridges, attempting to do the same thing, but not as well. The whole point was to move this deck away from relying so heavily on a stall tactic like Ensnaring Bridge .

2.) "Your other options are fogs Holy Day / Ethereal Haze , these only stall a turn, or you could try bounce Boomerang / Vapor Snag , lastly there is Silence ." -Again, you're not wrong when you think along the lines of "stalling", but when you try to think about how to manage a lantern deck without a heavy stall mechanic, then you start to realize that none of these are good options. Not only do they just fall far short of what Ensnaring Bridge would effectively do for me, but they essentially try to offer me the same win con. Think outside the box. Not.. what else could I do instead of Ensnaring Bridge?, but rather.. what else could I do instead of stalling the game?

3.) " Glint-Nest Crane , this is 2 mana, compared to Ancient Stirrings , Faithless Looting or Serum Visions , the fact it has a body is less relevant than the extra cost." -100%. However, one of the biggest challenges with Modern Lantern is that their mana base is far too greedy. After 15+ years of playing this game, I have found dual color decks to be the sweet spot for most mana bases, and prefer to keep my decks there. Now, while Serum Visions is a nice 1 mana cantrip that fits my colors, I believe that the Crane offers me more versatility. A body to block, a creature with a form of evasion, and helps me to dig deeper for my win con. Keep in mind that my 1 mana slots are plentiful in this deck, it is not as if I am missing out on many turn 1 drop opportunities.

4.) "You could run a finisher Indomitable Archangel / Bastion Inventor / Myth Realized or go wide Monastery Mentor " - Bastion Inventor is the only suggestion here that stands out to me as something I hadn't thought of. It doesn't really fit the theme of 5/5's bashing you in the face, but it would certainly make for a nice sideboard threat for when my opponents think they have me on lock. The rest of your suggestions again don't fit my manabase, which I already addressed earlier.

5.) " Whir of Invention would also help you find your Darksteel Citadel or lock." -This is a suggestion I have struggled with a lot. The lantern community as a whole swears by this card, and albeit.. with good reason. And perhaps that is why I have my reservations when it comes to this card. I strive to make a deck my own. Not to copy pasta what others have done. My biggest concern with this card is how it negatively effects the manabase. UUU is just not a good mana cost for a deck running 6 colorless lands. It's why most Whir Lantern decks have cut Ghost Quarter or Inventors' Fair .

And finally.. 6.) "your deck is suffering from a clash between the control nature of Lantern and the aggro nature of Ensoul Artifact" -I don't entirely disagree with you, however, this was the purpose of the deck from the get go. The big question for me has always been.. how do I turn slow lantern into aggro lantern? I concede that the very nature of lantern IS slow and controlly, but.. I am the type of player to think outside of the box. If there is a way to make it happen, I will find it. And even though this deck has been put on my back-burner for a while, I am sure I will revisit that very question again ...eventually.

Aaerys on Jhoira, Conqueror of Storms

8 months ago

Interesting concept, you have the draw sorted so I would possibly include Glint-Nest Crane to dig through the deck. Baral's Expertise also works a treat with aetherflux reservoir.

Definitely include Unwinding Clock and flash effects to make use of stuff like signets and artifact lands :) oooh and Mirrorworks damn that's awesome once you get it working right.

I would suggest looking at the decklist of Daretti the precon, it has good mono red artifact interaction. I'm building Sen Triplets with artifact interactions so if you like you can check my decklist here Masters of your Mind but it's in Esper haha

Good luck!

Squiggy686the2nd on Steel and Stax

1 year ago

ClockworkSwordfish sorry for such a long time before I could get back to you, I didn't get the notification for some reason. Firstly thankyou for the suggestions, I will consider adding them- Wurmcoil Engine in particular seems like a good wincon for the deck. Card selection is technically still card advantage, whilst it is not as powerful as card draw it still gives you card advantage because you can draw more relevant cards. The main reason that Artificer's Assistant is there over Glint-Nest Crane is for curve reasons and i've seen it be better than I had expected in the modern version of this deck. Yes it slow, but in a stax deck you will draw the game out anyway. I will still put the crane in the maybeboard because it may be better suited to a faster meta where the games will not usually go long enough for the assistant to be good.

ClockworkSwordfish on Steel and Stax

1 year ago

Artificer's Assistant is cute, but it's not actually card advantage... just better card quality. Its best feature is that it's one mana to play. You might like Glint-Nest Crane, since it actively draws you into a bomb and still taps for .

Personally, my favourite card to work with the Architect is Wurmcoil Engine, since if you play a blue creature on the first two turns and then the Architect on turn three, you can immediately tap for , and Wurmcoil Engine's got to be the nastiest six-mana artifact out there. You may feel differently, though!

Kjartan on Full clip o' thopters

1 year ago

Okay, I get it... Hmmm.

This combo needs 4 cards to go infinite, and 5 cards to win instantly. Out of all of these cards, Whirler Virtuoso is the only one that is somewhat good on its own.

On top of the combo itself being pretty clunky, you've got a lot of clunky support cards. Fabricate doesn't really accomplish anything. It techically does, but you use 3 mana and a card, to get another card. If can play that card right away, or it causes you to win the turn after or something, Fabricate might have been pretty useful, but if that't not the case, it's very close to being, pay three mana, do nothing.

Archivist is weird here. Not only is it also very clunky, but it also doesn't do much with Panharmonicon or Decoction Module.

Mechanized Production - Does do something for you, it's just slow and clunky.

I don't think 20 lands is enough with a curve like this.

If you want it to be competitive, I suggest you find another, more simple combo, one that needs fewer pieces, which is probably the optimal choice, or you keep where you're heading and you streamline the crap out of this list.

You drop all the X-Spells, you drop KCI, you drop, Blasting Station, Archivist,Mechanized Production and Fabricate.

And then you focus on getting cards that work along side your combo pieces. Decoction Module will always be trash, you can't run from that, but it'll be included as a necessay evil in order to get the combo online.

You could play Mind Stone to speed up things, and get a draw in the lategame. You could play Trinket Mage, which supports Panharmonicon. Out of Trinket, you could then include a couple silver bullet cards like Pithing Needle to take care of planeswalker when you need to, Altar of the Brood to make your combo win on the spot, Brittle Effigy as searchable removal, Walking Ballista as a your late game and Relic of Progenitus as anti grave.

Glint-Nest Crane, and Thirst for Knowledge becomes really good, once you have enough artifacts.

Then Serum Visions and Mishra's Bauble helps out with consistancy, then Lightning Bolt keeps you alive.

RedmundR2 on Thassa'sDriving!

1 year ago

I like the idea, it definitely is cool to see some recent cards have good spots in a modern deck, however I think this deck could get a big boost by adding in more affinity cards into it, and having more artifacts matters cards along with it. The Judge's Familiar and Glint-Nest Crane slots can be used for cheaper artifact creatures to power up a Mox Opal, allowing you to potentially get enough mana to get your powerful vehicles out and manned quicker than you would on curve. Having the birds pilot stuff is hilarious but stuff like Memnite can accomplish the same thing while helping you ramp. This would change this deck from tempo to more of a pure aggro deck, but has a different top end with vehicles. This kind of hand-dumping strategy could make your looting with Smuggler's Copter even more powerful, and can make Jace, Cunning Castaway's +1 more viable on turn 3.

As for the sideboard I would consider Spell Pierce over Stubborn Denial just because the Ferocious effect doesn't work unless your vehicles are crewed and later in the game its too easy to play around if ferocious doesnt go off.

Don't turn this into a pure affinity deck tho as that would be a dumb suggestion on my part and ruin the soul of the deck on your end. I think you can take some of that deck's core and infuse it here and have success.

Chuata on Narcissistic Saheeli

1 year ago

Now "Decklist To Test Out" panel contains actual deck with few changes:

MINUS: - 3x Muddle the Mixture - 4x Dispel - 4x Fabricate - 1x Glint-Nest Crane - 2x Drift of Phantasms - 1x Lightning Bolt - 1x Anger of the Gods
PLUS: + 2x Hope of Ghirapur + 4x Whir of Invention + 4x Remand + 4x Opt + 1x Witchbane Orb + 1x Relic of Progenitus

hungry000 on Narcissistic Saheeli

1 year ago

Seems ok, some more cantrips like Serum Visions would help a lot for finding Saheeli, since you have Whir you could play some in place of Glint-Nest Crane. Idk if you prefer it for its ability to block, though. Treasure Map  Flip looks like it's a bit too slow for Modern, but I've never tried it in a modern deck so I wouldn't know. You might also want to consider playing Relic of Progenitus over Grafdigger's Cage since you can sac it to draw when it isn't useful.

Just keep testing things out and don't be afraid to try things that don't look like they fit, you never know if it could work. As it is now, it looks like it's on the right track, though it may struggle with aggro. I think I'll try making a Liquimetal LD version of your deck today, I'll link you when it's done :)

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