Think Twice


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common
Time Spiral Common

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Think Twice


Draw a card.

Flashback (2)(Blue) (You may play this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then remove it from the game.)

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Think Twice Discussion

JararoNatsu on Modern Miracles

1 hour ago

I just read the rules. Huh, that is interesting (and also kind of amazing). Okay, you wouldn't need Leyline of Anticipation, then. What you COULD use, then, is more instant-speed card draw.

What about Brainstorm? Even if you draw multiple miracles, or have one in your opening hand that you can't cast for the Miracle cost, you can return it to your library so that you CAN use it for the Miracle cost. A bit of a loophole. With this, Serum Visions, and Think Twice, you'd be able to set yourself up relatively well.

Also refer to my other suggestions, especially about that Mountain... that damn Mountain.

JararoNatsu on Modern Miracles

11 hours ago

I agree with VraskaTheCursed about Disrupting Shoal. It's way too expensive no matter what you do. You're better off with simple, CMC 2 counter spells like Mana Leak and Remand. The same goes for Logic Knot, too. Don't even bother.

However, I do agree about preferring Think Twice, as you can draw a card on your opponent's turn. You made a remark, though, about Think Twice activating Miracle on your opponent's turn. That would be nice, if the Miracle cards were instants rather than sorceries. If that's what you want, then I would recommend a couple Leyline of Anticipation be added, so you actually CAN use them on opponent's turns.

Also, why do you have a Mountain in your landbase? You have nothing that requires red mana, and for the same reason Scalding Tarn isn't really necessary either. If you need it for fetching Islands, then that is understandable, but one Mountain? Nah, son.

Let's be real about this. If you're going to use Miracles, go all the way. Temporal Mastery it up in here, at least one.

VraskaTheCursed on Modern Miracles

17 hours ago

i'd say you need a lot more scry effects, so I'd recommend running a playset of Temple of Enlightenment (8 fetches is too many, even for miracles - i'd say 7 fetches, 3 islands, 2 plains, 4 temple). maybe a couple Mystic Speculation as a 3-mana Sensei's Divining Top minus the draw. but why 4x Disrupting Shoal? it requires you to match the cmc every time. i'd say 2 shoal is good, going up a Think Twice, down 2 Jace, Memory Adept, and up 3 lands. good luck!

HarbingerJK on U/W/R Control

3 days ago

I believe that match was standard at the time, but no reason why you can't make it modern. A few things to tweak: Mana Leak, Remand and Spell Snare are going to be some of the better options for counter spells than Syncopate or Dissolve.

Card draw you want to go with Serum Visions or Think Twice rather than Divination. Sphinx's Revelation isn't bad as a one-of or two-of.

Path to Exile is strictly better than Last Breath. You'll also want some boardwipes for the aggro and midrange decks, so Supreme Verdict or Wrath of God are best. But since you're running red Anger of the Gods or Slagstorm are solid too.

Lastly, your mana base is very slow. You don't want that many lands to come in tapped since you want mana open to play answers to threats. I'd say ditch the temples for some shock lands.

Not sure if you're looking to make this competitive or casual but I think you have a good start. Here's a link to my U/W deck if you want to check it out for ideas.

Also +1

xyr0s on Infinite Mana Ballista

4 days ago

I think you could try with Blossoming Defense, as it works both against targetted removal and pyroclasm. Besides, A full set of Serum Visions is probably better than Enclave Cryptologist and Think Twice, because you get to dig deeper faster, and for less mana (you pay 3 mana to loot the first card with cryptologist - you get to dig 3 cards for 1 mana with SV, meaning that cryptologist catches up after 3 turns). That does remove the cryptologist combo, but that one already relied on infinite mana from other combo pieces.

dunno if you need the full set of Spell Pierce. It's good in the early game, but the longer the game goes, the less relevant it becomes (turn 3 Lightning Bolt still gets to remove your Arbor Elf). Maybe cut 2 of them for Blossoming Defense?

2austin5 on Amonkhet making modern miracles

4 days ago

So with my list Narset Transcendent's pseudo scry works very nicely with Serum Visions. When she can't grab a land, its comforting to not blindly vision draw a miracle so at least I know what I am getting and know that the scry could set up the miracle. And with that ability too, you dont have to put the card in your hand, if its a miracle you can feel free to not reveal it and leave it on top. In conjunction with Thassa, God of the Sea, she really is able to do work because we can scry the lands we dont need later on. I wish we could scry 3 though lol, here is to hoping we get Jace, the Mind Sculptor unbanned and can Brainstorm our way to the top.

While playtesting, I generally think that 6-7 lands is where I want to be in play at any one time, with that in mind I often do find myself at 1-2 cards in hand by turn 5. However, if I was fortunate enough to drop both thassa and Narset, they act as a nice engine to generally build your hand up quickly as well as making any other draw effect more efficient (no blind pulls generally). With Think Twice my only issue comes with the flashback. While the draw is nice, the three mana is a pain if I'm miracle triggering Entreat the Angels end step of opponents turn because if I float around 6-7 lands, that means I will only Entreat for two at most in most scenarios. Its great for terminus though and for your list could be especially flexible with Temporal Mastery as it would be a five mana investment at that point.

Disrupting Shoal is honestly one of my favorite cards in the deck though. It has the unfortunate drawback of just being dead sometimes as it is no true Force of Will, but in the late game its efficient because if I have 6 land, I can counter any 4 or less spell which in modern is most things (minus tron and eldrazi). For the early game it can be nice to for just making sure you protect from Thoughtseize or even disrupt the pestering 3 mana planeswalkers. Usually I will use it in a snag where I drop Thassa, God of the Sea turn 3, and then I will usually have another thassa in hand to pitch. So at least in my build, it becomes efficient because in the 3 and 4 slot, I have extra Thassa and Narset to pitch to it so it isn't really ever a true loss since they would be dead cards anyway, at least thats how I can justify it being "efficient" for some flexibility. And any time I have a late game Spell Pierce, it at least gives that another way to be useful. Hope this helps with a little bit of insight into each of these!

Dannyel on Amonkhet making modern miracles

4 days ago

Thanks for putting your list it was helpful, I like Narset Transcendent mainly because she's a good source of more cards but if she can't draw lands and one would rather not draw miracles it's half of our deck that she won't hit. scry 1 would help a little, scry 3 would help a lot.

Jace, Architect of Thought isn't that good, probably one of the worst on my list, but he draws cards which is what i run into as being the biggest problem. i hadn't thought about Think Twice, that would be a good way to at least get 2 cards for the price of 1, plus both would trigger miracle. I might test it out. You ever run into the problem of just running out of cards?

How is Disrupting Shoal? i thought about running it but it trades 2 cards for 1 which adds to the biggest problem of running out of cards in hand.

lonker on Budget Dimir Mill

6 days ago

You might want to replace Think Twice and Grisly Spectacle with a playset of Brainstorm. Brainstorm works wonders with Jace's Erasure, which you should add with all of this card draw in your deck.

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