Think Twice


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common
Time Spiral Common

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Think Twice


Draw a card.

Flashback (2)(Blue) (You may play this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then remove it from the game.)

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Think Twice Discussion

LeaPlath on Modernized Jeskai Control

17 minutes ago

Render Silent is just a cancel far too often, and without fetches Logic Knot goes from amazing to meh. Electrolyze is also in a bad spot, too many X/2+ creatures for it be the 2 for 0 it once was.

Think Twice deserves a spot. 2 cards, 4 mana over as many turns as you want it good.

LeaPlath on Temur Thinking

50 minutes ago

Courier's Capsule and Font of Fortunes are bad.

Why wouldn't you run something like Think Twice, which let you trigger all your creatures twice.

Also, justify your sideboard.

Wombatz on Grim Reality (Developing Competitive)

1 week ago

i personally do not like Think Twice REPLACE IT WITH Serum Visions!!!!. i would consider the 4th copy of both snappydoo and fatal push. also wouldnt Countersquall be better than negate?

zenbeni on Serpent in the ice

1 week ago

The aim of the deck is that you just put one creature at a time and counter / bounce / comply any other spell. An alternative to the kiln fiend deck that is much quicker but not interactive. I saw the Blue Delver in Mono-U decks, and tried to make a budget version with white splash and Cryptic Serpent that is a big body for 2 or 3 CMC, as you use Thought Scour and Winds of Rebuke to fill graveyard. Flashback cards are here for value (Think Twice and Comply).

Serum Visions is great but slow at sorcery speed, Peek seems better with Comply and Winds of Rebuke.

Maybe I have to work a bit more on this deck.

xyr0s on red blue control for the Dominus

1 week ago

To be a blue/X draw-go control deck in modern, you need to remove the "budget"-tag and have a good pile of money to spend. In spite of having countless suggestions of cheap cards, the annoying truth is that decks with all the good stuff are better than those without it, when it comes to control decks. You can't really replace Snapcaster Mage, Cryptic Command, or Ancestral Vision. Perhaps you can try alternatives, but Think Twice takes 1.5 card and 7 mana to draw 3 cards - Ancestral Vision does it for 1 mana (as an example). If you want to play budget control, blue is not involved (there are decks like martyrproc for monowhite, though).

Also, this deck does not look like a control deck - it looks like a prowess deck. It's an aggro deck, that tries to overwhelm with early damage, and which uses disruption to make its attack more stable - the disruption-cards look a bit like what would be used in a control deck (counters, removal). Or is that a misunderstanding?

LeaPlath on red blue control for the Dominus

1 week ago

To be a control deck in modern, you need counters, removal, draw and bombs.

You want 25 lands. Ensure you can draw and play one most turns. Have a good late game. Some of these lands can be man-lands, such as Wandering Fumarole, utility lands such as a 1 or 2 of Desolate Lighthouse, and dual lands, such as Steam Vents, Sulfur Falls.

For counterspells, your bread and butter is Mana Leak. If you can afford it, Cryptic Command is a must play, and if you play fetches so is Logic Knot. Rune Snag can be decent but suffers versus any deck with GY hate. Silumgar's Scorn can be powerful, depending on how you line up your win-condition.

For removal, Lightning Bolt is like, the basis. Electrolyze is pretty decent. If this is budget, Harnessed Lightning can be a good option with some energy production, as it lets you kill big things as needed.

For RU your options for sweepers are Anger of the Gods, Sweltering Suns or going a third colour for Radiant Flames. Anger of the Gods is best in a control deck because of the exile clause.

For draw, there are a few ways you can go. You can keep low to the ground with Ancestral Vision (not very budget), Think Twice or go big with Pull from Tomorrow and similar. I personally quite like Think Twice and Pull from Tomorrow together.

For your creatures, you want something cheap, hard to remove, big and ideally with flash. Sadly none of those exist cheaply. Cryptic Serpent is a good size, doesn't die to bolt or decay/push and can come down cheaply late game. Thundermaw Hellkite and Stormbreath Dragon enable Scorn and end the game quickly but lack the cheapness. Torrential Gearhulk gives you all the value, is big, and flashes in. Etc etc.

bradc1988 on The Grixis Engima

1 week ago


I saw a Baral list that ran a single copy of Think Twice but I have not been impressed with it at all. Definitely going to -1 Think Twice and +1 Thought Scour

I don't run 4 Thought Scour as I can't really find a slot for them and Baral's second ability is a pseudo-Thought Scour

landofMordor on Jeskai control on a budget

1 week ago

Okay! Thing in the Ice  Flip we can work with. With Thing, you'll want a lot of cheap instants (and sorceries, if you must) to achieve a flip as fast as possible, then smash face for the win.

First, I'd suggest Spell Pierce, Dispel, Ephemeral Shields, and/or Turn Aside, all of which will be vital for protecting Thing from opposing removal. Then, I'd use Temur Battle Rage or Assault Strobe as a win condition (after Thing is flipped), since your opponent will likely already be within killing range from their shocks and fetches. Cantrips like Niveous Wisps, Ponder, etc will be pretty good to you, as will multiple-use spells like Faithless Looting, Think Twice, and so forth. If I were you, I actually might be tempted to take out all W except just a splash, if Thing is your main win con. Although I guess at this point, your deck becomes aggro...

If you care about the control part of things, I'd trade your Ulamog for Emrakul, the Promised End (she's better with Nahiri) and dial up the W element of the deck, leaving R just as a splash for Nahiri and Helix. Azorius Charm, Failure / Comply, Hindering Light, Silence, Angelsong, Censor, will all be crucial in extending the game long enough to swing in multiple times with Thing and maybe even get Nahiri to ult.

Either way, I suggest only splashing your third color -- 4-6 spells of that color max. Then, I suggest you build your land base with all basics except for 4 Evolving Wilds and 4 of the tapland of your 2 primary colors (for RU, Izzet Guildgate or the like). Split the basics evenly between all remaining colors.

Hope that helps! Despite what some other posters seem to think, I strongly believe you'll be able to build a fun and effective 3-color deck on a budget, especially if your goal is casual fun. However, I do think that you might be frustrated if you have a mana-intensive deck on a shoestring budget, which is why I so strongly recommend just splashing one of your 3 colors. Mention me on your decklist once you get some cards smashed together -- even if it's not pretty, I'll do my best to help you out! Best of luck.

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