Think Twice


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad (ISD) Common
Time Spiral (TSP) Common

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Think Twice


Draw a card.

Flashback (2)(Blue) (You may play this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then remove it from the game.)

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Think Twice Discussion

chefjeff on Now you see me...

6 days ago

You may want to switch out your cantrip Think Twice for Thought Scour. You draw cards more cheaply and you can get your Jace's Phantasms in business earlier.

KGW on Esper Torment of Hailfire

1 week ago

Welcome to Esper Control :D I would recommend doing some google searches for esper control and esper midrange decks to get an idea of which cards work in this colour scheme. Some initial thoughts looking at the deck are that without fetchlands to fuel your Logic Knots, you wont be able to play them on time. Maybe replace them with a couple Negates until you find some fetches. I also believe that your Jace should be a Jace, Architect of Thought because it will help you deal with tokens and small creatures.I believe that the Hedron Archives need to go. 6 mana to draw 2 cards is far to costly. As a budget alternative to Serum Visions, just play Think Twice, which is great here because its an Instant.Lastly, you need some proper spot removal. The reason that cards like Path to Exile and Fatal Push are so great in this format is because of their low CMC. Never//Return is going to be played too late in the game to save you from aggressive decks. Consider alternatives like Go for the Throat or Victim of Night. Same situation with your board wrath card Fumigate, you really want to be able to play a wrath on turn 4 so if you can a hold of a few copies of Wrath of God or Supreme Verdict then do so.

Make sure you take a look at some of the other Esper variations out there as it will give you a feel what you need to survive until the late game when you can take over and play your win conditions. Control in general is super difficult to play in Modern as you need to know opponents decks as well as you know your own in order to determine what you need to counter, and what you can let through, however when you win a difficult match up it is very rewarding. Best of luck in your quest.

averagenovice74 on Sleepy Time (82% Casual!)

1 week ago

Pretty surprising you aren't playing Serum Visions.Think Twice is nice because of the flexibility of being an instant but visions is so much more progressive to your gameplan in the long haul. "Digs" deeper and smooths out draw steps while ensuring you of known information on top(or bottom) of your deck.

Other than that, this looks pretty sweet. I really like Spreading Seas in here, very cool tech.

PearlyXD on All Your Creatures are Merely Illusions

3 weeks ago

Hey, the deck looks much better now! Did you have time to test it?

Do you have sideboard cards? Sideboard is pretty important in modern.

Just several more comments:1) Omenspeaker seems a really good card in this deck, because it's a turn 2 blocker with 3 toughness, which actually might help you vs. aggro decks (e.g. you can block Goblin Guide). I did not use it, but it seems reasonable.

2) 4x Supreme Will + 3x Telling Time + 4x Omenspeaker + 4x Serum Visions are already 15 Scry/Anticipate-like spells. I would cut Telling Times and play some universal 2 CMC counterspells such as Negate or Essence Scatter.

3) Trail of Evidences are really weak and slow. They start drawing you cards on turn 5 maybe and casting them causes you to tap all mana during one turn, so your enemy can cast spells during their turn (usually during very important turns, such as turn 3 or 4). I would highly recommend you to use 1x Jace, Unraveler of Secrets. Jace gives you many capabilities, such as: Scry + draw every turn, starting on turn 5; bouncing enemy creature (which might be sometimes useful). This card puts pressure on opponents (and makes you lose less life, because opponent will attack Jace instead of you), because using your ultimate is usually the end of the game (you lock out opponent with Jace's emblem + counters in your hand). Jace isn't expensive if you're playing MTGO instead of paper magic. However, I wouldn't use more than one, because you mainly want to draw him on turn 6-7, after you set your counters and prepare to lategame battle. I would change rest Trail of Evidences to some instant draw spells (Think Twice or Hieroglyphic Illumination?) or just Spreading Seas.

Hjaltrohir on bug control v2.0

3 weeks ago

Hi! I would also second the Damnation over Flaying Tendrils plea. Damnation is only one more mana for a hard answer to anything your opponents are doing, and as a bonus it also deals with Thrun, the Last Troll. I would remove 1 Flaying Tendrils for 1 Damnation and add a second in the sideboard.

Since you are running a control list, I have some suggestions for rebalancing the numbers of some of your spells:

Firstly, running the full four Snapcaster Mages will allow you to recur your important spells with ease and block in a pinch. Snappy is often the best card in your deck as the control player so it seems like a shame not to run 4 and make full use of his potential.

I would also say removing the other Flaying Tendrils and the 3 Think Twice will allow you to play 4 Serum Visions which is the best card filtering in modern and would make your deck run even smoother. It synergises well with Snapcaster Mage and is an easy card to get into the graveyard for Tarmogoyf.

Finally I would remove 1 Logic Knot and 1 Liliana, the Last Hope for 2 Mana Leak as it is a very efficient and easy-to-cast counterspell for the early game - exactly what you want in a control deck. If Mana Leak doesn't appeal to you, then maybe add 2 Remand instead for some more tempo and card draw.

I would also try to find space for Scavenging Ooze, Thoughtseize and maybe Inquisition of Kozilek in the 75, as they are all efficient cards that deal with whatever the opponent is playing with ease. Maybe in the place of some lands (I think a drop to 23 would be acceptable).

I hope this has been helpful and even if you don't end up running any of my suggestions that you at least consider them as I think they would greatly improve your already-strong deck. If you need any inspiration, I have a similar Sultai Midrange list here.

RavingRaccoon on Ashiok and elspeth's island adventure

3 weeks ago

I would drop the 4x Think Twice in the main for 4x Mana Leak, and drop 3x Sludge Crawler, 3x Soldier of the Pantheon, 1x Torment of Hailfire, and 1 Duress from the side for 3x Spreading Seas for Tron, 3x Rest in Peace or 3x Leyline of the Void for Graveyard decks, and 2x Stony Silence for Affinity or Lantern control. This is without knowing your local meta though, so a grain of salt maybe required.

DaNecromancer on U/W Control

1 month ago

Down two Condemn add two Mana Leak. Down two Spell Queller and up two Snapcaster Mage. Feels like your going to run out of cards, so maybe Telling Time or Think Twice. Azorius Charm gives options. Peek is the new Git-Probe. Idk, maybe play around and see what you think. The issue with condemn is that you dont want to give them life, as it is hard for you to deal damage, and manaleak is just a great card. 2 mana counterspells for the win. Also, snapcaster provides options, which is the key in control. It lets you play 4 extra cryptics (If your running 4 of each) or another set of remands. It is just good in every situation, and 4 is a must of.

NecroPony on Grixis Granny

1 month ago

Something like Blue Sun's Zenith to draw the deck, cast lab man, then Think Twice or something. The other two cards should just be counterspell backups.

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