Breaker of Armies


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Uncommon

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Breaker of Armies

Creature — Eldrazi

All creatures able to block Breaker of Armies do so.

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Breaker of Armies Discussion

cdkime on Favorite Grusilda Interaction

2 days ago

Breaker of Armies and Stuffy Doll seems like it would be quite mean.

cdkime on ZendikariWol

1 week ago

Following up here, since the card creation thread is not really a place for discussion.

I actually like the idea of a commander with banding, and have been advocating for same for a while now. Personally, I find it one of the more interesting abilities in Magic--just one that was poorly distributed on a number of mediocre cards with misguided converted mana costs. On offense, you could theoretically have interesting interactions like Breaker of Armies + Stuffy Doll + Banding. On defense, a single 1/1 with banding can completely block a 100/100 with trample.

Its versatility, and the number of options it gives for deckbuilding is incredibly interesting.

Anyway, since you had made a remark on the subject, I was curious to hear your thoughts as to why it would not make for an interesting commander.

cdkime on What mechanics should return for ...

2 weeks ago

I agree with SteelSentry's suggestion of banding, though I know it is a bit of an unpopular one (most people I've talked to about my desire for banding's return either roll their eyes, complain about how wordy the rules text is, or ask "what the heck is banding?").

Currently, there are two legendary creatures with Banding-based abilities, neither of which is viable in commander. Ayesha Tanaka is a measly 2/2 with an extremely poor ability (especially in multiplayer), which still costs you 4 coloured mana. Soraya the Falconer's ability to give others banding is nice, but mono-white birds are a terrible tribe--the vast majority of them are older cards, and are incredibly poorly costed for what you receive. Further, very few, if any, of these creatures really benefit from banding.

Now, why banding?

On defense, banding is extremely powerful, and provides a hard stop to creatures with trample (if the defending player blocks a creature with banding, they can choose to assign all damage to their creature, rather than have some trample over. A 1/1 with banding can block the totality of a 500/500 trample creature's damage).

But on offense is where it gets fun. For example: Breaker of Armies + Banding gifted to it by the commander + Stuffy Doll = all your other creatures successfully do damage; you assign all their blocker's damage to an indestructible creature; you reflect the blocker's damage back on target player.

cdkime on Commander 2018

3 weeks ago

At the risk of voicing an unpopular idea, I would love to see a deck which utilizes Banding. Currently, there are only two possible commanders with Banding--Soraya the Falconer, who is limited to a mediocre tribe, and Ayesha Tanaka, whose ability is quite substandard.

The mechanic itself provides some interesting possibilities, but is from an era where cards tend to be under-powered and vastly over-costed. Banding does some cool things on the defense, including providing immunity from trample damage. On offense, it would be really fun to band a card like Breaker of Armies with Stuffy Doll.

Since the mechanic is a bit of a wordy mess, we are never going to see it released in a standard-legal set. However, given Commander's more laid-back environment, it seems the perfect place for a limited re-release of the mechanic.

Kamerot on Om nom Trample

4 weeks ago

Thank you for the suggestions ticked-off-squirrel.

  • Bow of Nylea - I've considered putting this in the deck for awhile now, I'm testing out a couple of newer cards in the same cmc spot first, but it will eventually find a home.
  • Slime Molding - this card doesn't fit the strategy of the deck. I have to dump a lot of mana into a sorcery to get a token that does nothing but provide a big body. Which isn't needed with my commander since I can make all of my creatures have big bodies.
  • Hydra Broodmaster/Heroes' Bane - I've never been a fan of hydras for this deck, they take a lot of mana to make them viable which takes away from my primary game plan. I don't need 1 or 2 big creatures that cost a lot of mana to make, when I can just use that mana to kill everyone with my elves and utility creatures.
  • Scourge of Skola Vale - I'm not built to sacrifice my creatures sustainably and want to avoid it at all costs, however this card will be amazing in a Kresh the Bloodbraided deck I'm working on, so thank you for the suggestion.
  • Breaker of Armies - I don't run eldrazi in this deck and never will. And Nacatl War-Pride provides the same advantage while making it easier to provide lethal damage when buffed by Kamahl.
  • Archetype of Endurance - I'm on the fence with this card because of the cmc, I really don't want to add another super high cost card into the deck, but i can't deny what he could bring for survivability, so I'm gonna have to playtest and see what I can come up with.

Thanks again for the suggestions

ticked-off-squirrel on Om nom Trample

4 weeks ago

i got a few suggestions for you.

Bow of Nylea by giving your creatures Deathtouch only 1 damage is needed to kill creatures and the rest will go over if they have trample. (which is most likely)

Slime Molding an easy 10/10 creature token with all that ramp.

Hydra Broodmaster a pump and a token spitter at the same time.

Heroes' Bane will get bigger every time you pump him with mana.

Scourge of Skola Vale eat your other creatures to make him bigger. plus starts with trample.

Breaker of Armies force all of your opponents creatures to block him and him only while everyone else goes through.

Archetype of Endurance gives everyone hexproof and shuts up any other deck that uses hexproof.

ZendikariWol on Modern Green Eldrazi Tribal

2 months ago

Okay, if you want to run Breaker of Armies, you could also run Eyeless Watcher. Sure it's not great, but sac'ing a vanilla 1/1 for four mana is fan-friggin-tastic. The same rule applies to Eldritch Evolution, It of the Horrid Swarm, and Mockery of Nature.

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