Sejiri Refuge


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth Uncommon
Zendikar Uncommon

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Sejiri Refuge


Sejiri Refuge enters the battlefield tapped.

When Sejiri Refuge enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Sejiri Refuge Discussion

D1beast on Pillow Fort

1 week ago

Maybe consider Sejiri Refuge over Boreal Shelf, because life gain is Always nice.

Megalomancer on

2 months ago

Replace the Meandering River with Sejiri Refuge orTranquil Cove

Snacrifice on Talons & Gallants

3 months ago

If you like banding, you can run Defensive Formation since it's cheap, is a 1-drop, and gives everything on your side defensive banding. Sejiri Refuge is coastal plains but with a life gain attached. Cooperation gives you banding on an enchantment.

Instead of Griffin Sentinel or Armored Griffin, you could just run the 2/2 Diving Griffin that's a little better costed. Griffin Dreamfinder lets you recur enchantments, albeit sorta slowly.

Tethered Griffin would give you a much shorter mana curve, and Skyblinder Staff is pretty silly too.

I'm surprised not to see Misthollow Griffin since it'd use blue.

I love griffins, always good to see a fun deck built around them.

Blizwiz on Artifact Angels (BANT)

4 months ago

Few suggestions: Swap Gavony Township for Seraph Sanctuary, In my experience you don't usually have leftover mana to use townships ability.

Lonely Sandbar and Tranquil Thicket for something like Thornwood Falls, Sejiri Refuge or Temple of Plenty. If a land is going to come into the battlefield tapped at least have it do something like you gain one life or scry a card. Or get a double land like Simic Growth Chamber and pair it with a basic land or Radiant Fountain.

Pearl Medallion is always a help since most angels are white, also helps your instants and everything else.

Here's an updated version of my deck you commented on before :)

MrAsianYellow on unknown

8 months ago

Im not sure how I feel about Gravitational Shift, I'm running a similar Deck style but often if a Gravitational Shift is out then you can just lose to Lingering Souls if they Path to Exile any of your flyers. I suppose if your meta is pretty heavy with zoo or CoCo then it can be good. Honor the Pure may be strictly better than Gravitational Shift and Sprite Noble. Personally I would switch the ratios between Mana Leak and Cryptic Command, and if funds allow cut Moorland Haunt, Glacial Fortress and Sejiri Refuge for 4x Polluted Deltas. But other than that it seems great!!

FUL on The Bouncy House

8 months ago

Love this deck! Nice idea! Just one thing, it appears that Sejiri Refuge isn't pauper legal, i would substitute it with 4x Evolving Wilds, so if you're bouncing Sage of Epityr every turn, you will soon draw a fetch land and shuffle the first four card of your library in it, otherwise you may accumulate them on the top (but i guess Augury Owl is here even for this inconvenience)

multimedia on Geist of Saint Traft

9 months ago

Hey aekrusty, thanks of the upvote at my Leovold Commander Elves deck. You asked for my review of your deck. It looks great, really good job constructing it. +1

I'm not going to give you a review per say, but instead some suggestions for you to consider. It appears you are going for a more budget deck as evident by the lands your using in the manabase. Because of this my suggestions will be budget, nothing over $10.

Some more low CMC auras that can help Giest:

  • Gryff's Boon, Boon can give Giest flying for 1 CMC and when he dies or it dies you can get Boon back from the graveyard.
  • Grasp of the Hieromancer, Grasp lets you clear the way of a potential blocker every time Giest attacks.
  • Spirit Mantle
  • Daybreak Coronet, Coronet is one the best auras to put on Giest and is excellent with Boon. It's price is on the higher side.

You're already using Steel of the Godhead which is great, but I think you need to take better advantage of being able to slap auras on Giest making him an even more scary threat.

Some more creatures who can protect Giest:

  • Man-o'-War, this Jelly is just a super effecient blue creature who can bounce a potential blocker out of the way for Giest.
  • Mother of Runes, Mother can protect Giest from removal and give him protection from the color of the creature who is blocking him. One downside is giving Giest protection from white or blue does destory any auras of these colors that are attached to him.
  • Umbra Mystic, Mystic can protect Giest instead destorying auras on him. She is good with Gryff's Boon.

  • Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Arbiter is a great creature for control. Unfortunately, his price might be on the higher side for your deck.
  • More draw and more low CMC dig:

    Other than Dig Through Time and Fact or Fiction your deck lacks draw. Sphinx's Revelation is one of the best control draw spells.

    Other tutors:

    • Mystical Tutor, Being able to tutor for any instant or socery at instant speed is excellent in control decks.
    • Fabricate, Another tutor which can put a Sword into your hand.
    • Muddle the Mixture, Muddle can tutor and put any card with a 2 CMC into your hand.

    Other removal:

    Azorius Charm is an excellent control card and great with Giest.

    Other card suggestions:

    • Winds of Rath, this board wipe can kill all the creatures on the battlefield except Giest if he has an aura attached to him. This could be a very powerful spell for your strategy.
    • Faith's Reward, having some board wipe insurance is good and Reward is one of the best with Giest because it can bring him as well as all the auras that were attached to him back into play.
    • Pearl Medallion
    • Sapphire Medallion

    Everytime Giest is killed he costs more to cast him from your Commander Zone. Both Medallions can help with this cost as well as reduce the cost of all the other cards in your deck.

    Are you having problems with your current manabase? Using 14x of each Islands and Plains seems like a lot, potentially preventing you from having both colors when you need them. Consider adding more low price Azorius dual lands and budget fetches, Wilds and Expanse:

    Out of all my suggestions these are the better ones for you to consider:

    Good luck with your deck. Great job, getting #1 on TappedOut!

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