Orim's Thunder


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Common
MTG: Commander Common
Planechase Common
Apocalypse Common

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Orim's Thunder


Kicker (You may pay an additional as you cast this spell.)

Destroy target artifact or enchantment. If Orim's Thunder was kicked, it deals damage equal to that permanent's converted mana cost to target creature.

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Orim's Thunder Discussion

Xingact on Aurelia Wants Your Lunch Money (NEEDS HELP!)

14 hours ago

I think trying to lower your average converted mana would help out a ton. Cheaper cards to consider: Mother of Runes and Eight-and-a-Half-Tails for protection, Knight of the White Orchid, Solemn Simulacrum, and Burnished Hart, and Treasonous Ogre can help ramp out threats while applying pressure. Sunforger is an absurdly good card when including enough good instants. Some good targets: Dawn Charm, Boros Charm, Price of Progress, Return to Dust, Lapse of Certainty, Orim's Thunder, Tithe, Silence, Swords to Plowshares, Wear / Tear, and if you don't like blue, Boil.

Alkadron on Soyara, The Falconer EDH

1 week ago

Cool deck! I love Soraya.

Orim's Thunder is not legal, since it's color identity is Red/White. :/ I'd use Return to Dust instead.

Otherwise it looks good!

mack10k on angels and humans-suggestions welcomed-

2 months ago

Anything without green needs a fair amount of ramp in the form of artifacts. Thran Dynamo, Worn Powerstone, Sol Ring, and Gilded Lotus are additions you absolutely need. As for removal, white has some staples that should be in your deck. Austere Command, Swords to Plowshares, Darksteel Mutation (great for disabling commanders), Path of Exile, Valorous Stance (budget). I'm not too sure about red, but Orim's Thunder is a fantastic card. Ummm there are a lot of other recommendations I could make here. A very good site for EDH/Commander decks is edhrec.com If I am building a commander deck, I look here for inspiration.

Ocelot44 on

8 months ago

Instead of Orim's Thunder, you should try Return to Dust

Dasplatzchen on dorfs

8 months ago

Yo, speaking of untap things: Ebony Horse and Puppet Strings work well. Some other artifacts for you to consider are Staff of Domination Sword of the Paruns Umbral Mantle

Also I think you should include some artifact/enchantment hate. Disenchant Orim's Thunder Shattering Spree Vandalblast Council's Judgment Return to Dust

Soul of Theros as possible win con? or perhaps True Conviction

Also, add those vehicles!!

Drakorya on Condemn and Rapture

9 months ago

Try running Sunforger. It can be an awesome utility card, gets most of your instant speed removal, or a Boros Charm to make your permanents indestructible, or even an Enlightened Tutor for end of turn.

There is some good removal spells you could add too, namely Crackling Doom (gets around indestructible creatures), Orim's Thunder and Return to Dust (great artifact/enchantment removal, unless they aren't a problem in your meta).

Terminate and Wrecking Ball can be alright too. And Minion Reflector can be fun with your ETB effect creatures.

Love-in-Theory on Aurelia EDH

9 months ago

Like the Deck! +1

I run a similar style deck The Warleader or The Prevailer? take a look if you have time and let's see if we can exchange battle tactics/ideas!

Reforge the Soul, Wheel of Fortune, Scroll Rack, Sensei's Divining Top is you're having trouble with card draw

Terminus and Orim's Thunder are both pretty good for removal. So is Condemn

I think Aggravated Assault could find a home in this deck as well

Homeward Path because blue players love to steal Aurelia, the Warleader after I've stacked my Equipment on her

Spirits on Lions tigers and bears oh my!!!

10 months ago

Fellow Kaalia of the Vast player, Kaalia, the Purifier

Agree with Podkomorka a few spells might help? Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, how about Enchantment removal (incase let say its 5 mana to attack with each creature?) Return to Dust or Orim's Thunder. Demonic Tutor is a staple.

If nothing else play a Boros Charm to indestructible the board?

Interesting take on Kaalia. +1.

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