Deem Worthy


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Deem Worthy


Deem Worthy deals 7 damage to target creature.

Cycling [[symbol:3] (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

When you cycle Deem Worthy, you may have it deal 2 damage to target creature.

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Deem Worthy Discussion

Deltis on Ifnir's Creation

1 month ago

@Moby_Copperfield, with the right cards you can always do both. And you could add in other stuff like Shefet Monitor to help with the splash if you go green or make it a splash non-white. One of my favorite things about magic so far is the endless possibilities you can do. I've gone against someone who splashed in three colors into their previously mono-red deck and it worked amazing. I recently helped a friend splash green into his Dimir rouge deck because I got Vraska the Unseen and gave it to him. Now I have an even harder time dealing with that deck...

Even though I hardly splash my decks, I greatly see the possibilities and endless combos available with both green and red. I would also suggest, even though some of these would fit a cycling deck better, Haze of Pollen, Shefet Monitor, and Gift of Paradise for green; and Bloodrage Brawler, Deem Worthy, Hazoret the Fervent, Tormenting Voice, and Merciless Javelineer for red. All of those are really good cards without even looking outside of Ahmonkhet. If you really cant decide, you can always do both by splashing into your main deck and having your side deck have splashed of the other color along with those already in your side deck. I might actually do that now myself.

mack10k on Mardu Burning Swarm

1 month ago

I would cut Deem Worthy for something like Cut / Ribbons, also 4 Lightning Axe is a bit much, I would drop it to 2. Also I would cut the Heart-Piercer Manticore for something else, maybe for Tormenting Voice or Cathartic Reunion.

Shwang on Budget Cycling Prodder

1 month ago

I like the general idea! Sin Prodder would either do massive damage to your opponent or you would get to play Approach of the Second Sun! I think this concept would go fairly well with Combustible Gearhulk, and he's pretty budget.

I think even in a budget deck, Desert Cerodon and River Serpent are good enough. I get that they cycle, but they're so expensive for what they offer. Deem Worthy is a pretty decent removal spell that can be cycled and still kill a creature. And Cast Out can help get rid of pesky Planeswalkers.

Just some thoughts. Cool deck!

sergarrick on Scar the Soul

1 month ago

Are Flame Lash or Deem Worthy really worth it over Cut? I love some of the synergies in this deck though. I forgot Curious Homunculus  Flip was a thing. Have you tried playing more than 1 Fevered Visions? Its really good, but its a card I'd either play 4 of or none. It combos with itself too well. I'd also consider Bedlam Reveler over Sin Prodder and possible remove the singleton Thing in the Ice  Flip. Or move to 2, if that's a wincon your going for. Fatal Push is everywhere though, so Thing in the Ice  Flip strats are risky. Finally, I'd swap out Unsubstantiate for Censor, but that's just me.

Whiskerbro on Izzet Scarbringer

1 month ago

Hi, I have a few suggestions, but overall the deck looks sweet, very impressive for your first attempt at brewing.

One, your deck looks like it might tend to run out of steam lategame. Glimmer of Genius should help out with that a lot, allowing you dig for whatever cards you need and refilling your hand. I'd also replace Deem Worthy with Harnessed Lightning, as it works well with the previously mentioned Glimmer, and Deem Worthy has a bit of nonbo with the Mage.

Slip Through Space seems a little underwhelming in this deck, even though the Mage has prowess, I don't think you're going to be all out going off like in a Modern prowess deck, so I think i'd cut that as well.

I'd also make room for just a few more creatures. This deck does want to run a lot of instants and sorceries, but with the current meta the way it is, you should probably have a better back up plan for when you don't draw your Mages and you don't have enough mana for a Glorybringer. I think both Enigma Drake could be great here, as a high powered flier, and Baral, Chief of Compliance to allow you to sling spells at reduced cost.

Finally, Dynavolt Tower seems like it could possibly fit well here. Maybe a few copies on the sideboard at least? I'm not really seeing the use of the Crackdown Constructs there.

Izu_Korasu on Harsh Red

2 months ago

Soul-Scar Mage gives non-combat damage wither* (not infect)

and Flame Lash is probably a better fit then Deem Worthy and can hit players/walkers

clayperce on Best Amonkhet card for sealed ...

2 months ago

Ok, Exemplar of Strength is my vote for best Common/Uncommon, and Glorybringer for best overall.

Here are some more thoughts though on my favorite Commons/Uncommons:

Draw well!

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