Rift Bolt

Rift Bolt


Rift Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

Suspend 1— (Rather than cast this card from your hand, you may pay and exile it with a time counter on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, cast it without paying its mana cost.)

Rift Bolt Discussion

Magic_Aids on 【BEST】【BUDGET】【DECK!】▷ Incinerator Burn! ◁ M21

1 week ago

Thanks for the many comments, my Big Boys! To answer some of them: yes! There is a lot of flexibility with what cards fit into the deck! I would, however, stick with 4 Seal of Fire and 4 Rift Bolt cuz they be dummy thicc!!

dbpunk on Maro's Core Set 2021 Teaser

1 month ago

So one thing were getting is a suite of signpost cards for each new planeswalker card and so far the two rare signposts revealed are... insanely good.

The white one is a 4/5 Vigilance and protection from multicolored which creates a 2/2 knight on death for . And thats only if you dont have other creatures. (It also becomes recurring knights if you have Cathars' Crusade.

The red one is a potential 6/6 trampler for with a Satyr Firedancer effect stapled on. Its literally able to come out on turn two in modern with a suspended Rift Bolt and a Shock or Lightning Bolt.

I cant wait to see the green, blue and black signpost rares now.

DadHumanPraetor on Shock Burn

1 month ago

I wonder if in the past 4 years you realized that Rift Bolt Monastery Swiftspear and Lava Spike are good cards lol

GoblinElectromancer on Burn on a Budget

2 months ago

Play 4X Shard Volley, Skewer the Critics, and Rift Bolt. These are all cheap impactful cards. I would play Thunderous Wrath as a 2 of in budget burn builds because it can be the BEST burn spell ever if you draw it and it's not in your opening hand. for five damage is pretty powerful. Even in a budget deck Lightning Bolt still needs to go in. It's not too much money and it's a stable card in several formats. Take out Storm Strike, Incendiary Flow, Thrill of Possibility, 2XLava Dart, 2XSearing Spear, and 2XTarfire. You can check out my budget burn deck here: Red = Burn Spells and More Burn Spells

MadPilot on Prowess Burn 2020

2 months ago

I disagree about Lightning Helix not being played in boros burn

I disagree about Rift Bolt being a bad spell.

Reference: google boros burn or boros prowess those cards are played 4x of

I don't like the Blistercoil Weird.

Reference: as above, but this card isn't played at all

I will think about including 4x Soul-Scar Mage since I see it in some lists.

Other than that the suggestions are great and thanks for them.

alexon1000 on Prowess Burn 2020

2 months ago

EDIT: I was being daft last night exclude Manamorphose as it is a two color deck Also if you are going for budget forget about Mishra's Bauble Keep 2xKiln Fiend, if you really think you'll get yo re-cast him with Lurrus later on, it is a good card

Now for the changes:

Remove 2xShrine of Burning Rage you need to cast spells that do something every turn with this deck, its is non negotiable. Add 2x Lava Dart

Remove 2xKiln Fiend add 2xBlistercoil Weird

Remove 2x Forked Bolt and just add the 2 Burst Lightning from the sideboard, its a great top deck at turn 5 in this deck.

Remove 4x Rift Bolt it is the most inconsistent burn spell and you will often remove it after every game 1 add 4x Soul-Scar Mage

Lightning Helix doesnt often play in the prowess deck because it is 2 mana but its such a cool card and its great in mirror match ups

you will need to change the mana base to 4x sunbaked canyon 3x sacred foundry 4x Arid Mesa 1x wooded foothills and 3x inspiring vantage 3x mountain

Lava dart is invaluable in this deck as you can trigger prowess 4 times with 2 mountains

your call if you want to remove 2x skewer for an extra 2

You can now play an extra 2 spells, ideally with this deck it should be Mishra's Bauble

Hope this helps!

oawesme on BURN, Baby, BURN!!

2 months ago

Chain Lightning is a great card for a side board just in case opponent is running red devotion or something. Maybe 2 Thunderous Wrath, but definitely no more than 2 so you don’t start with them in your opening hand. I might run Rift Bolt. Also an amazing card for a burn sideboard is Breaking Point which is useful against so many creature decks.

DolanDark on Budget U/R Prowess

2 months ago

Thrill of Possibility is a card I thought of including. After a couple games I realized card-draw was lacking somewhat, so Browbeat could be a sweet 1x to add. Would probably cut one Rift Bolt for either.

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