Sudden Shock


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Uncommon
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Sudden Shock


Split second (As long as this spell is on the stack, players can't cast spells or activate abilities that aren't mana abilities.)

Sudden Shock deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

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Sudden Shock Discussion

clayperce on Sideboarding Ponza for competitive(ish) meta?

1 month ago

Thanks so much for all the comments! WOW!

I've played a bunch of matches with Blood Moon #5 in sideboard, but my match-ups vs. the three-color decks are all good enough that I don't think it's the best use of a sideboard slot for this deck.

Gut Shot's is amazing vs. mana dorks on T1-2, but for anything else and for any turn after that, I like Sudden Shock and Lightning Bolt much better. And to get Gut Shot on T1-2 I'd want to run it as at least a 3-of.

Shatterstorm's great too, and I ran it in sideboard until just recently ... when I discovered (the hard way) what a non-bo it is with my Trinispheres! :-D

I really like the idea of Pithing Needle, but I personally haven't done enough studying/gotten enough reps in with it to use it effectively. I suspect you'll see it in my board this time next year though!

Funny you should ask about Trin' vs. Affinity. I hadn't been bringing it in at, since they can usually dump their hand before it comes online. But I was thinking it could be REALLY effective, so I've been trying it out in lately ... which is why I just pulled the Shatterstorm lol!

Thanks again!

Ok, I'm totally embarrassed I never thought of Crumble to Dust! That's EXACTLY what I'm trying to do with Surgical Extraction but Crumble does it so much better it's not even funny. Thanks so much!

Chalice of the Void is amazing, but I like the fact I can still easily cast though Trinisphere. Plus you're right on the budget ... it'd be a solid investment, but the cost prevents me from using it anytime in the near future.

Eidolon of the Great Revel though? That's a VERY intriguing option, and one I had never considered. Thanks so much!

I love Trinisphere too, and I've been amazed at how useful it is vs a wide range of decks. Against Storm though, I like your idea of Trin' + Gravehate.

Surgical Extraction is actually great as a "generic" sideboard card. It gain us a ton of information, stops every Lightning Bolt/Thoughtseize/whatever after the first, blanks Snapcaster Mage's Flashback ability, nerfs Tarmagoyf, and generally messes with Graveyard decks. And though it's an edge case, you can also use it to reduce the chance of late-game mana flood by hitting your own Fetchland. So when I started thinking about how to beat Titan Shift, it was the first card that came to mind. All that said though, I agree that Crumble to Dust and some better Graveyard hate is MUCH better for what this deck wants to do!

Yeah, every single time I face Burn I think about you and Big Robot! I did a TON of testing a while back with Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip in the main, but I'm embarrassed to say I never really thought about him in sideboard. That's really interesting, and I'll give him a hard look.

I've gone back and forth on Anger of the Gods vs. Bonfire #4 in the sideboard, but your point about GW Company is really good. I think Anger will get the slot again, for now.

I love Beast Within but I don't like seeing it in my opening hand, so I'm not inclined to bump it up to 4x in my 75. If I've got the space though, I know there are enough Planeswalkers, and big beaters (in Colorless, Black, and Green) in the match-up list above to justify Beast #3. We'll see ...

And yeah, Shatterstorm vs. Ancient Grudge is probably going to come down to how whether I end up using Trinisphere vs. Affinity ...

As always, thanks so much!

Yeah, my mainboard is VERY much optimized for the Death's Shadow match-up, and I've absolutely sacrificed some percentage points vs. Burn to do so. I think that's the right meta call ... though I of course won't know for sure until it's too late! :-D

And I totally agree on the goodness of Blood Moon vs. Boros and Naya Burn. I learned that the hard way early on, when I had the opportunity to cast a Blood Moon in First Main, chose not to (so I could use the mana for something else in Second Main), and promptly died to Deflecting Palm. Oops!

I like Beast Within vs. GW as an Instant-speed answer for Vizier of Remedies or a Knight of the Reliquary I accidentally let get out of hand, but I hate using it on little dudes.

That's a really good point on keeping Sweepers post-board vs. Storm for Empty the Warrens. Thanks!

And I'm with you on Ancient Grudge and Surgical Extraction (now that I've seen Crumble to Dust).

I'm not sure who first taught me about mul'ing aggressively, but it's once I've passed on to others as well. There's one big exception though: When facing a bunch of hand disruption. I'd MUCH rather keep a meh 7, than mul' to an amazing 5 ... which turns into a meh 4 on my opponent's T1!

Thanks again!

Thragtusk is a superb card, but I like Obstinate Baloth better for this deck. Mostly because it's lower on curve but also because its Discard-to-Battlefield effect is randomly useful. Plus, Death's Shadow is already an easy match-up.

Yeah, I keep coming back to Scooze as my favorite Graveyard hate too. I think you'll see it when I update!

I love Anger of the Gods vs. Dredge too (I pulled it out of my sideboard a while back, only because Dredge kind of died off locally). But yours and other comments here have me liking it more and more ...

Idk on Eidolon of the Great Revel yet either ... I look forward to figuring out an opinion though!

Thanks again!

Good point ... there may actually be more variance here than data!

Other points I try to keep in mind are the timing of my wins and losses (I'm still pretty new to the deck, so plenty of the losses were punts and clueless sideboarding) and the casual-ness of my meta (plenty of the wins were against people testing new cards, rather than against the finely tuned decks they'll be bringing to a PPTQ)

Thanks though for the reminder!

Thank you all again! I REALLY appreciate the time y'all invested in making my deck better!

Kjartan on Is infect dead?

1 month ago

Infect is a dumb, unfair arggo deck that plays like a dumb, unfair combo deck.

Which means is not that great against fair grindy games, like UW control, Death's Shadow, and Goyf Decks. You are bad against Eldrazi Tron because of Chalice of the Void, but with the right sideboard, you can turn the side on that matchup.

You are realy, really good againt Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle decks, though, which are very played right now.

Infect is still good, and the fact that it's unexpected just makes it better. You wont run into the same amount of Sudden Shock and Gut Shot, but you will run into a lot more normal removal. So perhaps either play it slow, and have more interactive pump spells, or keep it as a meta deck, to destroy slower combo'ish decks.

sylvannos on Vintage Vampires

1 month ago

The others are right...this is just a Modern deck with Necropotence and Strip Mine, both of which are restricted in Vintage (yet you're playing multiple copies of both). This deck isn't even using any of the powerful R/B cards for Vintage or Null Rod.

Demonic Consultation, Demonic Tutor, Wasteland, Sol Ring, Dark Ritual, etc. aren't in here, but they should be. How else are you going to deal with the format's established archetypes, like Mentor, Dredge, or MUD? There isn't enough artifact hate (like Ingot Chewer) or ways to deal with your opponent casting a bunch of spells. Sudden Shock is missing in your sideboard to deal with Monastery Mentor.

Like, where are your Skullclamps with Blood Artist to go with Bloodghast? Or Thorn of Amethyst? Blood Moon? Even Chrome Mox wouldn't hurt.

I'm not sure why you decided to make a Vintage deck instead of a Legacy or Modern deck when the most broken thing this deck does is Sinkhole. Even then, Gush players will just laugh in your face.

I guess you can stroke your ego by beating up on some Standard decks?

debook454 on EDH - Daretti's Art-Ifacts

2 months ago

M O R E I N S T A N T S P E E D R E M O V A L. Ya, uhhhh Lightning Bolt, Smelt, Sudden Shock, Reverberate or Reiterate, Starstorm, Incinerate, Flame Javelin, and Volcanic Fallout are some options. If some prick coughmecough is playing infinites, you better have a response.

LeaPlath on Delver of the Harsh Revel

3 months ago

You aren't playing any green. Cut your Steam Vents for a Taiga. Cut mainboarded Mindbreak Trap, Pyroblast, Sudden Shock and about 4 lands. You want a land base of 1 of each basic, 4 Volcs, 4 Wastelands and the rest fetches.

Delver of Secrets  Flip. Delver of Secrets  Flip, Monastery Swiftspear, Soul-Scar Mage, Stormchaser Mage, 14 creatures total is the standard line up. Eidolon of the Great Revel doesn't see play in Legacy delver because of brainstorm etc.

Cut Preordain for Probe. Playset of Bolt and Chain Lightning. 2 Price of Progress. 4 Daze.

clayperce on Serious Ponza

3 months ago

I love Gut Shot as sideboard tech in UG Infect, but in anything with actual Red, I prefer Sudden Shock or Lightning Bolt.

Siding out Beast Within? That's super-interesting! I have to confess I would never have thought of that .... I always think about pulling more in, I don't think I've ever thought about pulling any out! I think you just leveled me up ... yet again! :-)

I like the idea of another Bonfire of the Damned too. Three in the main is great (because I generally hate having one in my opening hand), but they're SO nice for killing mana-dorks ... I'll take a look!

Chameleon Colossus has been amazing. I've had 2-3 in mainboard for 30 matches now, and I'm 23-7 (77%). In the 30 matches before that, I was 17-13 (57%). Some of that is just beciuase I'm more comfortanble with the deck now, but a lot of it's Colossus. Also, this is just casual play (e.g., the Tournament Practice room and Friendly Leagues on MTGO, and pickup games/tournaments at my LGS), so your mileage may vary.

Colossus' protection from Black is of course great, but I think the real value is that it absolutely preys on people who don't RTFC ... I've frankly lost count of all the people who don't really 'get' the card until they declare no blocks and I pump to 8/8 (or twice now, 16/16). All props go to Spijker.

As always, thanks tons for the thoughts and tips. Draw well!

GabeCubed on The Muscle Man's Magnificent Magic Menagerie

4 months ago

From your thread before:

  1. Yeah, you need to drop that curve. 5 mana spells and burn don't work together.

  2. Not sure about that sideboard. They are consistently meta-dependent, so worry about that when you start playing with the deck.

  3. Burn seems fine (take out the Banefire though, it's not good here), you need more though. Magma Jet, Searing Blaze, Sudden Shock and Exquisite Firecraft are great options.

Just needs to be more streamline, that's my thoughts.

As an aside, Bedlam Reveler is an awesome addition. I suggest that, it's great.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions, ask away.

ShadeASP on Devoted druid and Vizier of ...

4 months ago

Yes this works exactly how you explained it. It seems like you understand already how this works but you were hoping it doesn't lol

If you try to answer (removal/damage/whatever) your opponent placing a -1/-1 counter on the Druid, then yes, your opponent can respond to your attempt to disrupt the combo by simply using the ability again. They will get whatever amount of mana they want, and creatures may die once your answer resolves, but they'll still have the mana.

You could try Sudden Death or Sudden Shock to kill the Druid, or you could even disrupt the combo for a turn by using Sudden Spoiling or Wipe Away, so anything with Split Second would help disrupt it, but in the absence of this, they would get the mana yes. If they can't use the mana immediately with a permanent on the battlefield and if they aren't holding an instant that would use it, Glorious End will help.

But yes, it is a very difficult-to-disrupt combo.

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