Go for the Throat


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged Uncommon
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Go for the Throat


Destroy target nonartifact creature.

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Go for the Throat Discussion

KGW on tasigur grixis

17 hours ago

I think 11 delve cards is way to many for the deck. You won't be able to cast them reliably because you will never have enough cards in the graveyard to pay for them. A split of 2x Tasigur, and 2x Angler should be fine. And then consider replacing the 3x Murderous Cut with Fatal Push if you have them, or maybe Go for the Throat or Victim of Night.

ibstudent2200 on SAME TEAM!

1 day ago

You definitely want some spot removal. However, it needs to be efficient, otherwise you'll end up wasting mana if you need to hold up lands in order to cast your removal during an opponent's turn. If you aggressively tutor for Murasa Pyromancer, then your blink effects can act as removal, but that still requires at least 6 mana to get the creature onboard.

Here's a list of removal spells that I like:

  • Snuff Out: You never need to hardcast this. Being able to tap out and still kill a threat is awesome.
  • Slaughter Pact: Kill a creature now, pay mana later? Sign me up!
  • Swords to Plowshares: one of the best removal spells ever printed.
  • Path to Exile: a worse version of Swords to Plowshares is still insanely good.
  • Vendetta: It's Doom Blade, except you pay 1-7 life instead of an extra .
  • Condemn: It's worse than Swords to Plowshares, but being able to remove a creature without letting it go to your opponent's graveyard (aka, their second hand) can be crucial.
  • Prey Upon: This is pretty conditional, but if you consistently have big creatures onboard, then it's pretty mana-efficient.
  • Pongify/Rapid Hybridization: Giving your opponent a 3/3 isn't really a big deal. Creatures get way too big in this format, and is way less than you should probably be paying for this effect.
  • Go for the Throat: Kills more relevant creatures than Doom Blade, for the same price.
  • Doom Blade: Kills things dead. Not hitting black creatures is a fairly large drawback, but as long as you're careful about how many "nonblack" removal spells you play, having a couple isn't an issue.
  • Victim of Night: Vampires and Werewolves are basically non-entities in this format, so you basically only need to know that this card can't hit zombies. Given that 99.99% of zombies played in EDH are black, that means Victim of Night kills more relevant creatures than Doom Blade.
  • Malicious Affliction: Doom Blade, except it can kill two creatures if you time it properly.
  • Terminate: It's difficult to find a better removal spell than Terminate.
  • Reprisal: I don't like this card, but it is cheap to acquire, so if you're operating more on a budget, Reprisal a reasonable choice.
  • Dromoka's Command: Requires you to have a reasonable creature, but it's incredibly flexible.
  • Reality Shift: Given how useless a single 2/2 is in EDH, Reality Shift basically reads "Exile target creature. Its controller draws a card about 20-50% of the time".
  • Seal of Doom: This card requires some explanation. While it doesn't provide card advantage and it isn't as mana-efficient as Doom Blade, being able to pay for the card in advance is a reasonable tradeoff. However, the main reason I like this card is that it often discourages people from playing good targets for this spell (namely, dangerous creatures that threaten to take over the game).
  • Beast Within: As with Rapid Hybridization and Pongify, a 3/3 isn't worth much in EDH. Being able to destroy any permanent is well worth the 3 mana spent on it.
  • Crosis's Charm: Not the most efficient, but it is incredibly flexible.
  • Sultai Charm: See above.
  • Mortify: 3 mana is more than I want to spend when killing a creature, but being able to hit enchantments makes this card much more appealing.
  • Putrefy: See above, but replace "enchantment" with "artifact".
  • Anguished Unmaking: Nuke a permanent for almost no downside. What's not to love?
  • Reckless Spite: Kills 2 creatures.
  • Unmake: It's a little on the expensive side, but sometimes exiling is important.
  • Silence the Believers: Having the option to Strive to hit multiple targets makes this card much more palatable. Silence the Believers isn't great, but it's useful.

Some of these cards might not be the easiest to acquire, especially if you're on a budget, but even the less expensive options are good cards.

Vman on Vampire Nocturnus = Win

2 days ago

the problem wiht mono B vamps is that it doesnt have enough to be compettive just as mono black beatdown. once upon a time RB vamps was a real thing, it basically just splashed red for some Lightning Bolt and whatnot burn to get Bloodghast hasted really fast.

Gifted Aetherborn doesnt really do too much for your deck, it does have nice tags but without the flying its nowhere enar the power of nighthawk. and for removal maybe Dismember Victim of Night and Go for the Throat are all really better than Doom Blade

colton815 on Jund Modern

2 days ago

if you're gonna run 4 of one discard spell and 2 of the other, it should be 4 thoughtseize and 2 inquisition. thoughtseize gets rid of way more stuff. but if you cut 4 lands (raging ravine, since with 20 lands its unlikely you'll get 5 total lands on the field to even use it, plus it comes into play tapped) you have room for a playset of both, as well as a playset of kolaghans command. you're only running 1 card that costs more than 3 mana, so 24 lands is overkill. although personally i'd cut the kolaghan's command for Go for the Throat, and the kalitas/scavenging ooze for Skinshifter.

Tyrant-Thanatos on First 11 days in M.T.G.! Help me defeat my gf!

5 days ago

Yup, MTG cards are written like computer code, and for good reason. There should never be room for interpretation, and most words have very specific meanings in said "code". In the example with the Nightmare, the word "you" in "number of swamps you control" refers specifically to the person who controls the creature. "You" always refers specifically to the controller of the spell/permanent/effect, not the original owner of the card. If a card does refer to the owner, it will specify "owner" like in Unsummon, or Blitz Hellion.

FNM is generally Standard or Modern, and moderately competitive. You'll want to do some research into what's legal in each format if you plan on doing any FNMs.

If you want to be playing MTG in a similar fashion to things like Chess, then maybe you'd be interested in a more control-oriented playstyle. At the very least you probably want to run some hard removal. Cards like Go for the Throat, Hero's Downfall, Reckless Spite, etc.

K0rt on Modern Sultai Control

5 days ago

Spell Pierce Can dead very quickly, especially in a hard control deck like this, I would recommend more hard removal such as Hero's Downfall, a few Murderous Cut and Go for the Throat. Or More counter magic. I would recommend more Mana Leak or Spell Snare.

Alexasmaoao on Abzan Junk

6 days ago

If you don't want to play more Fatal Push (no fetchlands, so I guess thats why), there are a couple of other cards that are better. Grasp of Darkness is really clunky and weak. You could play 1 of each of Dismember, Go for the Throat and Maelstrom Pulse. You already have unconditional removal in the form of Path, so you can have conditional removal to go along with it as the restrictions usually won't matter. If you're trying to reach the Rhino's, its possible that you should be cutting a removal spell for a wall to, rather than remove the board, draw into more lands and your win conditions faster.

In short: 1x Dismember, 1x go for the throat and 1x either pulse or wall is what I'd try out.

PickleNutz on Tezzeret Tuning

1 week ago

The combo of artifacts is certainly interesting, but i think it lacks a solid win condition against decks with counters and removal. You almost have to have something powerful in it to rely on if your main win condition flops. In this case, I would remove the two Go for the Throats and one of your four Tezzerets and add in three Fabricates and then find something else you can do without and in Steel Overseer. Steel overseer is going to be your best bet in getting extra strength to your 1/1 artifacts if the opponent can remove or counter your planeswalker and other support spells. You could also use Blinkmoth Nexus or Inkmoth Nexus in the decks and the overseer will create counters for them and give you extra flying attackers. Just an idea, but I think this deck looks really good. I'm interested in how it performs.

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