Essence Extraction


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Essence Extraction


Essence Extraction deals 3 damage to target creature and you gain 3 life.

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Essence Extraction Discussion

Illuminate21 on XLN - UB Master Control

1 hour ago

ninexpad Ramunap Red is an annoying matchup, however with the amount of early game removal/counters (Fatal Push, Censor, Perilous Voyage) I'm able to usually disable the majority of the creatures that come after me. If they go wide with Bomat Courier, Soul-Scar Mage ect, then cast Bontu's Last Reckoning to clear the board, while also keeping up mana to counter a potential Hazoret the Fervent or similar.

If Contraband Kingpin and Essence Extraction haven't been working for u, then I'm guessing lifegain type stuff hasn't been working for you. The best I can think of other than those is Harsh Scrutiny and Essence Scatter to mainly remove Hazoret the Fervent, and Gifted Aetherborn to block and remove other creatures while gaining life, although it does die to Lightning Strike.

Hope I could help mate, good luck against em

ninexpad on XLN - UB Master Control

2 hours ago

Is it just me or does this deck perfom kinda poor against ramunap red style aggro decks. If I dont hit like 3 pushes these decks tend to crush me as reckoning basically has me shields down for at least 2 rounda full of haste creatures charging at me and I tend to find myself in exactly the same situation as before the reckoning + the occasional Hazoret that totally takes the game from there and puts you in range for the ruins to finish you in 2 land drops. Any suggestions on sideboarding? I am currently playing mainly some Contraband Kingpin and Essence Extraction against aggro but it's not really taking off.

BrenoSulz on Seek and Destroy

9 hours ago


My dream for ixalan draft is building a deck with 3 Wildgrowth Walker, 2 Lurking Chupacabra and a bunch of explore dudes. It's sad cause this deck won't be competitive, but since you play for fun...

I think the core would be: Seekers' Squire, Wildgrowth Walker, Merfolk Branchwalker (by far the best explorer), Deadeye Tracker and Vraska obviously. Chupacabra might be a 1or2-of in the deck, can't be more than this since it doesn't affect the board right away :/ (Jezzz I would love to use the foil Chupacabra I got in my prerelease D: it's so beautiful)

Shadowed Caravel is borderline unplayable because you need to cast it, then get at least 2 explore triggers to have a decent body and still tap a dude to crew... Also they made this ship without any evasion! And that's with Abrade and Fatal Push in the format.

Speaking of evasion, it's a crime that this dude doesn't have evasion as well Emperor's Vanguard .

As for removal, 2-3 Vraska's Contempts, 4 Fatal Push, something like 2 Walk the Plank it's alright. Essence Extraction is also playable against super aggro decks.

IMO a must inclusion is 4 Blossoming Defense since you will want to keep Wildgrowth Walker alive to benefit from his triggers.

4x Deadeye Tracker

4x Wildgrowth Walker

4x Merfolk Branchwalker

4x Seekers' Squire

2x Lurking Chupacabra

18 creatures

4x Blossoming Defense

4x Fatal Push

2x Walk the Plank

2x Vraska's Contempt

12 spells

23-24 lands. 53-54 cards, leaving room for about 6-7 cards and there's a big gap in the 3 CMC slots. The last cards should be 3CMC ones to fill the deck's curve, but yet there are 2 amazing 2 CMC cards in Gifted Aetherborn and Glint-Sleeve Siphoner. But yeah, this is just a sketch :)

multimedia on TheGuyWhoNeverGoes4o

15 hours ago

Hey, welcome to TappedOut. Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to give in depth answer to your question.

If you're dead set on playing Tezzeret then you can use the recent winning U/B Control lists as a base. I think you can use this base to improve your deck. By simply adding Tezzeret and Swindle/Master as a win condition once you have control of the game. Outside of Tezzeret and Master I think you're cutting you're chances to win too much with a lot of cards that are less good then pure control cards or The Scarab God. Mechanized Production, Metallurgic Summonings, Torment of Hailfire and Revel in Riches these are not good constructed playable win conditions; they're too slow requiring too much set-up without enough payoff.

These cards are fine for casual play with friends or FNM, but you're going to be disappointed if playing them entering a bigger more important tournament. I don't like Riches because if you're playing it then you're also playing Treasure Map  Flip and with Map and/or Swindle using treasures to draw cards or play spells is much better than hopefully saving up until you get to 10 treasures to win the game.

I'm going to give you three different versions to consider, hopefully giving you some ideas from each version. First a control version that uses Tezzeret, Swindle/Master and Azcanta. The second version is improvise artifacts with Tezzeret, Swindle/Master, Rebuke, Map and Herald of Anguish. The third version is a mixing of the first two versions, it's Tezzeret control with artifacts.

The second and third versions are most likely what you're looking for because both gets more use out of Tezzeret, but I don't think either is good enough to take to a PPTQ. They're both more fun than the first version, if fun is more important than being competitive. The first version is the more competitive of the three versions. It's definitely not better than straight U/B Control with Scarab God. Different yes, better no.

Whatever deck you bring to the PPTQ it really needs to have a strong matchup vs Temur Energy, have main deck answers to The Scarab God and have a good sideboard plan vs Runamp Red. Temur, Red and U/B Control are most likely going to be the three most played decks at the tournament.




Good luck at the PPTQ.

K1ngr3ese on Esper Reanimator

1 day ago

Thanks! I do enjoy piloting reanimator decks. Mardu is my competitive version currently but esper is quite powerful. I put this together orginally to showcase reanimator synergy with Fabricate. That is now being reworked because fabricate colors are Green, White, Black which lack a discard mechanic outside of gate.

With regard to gearhulks. I build this to minimize the downside of G-PG (make creatures 4/4) Noxious is always good (i run him side)it loses 1 power to scarab and gift. cataclysmic can be useful depending on the matchup and loses 1 toughness. torrential is definitely problematic as long as you find interesting things to flash back, it loses 1 power 2 toughness. This was why i had smaller creatures with cool abilities. The big plus is that you can run Refurbish.

Examples of interesting instants to flashback that are NOT staples...

Time to Reflect. Consign / Oblivion. Failure / Comply. Siren's Ruse. Acrobatic Maneuver. Disappearing Act. Essence Extraction. Farm / Market. Ritual of Rejuvenation. Start / Finish. Tragic Lesson. Pull from Tomorrow. Failed Inspection. Insidious Will... i could keep going but you can see how esper can make things interesting. Nox in play, acrobatic maneuver on nox, draw, reanimate torrential, flashback acrobatic maneuever on nox again, draw a card = lols? These are all instants to make use of torrential. Go nuts!

Just remember you can always board into 1 of 3 different modes. Mode 1... creatures (like the deck i have built). Mode 2... control (like the deck you are intending to make) and finally mode 3... mill with The Scarab God+ Fraying Sanity+ Fleet Swallower+ Embalmer's Tools ...reanimated creatures are zombies. Could be interesting! Hope my passion for reanimator has been insightful lol. Like i said before i enjoy piloting these decks.Esper is very versatile.

Minihorror227 on U/B Control

2 days ago

So i was looking at the recent turnaments online and one caught my eye. There was a u/b control deck that got 1st place in the Nationals in Richmond. There was only one difference from this deck which was 1 more of Essence Extraction over the Glimmer of Genius

Hyperalgialysis on Monoblack vampire tribe help

2 days ago

It looks pretty solid to be honest. If you are having trouble pist the match ups you are struggling with and the community will be happy to help you work through them. I think burn is going to be problematic since it can deal so much damage so fast. If this is the case for you things like Essence Extraction Tribute to Hunger and Tendrils of Corruption are all ways to stem the bleeding. You could toss in fetch lands to thin your library, and it would help you run Skeletal Scrying intead of Sign in Blood. Also fetch lands help a ton with Bloodghast. Get a pair of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth so your Mutavault can tap for black too. This would also help with fetch lands since they could just tap for black instead of causing you life loss. I wouldnt go overboard with fetchs either 8 to 6 would be more than enough. Instead of Victim of Night Go for the Throat is about as good as it gets, with things like Grasp of Darkness and Tragic Slip being pretty good too.

Stephencliffe on Hey kettle, Pot called. He said you're BLACK!

2 days ago

Interesting. It's like you're trying to do a bigger version of mono black agro. I don't hate it, I like black cards, I do have a couple suggestions though.

Ruin Raider is an awesome card, but it needs to be in the right deck. Since you're running Noxious Gearhulk and Dire Fleet Ravager, it seems too risky to play. The agro list would basically remove Gonti, Lord of Luxury, Dire Fleet Ravager and Noxious Gearhulk in exchange for Dread Wanderer and Vicious Conquistador.

I know that doesn't sound too appealing, as you'd be sacrificing power for speed, but as it stands you have 12 cards mainboard and 4 sideboard that will drain you for four if you hit them off of your raider. The reason Dark Confidant is so good in modern is because he's only played in deck that top their curve at 3, with only the occasional 4-drop. So I would certainly suggest going in the more aggressive rout. If you do, you'll have access to constantly recurring threats that come back from the graveyard and cause nightmares for your opponents. It's quite fun.

Whichever direction you choose to go in, I will say that you probably have too much removal. I would suggest going from 12 removal spells to about 8, 10 if you're trying to play control, which this deck currently isn't doing. Essence Extraction is also a consideration if you're looking for a removal spell that will draw even on life if you find it on end step.

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