Essence Extraction


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Essence Extraction


Essence Extraction deals 3 damage to target creature and you gain 3 life.

Essence Extraction Discussion

vdoz530 on Aggro Tribe: Mono Black Vampires

4 months ago

Awesome, I appreciate you Commenting with so much information so quickly. I understand what you were saying with Essence Extraction and will be replacing those two with Duress . I’m not sure what I was thinking with Undying Evil but I was literally the last non-creature card I added to this deck and remember why now I didn’t do so before. I will be removing U/E and replacing with 2 more Duress for a total of 4. I am torn on a Asylum Visitor for I feel that it is a good card regardless of wording but the wording adds an extra element. I am curious though if there are multiple in play do they stack, which I believe they do not And could be cumbersome to the flow of the deck. I also feel different about Indulgent Aristocrat being purely a sack for I usually sacrifice itself to add +1/+1 to smaller vamps to beef up, When Kalastria Highborn is on the field together it gives added incentive to sac a 1/1 to add +1/+1 to 2-5 vamps and get +2 life and -2 for my opponent. Is my thinking wrong here with the potential? I like adding +/+ if I can, I like lifelink, I like the deathtouch for defense and to bide time but this is not a sac deck unless it helps gain ++. Let me do some changes from your input and if you could reevaluate and let me know what you think I would appreciate it. Thank you

dingusdingo on Aggro Tribe: Mono Black Vampires

4 months ago

The tribal base looks pretty nice, and I like the amount of 1x and 2x that you run. I might bump Vampire Nocturnus up to a 2x though.

Not a fan of Essence Extraction . Its spot removal that is expensive at 3 CMC, and doesn't guarantee removal. The extra life is certainly nice, but I would run more Fatal Push or Tragic Slip over them.

Chalice of Life  Flip is nice here, gives a colorless way to inflict a loss on opponents.

With the 2x Crypt of Agadeem and the 20 lands anyways, you could definitely fit 1 or 2 X spells in here for games that go longer. Torment of Hailfire is ridiculous.

A few draw pieces will help in case your creatures get hit by Wrath of God or some variant. I'm a real big fan of Mindblade Render , which isn't a vampire but worth a consider for a budget swinger/drawer. Asylum Visitor is less of a guarantee to draw, but its a 3/1 tribal creature with madness for 2 CMC so it might be worth a consider. Can help gas you when you're at no hand. Damnable Pact is an X spell that can refill you mid game at the cost of some life. Dusk Legion Zealot is a tribal that can replace itself, but doesn't beat down very well. Sign in Blood is a straight forward black draw card that can help you close out long games by acting as a shock too.

I think Dark Favor isn't that great, creature enchantments open you up to getting 2 for 1'd rather easily (they blow up or bounce your creature in response to the enchant, removing 2 of your cards with just 1 card).

I don't like Urge to Feed . It is mediocre removal, and the pumping of your tribe costs you an attack that turn.

Duress and similar effects as a 3x or 4x will help immensely. They let you deal with Enchantments and Artifacts, which are difficult for mono black to handle. They also let you get rid of board wipers, engine enablers, counterspells, and combo pieces before they are played. Finally, they reveal a lot of information about what your opponent can do, which helps you to make better decisions.

You should consider that there are some antisynergies with your cards. Captivating Vampire and Throne of the God-Pharaoh both want large amounts of creatures, while Kalastria Highborn and Indulgent Aristocrat both want you to sac creatures. Undying Evil wants to save creatures without +1/+1 counters, but Blade of the Bloodchief and Indulgent Aristocrat both want to put +1/+1 counters on creatures.

If this was my list, here's the changes I would make

In short, cull down to 8 pieces of creature removal. Up the amount of stealing vampire so serve as more removal and serve as a better tribal buff than blade of the chief. Add in hand disruption, add in Asylum visitors as cheap beaters who can help you if you're empty and benefits from opponents hand being empty too (from your Duress !). Move from the sac vampire to the guaranteed hits vampire because we don't want dead critters. Nocturnus gives all your vamps flying, so slightly upping total creature count while replacing 1x Nighthawk lets you get more benefits. Hope these suggestions make sense and are helpful!

idleactions on Life Drain

1 year ago

Nermnt and FlabbyGabby I had considered going a splash of white, But I wasn't sure if I should just make the second deck Splashy from the beginning and play them both. For this deck, I based it all on Epicure of Blood magnifying the rest of the draining. with that in mind, I actually came across Exquisite Blood, which I have picked up two of for this deck. It is remarkably good in this deck as just a default addition, But If Epicure of Blood + Exquisite Blood work as I think they do, then practically my entire deck becomes a trigger for an infinite loop that would drain all the life from all opponents. Any direct combat damage, life Link Child of Night or Rush of Vitality Would set it off. Triggered abilities From; Vampire Sovereign, Vampire Neonate, Night Market Lookout, Blight Keeper, Bloodhunter Bat, Skymarch Bloodletter, Tattered Mummy, Vicious Conquistador, and Liliana, the Necromancer too. Lastly, any of my draining spells like Sovereign's Bite, Essence Extraction, and Lich's Caress ALL start an infinite drain.

TKM1984 on

1 year ago

Personly i wil probely take out Essence Extraction and put in Murder sins it just gat reprinted in m19. Maybe cut a frem the side bord for som Duress

Boza on Nill's Deck Tech: Standard

1 year ago


If you do prefer 3ofs, why do you play 4 Essence Extraction and 4 Concealed Courtyard?

" theres no set in stone way, everybody does it differently." - That is really deceiving and unhelpful - it does nothing to indicate what a player should do (this is the main purpose of this guide); nor does it do justice to your guide in any way - you are literally telling people that this guide may not be useful to them, as "everybody does it differently".

Do you really think someone brand new to the game has an idea what aggro, combo, control, anthem; know what a good mana base, mana curve, archetype and function are...?

By all means, if you can't take criticism on your work, write a better guide. I only write the way I would tell it to you in real life, and its never been a problem before.

P.S. It is all too easy to dismiss criticism, but when it something constructive, do listen - this applies not solely to guide writing.

Boza on Nill's Deck Tech: Standard

1 year ago

While these are decent tips for a beginner, I think you are incongruent at points and misleading at others, none of which are helpful to a beginner in MTG. For example:

"Right now, this includes Ahmonket, Ixalan, ect." - if you can't be bothered to list the 4 sets currently legal in Standard, this is a disservice to a new player. On top of that you mispell "etc"?

"Its decent, its respectful. There's good stuff, but no downright broken stuff. And the thing about standard is that any standard deck can be decent if you figure out how to play it." - This is true for any deck and you are not saying much here.

"This is a relatively fast Vampires deck that I'm quite fond of. If you aren't comfortable building your own from scratch, feel free to use it as a baseline. It handles most threats fairly well and will serve as a good winning deck, but not a learning one." - as a new player, I would be lost at this point - why would I use a winning deck instead of a learning one? Are winning and learning mutually exclusive (later, you say they are, which downright weird)? As an older player, I would go "no playsets of anything? besides Essence Extraction, really now?

Another example of misleading and general unhelpfulness - "It's going to take practice to know what does and what don't work. There's no set-in-stone way to determine what you did wrong. It just comes down to knowing your deck well enough to notice what kills it ever so easily."

So, you refute your own earlier points mentioning to test the deck at various places, ask more experienced people, etc. to say this? You literally mention several ways to determine what you did wrong, only to refute it two paragraphs later.

I may sound mean, you may say you do not care, but at the end, this is just poor quality guide that I would not show to anyone starting the game.

TLDR: Proofread this. Read something Wizards puts in their products to teach new players, then proofread this again.

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