Cavern Harpy


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Planeshift Common

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Cavern Harpy

Creature — Harpy Beast


When Cavern Harpy enters the battlefield, return a blue or black creature you control to its owner's hand.

Pay 1 life: Return Cavern Harpy to its owner's hand.

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Cavern Harpy Discussion

mrluthor on Oona, Queen of the Random Junk

1 month ago

So am I! I edited it to show the 48 cards I must include in my deck, barring the maybeboard. I'm trying to build something out of this. Im thinking I can do it three ways.

First and most boring is just to slap in whatever good stuff I own in the corresponding colors and call it a day. That sounds terrible and unfun.

The second option is to build it as a mill deck. I gave people a number of cards that put themselves on the bottom of their library so I thought Tunnel Vision would be fun plus Mindcrank and Duskmantle Guildmage.

Third option is to build an ETB deck. There are some fun creatures in there like Mortus Strider , Cavern Harpy, and Eternal Scourge. That being said I dont really know how to make this happen.

I have a smattering of decent cards in the colors but Im not opposed to spend a little bit of money on this. Though it is a budget of about $20 :/

Does that help clear things up?

Von.Banamaor on Cavern Harpy Aggro

1 month ago

I have been interested in making a Cavern Harpy deck, but haven't gotten around to it yet. But I have been searching for good cards to build around it.

You may want to consider Ghostly Flicker or Displace as an instant speed effects. If used with Ravenous Rats you could do this at the end of their draw step to force a discard without a chance to play. Or use with Spellstutter Sprite to counter a spell.

I know you're mostly leaning blue here, but if something like Chittering Rats or some of the other black cards with come into play effects were on your maybe list, Escape Routes might be a worthy add.

Recoil and Soul Manipulation might be worth the consideration because they are really neat cards, but I admit they don't entirely fit the theme of the deck.

My two cents...

GS10 on Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder: Much Storm, Very Wow

2 months ago

How do you feel about Aluren with Cavern Harpy, Parasitic Strix and Sea Gate Oracle? (Also cards like Dream Stalker, Cloud of Faeries, Glen Elendra Archmage work well with it. They aren't essential, but might be worth considering.)

I've played against that online and it felt very powerful. Actually nuked my Narset deck out of nowhere.

I've been thinking of a storm deck to play mostly for fun, but I've ended up thinking either Ydris or Kydele + Vial Smasher as generals however I think of it. It wasn't that clear for me what role Ydris would fill in EDH at first, but it's starting to look like the best Storm general really.

Winterblast on Pattern Recognition #17 - ACC

2 months ago

My preferred archetype is definitely control, especially proactive control, which keeps the opponent(s) from playing at all or disables certain actions/card functions permanently, instead of just reacting to their spells. Actually these strategies always require some "combos", not in the form of recurring actions but rather as a permanent lock. At the moment I'm playing mostly commander and that strategy is imo the best to keep people from randomly ending games with some out of the blue combo in a generic midrange aggro deck (Tooth and Nail for example), which requires no skill or even thinking, given you have enough mana and luck of the draw.

One of my favourite combos at the moment is Mechanized Production and Tangle Wire (or Sphere of Resistance, Lodestone Golem, Thorn of Amethyst...). It basically slows down the game long enough to win with the alternative win condition of the enchantment.

Smokestack and Sundial of the Infinite is an all time favourite for me: add a counter, pass the turn before second ability resolves - everyone else sacrifices more each turn and draws cards, thus milling themselves.

Another combo I like very much is Humility and Moat, which I use in Augustin's $t4ks (2017 version). Elspeth, Knight-Errant turns the board state in your favour then, because you can fly over the moat and/or keep producing generic 1/1 creatures.

Also much fun to play is Mycosynth Lattice and Vandalblast. That's only a one time combo but as it destroys ALL permanents of all opponents, including lands...that's worth it.

The complicated Aluren combo (Imperial Recruiter/Recruiter of the Guard, Dream Stalker/Whitemane Lion, Cavern Harpy, Parasitic Strix) is great to play and also hard to disrupt. Fits in every 4 or 5 colour commander deck...

I'm currently thinking about making something with Mycosynth Lattice and Titania's Song and maybe Null Rod and March of the Machines but I need to study the layers better before I make that happen. An article about the layers would be greatly appreciated! There are quite a few card interactions that seemingly disable each other but still have a certain effect because of the know more about how this works in practice would be good in order to build an awesome combo/control deck. Especially in commander it would be cool to create a board state in which people have to hit each other with vanilla creatures while all mana sources are completely disabled or something like that, haha.

GS10 on Storming Ogre

2 months ago

I've seen stuff like Unsubstantiate played against me and be very powerful with storm spells. That and Remand might give you some added versatility and essentially double your storm count when going off. Brain Freeze is also a good storm card to finish games off.

If you are willing to spend a bit more money improving, the whole Aluren package is brilliant to storm off, with cards like Sea Gate Oracle, Dream Stalker, Parasitic Strix, Cavern Harpy, Cloud of Faeries and such, you just draw and play your whole deck, repeatedly if you want, until you are able to find and cast your storm spell.

Anger and Wonder don't seem at their best, since you have few creatures and the deck is more spell based as is, and Yawgmoth's Bargain is banned in EDH. Otherwise, the deck looks pretty fun, and even though I don't play it I've been loving playing against Yidris ever since C16 was released. Really fun for everyone at the table in my experience.

That1guy69 on Ninja gaiden: mtg edition

2 months ago

Icbrgr I originally had Cavern Harpy but those aren't in modern so I switched them with the Invisible Stalker the main draw to the stalkers was that they have hexprof which to me is pretty great. Also when I built this I had in consideration the Baleful Strix in mind. The Aqueous Form are in there for the scary ability as well. Thank you for your suggestions though. I will also take a look at your deck!

slaftergames on Ninja gaiden: mtg edition

2 months ago

Three of the cards in this deck - Broken Dam, Cavern Harpy, and Silent-Blade Oni - are illegal in modern, if it matters. You might consider Blustersquall, Artful Dodge, Slip Through Space over Broken Dam.

I'd recommend Invisible Stalker over Dimir Infiltrator unless the transmute ability is hugely important to you - otherwise the Stalker is just strictly better.

As far as ninjas are concerned you've got just about everything; perhaps remove the two copies of the illegal Silent-Blade Oni in favor of two more Mistblade Shinobi.

Other thoughts include: Tormented Soul (for this deck strictly worse than Triton Shorestalker, but the next-best thing since you're already running four of the latter); Inkfathom Witch (another possible replacement for the Oni); and Boomerang, Dispel, Familiar's Ruse, Fatal Push, and Murderous Cut.

On the whole I like it a lot; +1 from me.

joshuaizac on Aluren EDH

4 months ago

I like seeing the a legacy deck inspiring a commander deck...but it makes me sad that you're going off of more recent versions of aluren rather that the ORIGINAL lists... or pieces in between.

The first iterations of this deck killed with Soul Warden and Maggot Carrier and Cavern Harpy and usually found combo pieces by bouncing Raven Familiar. Augury Owl could be semi-helpful though you wouldn't get the draw immediately by itself after scrying 1/2 your deck. I see the scion/blood artist route working well, but think you could find room for 1 soul sister and a Maggot Carrier at least.

I agree with EpicFreddi's idea about Omniscience. While casting this with your current mana base, or durdling while trying to get Tamiyo, Field Researcher ult'ed maybe difficult, you DO need a back-up plan to Aluren aside from an Eternal Witness and a Sterling Grove to recur/protect it. While you certainly have enough tutors to grab Aluren, if someone exiles it, you're screwed. If not Omniscience and or Tamiyo perhaps 3 or so pieces of countermagic? or maybe even a Riftsweeper? & hf

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