Goblin Bushwhacker


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar (ZEN) Common

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Goblin Bushwhacker

Creature — Goblin Warrior

Kicker R (You may pay an additional R as you cast this spell..)

When Goblin Bushwhacker enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain haste until end of turn.

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Goblin Bushwhacker Discussion

Kjartan on Which 1-3cmc creatures?

2 days ago

I get it :)

Reckless Bushwhacker

Burning-Tree Emissary

Goblin Bushwhacker

Vexing Devil

Is a classic and not too expensive package for a gruul aggro deck.

Vlasiax on Goblin Assault [Budget Tribal Aggro]

3 days ago

Rigging Runner might be good budget option but otherwise it's just too slow. Most of the time you throw goblins during MP1 because they have haste or give it to everyone. There are some that aren't doing this but have static effects that help others like Goblin Arsonist or Frenzied Goblin, while this guy just has First Strike and MIGHT come as 2/2.
Overall, this creature has too conditional ability in my opinion, that needs some preparation for it. But we are playing Goblin deck, 1-drops go on turn 1 :D (Goblin Bushwhacker is just a 2-drop)
Hope this helped and thanks for upvote :)

shrapnel_ on Mono Red Goblins Aggro/Burn

6 days ago

Goblin Bushwhacker definitely fits with your scheme here, consider replacing wardrivers or a chieftain for some since it is either cheaper or gives haste. Mogg Fanatic used to be a staple until they changed the rules for combat damage/activated ability stacking, but still worth considering since you can sac at will unlike arsonist if you don't draw a goblin grenade.

Quest for the Goblin Lord might be a great 1 drop for you since you will stack it up quickly. Alternatively, you could build Raid Bombardment and make sure not to kick your goblins above 2 damage, then blocking a ton of tokens won't really matter.

If you plan on keeping chieftains in, perhaps consider replacing some with Goblin Rabblemaster. It gets a less powerful piledriver style buff while pumping tokens which will help feed your overwhelm.

Searing Blaze?

Lowenstein on turn one win red green

1 week ago

Howdy, so you've asked for creature suggestions. The two I could come up with are Kiln Fiend and Blistercoil Weird. I know Fiend is 2 mana, but realistically the deck can wait a turn to win, and Bolt will help with that.

Also a great combo with Akroan Skyguard is Goblin Bushwhacker.

Metamorphic1992 on numbers in red

2 weeks ago

Goblin Rabblemaster or Hellrider over skinshifter. Goblin Bushwhacker over ash zealot. 4x Marshal and 4x outburst Over krenkos command.

Xica on Strongest HUB

1 month ago

Where did i say that Deathgorge Scavenger is a better card than Scavenging Ooze?

They are good for completely different things.
Hence one is not strictly better than the other, as they don't do the same thing.
(Similarly to how Spellstutter Sprite and Snapcaster Mage don't do the same thing - one is more of a niche card, but it doesn't make it a worse version of the other card)

P.s.:I see the "modern is X turn format therefore ... card is unplayable" arguments as completely invalid.
There are decks that can goldfish t3 wins somewhat reliably, be it via pumping Hollow One, firing of Goblin Charbelcher, or just playing a lot of 0 mana artifacts creatures with Goblin Bushwhackers.
And in the same format there are viable grindy draw-go control, and prison decks - that play stuff like White Sun's Zenith X > 5 as their win condition.

BrandonJamesCAC on Mardu Warriors

1 month ago

Nice build.

I've actually been killing it online with 4 color warriors.

Voltaic Brawler is worth running extra shitty lands.

Ancient Ziggurat


Bloodsoaked Champion

Into Voltaic Brawler

Into Arashin Foremost


Chief of the Edge + Goblin Bushwhacker

Also using Spike Jester and

2x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

ibstudent2200 on

1 month ago

Destructive Tampering is probably better than Blinding Flare, and neither card is very good. If you want to spend an uncommon slot on it, Gruul Charm is so much better.

Rugged Highlands is probably the best common tapland for your colors.

Your Noble plays well with token generators like Dragon Fodder and Krenko's Command. Scatter the Seeds might be worth considering as well.

Goblin Bushwhacker is insane with tokens, and most decks that run Reckless Bushwhacker should run both.

Your creatures are generally terrible. There's no other way I can put it. You're playing a bunch of 2/2's and 2/1's for 2 mana with slight upside, and 3/2's for 3 mana with the same. Kashi-Tribe Warriors stands out because it's a 5-mana 2/4. There are so many 5-drops that are better (ex. Stampeding Elk Herd). Alternatively, you could skip the 5-drops and just play more 1-drops and 2-drops (Wild Nacatl, Kird Ape, Burning-Tree Emissary stand out).

Life Goes On is a sideboard-only card that you bring in against burn decks. Never mainboard it because it's generally bad.

You describe Massive Raid as a generally solid burn spell. Outnumber does the same thing for , except it can't go to your opponent's face. And if you want to talk about burn spells that actually deserve to be called "solid", Lightning Bolt is where you should be starting.

You're a green aggro deck in Noble, therefore Rancor is probably good in your deck.

I wonder if Stampede Driver would be good in this deck.

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