Goblin Bushwhacker

Goblin Bushwhacker

Creature — Goblin Warrior

Kicker R (You may pay an additional R as you cast this spell..)

When Goblin Bushwhacker enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain haste until end of turn.

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Goblin Bushwhacker Discussion

JonnyG21 on Rakdos Kill

2 days ago

This deck is technically in modern too. I'd playset the Terminates and run Lava Spike and/or Rift Bolt for more burn and Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek for discard. Bloodstained Mire, Blood Crypt, Blackcleave Cliffs, or Sulfurous Springs, and at least 1 Swamp if you run Bloodstained Mire. If you've got the cash (or you're proxying), I'd replace Rakdos Shred-Freak with Bob (Dark Confidant). I personally like Read the Bones, but the card isn't amazing. Another personal favorite that goes with the deck's theme is Fling, and it can push lethal, although if it doesn't push lethal it's bad. Not sure if you have enough dudes for Goblin Wardriver, Goblin Bushwhacker, or Reckless Bushwhacker, or enough spells for Young Pyromancer. Auger Spree isn't that good (although you've got some 5/5s that would live to 9 power, plus a Fling would be 18 damage.

bijschjdbcd on insane goblin deck

3 days ago

I recommend checking out the MTG goldfish video on mono red goblins.

The deck is budget but is still very good.

Otherwise, Keeping your curve lower then 3 is ideal.

Krenko is too slow for Modern play and Glorious Anthem is too slow.

Recommend more 1 drops such as Frenzied Goblin, Legion Loyalist and Mogg Fanatic are all fine.

Definitely worth playing Goblin Bushwhacker and Reckless Bushwhacker.

26 is to much land, dropping the curve to 3 and playing 20-21 land would be optimal.

Temple of triumph is too slow. If you want to play white it is definitely worth playing Sacred Foundry (expensive) and Clifftop Retreat.

snarlmkiv on Competitive Red Deck - 1st place FNM 29/04

1 week ago

Dragon Fodder is a sideboard, as I mained in Lightning Berserker and Goblin Glory Chaser for speed. Abbot of Keral Keep is usually a turn 4 or 5 play for me, right about the time I can cast my dragons.

And yes, I've had Abbot throw up a Goblin Bushwhacker as it plays out, so you can just imagine the surprise.

This is the deck that I've been running and my opponents are pissed at the speed.

Right now, I'm siding in creatures like Ire Shaman, Scab-Clan Berserker, Dragon Whisperer, and Goldnight Castigator.

marcobou on Goblin Assault [Super Budget Aggro]

1 week ago

Goblin Bushwhacker is better than the reckless, but I would also play with two of the reckless since their effect is similar and so strong. As for the ruinblaster, four mana is too much for decks with only 18 lands, and if you really want to destroy lands, there is some spells that only cost three mana (Blood Moon (ok ok, I know it is not a budget option, but it is really good), Peak Eruption, Stone Rain, etc.). Finally, for the Sensation Gorger, I think that he is a little bit slow and requires too much condition. Normally, your plan with a goblin deck is to kill your opponent quickly, and the gorger will not help you to achieve this goal.

frusciante7 on Goblins are too enticing.

2 weeks ago

rothgar13 I must say I was sceptical about Instigator. Then I playtested it was was simply blown away. He's so good. Warren Instigator + Goblin Chieftain + a kicked Goblin Bushwhacker => insigator deals 6 and allows you to drop 2 lads. Also think that since he has double strike, that means you can drop let's say a Goblin Chieftain or Goblin King mid combat and pump your whole team. That's just huge I sure you.

I recommand him as a 1/2-of because he gets useless late game since you don't have anything to drop anymore. Instigator T2 is beast

snarlmkiv on Mono-Red Eldrazi

2 weeks ago

Makes sense. In that case, you could side in Goblin Bushwhacker. He's an all-around buff for 2 mana cost. He also combos really well with Abbot of Keral Keep if you topdeck the both of them.

Draw_Wurm on Master Of 1 (Modern Mardu)

2 weeks ago

Hey Javaz, elonth. Yeah, just playing with Athreos as an idea. Lightning Greaves might be more interesting for speeding up Alesha. Or we may want Keldon Marauders for that additional 1dmg ping. Or Goblin Bushwhacker as another haste enabler.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Common

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