Wild Mongrel


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Common
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana Common
Odyssey Common

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Wild Mongrel

Creature — Hound

Discard a card: Wild Mongrel gets +1/+1 and becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.

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Wild Mongrel Discussion

Namfoodle on Jund Discard

4 weeks ago

I'm working on a similar deck build for standard -- how is the match-up vs 4C Cat Combo? Do you run out of cards quickly? I remember playing this style of deck back in Odyssey standard using Wild Mongrel. I'm just afraid I'll run out of gas quickly with all the discard despite the value. Does Insult / Injury have any merit?

BerylLasko on Tortured Existence

1 month ago

Quick question: Is this a Dredge deck, or a Tortured Existence deck? Cards like Gurmag Angler and Hooting Mandrills seek to Delve out the graveyard, while Tortured Ex. want to utilize creatures IN the graveyard, creatures you'd otherwise have to Delve away, but would rather keep, so there is a contradiction in deck mechanic here I think.

If you want to stick with Tort Ex., I'd recommend going lighter on the Delve creatures, and add in more 'toolbox' creatures like Crypt Rats or Caustic Caterpillar.

If you're going with a more Dredge mechanic, you're mostly there. Take out the Tort Ex. for perhaps Wild Mongrel. The object of the deck being trying to play Gurmag or the Mandrills as quickly as possible.

I hope I was helpful, good luck!

MattStar on Screams from the Fallen

2 months ago

You and I think a lot alike, Nighthowler is already in the build, I like to fetch for it late game using Fauna Shaman to pull finishers. I used to run Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord in the sideboard as an alternate win condition against lock down and control decks, but so far it's never been viable in my meta.

I definitely run Wild Mongrel, Noose Constrictor, and Dakmor Salvage in my The Gitrog Monster EDH deck, cycling through that deck near infinitely as long as you're running an oldschool Ulamog, Kozilek, or Emracool. But all that business I feel is better suited to EDH. The Rog is just too slow at 5 mana and you need to get all those pieces, it just doesn't cut it for competative modern.

I also used to run the Dakmor Salvage + Raven's Crime combo in this build but I opted for something more proactive rather than limiting against my opponent. Usually my big problem in the mainboard is when I'm outpaced by combo like Ad-nauseam or cheri0s. This is usually solved by going heavy mill to get them to dump their combo pieces, it works a lot since I already run 4 Hedron Crabs, but the problem is consistency and my reliance on crabs. basically I need cheap mill threats 5-8 in my sideboard, and right now Im looking at Archive Trap + Ghost Quarter . the super-nice added bonus to completely switching modes with the sideboard is that after game 1 people usually side in grave hate thanks to the popularity of modern dredge. once they windmill slam a Rest in Peace, you can just help them windmill slam the rest of their deck into exile. it feels real real good.

Winterblast on Hahaha...A Frosch!

2 months ago

Thanks for reminding me of the imp...actually everything that lets me discard for free is good, Wild Mongrel for example.

Do you know something that lets you sacrifice not only lands but any permanents for a good effect? I might want to sac necropotence after getting the infinite dredge combo.

Of course it's golgari signet...and I think I can take a mox diamond from my legacy deck for this one. I need to pull a few cards from commander decks anyway when putting that together for playing. I've also found an abrupt decay, which I will put in here, some other removals for artifacts and enchantments too, in exchange for the creature removals, because I probably won't need these

JamerzGamerz on Dragon Dredge

4 months ago

I was looking through all the things in pauper that can make you discard cards, and I found the two best to be Wild Mongrel and maybe Macabre Waltz. There are probably some I'm missing, so if anyone else knows of any, it would be nice to know what they are.

joshuaizac on Modern Brewing - Modern Upheaval

5 months ago

@ Mortem The earliest versions of upheaval decks worked by floating a green mana and killed you by putting a mountain back on the board, then casting Wild Mongrel after playing upheaveal, with Anger in the graveyard.

apaz on Pauper Dredge

6 months ago

I was running Gnaw to the Bone over Moment's Peace, but The more I playtest against the meta, I've realized that the card that the deck wants is actually Moment's Peace. I was looking at the modern variant of dredge, and saw that they ran Gnaw to the Bone over Moment's Peace. This is because Modern Dredge runs differently. I Delve, they don't. So it's hard to keep the creature count in grave so high. I knew about the card, I just thought something better existed.

I mentioned that Wild Mongrel was bad for this deck in the description, and Vampire Hounds is worse. Running a card that nets me card disadvantage is bad, even if I'm playing slightly above curve. Those two are probably the best Madness Enablers in the format. I don't play Madness, so they're not good here.

Fa'adiyah Seer. Holy Crap. I did not know this thing existed. Yes. I realized that you almost never draw the card. When possible, you always dredge. You always get the card, never discard, and you now have a card to feed back to grave. When impossible, it helps dig for something to dredge with. And if you see it in grave, you pick it back up. Yes.

Last Rites does seem ridiculous. Seems really good against Black, Teachings, Blue decks that aren't Delver-based aggro, and maybe even Blitz. Gonna find room for it in the side somewhere.

ClockworkSwordfish on Jaya & Squee: friends in spellshaping

6 months ago

One of the best discard outlets in your colours is Wild Mongrel. I'd run it over Llanowar Mentor, Greenseeker or Sparkspitter, easily. Noose Constrictor works, too, if you don't care about the colour change. Roar of the Wurm and Fledgling Dragon might also be appreciated as finishers.

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