Ahn-Crop Crasher


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Ahn-Crop Crasher

Creature — Minotaur Warrior


You may exert Ahn-Crop Crasher as it attacks. When you do, target creature can't block this turn. (An exerted creature won't untap during your next untap step.)

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Ahn-Crop Crasher Discussion

Backinthefrey on exert aggro deck

3 weeks ago

probably a RW aggro, exert just ads a nice advantage for some of the creatures, like the Ahn-Crop Crasher, Glory-Bound Initiate and when i get some, the Combat Celebrants

chrclgry on Exploring Vraska v 1.3 XLN

4 weeks ago

Sorry, Merfolk Branchwalker is supposed to be in there and this deck was like a Sultai alternative to the energy deck. It still has the snake in the sideboard in the mirror match where it really shines. +The tracker has to put something in the graveyard to explore which is good against The Scarab God but not against Hazoret the Fervent whereas Ifnir Deadlands does shrink Hazoret and kill pesky creatures like Ahn-Crop Crasher.

BrenoSulz on Soul's Starting Deck

4 weeks ago

Hi. I'll comment assuming this is not meant to be a standard legal deck.

Me and my friend came back to magic in the first innistrad block as a form of gathering again. We established some rules: each one choses a pre-constructed deck from the innistrad block and we could buy 2-3 booster por month and only use those cards to build our decks and we could only trade with each other. That aside, I choose the WR agressive humans deck and my all-star card was (4 copies, of course) Brimstone Volley.

The deck objective was to aggro early on and put my friend down to 10 life or less. After that it was pretty easy to close the games since I would have 3-4 week creatures and they would have 1-2 bigger ones, allowing me to attack with all and putting them in the spot where they needed to block but knew I would have Brimstone Volley with morbid online! (I actually won a game dealing 13 damage with 3 Volleys. Wasn't 15 because I didn't need the morbid in the last one :P)

If you manage to have tons of humans, then Champion of the Parish is your men. Boros Elite, Wojek Halberdiers, Ash Zealot, Thalia's Lieutenant, Stormblood Berserker, Glory-Bound Initiate, Unruly Mob, Lightning Mauler, Silverblade Paladin, Nearheath Pilgrim.

No blocks: Ahn-Crop Crasher is awesome and I see you already listed him. Earthshaker Khenra, Fervent Cathar.

Legion Loyalist, Goblin Guide, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Thalia, Heretic Cathar (yeah, I know what you said about budget, but I'm just listing), Bomat Courier, Skyknight Legionnaire is nice (and actually remembers me about the new dude from Ixalan Sky Terror). I love Hellrider, especially if you can get wide. Maybe build around Oketra's Monument? Charging Monstrosaur could be the top end of the deck's curve. In my deck back in the day, Zealous Conscripts was the top end. Speaking of 5-drops and top end of curve Glorybringer, Urabrask the Hidden, Thundermaw Hellkite and Stormbreath Dragon.

Tricks: Boros Charm is ridiculous, it does it all. Unfortunately we stopped playing right after the release of Gatecrash, so I couldn't have Brimstone Volley AND Boros Charm. Good old Lightning Bolt.

You need to change your mana base cause there are too many taplands. Some Sacred Foundry would be nice, there is Kaladesh's Inspiring Vantage. Otherwise I would say to use a few taplands, like 2-3 and get some Evolving Wilds. If the land is going to be tapped, at least Evolving Wilds will thin your deck so you have more chance to draw spells rather than lands.

karmassassin on A Noob's Mono Red

4 weeks ago

1) The best way to improve the consistency of a Standard deck is to limit yourself to exactly 60 cards (and you want burn decks to be consistent). I would recommend trimming to 35 spells and 25 lands. If you lower your mana curve you could drop to 36/24.2) Minotaur Sureshot seems like an odd fit. Perhaps replace it with Ahn-Crop Crasher? You pay the same cost but get an aggressive beater with haste and repeatable can't block effects.3) Blazing Volley has fairly narrow applications, and seems better as a sideboard card. Some other great one mana spells you could use instead are Shock and Renegade Tactics.

Otherwise, this looks like a fun start! I like the spice of Wildfire Eternal and Neheb.

dzapf2008 on Gideon of Destiny

1 month ago

Thanks for the suggestions Oloro_Magic! Legion Loyalist is a great card for my deck since it has Hate and Battalion. Iroas, God of Victory seems like a great replacement for Tajic, Blade of the Legion. I have been meaning to get a replacement for Assemble the Legion since it requires the most mana and I don't get to use it that often. I don't think I will be adding Ahn-Crop Crasher or Fervor. I just want to go in a different direction than those cards would allow. I will have to look at my deck after I alter it and see if there is a space for Glory-Bound Initiate. I still need to add some Lightning Helixs and maybe some Boros Charms.

Oloro_Magic on Gideon of Destiny

1 month ago

Ahn-Crop Crasher seems like a good fit here, essentially anything that fits low of the curve. Also, Legion Loyalist is a card boros aggro can use to quickly get over the top and gain some staying power. I would drop Assemble the Legion and Tajic, Blade of the Legion to be honest they don't add much. In their place Iroas, God of Victory and maybe even Glory-Bound Initiate lend themselves better to the agro plan.

If there is any specific aspect of the deck you want help on let me know I'm more than happy to help.

P.S you dont need to play haste creatures if you were to use Fervor.

wyatt0781 on Standard Afflict Aggro

1 month ago

I kind of want to make a deck like this, been flip flopping between deck ideas.

The Idea is to on turn two play Scrapheap Scrounger and on turn three play an Ahn-Crop Crasher, to put some preasure on your opponent, maybe waste removal spell on one of the two. Then on turn four you play an Ammit Eternal or another Afflict creature, past that theres a lot of variation. Any Help is Welcome

You Won't Survive This Affliction

BrenoSulz on Ramunap Red Deck Wins (Advice Welcome)

1 month ago


My version of Ramunap Red pre-rotation had 3 Hazorets and 3 Kari Zevs. Since Chandra is very expensive I didn't bought any. So my spells were: 4 Abrade, 3 Shock, 2 Collective Defiance. I used to run 4 Shocks, but I took one off and added a Glorybringer.

I'll try my deck with a set of those: Bomat Courier, Earthshaker Khenra, Ahn-Crop Crasher and Rigging Runner.

3 Hazoret the Fervent, 3 Soul-Scar Mage and 3 Kari Zev, Skyship Raider. And a Glorybringer making a total of 26 creatures.

I think with the current meta in my local store I can put 2 Abrades in de sb and go with 4 Lightning Strike, 3 Shocks and 2 Abrades. The last one is going to be Repeating Barrage because I guess it's going to be a good way to spend mana if the game goes a little bit longer.

Land base is 4 Ramunap Ruins, 4 Sunscorched Desert, 1 Scavenger Grounds and 15 Mountain

Of course I'm not saying to take the Chandras off, but I would use only 2 if I have them. I don't like the idea of having 4 legendary 4 drop AND 3 of the same planeswalker (also being a 4 drop) since it can lead to clunky hands. Perhaps taking out a Chandra, a Abrade or Shock and a Scar Mage and add 3 Rigging Runner

Right now everything is theory, but that's the 60 cards I'm going to use next friday. I'm not sure if it's better to run 4 Soul-Scar Mage instead of 4 Rigging Runner. The thing is I tried some cards with a friend using a Temur Energy right after the prerelease and having a 2/2 first strike is huge against Whirler Virtuoso tokens and Rogue Refiner. He was forced to use Harnessed Lightning in a 1-drop.

Another card I'm looking foward to test is Captain Lannery Storm because her treasure can help you play with a bigger curve. I tested one against the aforementioned friend and I played her on turn 3, attacked and could have played a Glorybringer on turn 4 if I didn't got stuck with 3 lands. She definitely has potential.

I'm going to add some Cut in my sb since I lost my only way to deal with 4 toughness creatures in Collective Defiance.

Good luck smashing you opponents :D

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