Careful Consideration


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Uncommon
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Careful Consideration


Target player draws four cards, then discards three cards. If you played this spell during your main phase, instead that player draws four cards, then discards two cards.

Careful Consideration Discussion

QKey on Emissary of Salt

3 months ago

I like about Careful Consideration that it can target myself. I run some cards, that are not very good in particular matchups. For example Damnation ist not good versus control. I like to have ways to get rid of those cards. Being instant is another huge plus for the Careful Consideration over many other similar cards. That said, Wheel and Deal is a cool idea, i try to find room for the card :)

@ God-Eternal Kefnet : I totally agree, but atm i do not run both 6/6 demons and in my opinion being 6/6 is better then being 4/5. Its for me similar to running Gurmag Angler over Tasigur, the Golden Fang . The added bonus is nice to have, but often not relevant.

Golgari Charm is a great out versus many problematic cards. -1/-1 gets rid of an opposing True-Name Nemesis , Sai, Master Thopterist token, Loyal Apprentice and its token, many other red aggro cards, Bitterblossom tokens (or Bitterblossom itself), buying a turn versus Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow , killing a lot of cats in Arahbo, Roar of the World , killing mana dorks, etc...

There are also a lot of enchantments that are very problematic for this deck. For Example: Blood Moon , Hall of Gemstone , Song of the Dryads , Opposition , Treachery , Stasis , Search for Azcanta  Flip (getting out of the lock), Parallax Wave , etc...

I think i have never used the third mode :)

Nissa, Vital Force is a good answer to a planeswalker, blocks like a champ, closes games and is incredible fast on her ultimate. The -3 is sometimes also nice, but not as relevant as the other two modes.

Aheb on Emissary of Salt

3 months ago

I see you've made huge changes in your build to adapt your lgs meta, back to counterspells and disruption tools ? Bringing disruption I can understand Careful Consideration but doing some research I have found this Wheel and Deal isn't it a better version ? Or maybe both could be included if there's engouh room ?

And about God-Eternal Kefnet I don't see only as a way to cast copies of instant and sorcery but also a good and resiliant beater.

There's two cards I'm not sure to understand in your build Nissa, Vital Force and Golgari Charm , I mean they're good cards but which mods are really relevent here ?

Electrofist on Pir and toothies counter cabinet *PRIMER*

6 months ago

yo TheMillKid thanks for your suggestions!

Rogue's Passage is a nice idea, and not so prone to be removed. Included! Key to the City is ok, i guess- it does a bit of everything. I shall consider it for later use but right now, i cant find a slot for it.The draw ability is a bit expensive and conditional... hmmm

As for Ideas Unbound , Concentrate , Harmonize im not convinced. I dont like the idea of sorcery speed card draw. So, it try to avoid that if possible- better to play it EOT. Tezzeret's Gambit is sorc speed too, but low cost and provides additional value through proliferate.

Breakthrough is nice because of the fact that it provides Draw trigger for really low mana cost. So i consider it after the next few games... very possible inclusion!

Careful Consideration is exactly what i need! Similar to Breakthrough and instant speed! Included!

Cephalid Coliseum well i need a copy of it! Nice! Will Include!

Compulsive Research is a bit tricky. I need early lands and run a bit few... ill keep it in mind!

Ordeal of Thassa multipurpose. Included!

Song of the Dryads reincluded. U convinced me. In Fact, i consider Imprisoned in the Moon too...

TheMillKid on Pir and toothies counter cabinet *PRIMER*

6 months ago

I think KayneMarco has a good point about cards like Rogue's Passage . Key to the City is another good option, since it's cheap, and actually can provide a bit of additional card advantage.

Some extra low-cost draw spells to pump Toothy could be Ideas Unbound , Concentrate , Harmonize , Ancestral Vision , Breakthrough (although this one has a big downside), Careful Consideration , Cephalid Coliseum , Compulsive Research , and Ordeal of Thassa . On a related note, Thassa, God of the Sea would be another good addition, smoothing your draws with scry while also providing another way to make Toothy unblockable.

I honestly believe Song of the Dryads is one of the most powerful removal spells around, because turning a commander into a Forest just invalidates them until the enchantment is destroyed (because their forest general isn't destroyed by cards like Wrath of God ).

Happy Brewing!

metalevolence on For I have become God, Bringer of Life and Death

1 year ago

cutting athreos and thassa for lands would be an easy way to make this deck stronger

also elixir of immortality is usually worse than just playing another card that fills your graveyard

That leads me to notice you lack instant speed looting, which helps avoid graveyard hate. I'm referring to cards like Careful Consideration, Thirst for Knowledge, Attunement, Ancient Excavation etc

DVLuca on Agustin

1 year ago

Hi man, I've seen your post on reddit and, with that budget, I think you need some rocks like Sol Ring, Azorius Signet Fellwar Stone Chromatic Lantern Fieldmist Borderpost instead of 5 lands. Still for the land part Land Tax will give you an easy land drod and Compulsion instead of Gift of Estates and Careful Consideration. I dont know if you avoided it intentionally but with Strionic Resonator you can combo off with Brago, King Eternal. Still a good list and +1 for me!

dosipovitch on Competitive Modern Mill

1 year ago

Thank you SO much for this guide. I'm looking to get into Modern, playing a play style that I enjoy (even if it isn't the most competitive to start). I had a couple questions for you...

1) I'm guessing that Jace, Memory Adept is just way too slow for this deck, even with Shelldock Isle?

2) Why Nihil Spellbomb over Tormod's Crypt? Is it for the potential draw? My thought was that the 0 cost would help out the curve.

3) What are your thoughts on Commandeer for dealing with Leyline of Sanctity? It wouldn't work against a turn 0 Leyline, so I'm not sure what your thoughts would be on that.

4) What are your thoughts on forcing your opponent to draw to lose during say an Emrakul trigger? For example, Shelldock Isle an Overflowing Insight , playing Careful Consideration, or Cephalid Coliseum?

Thanks again for the time and energy you put into this. I appreciate any and all input!

WizardOfTheNorthernCoast on Jace & Bloodbraid Unbanned

1 year ago

That's what I'm saying : if JTMS brings a new broken deck to the format, I think it will be Miracles because of his Brainstorm activated ability. I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but it could.

Jeskai gives you red for Bonfire of the Damned and loot spells. Even just UW has access to stuff like Careful Consideration or most likely Ideas Unbound to discard your miracles and get them back with Noxious Revival. JTMS is just a damn good extra way to filter your hand and organize the top of your library while getting all the attention, hence my 'theory' :)

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Careful Consideration occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%