Frontier Guide


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi Uncommon
Zendikar Uncommon

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Frontier Guide

Creature — Elf Scout

, : Search your library for a basic land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped. Then shuffle your library.

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Frontier Guide Discussion

MagicalHacker on Samut Combo for Amonkhet

1 month ago

Feel free to use the lists on my page for ideas, because doubling tutors like Captain Sisay, draw like Endbringer, recursion like Argivian Archaeologist, ramp like Frontier Guide, and so much more seems like the best for such a deck!

Rediblackdragon on Yasova and whatever was laying around the house

1 month ago

Hey pal few suggestions:

(I'll be operating under the assumption you plan on switching to Surrak Dragonclaw later down the road)


Equipments can be good, but not really as much in this deck. Surrak doesn't just want the equipped creature to get through, he wants all your stuff to go through. That being said, some equips are good, like Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves as they can provide protection for your key pieces in the way of shroud.


There are many great ways to ramp up your available mana early game, and I'd strongly suggest you use a bunch of them for all your mana-hungry creatures. Rampant Growth, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Explosive Vegetation, Sprouting Vines/Seek the Horizon, and Oracle of Mul Daya are all pretty good in EDH. I'd say to take out Untamed Wilds, Unbridled Growth, and Map the Wastes among a few other cards to slot this good ramp in. Also, I'd suggest using the Signets instead of Fire Diamond and Izzet Cluestone. (Last second, throw Boundless Realms in for Nissa's Renewal. you have way too much going on at the 6 mark to be ramping)

Horrible Awful Creatures

I can't really think of much to add here, just a bunch of things to toss so here it goes!~

Tromokratis: A touch too expensive for my tastes. If he's there to get your guys through, he's doing a real bad job at it because you already have trample on them. Really just a waste at this rate.

Sphinx of Magosi: Similar problems with Trom. Real pricey, not super big or game-changing. While he'll draw you a few cards, there are a bunch of better cards out there for that.

Sagu Mauler: He's pretty good if he's all you have. I mean, Slippery Bogle is a modern staple for a reason. But I think that your creatures at the 5/6 slot should be a bit more than a dodgy 6/6 trample.

Prophet of Distortion: He's just bad. You only have 5 sources of the colorless mana he needs in order to work. He's not a good body, he won't draw you many (if any) cards, and he is frankly undeserving of a slot in this deck.

Phytotitan: I'm half and half on this. A 7/2 that sticks around a bunch could be good, depending on your meta. This one is up to you.

Pack Guardian: It's just bad. A 4/3 vanilla that lets you turn a land hand into a 2/2 vanilla. Wooo~

Oran-Rief Hydra: You don't have enough forests to have the best of him. Not really super great when you compare it to other things at the 6 slot.

Harbinger of the Hunt: Too pricey to board wipe with, too expensive to be a 5/3. Not very good.

Frontier Guide: You should have much better things to do with 4 mana. Isn't even big enough to consider swinging with if you've used all you mana MP1 or don't need more ramp.

Flamewake Phoenix: It's really just an annoying little bird. if anything, it'll get your big guys hated out so you stop pinging your opponents for 2 in the air every turn.


Right now, as far as actually finishing the game goes, I see 3 things in the deck that you might be able to win with. Avenger of Zendikar, if you can dump a bunch of lands on the board in one turn, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, and Hydra Broodmaster. I'd suggest finding a way to throw in any combination of Overrun, Pathbreaker Ibex, Beastmaster Ascension, or Craterhoof Behemoth.

Sorry about the long post, I'm just trying to help you in the only way I know how.

libraryjoy on Getting Back In (Deck Help)

2 months ago

Ramp: Karametra's Acolyte. Yeah. also Gyre Sage can ramp pretty efficiently, as can Somberwald Sage. And she's expensive, but Selvala, Heart of the Wilds is insane. Seeker of Skybreak can get you a second activation of any of them. Land search can be accomplished with Frontier Guide, Journeyer's Kite, Sword of the Animist, or Burnished Hart. Or Nissa's Renewal, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach and the like.

Card draw: Besides Selvala, you can also get Garruk's Packleader, Soul of the Harvest, Primordial Sage & Elemental Bond.

For big creatures, I'm partial to Hydra Broodmaster. Heroes' Bane can also get out of hand quickly. For giggles, I also play Mossbridge Troll, Spearbreaker Behemoth, Paleoloth, & Archetype of Endurance. Craterhoof Behemoth is really good - and pricey.

Mass buff: Dragon Throne of Tarkir. Beastmaster Ascension. Also, possibly Fangren Firstborn. And Triumph of the Hordes if your group doesn't mind the infect.

I like Quest for Renewal / Awakening in mono-green for shenanigans on other peoples' turns. Yeva, Nature's Herald gives your creatures flash. And don't forget about fliers - you probably want Spidersilk Armor and maybe Destructor Dragon. Champion of Lambholt can get your damage through, especially if you've got something to produce tokens (nuts with Animation Module). If you have a lot of +1/+1 counters, like in a Hydra build, I've been using Longshot Squad and Tuskguard Captain to add to the fun. Bow of Nylea also has a lot of utility, and Hardened Scales is a must in a counter-heavy build.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

dlamars on Strength in Numbers

3 months ago

Hey, I think you could take advantage of having access to black and little more here.

I'd include Prowess of the Fair, Mind Slash, Phyrexian Arena, Attrition, Skullclamp and Patriarch's Bidding.

Also consider adding Pernicious Deed and/or Vraska the Unseen, they come in handy sometimes.

Things I'd cut would be Garruk, Apex Predator, Desert Twister, Whirlwind, Gilt-Leaf Winnower, Frontier Guide, Titania's Chosen and Sylvan Ranger. These are just the easiest I saw to cut atleast. Hope that helps !

Perpetual on F*ck You.

4 months ago

Given your goal, I am wondering why you didn't go with Mage Slayer?

For re-usable ramp, Frontier Guide is cheap to land but a expensive to use, and Realm Seekers is expensive to land and cheaper to use. I think people undervalue Realm Seekers, as it can tutor any land not just basics. And in a 4 player pod it often comes out as a 20+/20+ so adding some evasion by way of equipment could make it devastating.

Snacrifice on Ruric Thar, The Annoying

6 months ago

Looks fun, though I'd recommend a few swap-outs.Seek the Horizon should be replaced with Ranger's Path, or the slightly more expensive money wise Skyshroud Claim, or, for repeatable land-search that doesn't hurt you off ruric thar Frontier Guide is really good.

Forced Adaptation has no recur. You'd be better off with, if you wanted a counter-every-turn effect, using Ring of Kalonia or Ring of Valkas

Creature wise Brushstrider doesn't really do anything besides being a 2-drop, you could probably axe it for more lands/mana producing creatures. Same with Deadly Recluse.

If you're playing Ruric Thar, you shouldn't use Guttersnipe because you'll be wanting to run creatures that replace non-creature cards in your deck.

jay2299 on Born to be Wild

6 months ago

I find that these cards are great for landfall activation Collective Voyage Frontier Guide Lay of the Land Animist's Awakening Tempt with Discovery Primeval Titan and Seek the Horizon hope this helps.

Sanity_Cleaver on Xira Arien Multiplayer Control

6 months ago

Haha glad to see my decklist has inspired you! :)

Man Nissa is a beast, she does so many things so I don't know if she can truly be replaced.But Borderland Ranger does this same thing as the flip side, Frontier Guide can search up lands repeatedly, something like Blood Scrivener might be able to draw you into some extra cards- but probably the best budget replacements I can think of might be Jade Mage and Yavimaya Elder. Jade Mage lets you spit out little saprolings for incremental advantage over the long game. If you're more concerned about the ramp and draw parts, the Elder is great. And although Rakdos Guildmage does vastly different things, he's still pretty amazing.

Basically what you are looking for in the Nissa slot is a solid value creature that generates some sort of card advantage.

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